Debbie Does Daddy Ch. 04a

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(Six months in the Future)

We’ll be getting back to the main story as soon as I manage to get unblocked; i know what’s going to be in Chapter 05 — Debbie explains how she got where she is nowadays, with lots of sex. But i gotta WRITE it…

Everybody’s at least eighteen, etc.


The plaque read “Tamara Belayanova Blondinka – Women’s Legal and Fiduciary Services”.

I knocked, then stepped in as the latch buzzed.

“Hi,” I said, shifting my case from one hand to the other, “My name’s Jim; I’m here to fix your computer.”

“Oh, thank goodness,” the girl at the desk (the black and chrome nameplate said “Kristal”) said. “Tomorrow’s billing day and Miss Blondinka will be very upset with me if i don’t get the invoices out.”

“Okay – from what you said on the phone, it shouldn’t be too much trouble. Sounds like a bad video card, actually. If it is, half an hour, tops.”

I walked around to the end of the desk, and turned the monitor and the keyboard toward me. Sure enough, the image on the screen was badly distorted, exactly as she’d described it on the phone. I ran a few diagnostics, including the monitor’s self-check, and said “Yep. Video card. Put in a new one and you’re ready to fly.”

I looked around.

“Ummm – where is the computer?” I asked.

“Oh,” she said, with an embarrassed giggle, “Over here,” pointing under the desk, and, sure enough, when I looked under there, I saw the computer. I also saw two very nice knees, and two shapely calves leading down from them.

“Okay. Now I need to get at it,” I said patiently.

“Oh, my,” she giggled, “I am acting like a complete ditz, aren’t I? We don’t have very many men in the office anyway, let alone handsome ones.” She blushed slightly, then blurted out “Not that I mean anything by that, but…”

A pause.

“I’m making it worse, aren’t I?” she said. “Babbling like a fool.”

“Oh, no,” I said with a slight grin. “Pretty little red-haired girls tell me I’m handsome and then say they didn’t mean anything by it, every day…”

“Ooooh.” She blushed deeply. “I think… you’d better fix the computer,” she said.

“What’s the matter?” I asked, with a wider grin. “Don’t you want to play any more?”

She had begun to turn away to hide her blush; now she looked back sidelong, through the curtain of her auburn hair that had fallen forward as she moved.

“I think you are probably a Bad Man,” she said with conviction (and an impish grin), “and my mommy told me never to play a Bad Man’s game by his rules.

“I think you had better fix the computer before one of us says something that’s too embarrassing to survive.”

With that, she scooted her chair back from the desk and turned it sideways, giving me room to kneel down and get at the computer. As I began to work, I was conscious of her at my back, as I caught occasional whiffs of her scent – not at home with the gils izle perfume, just good soap and clean girl.

Glancing her way, I could see that the nice calves were cased in pretty, extremely sheer, white hose, and the shoes on her feet were shiny red pumps with high stiletto fuck-me heels – rather incongruous for a secretary/receptionist in a law firm that specialised in women’s issues and sex-discrimination cases.

Pulling the computer out a ways to give me room, I backed up and bumped the back of my head and neck against her knees.

“Oh, sorry,” I said.

“Oh,” she said, with a breathy little laugh, “that’s okay.”

I glanced quickly at her over my shoulder, then got to work.

“Okay,” I said, tightening the last screw, “that looks like it.”

Turning around, I was looking straight at her knees – which were not exactly pressed together. In fact, I could see almost all the way up her skirt to her crotch; definitely far enough to tell that the white hose were the old-fashioned kind, held up by a garter belt.

Embarrassedly, I lifted my eyes, in time to see her jerk a hand down, seemingly from the close vicinity of her breast. It was suddenly obvious that she was braless under her silk blouse, a blouse that was sufficiently opaque for office wear, but of light and pliable enough material that her nipples were clearly visible in outline.

I sat for a second, until the beep of the computer booting sounded, then slowly got up from the floor glancing at the screen that was now lighting up with a good image.

With a sudden gasp, cheeks pink again, she made a sudden grab for the mouse, as if it were important to do something with the computer very quickly.

When she did, her chair tipped forward, and she slipped out of it and fell against me. Grabbing her to keep her from crashing to the floor, I somehow wound up with one hand on her hip and one firmly clutching her left breast. With a semi-stiff nipple poking into my palm through the thin cloth.

And then the Windows desktop came up, and the reason she wanted to stop it became clear; one might say “Kristal clear”.

The wallpaper was a very clear image of Kristal. On her hands and knees.


With a statuesque blonde woman wearing a tight blue satin corset and black hose fucking her with a strap-on.

With an expression on her face that said she was enjoying every inch of the big black plastic cock plowing her.

I looked at the screen. Then I looked at Kristal, who had hidden her face in my shoulder. Then I looked down at my hand on her firm, perfect tit.

Then I began to stroke and gently squeeze the warm globe, and felt her nipple becoming more erect, firmer, under my palm.

Using my grip on her chest, I pushed her back, looking into her flushed face. Her eyes seemed a bit soft, and she ran the tip of her tongue along her lips.

