Dean’s Delight Ch. 02

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“Ohhhhh” Dean moaned as he slowly woke up from his sleep, he had been having a wonderful dream about his sisters Lindsay and Devon, so much, so that he could almost feel a mouth on his cock.

Dean’s eyes slowly opened and he looked down. He saw his naked little sister Devon with her mouth around his cock, she was carefully giving him a blowjob, not being too rough as he was asleep but just letting her lips slide up and down his cock, the heat of her breath tickling the shaft as was her sweet tongue, she smiled as best she could with her mouth full of her brothers cock and moaned with him.

Lindsay came into the room, still naked from the night before and Dean realised he was still on the sofa when she came and sat on it near her sister caressing her back as her head moved faster on her brothers cock.

“Ahhhhhh” Dean moaned as Devon closed her eyes and took his cock into her throat, deep-throating him now as Lindsay rubbed her hair softly and smiled at her brother.

“Morning” Lindsay said as Dean moaned from a particular deep take of his cock by Devon.

“Ahhhh is it?” he asked not knowing the time and not really caring, here he was with his naked sister’s one giving him a blowjob the other showing him her great breasts.

“Yeah” Devon said as she took his cock out of her mouth for a few seconds, Dean looked down and saw the saliva on his cock shine in the sun that was falling on it from the window.

“My turn” Lindsay said as she knelt next to her sister and caressed her brothers cock with her hands before licking the head taking off the pre-cum that had amassed there.

“Ohhh” Lindsay moaned as she got the salty taste in her mouth “That’s nice”

“Isn’t it just Linds” Devon said as she watched her sister take the cock all the way into her throat, she had a much more experience at it then Devon and it showed as she did it with no effort at all.

“Ohhhh fuck!” Dean moaned as he felt Lindsay flicking her tongue over his cock as she deep throated it.

Devon was moaning as she watched her sister’s head bobbing on her brother’s cock, all the previous day’s events came back to her as she watched and moaned along with her siblings.

Dean couldn’t believe how nice it felt to be woken up to a blowjob, his cock was super sensitive with it being morning and that just added more to the feeling of Lindsay’s tongue on his shaft.

Lindsay had stopped deep-throating him now and was concentrating more on making him cum, she just had to have the taste of his cum in her mouth!

“Oh Fuck Lindsay that’s good” Dean moaned as he felt her lips tighten around the smooth skin of his cock and her teeth lightly graze the top and bottom of his shaft.

Devon was furiously sticking her fingers in and out of her pussy as she watched her brother and sister on the sofa.

Dean reached down and rubbed his hands into Lindsay hair as he watched Devon’s fingers disappear and reappear from her pussy, each time they came back a little wetter and her moan came a little louder.

“Ahhhh” he moaned as he felt his ball’s tighten, Lindsay felt it too and took his cock into her throat to make sure his cum didn’t slip out and onto the sofa.

“Fuck Lindsay… yeah take his cum” Devon shouted as she watched Lindsay swallow.

The feeling on Dean’s cock was exquisite was he shot a big load of cum down his sisters throat and into her stomach.

Lindsay was having trouble swallowing fast enough as he mouth filled up with more and more of the sticky, white liquid, but the taste was great, so salty and quenching to the throat.

Finally, he was done and Lindsay was able to swallow the mouthful she had, she had taken her brother out of her throat when she almost gagged on his cum, looks like she’d have to practise that more to perfect it.

“I could get used to that in a morning,” Dean said as he wiped the sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand.

“Well we’d be honoured to do it for you Dean,” Devon said with a cheeky grin.

“Yeah” Lindsay said as she wiped the remainder of the cum off her lips and offered it to Devon on the ends of her fingers, Devon immediately took her sisters fingers into her mouth and sucked off the tasty fluid of her brother.

“Oh, you like that Devon?” Lindsay asked as she felt her sister lick off every little drop of cum.

Devon nodded.

“Well I think his cock could do with some attention don’t you?” she asked her little sister.

Again, Devon nodded.

“But I think he’s had enough of mouths for this morning” Lindsay said as she cupped her sisters pussy and rubbed the lips gently with her palm.

“Ohhhhh so do I” Devon said along with a moan as she felt her sister insert a finger into her dripping pussy.

Lindsay stepped away so Devon would be able to get on her brother. She was still a little tender from losing her virginity but the wetness in her pussy was more then suitable to ease that pain.

