Debbie and Sara Ch. 02

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Big Tits

This chapter is a continuation of a story about two girls with whom I got reacquainted several years after high school. While this could stand alone, it is best read after reading “Debbie and Sara” Chapter 1

“Debbie?” Sara called out, then did a double take when she saw me, “What are you doing here, where is Debbie?”

“In the shower, getting ready for class.” I replied, feeling a little odd and not having a firm grasp on my story, everything happened so quickly that I didn’t have time to invent an alibi.

“How have you been Rob?” Sara asked as she bounced into the living room to join me. Suddenly she froze, staring at something on the floor. I followed her gaze and realized that we had been busted! Debbie’s red, come soaked panties were on the floor! They must have dropped when we went to take our shower, and neither of us noticed. Sara reached down, picked them up, held them at arm’s length and exclaimed, “Eww, these are all gooey, what were you two doing? These are Debbie’s new panties that she bought yesterday when we were at the mall!”

She dropped them to the floor and yelled down the hallway, “Debbie, what were you doing, corrupting the morals of our nice neighbor? I leave you alone for a few hours and what happens? You’re fucking Rob on the couch!”

Just then, the phone started ringing and Sara ran to the kitchen to answer it. (Remember those days of wall mounted phones?) It was her mother saying that they were going to stay at her aunt’s house for the night. I heard Sara say that she had just returned home from work and that Debbie was getting ready for her class that night. No mention of me, so she wasn’t going to rat me and Debbie out!

I heard the shower still running and wasn’t sure what to do, Debbie and I had scurried to the bathroom, Debbie accidentally dropping her soggy panties, Sara had walked in, found them, and let Debbie know this. We were busted but the phone had interrupted the conversation.

Sara waltzed back into the living room, her beautiful red dress floating about her long legs, and plopped down next to me. I remember wondering about all this red clothing. Red must have been the “it” color for the season. Saras dress looked brand new, and I began wondering if she was also wearing red underwear. Then I wondered if she was also wearing a red slip under her red dress………

Sara jolted me back to reality, “So, Debbie wins,” she exclaimed, paused, and then sheepishly admitted, “we had a bet on who would sleep with you first, but until now, you hadn’t cooperated.

“You two had a bet?” I asked “about who would be first to sleep with me? For all these years, I always thought that you two were too good for me. I was afraid to make a move from fear of rejection. I had just stopped in to visit, Deb was all alone shaving her legs, and well, you can imagine the rest!”

“Scaredy cat”, Sara teased, “Too good for you? I told Debbie that one of us should make a move after we heard that you had moved back from Maine, and now it looks like Debbie beat me to the punch!”

Sara laughingly yelled towards the bathroom, “Debbie, you little slut! Was he as good as you fantasized that he would be?”

Debbie had stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and was headed upstairs. Over her shoulder, she hollered to Sara, “That is for me to know, and for you to find out! Be careful, he really loves panties!”

“Really?” Sara asked, “Do we have someone who appreciates our lingerie as much as we do? Does someone have a panty fetish? Most guys just want to rip them off and get down to business. Is it just panties, or is it all lingerie?”

“Guilty on all counts,” I admitted, all the while sitting there, kind of dumbfounded. What the fuck was happening here? Was this real? Was I dreaming? I had just stumbled into the most incredible fuck of my life with a gorgeous girl who I had fantasized about for years. Not only that, but she had also indulged my most private sexual fetish and now she had just told her equally hot sister about it. To add icing to that cake, Sara did not seem at all put off by this and I wondered why Debbie had warned her that I loved panties. Then I considered Saras comment about the bet over who would sleep with me first. This whole thing was surreal, I wasn’t the most popular guy in town, and I had always been afraid of rejection by girls like Debbie and Sara. In addition, I had been very self-conscious about my panty fetish, usually removing my girlfriends’ panties when, in reality, I had wanted them to continue wearing them during sex. As I had grown into my 20s, I had learned to be less self-conscious about this, and that afternoon with Debbie, I had cast all caution aside and let my desires unfold, resulting in mind blowing sex. Suddenly, my fetish didn’t seem to be an issue, not just with Debbie, but with Sara as well.

“Yeah,” I confided, “I find lingerie incredibly fascinating, not to mention a turn-on. You women spend lots of time and money buying all these beautiful silky garments and they are always covered up. No one gets to see them but yourselves, then in a fit of passion, they are bursa escort yanked off and tossed aside like Christmas wrapping paper. For myself, I love for you to keep it on for a while, I love the way it looks, and I love the way that it feels on you.”