“Ummm,” ayak işleri izle she breathed, pushing weakly at my chest, “I should, ummm, get up…”

“Do you really want to?” I asked, and tugged her forward with the hand on her hip (and on her butt, too), until she was sitting on my lap.

I slipped my hand forward, around her hip, along her thigh to the hem of her knee-length skirt, and then back upward, along the warm, nylon-covered flesh of her inner thigh.

She jumped like s skittish horse, and then, like a skittish horse, calmed under my gentle stroking of her thigh and her tit. I leaned down and kissed her, gently at first.

But then I began flicking at her lips with my tongue tip, and as I did, my hand on that pretty tit slipped over and undid the top couple of buttons and then slipped inside her blouse, cupping her flesh to flesh, rubbing my palm over that hot hard nipple.

She gave a bit of a sigh, pressing herself against me, and her lips opened to admit my tongue; hers met it, and they played hide and seek as she pressed her warm round bottom against the growing bulge of my hard cock.

My other hand had finally reached the playground, and her skirt rode up, revealing my hand stroking her pretty little mound through the red panties she wore. She began to hump her crotch against my hand, and my fingers slid under the elastic and gently teased her lips.

She moaned into my mouth, and then shifted so that she could reach her hot little hand down and grasp my cock through my pants, squeezing and stroking.

She whimpered in protest as I took my hand away from her pussy, but then I stood up, lifting her in my arms, and sat her on the desk next to the monitor where the wallpaper now showed the tall blonde woman sitting on this very desk, playing with her own nipples above the cups of the corset, as Kristal (judging by the red hair), face buried between her thighs, gave great oral satisfaction, if the expression on her face was anything to go by…

“Is there somewhere private we could…?” I asked.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “Except for me and my boss, no-one has a key to that door, and anyone else has to get buzzed in from right here…”

Pulling Kristal to the edge of her desk, I unbuttoned her blouse the rest of the way, pushing it back to reveal her pretty little titties. They weren’t huge, just the right size for her slender frame, with nipples standing up like pencil erasers and a slight flush spreading over their tops.

Leaning forward, I took one nipple between my teeth, nipping it slightly, and fondled the other breast with my hand, and then switched. She moaned a little, again. and leaned backward, taking her weight on her hands.

By now, my hand had found the zipper on her hip, and I slowly slid it downward, then stepped back just a bit, took hold of the waistband of the skirt, and slipped it downward on her hips, then used one hand to lift up aynen aynen izle a bit on her butt. She raised her hips, and the skirt slid under her, then down to the floor as she raised one foot and then the other to let it slip over them.

I kissed her deeply and long again, our tongues dueling, then I leaned forward and suckled her nipples again.

Her hand moved upward from where it stroked my rigid cock through my pants and fumbled with my belt and my zipper and then with my boxers, exposing Little Jimmy to the cold cruel world. Not that he suffered much, because that warm hand took hold again, flesh to flesh, and began stroking.

Not for long, though, because Kristal pulled back, popping her nipple from between my lips, then dropped to her knees in front of me, and slipped the head of my cock between her lips, and her hot wet little tongue began caressing me.

I stood carefully still, resting one hand on her shoulder, as she slipped further down my shaft, then withdrew, then slipped yet a bit further down.

She began moving faster, sliding a little further with every stroke until I felt the head pop into her throat on the down strokes. With a small moan, I rested a hand on her head, fingers tangling slightly in her red hair.

Her nose brushed my pubic hair; she paused for a moment, then began working me in and out of her throat, sometimes rising till only her lips enclosed the head, then down again all the way. For a moment, she let it pop completely out of her mouth, and planted little kisses and tongue strokes on the head and then up and down the shaft, then back into her wonderfully hot wet mouth for some serious sucking on the head.

My hips were helplessly pumping forward and backward, trying involuntarily to fuck her face, but she controlled how much she took in with one hand firmly on the shaft.

“I’m… , ” I gasped out. “Going to…”

She let my cock pop out for a moment, and said in a slow sexy tone, “Oh, yeah, daddy. Cum in my mouth. I want to swallow your cum…” and began sucking again.

With a sudden groan, I grabbed her head with both hands, and held her in place as my hips bucked, then bucked again, and my load went rifling up my shaft. She swallowed the first couple of spurts, then I pulled back a bit and sprayed the rest over her face and tits.

“Oh, baby, that was so good…” I gasped out, as she smeared my cum around her face and lifted up one of her tits and lowered her head to lick a bit off the top of the firm globe.

“Oh, yeah,” she answered. Now I want you to…”

What she wanted was not to be revealed, because just then the door of the office opened without warning, and the tall blonde from the computer pictures stepped in, stared at the scene in front of her, and demanded “Just what the hell is going on here?!?”


And from behind the camera, Jeff said “Cut!”

He went on “Really good, Jimmy, you caught your nut just right. Kris, it’s amazing someone as cute and wholesome-looking as you can get so nasty. Tam, your reaction shot was just right.

“Okay, now we need to shift the setup for the three-way. Tam, it’s your turn for the anal, right?”


“Tamara” grimaced. “Just make sure you got plenty of lube handy.”

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