“Ahhhhh!” Devon moaned as she felt the tip of her brother’s cock touch her bursa suriyeli escort escort moist lips. The great thing about being young is your cock stays hard for ages and doesn’t take long to get hard again, after Cumming, this proved useful to Dean with such sexy sisters.

“Ohhhh!” Lindsay moaned as she watched her brothers cock disappear into her sisters body, she was fixated with on the open lips as they were stretched wider by the invading cock.

“Fuck that hurts!” Devon said as she finally got her brother all the way inside.

“You ok Devon?” Dean asked as he heard his sister moan out in slight pain.

“Yeah just a little tender, but I’m sure you can take that away” she smiled as she lifted her body up her brother’s cock so only the head was left inside.

Dean remembered that tightness from last night and just moaned when he felt the heat and tightness of his sisters pussy engulf him again, the wetness of her was so intense that Dean thought he would slip out but then again the tightness of her pussy was such that, that was impossible.

“Oh fuck me Dean!” Devon moaned as she began to grind her pussy over her brothers cock, him deep inside her and her clit just touching his pubic hair sending little shocks right through her body and to her brain.

Dean wasn’t one to let down his sisters so he did just as he was told, bucking his hips in time with the downwards thrusts of Devon’s his they slammed together, a smacking sound could be heard from their sweat covered bodies as they fucked on the sofa.

“Fuck him Devon!” Lindsay called out as she sat behind her sister and reached around her body taking both breasts in her hands and twisting the nipples softly.

“Oh god!” Devon moaned from the extra stimulation she felt, this was so nice for her, so nice she had forgot about the tenderness in her pussy and was over come by the need to cum.

“Ahhhhh” Dean moaned as her felt his sister tighten more around his cock and her juice start flowing down to his thighs.

Devon was sat on her brothers cock open mouthed but no sound was coming out she was in a little world of her own as she rode the crest of her orgasm, she had stopped breathing and Lindsay was getting slightly worried by her face so she gently pulled her nipples and squeezed her breasts.

That seemed to work and Devon opened her eyes again and took a breath.

“Fuck that was intense!” Devon moaned as she felt her brother reach up too and take her breasts in his hands along with her sisters.

“I was worried about you,” Lindsay said as she pressed her massive breasts into her sisters back, her hard nipples tickling the soft skin of Devon.

“Oh god that was too much!” Devon said as she got off Dean’s cock and offered it to Lindsay who gladly accepted and climbed onto her brother.

“Oh Yeah I’ve missed this” Lindsay said as she felt her pussy stretch to fit her brother, Lindsay was just not quite as tight as Devon but was plenty wet and hot enough for Dean.

“Ahhh” he moaned as he felt her begin to bounce her body on him, his cock getting squeezed with every thrust she made and bringing him to orgasm fast.

“Oh god Dean I need your cum!” Lindsay moaned, “I already had it in my mouth now my pussy needs it too,” she almost shouted out.

“Ahhhh god I’m gonna cum” Dean shouted as his sister pushed him in all the way and leaned down to him, letting her breasts fall into his face, she guided them to his lips.

Dean took the hint and though he was about to cum, he still loved the feel of Lindsay’s breasts in his mouth, so he took the right nipple inside and began a strong sucking of it.

That stimulated Lindsay to cum just as Dean’s balls pulled tight and once again he felt his cum shoot up his shaft and into the tight warmth of pussy.

Lindsay was less vocal then some when she came this time, there was nothing to say but to moan as she felt her juice mix with Dean’s hot, sticky, thick cum.

“Ahhhhhh thanks Dean,” Lindsay panted as she sat up on her brother and smiled down to him, her face covered in sweat, as was Dean’s.

“Come on sis we need to take a shower” Devon said as she helped her sister off their brothers shrinking cock.

“We’ll see you later Dean,” Lindsay said as she blew him a kiss along with Devon as they disappeared up the stairs and to the bathroom.

What a wake up call Dean had got this morning but that was only going to be the start of the day’s activities.

It was mid afternoon now, Dean had been lounging around on the sofa most of the day so far, he had however got dressed, not at the request of his mom or sisters they were happy for him like themselves to walk around naked, but juts encase someone came to the door he thought it best if they were dressed.

“Hi love” Jenna said as she walked in to the living room wearing a tiny bikini, which only served to show off her fabulous figure to her exited son.

