December To Remember

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I was just sitting at home watching every flake of snow that fell to the ground. Bored as hell, there was nothing better to do. Plus i just loved snow. Not just because we get an off day from school, but it just makes everything look so cool. I heard my phone ringing over the music in the background so i went to answer it. When i opened the screen, a picture of the most perfect guy on earth was staring back at me.

Trent was one of my best friends. We did everything together. He was just a great all around guy. He always had people laughing, he made everyone happy, he was a friend to everyone, and in my opinion, he was the best looking guy at school.

I was admiring his shoulder length dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, and chiseled torso when i realized i still hadn’t answered the phone.

“Hello,” i said in a questioning manner. Who would have guessed it was Trent at the other end of the line.

“Hey Russ, what’s up?”

“Man i’m bored out of my mind. To cold to go outside you know.”

“You sure? Cause a couple of the guys are meeting up at the park for a snow war. It’d be great if you could come.”

“Well i guess it’s warm enough for me to kick a little ass” i said laughing.

“Is that so? he said in a devious tone. “Well i’ll see you there mr. big shot. Then we’ll see whos kicking whos ass.”

“I think you mean whoms ass.” i said mimicking my crazy english teachers voice.

“Yeah yeah. Very funny. See you there.”

“Yeah, see ya.”

I hung up the phone once again seeing a picture of Trent which made me smile. Well, i had a war to prepare for, so i went and loaded up on everything i’d need. I put it all in a bag and went to go get bundled up. As i was changing i was taking in the sight of my full length mirror. My black spiked hair and brown eyes went perfect with my slim body. I was just as liked as Trent by the girls, but i only wanted to be liked by him. I just knew it would never happen. So i sighed a long sigh, continued dressing and ran out the door.

The snow was really starting to come down so it was a great time for a snow war. I walked down the street to the park in what felt like -700 degree weather. Everyone was already there, and it looked like Ankara escort they came prepared too. Everyone gathered together, figured out a game plan and broke off running. I was too busy trying to find Trent, so of course i got nailed in the face by this huge ice like sphere. My friend ran off laughing as i planned my retaliation. I would get him back and good. The war went on for a good 20 minutes before we got hit by a hurricane of snow from nowhere. Everyone was freezing and decided to call it quits. We all went our separate ways and i thought that was it for the day. But then Trent ran up to me, explaining how the roads were too icy to drive home. I agreed and offered for him to crash at my place. He said that would be great so we started towards my house.

When we got into the house, we tracked in enough snow to build a frosty out of it. My mom had left a note saying she went out on a call. She is a paramedic and there’s bound to be at least one wreck if not more in this weather, so i figured she’d be at the station until tomorrow evening. So Trent and i got dried off and lit a fire in the fire place. There was just one thing missing.

“Hey Trent. Want some hot chocolate?”

“Did you even have to ask. I’m an ice cube over here,” he said laughing, I laughed right along with him as we went to the kitchen for hot chocolate. We heated the milk and added the mix, and of course those tiny marshmallows, can’t forget those, then headed back to the couch. Warmed by the fire and coco in our bellies, i flipped the tv to comedy central and we watched a bit of the Jeff Dunham Christmas Special.

“This dude is halarious.” said Trent.

“I know. Achmed is awesome.”

“This is a lot better than sitting at home by yourself right?” said Trent.

“Yeah. It is, but you say it like you had this planned out or something.”

“Maybe i did.” he said punching my shoulder.

“Why would you have to plan this out. You know you can stay over anytime.”

“Yeah, well. Oh just shut up.” he said pushing me to the floor and laughing.

“Oh you’re getting it now.” i said dragging him to the floor and jumping on top of him.

This went on for a couple of minutes, and some how i ended up on my back with Ankara escort bayan Trent on top of me.

“Ha. Told you i’d be the one kicking ass.” He said triumphantly. Then he just collapsed on top of me. What are you doing i asked. I cant move. He just laughed and said this is where im sleeping tonight. I said oh really and just what makes you think that. Ive always wanted to sleep with you he said. I couldn’t tell if that was a slip up or if he was trying to drop hints, so i decided to probe him with questions.

“And what is that supposed to mean?” i asked.

“Here. Let me show you.”

He crept close to my face and i could feel his warm breath on the back of my neck. He began lightly placing kisses on my neck, making his way to my ear. He gave my ear a soft nibble, and then stood up. I turned over and he must have been expecting a look of disgust, because he sure was surprised when i jumped up and kissed him with so much force we toppled over onto the couch. He broke the kiss as he began lifting my shirt. I stopped him, went over and turned the radio on, and then gave him the show of his life. I sexily and seductively began stripping, watching his reaction of pleasure. Clothes were flying everywhere. Once i was down to only my boxers, it was his turn. I walked over to him and kissed him once more while undoing his jeans.

I rubbed my hands over his chest as i lifted up his shirt placing kisses along his stomach as i went. I slowly began to tug at his pants, but this time he stopped me. He said it was my turn and ordered me to sit down. I did as i was told as he began removing his pants. He pulled out some baby oil from his bag and rubbed his perfect six pack with it. His glistening body turned me on so much.

“Wow. You really did plan this out didn’t you” i said.

“You don’t even know.” he said as he pulled some condoms out of his bag. I was surprised but at this point in time i didnt even begin to care. He walked over to me and began pulling off my boxers. I lifted up as they slid to my ankles and my 7 inch erection came plopping out. He slowly bent his head down and i could once again feel his warm breath on my skin. He licked my cock from every possible angle, paying special attention Escort Ankara to the head.

“Oh Trent. This is great”

He just continued licking my cock and stroking himself. Then he placed his mouth at the tip of my dick, and engulfed the entire thing. I was loosing control as his throat clenched against my member, massaging with pure expertise. His warm mouth felt like nothing i had experienced before. He was bobbing up and down like a pro. I was so close to climax, and then he just stopped. I’ve never felt so full in my life, but what came next is even better. He opened a condom and placed it between his lips and teeth. He then devoured my cock once again, rolling the condom along my length as he went. Once he was done he stood up and stripped his boxers off. His erection sprung to life as he climbed on top of me.

“This is my first time, so be easy with me stud” he said with the sexiest smile ever.

He slowly started to lower himself onto my dick. He paused at first contact,he knew this was going to be painful but he kept going anyway. Once i could feel resistance i started to push a little to help him out. As my head slipped in he let out a low groan. He continued to let himself slide down my member. His ass was so tight and warm. I was loosing my mind. He had finally gotten me completely inside of him. He leaned forward and kissed me probing his tongue into my mouth. He began to move himself up and down while i held him in place. He picked up the pace holding onto the back of my neck as i ran my hands through his beautiful hair. I began to stroke his neglected member, receiving moans of pure pleasure as he was seated upon my cock. I used my free hand to tease his nipples as he bounce up and down. I was close to cumming and i could tell by his pulsating cock that he was to. He let out a long moan and shot his creamy load all over my stomach. I then let loose inside of him loosing all feeling to my body from the power of the orgasm. He stood up and sat beside me while we were catching our breath.

As the fire was crackling in the background, he leaned over and gave me one last kiss before laying his head on my shoulder. We sat there in silence taking in the warn essence, me running my hand through his hair, him breathing gently…

“Russ, i think i love you”

I smiled “I think i love you too”

Best early Christmas present ever.

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