Deepa’s Decline Ch. 02

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** Any resemblance to any characters in this story and real persons is completely incidental. **

** Thank you for your comments! I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoy writing them. I’m not the best story teller so bear with me as I try to find my way around the characters while putting them in believable sexy scenarios. If you’d like the story to take a certain direction, ask me! **

** This is a work of fiction **


Deepa continued to receive gorgeous sarees every day without fail over the next few days. Each saree felt wonderfully soft against her skin and she delighted in showing them off to her son everyday in what became a daily game for them both.

Kiran in turn showered his mother with praise and compliments, boosting her confidence all the time. He’d make the occasional cheeky comment which Deepa no longer minded at all and even encouraged a little. She questioned their games at times, wondering whether it was really that appropriate for a son to be buying so many sarees for his mother, and his mother in turn enjoying modeling them for him. And yet, the delight in her sons eyes when he saw her and the boost it gave to her from feeling adored could surely be nothing more than innocent fun, she thought.

Deepa shook head pushing the doubts form her mind. For a moment she felt ashamed of herself for even thinking there was anything more than jokes and flattery in their relationship. Her son had always been a good boy and was now growing into a good man, one she was forever proud of.

One morning, Deepa received a package from Kiran which contained a blouse as well as yet another gorgeous saree — this time blue colored with a finely worked pallu. Deepa hadn’t noticed that all of the other sarees had not had any blouses with them and wondered why this on was different. Previously Deepa had simply picked a matching blouse from her collection whenever she’d modeled for her son.

The blouse and saree combination didn’t appear to be a matching set as the work around the sleeves of the blouse didn’t match the pallu exactly. The designs were very close but not exact — as only a woman would notice Deepa smiled to herself. Deepa released that Kiran must have bought it separately and pondered why he would have done this. perhaps it had just not occurred to him to send a matching blouse before? certainly the topic of blouses had never come up in their conversations. Or maybe the shop he was visiting had made some mistake? Or perhaps he’d been mis sold the two garments as a set but he’d not looked at the workmanship close enough to notice the differences in them?

Deepa made a mental note to quiz Kiran about it when she spoke to him later.

For now, she tried on the blouse and saree combination and inspected herself in the bedroom mirror. The outfit looked gorgeous from head to toe and looked even better when Deepa pulled out a pair of sandals to complete the set. She blushed at just how lo cut the blouse was with its wide neck line seeming to reveal and emphasize her bosom in equal measure.

Many years ago she would have been excited to wear such outfits, and would have been encouraged to do so by her late husband Anup. But now, at 40, she felt a little too old to be showing off so much skin.

She posed for a while, twisting from left to right eying the way the saree seemed to highlight her femenine curves. She had to admit that the reflection of herself didn’t actually look bad and thought of herself as looking quite sexy. She smiled knowingly at the thought of describing herself as ‘sexy’ – yet another change in her attitude instigated by her son Kiran. He was definitely a bad influence on her, she thought.

Poor Kiran, she thought to herself. He’d probably bought the set with the best of intentions without realizing how inappropriate it was for a woman of her age to be dressed so provocatively. No way could she wear the blouse in front of him, let alone FOR him.

Later that day, when it was time to join her son for a webcam chat, Deepa picked out a matching colored blouse from her own wardrobe to wear with the new saree. The outfit matched completely and Kiran need never know she’d done the switch. She’ll be kind and just let him think she was wearing the one he sent.

“Hi Mom, looking great as always.” Said the image of Kiran as soon as his webcam connection started up and appeared on her desktop.

“Hi betah, thanks, as always.” Deepa replied, beaming back at him.

Kiran, had gone back to wearing a vest and shorts for their conversations and Deepa had simply accepted his sloppiness. Though this dressing up game had started as a challenge for both of them to make more effort on their appearances, Kiran had given up long ago. Deepa had pestered him for a awhile but realized it would be a never ending struggle and she’d now given up.

She’d continued to get dressed up simply because new sarees kept arriving each day and she’d just enjoyed trying each one on and seeing how good they looked. It didn’t harm anyone that the only person she could mecidiyeköy eskort show off to was her own son, she thought. And in any case, why shouldn’t she model for him, he was kind enough to buy each one after all.

“I like this one, it has really nice embroidery in the pallu. It’s very intricate”. Said Deepa, running her fingers over the heavily worked fabric.