“Hi mom” Dean had just realised that nor she bursa ucuz escort or he had said anything about last nights activities, Jenna was just acting like they had been having sex all their lives.

“Its such a nice day out me, Lindsay and Devon are going to have as swim you up for it?” She asked her son.

Dean was a little tired from his morning wake up but he just couldn’t resist the thought of his mother and sisters in just skimpy bikinis and agreed to join them.

“Great… Well just get changed will you, you can’t swim like that” Jenna said with a smile at her son before heading to the pool.

Dean was on his way to his room to get his swimming trunks when he was passed by his little sister, she was wearing just a tiny bikini, much smaller then it should have been probably about a size or 2 too small for her sexy body.

“Hi Dean joining us?” she said sexily as she flicked her hair out of her face with a swish of her head, that caused her breasts to sway in the tight confines of the string bikini top.

Dean’s eyes followed their every move, he could see her nipples were erect and that brought a smile to his face, she looked so good when her nipples were hard, well more then normal.

Even thought she had lost her virginity to her brother the previous night, given him a blowjob, and fucked him this morning she still teased him, it was such a turn on for her and she just loved the way she could control him.

“Like something?” she asked her brother, the bulge in his pants making the answer obvious but she asked anyway.

“Come on Devon you know I do!” Dean said as his sister put her head back and pushed out her breasts the thin little triangles covering her nipples struggling to hold firm.

“Really… yeah I like the sun too” Devon said as she stretched her arms back making her breasts push out further and look much bigger “See you outside”

Dean watched as Devon swayed her hips as she walked to the door leading to the backyard. She was deliberately moving her ass more then she needed to just so her brother would watch and drool over her sexy body. He did both.

When Devon was finally out of sight Dean ran to his room and grabbed his swimming trunks before looking out of the window into the sun.

He decided to check out the pool, going into Jenna’s bedroom he looked out of the window and to the blue water.

Lindsay, Jenna and Devon were all outside at on the edge of the pool their feet in the water, they seemed to be giggling and splashing the water around playfully.

Dean watched as the sun shone down on their hot bodies, their bikinis were very revealing and it was having a great effect on Dean as he felt his cock rise in the swimming trunks.

Dean didn’t realise that Devon was looking up at him through the window of their mothers bedroom, she smiled and brought the others attention to him, Lindsay waved at him and beckoned him down with a wave of her hand, Dean smiled and came running to the backyard pool.

“And what were you doing in my room?” Jenna said with a smile to her son while shielding her eyes from the very hot sun that shone brightly onto the family.

“Nothing, just looking outside that all” Dean said with a smile as he looked over the large breasts of his mom and sisters.

“I bet you were” Devon said as she kicked her feet in the water and smiled at her brother, Dean hadn’t realise that his big hard-on that was so very obvious in his small swimming trunks, all the girls had though.

“I was” Dean said playfully knocking Devon into the water with a splash.

“You gonna stand for that?” Lindsay said to her sister in the water as she leaned back and sunned herself.

“No I’m gonna lay for it” Devon laughed as she floated on the water on her back, her breasts looking even better now that they were wet.

Both Lindsay and Jenna were laughing at Devon and splashing water onto her as she floated around in the pool.

“Hey stop it” Devon said with a grin as she turned onto her stomach and swam over to the edge with her mom and sister “Your getting me all wet”.

Again, Lindsay and Jenna laughed, as did Dean; his cock was still hard and pointing out in front of his body at Devon who was looking up at it with lust in her eyes.

“Nice view isn’t it” Lindsay suddenly said, Dean didn’t know what she was talking about but he did see Devon and Jenna nod together.

“What is?” he asked looking around to see what they did.

“You” Jenna said with a smile to her son, Dean looked down and saw the huge bulge in his swimming trunks and blushed slightly before looking back at the rest of his family.

“Are you coming in?” Devon asked Jenna and her too siblings, swimming back from the side to make room for them to enter.

Lindsay was the first one in followed by her mother and finally Dean, they all stood in the water together splashing each other and just playing around when Lindsay suddenly grabbed Dean and kissed him passionately. bursa üniversiteli escort

Dean moaned as he felt her press her body into him, her breasts pressed into his bare chest, the only thing between her nipples and his skin the thin red material of her tiny bikini, his cock pressed into her stomach as she floated in the water and wrapped her arm around his neck.

