Deep Down in Atlantis Ch. 01

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This is an erotic fantasy story with merpeople. All the characters are 18+. Even Jimmy!

Don’t hate me, please. I just wanted to do this./


My head emerged from the water. I wanted to observe the ship and those who worked on it.

I’m dangerously close, I thought.

As I watched them, I told myself: they are not so different from us. Maybe I’m wrong and it’s too soon to judge. I wanted to believe that humans were better.

I could almost touch the wood from the ship. Am I crazy? It’s too close. All ships were so small from the distance.

I heard voices. A commanding voice, giving orders. Another replied, subservient. That was not so different from us either.

“Humans think merpeople to be something rare and valuable, but most curiously, savages. More often than not, they don’t survive an encounter with us. But those who are captured… the only certainty we have is that they die after their suffering, whatever it may be. We can’t survive more than a few days without the sea.” Father’s presence was as strong as ever in my head.

The memory hit me hard. Hopefully, human eyes were not as keen as ours, so they would not see me here, so close, by the night’s gentle light.

But something was wrong. Silence. It came all of a sudden in that alarming way that ringed danger.

I heard water splashing all around me. I dived. But the places of safety I wanted to reach never came. I kept trying to go deeper into the ocean, desperately wishing that the ropes around my body weren’t true.

A cold terror ran through me. It made me pause. It made me stop struggling. As if I had accomplished something. Dangerous, yes, but necessary. Interesting. I wondered at my behavior, knowing that sometimes I acted through instincts. Those instincts were not always right.

The question still remained. Had I wanted to be captured?

I thrashed and splashed, but now I was forcing myself to act in a way that the humans expected.

Voices cheered up in the ship. Hands held me and brought me up faster, rough touches through my body, some of them only wanted to press on my tail, to know what it felt like; others were outright aggressive. A torch came right at me, so they would see me better. They dumped my body on the hard floor.

“Well, look at that” said a hoarse, deep voice. “I didn’t expect a male.”

“I didn’t know there were males, Captain Shadow.” This one was younger.

“Shut up, Jimmy.” A third voice.

I looked at all those faces, not yet aware of who spoke. I understood their expressions, though. There were eyes shining with awe and greed, and others with glints of disgust and fear.

“Lock him” said the first voice. I saw his face. Captain Shadow. I couldn’t see what he felt, like I did with the others. He was better at hiding it. His eagle eyes studied coldly his prize, and that was it. I feared him.

Two men, more sturdy than their captain, surged to obey. They rapidly took me out of the ropes, only to tie my hands. My tail was no good here, only a nuisance. They knew were to take me. It was down inside the ship, in the dark. They opened the door and threw me in.

I saw little use to any objections. The cold fear lingered like a strong hand pressing tightly on my chest. But there was also control, which I have learned from my father.

For an hour, I laid there on the cold hard wood, and could only see shiny speckles where the light of the moon was able to pass through.

The door, through which I was thrown, opened again behind me, and I felt footsteps Ankara escort on the floor. I moved my head in that direction, my nervous eyes daring to see my first visitor. He brought light in his hand, very carefully. He didn’t want his ship to burn.

The squared-jawed captain closed the door, and turned to me. He had green eyes, and they really saw, not just looked. He had black hair which covered his ears, and a beard, also black as tar.

“How much time out of the water until you can walk?” he asked.

I gasped, but in a reserved manner. Now I knew that this man was more of a hunter. Not that hunters were uncommon. They dared come to our territory to hunt us? Then I remembered that I shouldn’t care about ‘them’ right now.

“How do you know?” I said.

“I have a vague idea” he said. “You’re supposed to… elucidate those ideas.”

“Why would I do that?”

“Because I’m saying, please.” He didn’t seem to be joking.

I shuddered.

“I will not help my captor.”

“Captor?” He seemed amused. “You gave yourself to me. And I will figure out why.”

He walked toward me and knelt, one hand still holding the light. The other hand touched my chin and forced me to face him directly. This close, the green of his eyes revealed a golden circle in the middle, around the pupil.