“It’s a shame i can’t see it. i don’t think these cameras can pick up that level of detail.” replied Kiran. “But i saw it already anyway, i bought it for you remember?”

“I know, but i wonder whether you’re just picking out sarees because they’re co lours jump out at you or whether you have an eye for the nice designs you’ve been sending. You could just be lucky!” Deepa joked.

“Mom, I’ll be honest, I’m neither lucky nor do i have an eye for good design. What I DO have is an undying adoration of my mother and it is she whom I have in mind when i buy the saree. I just think about what you would look pretty in and that’s the one i buy. I imagine what you’d look like before buying any of the sarees.”

“That’s so sweet betah.” Deepa sighed hearing Kiran’s charming words. “Well in that case, I think you are lucky in that all of the sarees have looked so lovely. You seem to have a very good idea of what I’ll like as well as what I’ll look like!”

“Or maybe i know you’ll just like looking good…”

“OK, OK. Well this one looks great either way – even if you ARE having trouble seeing the great work on the pallu.”

“Though there is one thing I’m noticing that is different to how I imagined.” said Kiran, leaning into the webcam. “That blouse isn’t how i pictured it.”

Deeper looked down at the blouse and realized it was one that she’d picked and not the one he’d sent. “Oh that’s because there was a mistake with the one you sent. I had to switch it with this one of my own. I think it still matches OK – somehow i managed to find the exact shade of blue.”

“Yeah this one looks great no doubt mom. What was wrong with the one i sent? they were supposed to be a set. Was it damaged or something?”

“No nothing like that. The stitching on it was fine, i tried it on this morning and there was nothing wrong with it in that sense.”

“Then how do you mean? i picked out that blouse especially.”

“Err, then maybe you need to ask for some help from the shopkeeper if you’re going to buy blouses again.” Deepa joked.

“In what way? is it the wrong size? wrong shape? I thought about it carefully mom, i picked it especially. I’m a bit gutted I didn’t get to see you in it.”

“Oh sweetheart, the blouse was fine, I keep telling you. It was simply not designed for someone my age. The cut of it is more suited to someone… younger than me.” Deeper was finding it hard to explain to her son without venturing into the whole area of how low cut the blouse was and how much cleavage she’d end up showing. There were still boundaries to what she was willing to comfortably talk about with her son.

“That’s why I said to get some help from the shopkeeper. Tell him you’re looking for a blouse for a middle aged woman and he’ll be able to direct you to the right ones.” Deepa patiently explained to her poor son who had clearly made a mistake with the blouse.

“You’re not being clear mom, in what way is it cut for a younger women? what does that even mean??” Kiran was getting visibly frustrated.

“OK Kiran, I’m trying not to get into the technicalities of it because… well.. because some things are inappropriate topics for discussion between a mother and son. But seeing as you insist on playing dumb… I didn’t wear the blouse because it was too low cut. Definitely not the sort of blouse a woman my age wears” Deepa explained, exasperated.

“Oh.” Kiran paused, as if thinking carefully about his choice of words. “Low cut on which side?”

“Low cut at the front side of course!” Deepa had to indicate with her fingers along the front of the blouse she was wearing. She didn’t want to be talking about the subject of the blouse at all and yet here she was having a drawn out discussion of it. She drew an imaginary line from one shoulder, plunging down to the tops of her breasts, across and then back up to her shoulders. Immediately afterwards she felt conscious of how her own hand gestures had drawn her sons attention to her chest, definitely the opposite of what she’d intended to do.

Kiran nodded into his cam as if in contemplation of what his mother was saying. It was an uncomfortable few moments before he responded, during which Deepa felt her sons unnerving stare. She shifted in her seat a little and adjusted her saree nervously. Deepa had spent the last few days happily modeling sarees to her son and lavishing in his compliments and yet this moment of him staring at her made her uncomfortable in way she’d not felt before.

“I chose that blouse specifically mom, I told you that.” Kiran finally said, he’s expression straight forward and businesslike. “I imagined you wearing it and i liked the image i had of you. I was hoping you’d be wearing zeytinburnu escort it and I’m a little disappointed you haven’t.”

Deepa didn’t fully understand what Kiran was saying. How could he have picked this blouse specifically? It was clearly wrong for her, how could he not see this? Surely he was mistaken in some way. There must be some misunderstanding somewhere, some innocent explanation for why he’d get such a blouse.