“Well,” Sara began, “I love lingerie too, its more than underwear, its special and I feel special when I wear it. I wish that more men would appreciate it as it sounds like you do.” Then she whispered, “I’ve got more lingerie than Debbie does!”

As if on cue, Debbie skipped down the stairs, now wearing a pair of jeans and a skintight, white, French cut, t-shirt. Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a simple ponytail, no fuss, no muss, but I could also see the outline of her delicate white bra straps through the tight cotton of her t-shirt. Her firm, round breasts swelled out the front. This caused a stir in my loins; I also loved the subtle glimpse of hidden underwear.

She bent over, kissed me on the lips and said,” Thanks for the quickie, we’ll have to do that again sometime!” and started for the door. Just before she got there, she turned, unbuttoned her jeans, pulled the zipper halfway down, and gave me a flash of her white, satin and lace panties. “Sweet dreams!” she teased, buttoned up, and out the door she went.

I’m still sitting on the couch, bathing in the afterglow of my steamy sex with Debbie, memories of her bra and panties burned into my mind. Fuck, those panties, I could never forget those panties! Then she flashes me a glimpse of her current pair, sweet, innocent, white, satin and lace panties. One thing was for sure, I had to have more of Debbie.

But Debbie had left, and I was all alone with her sister. What had happened with Debbie was fantastic, impulsive sex, just for the sake of sex. We didn’t have any romantic connection and from Debbie’s cavalier behavior on the way out the door, I didn’t get the feeling that was what she wanted right now.

I knew one thing; Sara was looking pretty good and her comments about Debbie winning the “contest” indicated that she could be a willing accomplice to my sexual appetite. Then there was our talk about lingerie and her whispered comment about how much more of it she had than Debbie. Suddenly, my acquisition radar was locked on and my sights were set on Sara!

Sara leaned back on the sofa, stretched out her long stocking clad legs and kicked off her shoes. She was wearing a knee length, rather short sleeved dark red dress. The front had a long row of buttons, and she had the neckline unbuttoned far enough to hint at some cleavage but also cover her bra. She was wearing nude-colored stockings and I instantly wondered if they were real stockings, complete with a garter belt, or were they panty hose. I was hoping for the former as I found garter belts sexy as hell.

“What a beautiful red dress, Sara”, I began, “But what is with all the red? Debbie was wearing red shorts, a red tank top, red bra, and panties. Now you are looking incredible in this red dress.”

“Shopping,” Sara replied,” We went to the mall yesterday and red is in this fall. Debbie already had the shorts but everything else is new.”

“Even your dress? I asked.

“Yup, and, I even bought this new red slip.” she added, as she seductively raised the skirt of her dress, exposing the lacy hem of the most incredibly silky red slip that I had ever seen. “Look at this satin, it is to die for, and the lace, I just had to have it. You should feel the way it glides over my stockings.”

She settled into the corner of the couch, swung her slender legs up onto my lap, wiggled her toes and asked, “Would you be a sport and rub my feet? Why do the best shoes always hurt the most!”

Now, if that wasn’t a “come on”, nothing would have been. I eagerly took her feet into my hands and began massaging the balls of Saras feet, my fingers gliding across the silky knit of her sheer stockings. As was common, there was a small extra layer of material to reinforce the toes and heels, but they were very sheer and delicate. I was getting into this foot massage, and I felt Sara relax and get into it herself. After a few minutes, I began moving up past her slender ankles towards her calves. Sara made no move to stop me, so I assumed that I was to keep going, gently kneading the muscles of her calves.

Sara teased me, “Wow, you’re good at this, I should keep you under my desk at work. It would make my day a whole lot nicer, although I might find you a little distracting!”

Moving my hands up past her knees, Sara extended her leg midair, allowing me a good view of her stocking clad thigh and a brief flash of her red slip. I replied, “I don’t know what would happen when I began looking up under your skirt, drooling over your slip, how would you be able to concentrate?”

Sara let out a musical little laugh, “Yeah, you might be right. I’m having trouble focusing right now, this feels so good!”

Suddenly things got quiet, this was beginning to go down a very familiar path. Sensing no resistance, I continued unbuttoning Saras dress from the bottom, exposing more bursa escort bayan and more of her gorgeous slip, the floral lace showing just enough tantalizing glimpses of her stocking tops and the sexy garters that held them in place.