“I want to understand you.” He said, calmly. I was scared by the sincerity in his voice. “From whom were you running? From what?”

How does he know? I couldn’t understand. Was he someone I should know? No matter what he said about vague ideas. A part of me, the part of instincts, affirmed that Captain knew more than he was letting show.

“How do you know?” I asked. I gasped again, because I was letting it slip, my control. I hoped he hadn’t heard the desperation in my voice.

“You are telling me.” He said. “You’re easy to read.”

I shivered visibly.

“Don’t hurt me.”

“I will hurt you.”

My throat made a small noise. Remember your control. I couldn’t be weak in front of this man.

“Will you kill me?”

He kept his silence. Well, it wasn’t a yes. That had to be something.

He left and ordered for a mattress, food and water. He also ordered someone to stay put outside my prison. The fact that he gave me food gave me some hope. First, maybe he didn’t knew that much after all; second, he cared more than he showed.

I didn’t eat, but I laid in the mattress. I couldn’t do much with my hands tied, but I was able to drag myself.

I missed the sea already.

But if I come back to the seas, I thought, I will die. Here I won’t die just yet. Trying not to drown in self-pity, I closed my eyes.

I slept dreamless.

I woke up with the light of day on my face. For a moment, I thought, I’m free… But my hands were still tied, my prison was still around me. I looked at the man standing next to the recently opened window. Captain Shadow had not woken me when he entered. That was worrying. Did I lose all my self-preservation instincts? I thought nervously, was I trying to kill myself?

If I had to die, I would make it so that the rest of my so called family were not the ones who get the pleasure of doing it. Was that my reasoning?

“So, I see you finally got your legs.” The captain admired.

“Oh” I said… It was true. I knew it would happen in my sleep, but only now was aware of them.

My legs were not tied. Instead of looking at that as a security fail on the captain’s part, I realized that he was just not worried about it.

Then, when Ankara escort bayan Captain Shadow looked at me, I saw but a glimpse of what was going to happen now. My heart instantly accelerated, but I was able to hide my fears.

“So, is it you who is going to start?” I asked.

The captain was unresponsive. That was going to make it harder for me to distract him, convince otherwise. My mind was without ideas of what to say. If told him anything important, he would only make sure to not kill me while raping me.

“You really…” I said, a bit jokingly. My smile forced on my face. “You really seem like you prefer females.”

The captain silently began to take off his pants.

“But… I don’t want this.” I said.

And yet… Again, a part of me knew. A voice inside me asked, why did I let myself be captured? And I couldn’t answer.

“I know you understand that this will happen” the captain said. “That’s why there isn’t two of my men here pinning you down for me. I can do that. You know it, I know it. I ask you, then. Will you be complacent?”

I swallowed, feeling how dried my throat was. “Yes.”

He took off the rest of his clothes. Where my body had no hair, his was full of it. Chest, legs, arms, and between his legs. A huge blackness from where his lengthy member came forth. I realized, then, I shouldn’t have said yes. That could never fit where the captain wanted to put it.

I stared at his eyes, and knew that there was no running away. Hate burned my heart, but hate was useless. This was how things worked.

The blankets that covered my lower body, that was my two legs now, only left out my feet. I threw them away. And my small thing seemed like nothing compared to the captain’s.

I slowly turned around on my belly and raised my behind for him, as I knew how to do from doing to the women.

“You must be really desperate,” I said, daring. “I thought this was something shameful.”

But no matter how I tried to get the captain to talk, and maybe change his mind, I couldn’t. The time it took to walk from the other side of the room, to where I was in position, seemed to be torturously long. All the while, I tried to be brave. But when he laid a hand on the side of my butt, I shivered, and whimpered.


“I didn’t even touch you” the captain seemed annoyed.

“What about the mouth?” I said, not minding anymore to hide my true feelings. “Let me use my mouth… to suck you.”

“What? You’d prefer that?”

“Isn’t it less painful?” I hated myself, I was such a coward.