“I don’t understand, betah. The blouse is low cut at the front. Younger women can get away with wearing it because, well, youth and beauty are on their side. It’ not for women like me.”

Kiran seemed to think for a while. he looked away from the camera and scratched his head, trying to find the best way to say something that was clearly playing on his mind. Deepa felt pity for her son. He seemed to be fighting some kind of conundrum in his head. She could see the anxiety in his expression and gestures and just wanted to reach through and hold him and help him resolve his problems the way any mother would.

“I.. I knew the blouse was low cut.” Kiran said slowly, looking directly into his camera and at his mother. “I intentionally picked a low cut blouse because i imagined you to look nice in it. I imagined you in the low cut blouse mom. I wanted to see you in that blouse. you looked great in my mind mom, and i wanted to see it for real. I wanted… I wanted for you to show me for real.”

It was as if the atmosphere was charged with electricity as Deepa watched the image of her son patiently mouth those words. Each sentence seemed to hang in the air taunting her with it’s curious meaning and making her heart flutter in a way it hadn’t done for a long time. She felt a strange long forgotten excitement as goose pimples appeared along her arms and the back of her neck. She shivered involuntarily and then thought about what her son had just said.

“You imagined me wearing that blouse and thats why you bought it? You wanted me to wear it for you. Wear it today with this saree?” Confused she repeated back to him what he had just said, hoping that some clarity would come from it it in her own mind. “You wanted me to to wear that revealing blouse?”

Deepa, felt the last sentence resonate as she spoke it. “But betah, I’d be wearing something inappropriate… I don’t understand, Betah.”

Deepa could not get her head around Kiran’s request. No matter how many times she repeated it in her mind, she just couldn’t understand why Kiran would even think of asking her to wear the blouse. It just wasn’t appropriate for a mother to wear such clothing. certainly not to wear it FOR her son. Why would he ask her?

“I wanted to see you in that low cut blouse. I’ve been imaging you wearing it since i bought it several days ago. I imagined you wearing it for me. MERE liye.” Kiran emphasized.

“You’ve been imagining me in the blouse?” Deepa replied dumbly.

“Yes mom, will you wear it for me now?” Kiran asked, his expression pleading.

“But betah i can’t. I mustn’t. It isn’t right. It isn’t for me betah.”

“It IS for you mom. I bought it for YOU. I want to see YOU wearing the blouse for ME.”

The reality of what her son was asking of her eventually hit home for Deepa. Never in her life would she have thought her own son would think of such a thing – let alone request it of her. He was asking her to wear a sexy low cut blouse. more importantly to wear it for HIM specifically. Moreover he’d already imagined her wearing it! what other things had he been imagining? What other things would he ask her…?

Deepa felt a knot in her stomach as her head spun with the gravity of what her son was asking of her. And yet she felt tingles along her arms and her spine and a tight feeling in her abdomen. her skin prickled with an excitement she’d not felt in a long time. She felt she should be shocked and angry but felt neither of these. Instead, she felt sympathy for her son who had obviously found it so difficult to verbalize what it is he’d been thinking.

And yet, she felt disappointed that she hadn’t understood what it was he had wanted all along. He had bought her a beautiful matching blouse for this beautiful blue saree she was wearing and she had neglected to wear the two together. She had neglected to dress up and appear before him the way he had hoped, indeed, had been imagining. He’d wanted her to MODEL it for him in the way she’d done with all the other sarees. He must have been so disappointed to see her not wearing the blouse. And because she hadn’t understood what he wanted he had had to explain it to her, patiently. He must have found it so difficult to tell her, she thought.

“Betah, why would you imagine your own mother wearing such things? why would you imagine me wearing it for you?” Deepa asked in her soft motherly tone. She wanted to reach out and comfort her son, and try to make some sense of all this.

“Because you’ve modeled all the sarees I’ve sent you thus far. And you’ve enjoyed it. I’ve seen the change in you. You’ve enjoyed wearing all these lovely sarees and you’ve sultangazi escort enjoyed showing me how they look. You’ve enjoyed modeling them for me. And I’ve enjoyed seeing you in them mom, I’ve enjoyed seeing my beautiful mother model sarees that I’ve been buying her. I’ve been thinking you were modeling these sarees for ME mom.”

