Debbie Completes Seduction Of Arane

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Note from the author… Debbie completes her seduction of Arena is a continuation of Debbie’s and Arane’s time together, started in James surprises Arane with a test of their limits. Diamond_Girl (DG) and I both wrote nearly simultaneous and independently versions of this HOT encounter. Neither of us knew the other had written until we both posted the original versions in our playground Lit forum, I woke up aroused thinking of you, only six minutes apart. Bath Time’s Over was written by DG and is her continuation of the story. Links to my other stories, as well as to DG’s stories, are on my profile page. As always, thanks for reading, and your vote and feedback are always appreciated. DJ


Arane and Debbie had become very quiet. The moaning and the sloshing of water had subsided. Thinking I might need to check on the ladies I got up off the bed. Clad only in my black silk boxers I approached the bathroom door. The door suddenly opened and the two beauties emerged, arms entwined, faces aglow, their bodies soft and delicate from their long soak. My semi-hard member instantly reacted to the multiply stimuli of perfumed bodies, swollen nipples and the sound of my lady’s sexy voice. “That was so nice,” teases Debbie as she squeezed Arane to her side, her hand caressing Arane’s milky white flesh in stark contrast to her olive skin.

“Darlin,” Arane smiled at me, her nipples again swelling tight, “Don’t be upset, but we,” now favoring Debbie with her most sweet smile, “Well honey, we need the bed.” Before my mind could register the request Arane quickly added, “And NO my sweet, sweet man, I still can NOT share you.”

I have to admit I was a little shocked and I expressed it by saying, “Ladies, it is nearly 2 AM! What do you mean, you need the fucking bed?”

Laughing, they turned to face each other. I watched as if I was an unseen observer as arms encircling tiny waists, lustful eyes locked and their lips bursa sınırsız escort touched. As the embrace became more urgent their breast merged into one beautiful display of sexually passion. I had my answer as their kiss finally broke and the ladies said together in unison, “To Fuck!”

Stepping away from Debbie, Arane still held on to Debbie’s fingertips and reached for me. I took my love into my arms, the hairs on my chest tickling her breasts, her shaven pussy pressing against my firm and throbbing erection, now extending above the elastic of the soft silk boxers. Kissing me she whispered, “Baby we have a little unfinished business,” and then she bit my ear gently, letting me know my time would come. Taking my lady by the hand, Debbie led her away from me to the bed, leaving me but to gaze at the two of them, the pre-cum now seeping out from my piss hole and down the front of my boxers.

“This won’t take long, Jimmy,” Debbie promised before turning to Arane. “Arane, you wanted to know what another woman tasted like, so here is your chance.” Arane’s laugh was both nervous and gleeful.

I quickly realized this was going to happen and I might as well enjoy it. As she lay down on the bed Debbie continued to pull Arane towards her, first to a sitting position on the side of the bed and then, as Arane did not resist, she continued drawing her down next to her. The ladies, now prone together, could feel their breasts once again touching. Taking Arane’s fingers into her mouth Debbie smiled at my lady, “Just like I showed you, baby girl. Touch me just like I showed you.”

Pulling down my shorts I sat down in the padded leather chair that I pulled close to face the bed. I felt my massive erection bobbing like it was searching for the slick heated tunnel that I had dreamed about all these many days. All need for privacy seemed to have passed and the ladies were content for bursa escort bayan me to watch. From my vantage point I could see Arane’s back, her beautiful buns and the needful pussy lips extending out from between her legs. I fought my personal temptation to stand and lean forward and quickly drive my engorged cockhead up into her waiting slit. As much as I desired to feel myself surrounded by her slick sheath, I knew I needed to give her this time.

I could see Arane lean forward; tentatively kissing what must have been Debbie’s right breast. “Ohhh, Ohh, mmmm, YES, baby girl!” Debbie confirmed my observation with her moans, her hand now wrapping around Arane’s neck, pulling her firm against her wanting breast to suckle her hardened nipple. “Suck HARDER, baby girl, suck out all of Mommy’s milk.”

Between kisses and the obvious deep sucking of Debbie’s breast, Arane expressed her pleasure, “Mmmm, this makes my clit hard, I always wondered what this would taste like.”

“Please, baby,” Debbie encouraged her lover, pressing her hips forward while sliding Arane’s hand between them, “Touch me.” Movement on the bed drew my attention to the fact that Debbie had spread her legs wide, opening her smooth wet slit to be touched and teased while keeping her tiny breasts firmly in Arane’s mouth. As Arane began to explore and tease Debbie, I could see the juices began to seep from between my lover’s legs. She was really turned on by this and I could see her arm begin to stroke Debbie in earnest. “Rane!” Debbie shouted, “DON’T STOP, gawd, I need to cum so fucking bad!”

Kissing Debbie on the mouth, her fingers stretching and pulling on Debbie’s swollen pussy lips, Arane innocently asked, “What can I do for you, love?”

Debbie sat up, clearly in lust; the time for innocent games had passed. “I’ll show you,” and then she grabbed Arane by the shoulders, laying her down and quickly flipped nilüfer escort around into a 69 position, placing her cunny directly over Arane’s face, inches from Arane’s extended tongue. Pushing Arane’s legs apart, Debbie found no resistance as my love’s soft hands began to caress the legs spread on either side of her face. Bending down Debbie made her kisses at Arane’s mons gentle but deliberate. “Like that,” she encouraged, pressing her own pussy slick from her tease bare inches from Arane’s face. My cock was now throbbing and I avoided stroking it, knowing I would explode without much more teasing.

“Mmmmmmmmmm… How is that?” came Arane’s voice, her ministrations causing Debbie to pull her head up and moan softly. Pressing herself full on Arane’s face Debbie began to rock her hips, fucking Arane’s mouth, as she licked and kissed Arane’s sweet pussy.

“Oh shit, yes baby, yes RAAAAANNNE!” Debbie began to shake as she approached her climax. I could see Arane’s legs spreading wider, just as she did with me when she was ready to climax, urging Debbie to press her tongue deeper as her own climax arose. The bed began to shake and both ladies were engaged in their primal sex, guttural sounds emanating from their beautiful union.

“NOW, Oh fuck! NOW!” one of them screamed as both ladies clutched the bucking hips of the other, pressing their exploding pussies against the hot wet tongues pleasuring them. As I watched and listened to their mutual climax I only needed two swift strokes and my own cum began to erupt into the space between us. My own horse voice then joined the panting of the ladies as the third, then fourth spurt shot from my loins, delivering thick goblets of cum into Debbie’s hair and then onto Arane’s shaking leg.

As Debbie turned her head to rest it upon Arane’s still shaking leg, she smiled at me her lips sending a silent “THANK YOU”.

“Jimmy?” Arane called for me from beneath Debbie’s pussy, one hand softly caressing Debbie’s backside, the other hand reaching our for mine “I want you, too, baby”

“Don’t worry sweetheart” I reassured her as my cum covered fingers entwined with hers, “I’m still here my love.” To Debbie, her eyes half closed, spent form their passion, I mouthed an equally silent “YOU ARE WELCOME.”

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