As I released one button after another, my fingers brushed against the satin of her slip. I had never felt anything so silky as this slip. I knew that it had to be made from some special fabric, even the way that it reflected the light was beyond anything that I had ever seen.

By now I was past the waistband, exposing her flat tummy, then her equally red satin and lace bra. Success! Sara offered no resistance and with her dress completely undone, her smile showed that she was proud of how she looked and the effect that she was having on me. I paused to take all of this in, my heart was beating a mile a minute, my libido had long since recovered from my episode with Debbie and now I was thinking just with my cock.

I leaned forward, pulled Sara close to me and slipped her dress off her shoulders, she slipped her arms from the half sleeves and the dress fell aside. Reduced to her bra and slip, her panties and garter belt still unseen, Sara was a sight to behold. I would have given a lot of money to have been a fly on the wall when they were shopping at the mall, perhaps in the dressing room, trying things on.

But now there was no need to fantasize, for the second time that day, I was going to have sex with one of the two girls for whom I had been hot for years. I took Sara into my arms and began kissing her sweet lips, she eagerly accepted my probing tongue but suddenly Sara stopped me and suggested, “let’s take this upstairs, I’ve got a nice soft bed for us!”

As we climbed the stairs, I let my hand drift downward, caressing her slip as it glided over her panties and firm ass. I could also feel the satin and lace of what felt like quite a fancy garter belt between her panties and slip. God did this turn me on, the slippery layers were like heaven to my fingertips. Had Sara dressed like this just to please herself, or had she hoped that she could share this with someone else? In either case, I was the lucky recipient, and no one could have been more excited to be in my place right then and there.

Sara paused halfway up the stairs as I continued feeling the silky satin of her slip, “You like that, don’t you,” Sara asked, but it was more like a statement.

“Holy fuck,” I replied, “this is the silkiest thing that I have ever felt, its magical!”

“It feels magical when I wear it, it’s called Satin Remarque, this is from Wondermaid, but other companies are using it as well.” Sara took my hand from her ass and led me the rest of the way to her room.

“What do you think of my outfit?” she asked, doing a little twirl, her half slip gliding over her stockings, rippling in the soft light. “It’s a little fancy for every day, but I couldn’t wait to wear it this morning.” Slowly lifting her slip upwards, exposing her satin and lace panties, she continued, “Debbie said that you like panties, what do you think of these? Christian Dior, the garter belt as well, same Satin Remarque!”

Oh my God, her panties! Flame red, like her slip, they were satin with a V shaped lace panel on the front, delicate string waistband, and a totally satin full back panel and gusset. To add icing to the cake, her garter belt framed her panties with the same combination of satin and lace, the delicate straps holding up her silky sheer stockings. She was also wearing a red satin and lace underwired bra, and suddenly I realized that her bra was identical to the one that Debbie had been wearing earlier. They both even seemed to be the same size.

With that, Sara dropped the hem of her slip, whisper soft as it resumed its place, the delicate elastic waistband hanging perfectly from Saras slim waist, the silky fabric following the gentle swell of her hips, the skirt gliding over her stockings and long slender legs. Holy shit, did she look hot! There is something so sweet and delicate about a slip and the woman who wears it. My head swooned with desire for Sara, she interrupted my thoughts.

“I bet that you’d like me to keep this on for a while, don’t you?”

Without waiting for an answer, Sara pulled my t-shirt up on off, then unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my jeans, and pushed them and my underwear to the floor, releasing my rapidly swelling cock.

Without saying a word, I took Sara into my arms, and we resumed our feverish kissing but this time my cock was brushing up against her silky slip, the sensations from that incredible satin like shock waves through my body. Sara had her arms around my neck, I had one arm around her back, the other reached down to feel her slip against her panties and ass. I couldn’t help rubbing my hands across that satin, feeling the lines of her panties, her garter belt and the garters running to her stockings. While I was busy feeling her slip, my other hand was busy exploring her bra straps, I loved them as well, usually hidden, usually forbidden, but now, fully exposed to my lustful escort bursa desires. I moved my hand to her front, cupping one round, firm, bra covered breast, its hard nipple poking through the lace and satin cup.

