Deflowering the Babysitter

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Lesson One 1 – Lesbian Games – I am seduced by my former teacher and neighbour’s wife

Dear Diary,

I have decided to write a diary to mark my passage into womanhood and the experiences I have just had and will have from now on. These experiences have been so mind-blowing and awesome that I just have to have a confident who I can tell all my deepest secrets, and that, Diary, is you!

Anyway, to start with my name is Julianne and I am 18. I’ve just finished school for good and have a whole summer ahead of me before I go to university. I have long wavy deep chestnut wavy hair and (if I say it myself), and a good figure with long legs, a slender waist and well rounded boobs. When women comment about me to my parents they always say things like “Oh your daughter’s green eyes and red hair are so pretty,” or ” I wish I had a figure and legs like that”. Their husbands mainly just look, and I enjoy the way they gaze hungrily at my body, especially my breasts which are pert and upright and probably a bit too large for my slender 18 year old frame. The way they look at me makes me feel attractive and sexy and powerful, like an actress or a rock star, and I give them little smiles to show that I appreciate it.

I’ve had a few boyfriends while at school, and although we’ve kissed and fondled each other under our clothes I am, still really a virgin (or was as of yesterday but more about that later dear Diary). So, I had been saving myself for the right guy, but the guys at school were always so immature and skinny. They used to fondle me and grope at my breasts, and although it was kinda nice when they pinched my nipples and rubbed between my legs, it never really made me want to go further with them, to do the things I’ve read about. And I have read a lot… I adore reading and the heroes in my books are the ones I dream about – real men who know how to treat a woman – how to seduce her and touch her to give her the most pleasure.

I have even sneaked into my mum’s room and “borrowed” her hidden books while she was out, especially when I have sexual urges. She keeps them in the bedside drawer along with her vibrators (the girls at school talk about them so I guessed what it was!). My favourite book of hers is called “The Sex Thief” and it’s easy to find my mum’s favourite bits as the pages open easily. I especially love reading the part when…ah …but I’m getting ahead of myself.

So, diary, did I mention that I have these urges? Oh yes I do – quite often in fact! Like an itch that I just have to scratch! Sometimes I dream about Mr Black, our chemistry teacher when he is lecturing us on atoms and protons and things like that. All the girls concentrate during his lessons as he is totally hot. I reckon he’s probably in his early 20’s with light blonde hair and cool surfer clothes. He comes to school in a camper van with his board on top and is always joking with us. Occasionally I put my hand under my skirt, hidden by the desk to feel inside my panties when he is talking to the class, rubbing myself to make myself wet with my fingers or a pen as I watch him talk, and I imagine him asking me to stay behind with him for private detention.

And then there’s Mrs Jones, our English literature teacher and (unfortunately) , also my mum and dad’s friend. I don’t know why diary, but I find her so sexy with her blonde hair, slim figure and big blue eyes. She always wears short fitted dresses which show off her curvy toned body. I know that she works out a lot because her and her husband are also our neighbours and I sometimes see her running along the street in her tight black lycra running shorts and top and I have admired how sexy she manages to look even when she is panting, flushed and sweaty. She took us older girls for English Lit last year and I had such a crush on her. I used to love the way her sleek blonde hair smelt of summer fields when she leant over me in class to check my work and how her tits would accidentally touch my arm as she reached across me with her pen to correct something in my workbook. And when she turns her back to the class to write on the whiteboard the way her arse wobbles gently and her skirt rides up to reveal her smooth suntanned thighs. She used to take us older girls for swimming too and it was super hard not to stare at the very obvious peaks of her nipples pushing out through the thin material of her Speedo costume. I would often need to touch myself between my legs in the changing rooms as her lessons often gave me urges. I sometimes find myself thinking sexual thoughts about her and her husband Mr Jones, as they are such a sexy couple – imagining them in bed together doing things to each other… Although I try not to, because they are my parents’ friends, and it is probably not appropriate. But still sometimes those naughty thoughts just creep inside my head and I can’t help it.