“I was.. I mean, yes, i was wearing them for you, I thought you’d like to see me in them. You keep saying how lovely i look and thought you might like to see me wear the lovely sarees you’ve been buying. I wanted to show you how much it means to me that you’re buying so many lovely gifts for me and i thought the best way to show my appreciation was to wear them for you. I didn’t realize i was ‘modeling’ them for you, but i see now that i was.” Deepa explained. “I’ve been modeling sarees for my son.” Deepa said, almost as a realization to herself.

“Am i so wrong for wanting you to model more for me? I thought you enjoyed it mom.”

“No Betah, you’re not wrong. I’ve loved modeling sarees for you. You always make me feel so beautiful. But I’m not sure about still carrying on. I’m not sure about you’re expectation from me.”

“I have no expectations mother, I have only hopes. hopes and desires.” Kiran looked away from the camera, embarrassed of himself.

“Betah..” Deepa trailed off. It came as almost a whisper. She could see the turmoil in her sons face and yet could not reconcile what he was asking with what every moral fiber in her body was telling her to be correct and appropriate.

And yet, the feeling in her abdomen felt stronger than before. it was like a buzzing, and aching in a part of her body that had long been dormant. her body trembled in excitement in way way Deepa could not explain. The realization that she had been modeling for her son made her stomach tight and her heart race. Why should she be feeling like this?

With her mind in turmoil and aching need to comfort her son Deepa considered what she could say to make this whole thing go away. Surely she should put an end to this? Everything they’d been doing up until this point had been innocent playing around. Or at least that’s what she had thought. And yet, it was now clear that what seemed innocent carried rather inappropriate undertones. And they had both played along, oblivious to the direction they were following.

“Betah, you realize i cannot wear what you bought. It would be wrong.” Deepa said. It was the most difficult thing she had ever said to Kiran and it broke her heart to say it. She said it as a sense of duty as a mother who cared for the wellbeing of her son.

“Wrong for who mom? Is buying you clothes wrong? Are you wrong for wearing them? are you wrong for showing me what you look like in the clothes I’ve lovingly bought for you?” Kiran replied, an urgency and frustration in his tone.

“Yes betah, it is wrong. It is wrong when a son starts to imagine his mother in the way you have been. You mustn’t think of me in such a way.” Deepa pleaded, feeling tears welling in her eyes.

“Wrong to whom mom? to you? to me? who?”

Deepa couldn’t answer.

“I know that you’ve enjoyed modeling for me. for ME. I know that it’s not just about you wearing new clothes. I know you’ve enjoyed showing off to me, letting your son see how lovely you look. That isn’t wrong, that doesn’t FEEL wrong.”

Kiran was visible agitated. “And when i compliment you i can see how happy you are. And i say things about you looking sexy, i can see you’re excited mom. I can see the excitement in you’re eyes at someone finding you desirable. Any red blooded man can see you’re sexy. I’ve been loving the fact that you’re starting to view yourself as sexy again. after all these years mom. You’ve come back to life again and it’s all because we’ve both enjoyed our little game of me buying you clothes and you modeling them for me. It’s like a different side of you, a more confident side of you, has been awoken and I know you’re excited by it mom. Tell me you’re excited by it. tell ME!”

“Betah, I…”

“Tell me mom, tell me you’ve been excited by it all.”

“Yes betah, it has been exciting for me. you can see this.” Deepa admitted finally, her head swirly with the gravity of what she was admitting to her own son.

“And now you’re asking to stop? So that you can return to your old ways? no way mom, i wont let you.”

“Betah please…” Deepa began to plead for Kiran to stop before he interrupted her.

“Listen to me mom, go to you room and wear the blouse the I bought for you. do it for me. do it for yourself. do it for both of us mom! go now. don’t think about it, just GO.”

“It’s wrong betah…” Deepa pleaded.

“So what if it is, it is what i want of you mom. I want you to go and wear that blouse and show me that you’re the same sexy mom i imagined when i bought it for you. do it, now.”


“NOW, GO!”

Deepa got up and went to her bedroom. her heart was pounding and her whole body was shaking. she couldn’t believe she was going to go through with this and yet she felt excited in a way she never had before. She quickly unbuttoned her blouse and switched it with the one Kiran had given her. Her trembling fingers had trouble fastening up the buttons while her heart continued to pound in her chest and ring in her ears.

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