Sara had reached down, grasped my cock, and stroked it to full attention, rubbing the head against her silky slip. Involuntarily, I was thrusting into her hand when I felt Sara grab a handful of slip and wrap it around me. Fuck did that feel heavenly, I couldn’t help thrusting in and out, fucking that handful of slip. I reached behind Saras back, deftly unhooked the single clasp of her bra, then gently pushed the silky cup from her breast, the warm soft flesh, and her hard nipple also like heaven in my hand.

Still standing, we were going at each other with unrestrained passion, totally unconcerned with anything but the here and now. I backed up to the bed, Sara gently pushed me down onto the soft bed, indicating that I should lie back. She shrugged her dangling bra from her shoulders, tossed it at me with a devilish smile. I held it to my face, inhaling her scent, feeling the delicate fabric against my skin, staring at her gorgeous firm breasts. Without any further ado, Sara bent over and took my cock into her mouth, first sucking the head then slowly engulfing as much of my length as she could. I lay there, lost in her incredible blow job, I got glimpses of her breasts, often veiled by her long blonde hair, I could see the curve of her ass, still adorned by her slip. I could see her panty lines, I held her bra to my face, again, feeling its silkiness and inhaling a mixture of Sara and her sweet perfume. I was in heaven; how could this be happening to me?

Up and down, in and out, Sara continued her deliriously hot blow job, occasionally pausing to suck on my balls and jerk me off with her graceful hands. I desperately wanted to explore her panties and taste her pussy. At some point, she looked up at me with her blue eyes, I crooked my finger, indicating that she should join me on the bed.

Sara stood up, climbed onto the bed, and straddled my face, resuming her cock sucking. Her slip was draped against my face, her stocking clad legs either side of my head, the crotch of those incredible panties hovered tantalizingly over my mouth. Unlike earlier with Debbie, Sara had been wearing her panties all day and they had that heavenly, yet indescribable scent of pussy.

I didn’t waste any time, I pulled her sexy crotch onto my mouth, licking, sucking, and tasting Saras soaking wet panties. God did they smell good, God did they taste good. Her slip was like a tent covering my head, any light was filtered by the silky red satin. Talk about “up-skirts”, this was the real thing, and yet, far beyond anything that I had ever experienced. I slid my hands up between her slip and the satin of her panties, her panties felt just as silky as her slip. Fuck, these were the nicest panties that I had ever seen or felt. I went nuts, feeling her panties, feeling her slip, eating her crotch like a demon, thrusting my rock-hard cock into Saras mouth, fucking her beautiful face. I rubbed my nose into the gusset of her panties, feeling the satin, inhaling her scent, driven to lust by her pheromones, absolutely on fire for this smoking hot girl.

All this madness was having the desired effect on Sara, she responded by grinding her hot crotch down into my eager mouth, pausing her blowjob to gasp for air, writhing and fucking my mouth, her soaking wet panties now forced into her wet labia. I snaked my tongue past her panties, for the first time licking her pussy and probing her vagina with my tongue. Sara began gasping, “ah, ah, ah, oh, oh, oh” in time to my feverish licking and sucking. I pulled her panty crotch aside, exposing her clitoris and began kissing, licking, and sucking on her little bud. Sara let out a moan, shuddered, ground her clit into my mouth and came, spasms of ecstasy rippling throughout her body.

I lay there, resumed gently kissing and licking her vagina, Sara resumed sucking my cock, this time taking more of me into her mouth and throat. I felt Sara rubbing something silky against my balls, while I couldn’t see out of her tented slip around my head, I guessed that she must have recovered her bra and was rubbing the satin and lacy cups against my balls. This was so hot, along with her attempt a deep throat, I feared that I would come, and I still wanted to fuck her in the worst way.

I rolled over, breaking off our 69, announcing to Sara between gasps for air, “holy fuck Sara, that was hot, we’d better stop that, or I’ll be coming in your mouth. Believe me, I’d love to do that, but I’ve got to fuck that hot pussy of yours!”

Sara swapped ends, lay next to me, and spread her legs. I pushed her panties aside and slowly began inserting my cock into her dripping snatch. I had an inch or so into her, pulled out, pushed back in, letting her adjust to my cock. This didn’t take much, her soaking wet pussy let me right in and after several strokes, Sara began arching her hips upwards to accept my eager thrusts. Fuck was this hot, her slip was bunched up around her waist, her garter belt framing the lace insert of her satin panties, her panties pushed just far enough to the side to let me in. Sara still had her stockings on and the silky sensations of her thighs against mine just added to the whole erotic scene.

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