Anyway, yesterday morning I had one of my urges when I woke up from a dream about Mr Jones, feeling hot and damp between my thighs. He is to die Maltepe Escort for and is a real man straight out of one of my books. I had been dreaming about him kissing me deep and hard, pressing me against him so that I could feel his penis, straining against his flies, hard and rigid against me – loving the fact that he wants his neighbour’s 18 year old daughter so badly and is unable to control himself.

So, my head full of Mr Jones’s passionate kiss, I woke desperate, needing to touch myself under the covers, like I normally do when I wake up feeling like this. I parted my legs so that my fingers could reach inside, past the soft downy red hairs into my secret girl’s “purse”. (Don’t laugh Diary! That’s what I call it as it contains soft juicy treasures within that give me so much pleasure).

Lying back against the pillow, with the covers pushed back to allow anyone watching from the neighbouring houses a view of my naked body spread-eagled on the bed, I sleepily started to rub my fingers up and down inside the smooth pink lips. I know that they are a dusky rose colour because sometimes when there’s no-one in the house I sit on the floor on a towel in front of the mirror and watch myself while I play with my pretty pink purse. I open it up and can see that is all soft and pink and juicy inside, and when I rub it hard the lips begin to swell and darken and more creamy juices run out across my legs on to the floor (hence the towel!) I usually keep rubbing until I feel myself sweating and moaning (I can’t help myself) and then I feel my muscles spasm and contract and I kind of pass out on the floor in a sort of delirious pleasure from the sensations my fingers are creating. Kind of cool! Which is why I do it a lot. Because it feels so good!

So this morning I lay there naked, my legs spread wide open towards the window, exposing myself as I rubbed my soft outer pussy lips, as I imagined Mr Jones spying on me from the house across the street. I thought about him watching the girl living opposite him open herself up towards him, aware that he was watching. Her pretty pink inner lips shiny and clearly visible to him through the binoculars he would be holding, as his cock swelled in his other hand. The thought that he might be watching me made me juicier than normal and the sheets were soon soaked through as I continued to rub my fingers along my puffy outer lips, before I got my other kind of urge to push my fingers up inside my hidden wet tunnel. The one the bad boys at school call cunt and the girls all pretend to ignore them when they do. And boy do they get into trouble if the teachers hear them say that! But they continue to say it when they think the teachers aren’t listening…

“Have you got a hot juicy cunt Julianne?” or “I’d like to stick my cock in your tight virgin cunt Julianne!”

And although I turn away dismissively like the other girls, and talk about how immature and dirty the boys are, I secretly like their bad, filthy words and I often feel the gusset of my panties begin to moisten at their lewd suggestions. Sometimes their words excite me so much that I can’t help myself and have to run to the ladies and lock myself in a cubicle, before pulling my pants down far enough to thrust my fingers up inside myself as I rub myself furiously with the other hand – trying hard not to moan or pant to loud in case there are others in the cubicles next to me – and pissing over my hand as I do it so that if they are they think I am just peeing. Enjoying the waves of pleasure as my hand is covered in hot warm gushing pee while I spasm.

But it’s never enough for me, and more recently I have taken to reading my mother’s books in more depth. The one I mentioned before particularly attracts me. There is a scene where the young innocent heroine is impaled on cock after cock while being punished in the attic and each time I read it I longed to feel what it felt like to be speared like that on a man’s penis.

I have also started looking at attractive women in a new light after reading that book as the heroine is captured and forced to perform lesbian acts which she can’t help enjoying. As I read it avidly in bed while playing with myself, I too wondered what it would be like to taste another girl and I needed to have another session in front of the mirror after reading that chapter. Perhaps, dear diary, I am a nymphomaniac! The girls at school talk about them all the time. They are girls who are unable to control their base carnal lusts and passions. I don’t feel like one but as I am not exactly sure what a “nympho” is, it’s hard to tell.

Anyway, back to my story. Yesterday I was so excited! Mum and Dad have decided that I should get a summer job to help pay for university, and so they arranged for me to go round to see Mr and Mrs Jones across the street to see about a babysitting job they had talked about while over at each other’s houses one night. As mentioned I have always had such a crush on both of them. I can’t even remember for Anadolu Yakası Escort how long. They are both great friends with my parents and I used to sit on the top step hidden in the darkness watching them when they chatted in the sitting room after one of their dinner parties. He is dreamy with thick wavy dark hair, dark blue eyes with thick black lashes and he is always smiling at me as if we share a secret.