“Suit yourself.”

I couldn’t believe at my luck. So, when he stood in front of me, I knelt on the floor and stared directly at the thing. Huge, with darker skin than the rest of his body. The head was covered, but a part showed a vivid red. I seriously thought it looked like something you’d want to put in your mouth.

I felt shame at the thought instantly. That was not worthy of someone like me, and a disrespect to the memory of my late father.

And the smell was not pleasant. It made me lower my head a bit, so I wouldn’t throw up. Then I looked at his face. Captain Shadow. What would happen if I bit his dick off? He didn’t seemed the least worried about that. He didn’t complain about my taking too long, and that made me only feel more useless and ashamed. I breathed deeply and, ignoring the smell, put the head inside my mouth.

And I sucked Captain Shadow’s cock.

It tasted salty. Like the sea. Like the thing that made me feel alive. That was a pleasant Escort Ankara surprise. One that did not need to happen at that moment.

I looked up again. And the captain nodded, making me feel conflicted. I was doing okay, and that should not make me feel good, but it did.

I made slurping sounds and kept sucking.

It was such a big thing to put in one’s mouth, and yet, the way it moved, in and out, in and out, made me feel absorted and engrossed while watching.

I breathed through my nose. And had to face the smell again… So strong. The smell of masculinity. A smell which was not so unbearable at the moment.

His member coming out of my mouth and coming in again still took all of my attention.

Should I really feel guilty about any of this? I had no choice in the matter. And I still was able to make things a little more easy. The other way hurt, I was sure. No women enjoyed doing it with me.

If I pushed father a bit away in my memory, and pretend that he didn’t exist at all, I felt more comfortable being on my knees, captured with my hands tied, sucking the captains cock.

Yes, that was good. It was still wrong, but my life was all wrong now.

Let go of all that. This way, I can even enjoy his smell. Yes, yes. My mouth went deeper, just so I could reach those hair at the end of the mast and smell it. I was doing something right. The captain was… moaning! Finally I made him responsive somehow.

I lost track of time. Everything that existed around me was the taste of his dick, the smell of his body, the sounds of my mouth sucking deep, of my throat getting full, and of the captain’s pleasure.

Suddenly, his seed filled me and I swallowed everything in single gulp. He almost screamed. His fingers clawed at my hair. My whole body was sweating. So was his.

Then he took his member out of my mouth, having to push me aside, and walked away. I sit, crossing my knees, licking my lips, still drowsy and in trance.

“Do you want clothes?” the captain asked.

“I don’t need clothes. I’m not ashamed of my body.” I said. Finally, I was starting to get back to normal. What I figured out about myself… I would deal with that later.

The captain nodded, as if he expected that answer. But then he turned, challenging.

“But the clothes are not because we are ashamed. It’s for protection. Like you did with sheet we gave you. You covered yourself to be protected from the cold.”

“Neither do I need protection” I said. I wondered why I was still sitting on my knees, like in reverence. “I need water.”

“I gave you water.”

“Sea water.”

The captain’s eyes gleamed now. He figured out something he didn’t know.

“We are not going to let you go. Right now.” Right now… A warmth washed through my body, the feeling of hope.

“Not to go to the water. I need to drink it.”

Again, the captain nodded, as if he had reached that conclusion and just wanted confirmation.

“Will you tell me why you are running away?” he said. He put on his clothes. I didn’t answer. He nodded again. And left.

Only then I laid on my mattress, thoughtful.

A few minutes later, the one called Jimmy, a young blond, entered my cabin and put down a bucket filled with sea water. I drank it, thankful.

The Captain didn’t need to know just right now that I was a prince in running, and that the merpeople who killed my father, the king, to take the throne of Atlantis deep down were surely going to get me if I wasn’t on land very soon. They probably would’ve caught me if I was still in the water. At this point, I knew that they ignored this ship. But they would realize soon that desperate situations demand desperate solutions.

The crew would all die. No, the captain doesn’t need to know that.

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