The good thing about water is you are weightless in it, so it is easy to hold some one off the ground and you can put your energy to better uses.

Lindsay had her tongue in Dean’s mouth and her arms around his neck when she brought her legs up and put them around his waist, his cock pressed into her crotch, the only thing between her pussy and her brothers cock was the thin material of their costumes.

“Ahhhhh” Lindsay moaned as she felt her brother thrust his hips into her, the bulge of his cock pushing into her pubic mound.

Devon and Jenna came up by their sides, Devon on the right of them and Jenna on the left. They were all at the edge of the pool now by the wall where Dean could lean his back.

Devon and her mom smiled at each other as they watched Lindsay and Dean kissing, it was such a nice sight to have, the sun shone down on them lighting them up and to see two people who loved each other kissing like this, especially when they were brother and sister, was such an erotic sight.

It was Devon who made the first move, she leaned in and kissed Dean’s cheek while his lips were busy with Lindsay, Jenna watched then copied her daughter kissing Dean’s other cheek so he was getting kisses from all sides.

They both seemed to have the same idea as they slid their hands under the water and placed them on Lindsay’s ass, they both smiled as their fingertips touch on the crease of Lindsay pert ass cheeks.

“Ohhhhhh” Lindsay moaned as she felt the hands on her ass and the tongue of her brother in her mouth.

Lindsay let go of her brother’s shoulders and leaned back in the water looking into his eyes, her breasts rising and falling as she breathed heavily, she smiled and watched Dean looking at her breasts before reaching back and undoing the little straps of her bikini top and letting it float away on the water.

Dean watched his sister rub her breasts together with both hands, it was such an erotic sight he felt his cock get even harder in his swimming trunks, Lindsay felt it too and pressed her crotch tighter into his.

“Dean Play with my tits,” Lindsay moaned as she grabbed her brother’s hands and brought his palm to her nipples that were rock hard now.

Dean didn’t need to be told again, he immediately began to squeeze the sides of Lindsay’s breasts as she bucked in the water against his cock.

Devon and Jenna were watching Lindsay and Dean with lust in their eyes, the sound of the water splashing as Lindsay thrashed in it was getting too much, they had to join in now.

“Ohhhh” Lindsay moaned as she felt a pair of lips on each of her breasts it was Devon and Jenna, they hand moved dean’s hands and replaced them with their sweet lips, licking the hard, sensitive nipples and flicking them with their tongues, driving Lindsay wild.

“Fuck I need it now!” Lindsay shouted as she reached into the water and grabbed the waist band of her brother’s trunks pulling them down his legs.

Dean smiled as his cock sprang free in the water, Devon and her mom were still working over Lindsay’s breasts sucking and licking them, making her moan.

Dean felt her hand take hold of his cock and begin to rub it under the water, it was really hard and ready but unfortunately, Lindsay wasn’t. She still had on her bikini but that was soon to be taken care of.

Devon realised, as she looked into the water that her sister was rubbing their brother and what she wanted to do so she helped out.

Diving under the water Devon came in front of her sister and took hold of the bikini bottoms pulling them down her legs; Lindsay felt her sister removing them and unwrapped her legs from Dean letting Devon pull them all the way down and off.

Lindsay felt the water rush over her hot pussy and cool it slightly but not her passion for Dean, she still had to have him right now.

Devon let the bikini bottoms float to the surface and came back up to the surface with them, she made sure to hold her body against her sisters, rubbing her breasts against her sister, until their nipples touched each other’s and Devon kissed her sister lightly on the cheek.

“There you go sis,” Devon said as she moved to the side again.

“Thanks” Lindsay said with a smile as she moved back to her brother now free to fuck him silly.

Dean couldn’t wait as he felt her open pussy touch the head of his cock, her lips opening up and letting him as well a lot of water inside. The feeling of being filled with water as well as her brother’s cock was strange to Lindsay, it was erotic and fulfilling.

“Aaaaahhhhh” she moaned as she took his cock into her hot pussy until he couldn’t get any deeper. They were up against the wall of the pool so Dean couldn’t really thrust his hips too much but Lindsay was more then ready to do the work.

“Ohhhh” Dean moaned as she tightened her legs around him and began to slide her hips back and forth, taking his cock out to the head then thrusting it all back in to her warm, wet confines.

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