Mrs Jones outside the classroom is even more cool – she has a great figure for a mum with lovely tanned long legs and (did I mention yet?) fabulous breasts. She is really pretty too with her bobbed blonde hair and always dresses in some cool sexy clothes – not like most of the frumpy mums around here. If ever have a lesbian experience then she is most definitely there at the top of my list.

So I paid special attention to the way I looked yesterday. Not only was it a job interview to babysit their kids all summer, but I also wanted to look nice for the couple I have a crush on. I put on a short denim skirt, but not too short as I didn’t want to look too slutty, and a tight white silk blouse which showed off the outline of my high pert breasts clearly. At 18 luckily still young and pert enough to not need a bra! I was hoping Mr Jones would appreciate it, and now in hindsight I’m laughing to myself at how differently things turned out from what I had expected.

I ran some dark eyeliner around my large green eyes and applied some mascara and a hint of red lipstick before admiring my reflection in the mirror. I was pleased with the effect. I definitely looked older than 18! More a sophisticated woman with high black sandals long legs and large kohl darkened eyes surrounded by flowing long auburn hair. Again, I hoped that Mr Jones would like it, and would give me one of our special secret smiles. I looked at my watch on my slender wrist and it told me that I had five minutes to go until our “interview”. Of course they knew who I was, but they had told my parents that we should go over a few of the routines and ground rules when the kids were staying with their grandparents.

Two doors down I tentatively knocked at the door of number 10 and waited a few minutes. Mrs Jones opened the door in a short sheer white sundress underneath which I could clearly see that she had nothing on because the darkness of her nipples and pubic hair were clearly visible. I thought perhaps she hadn’t realised quite how transparent the dress was as I felt a flutter in my stomach as one of my urges came on. Smiling at me she apologised for taking a long time as she had been sunbathing in the garden and asked if I wanted to join her while we chatted. I nodded, thinking that she had obviously been sunbathing in the nude as she led me through the house to their large back garden. I had often played in it as a child and loved the fact that it was so private with no houses nearby and lots of hidden nooks and crannies.

She sat down at a table with pitcher of red liquid filled with fruit, and asked if I would like a drink. I nodded; feeling very sophisticated having a drink with Mrs Jones now on an equal footing as a young adult. As she filled herself a glass and one for me too, the strap on her filmy dress accidentally fell down to expose one large brown nipple while she poured. I couldn’t help staring at its soft light brown nipple, surrounded by its areola with prominent circle of raised dimples, wondering what it’s rouched texture would feel like to suckle on, and quickly glanced up to see if she had noticed me staring at her breast. Her eyes met mine and she smiled a knowing smile which made me blush and look away. She replaced the jug and pulled up a chair close to hers and motioning for me to sit down next to her.

“I am sorry but Jake is running late at work, so it’s just us girls,” she said as I sipped at the drink she handed me.

“He’ll try to join us a little later,” she added and then continued to talk a little bit about the kids (three boys) and what time they went to bed etc. The drink tasted quite alcoholic and although I didn’t drink much and didn’t like many “adult” drinks this one was nice and fruity. I was finding it hard to concentrate after my thoughts about suckling on her breasts, and so I gazed dreamily at Mrs Jones soft plump red lips as she talked and the dark circles under her dress and daydreamed about what it would feel like to have her lips kissing me. How different from a boy would it feel? I nodded and tried to listen to her instructions and before long she was topping up my glass again and I was starting to feel a little woozy and light-headed.

Perhaps noticing that I was distracted she assured me that she would write all of this down and then asked about school and my exams, and whether I had a boyfriend at the moment. I replied that no, I didn’t, and she looked at me intently with her large aquamarine eyes, both curious and surprised.

“A gorgeous girl like you Julie,” she said “why ever not! I’d have thought Ümraniye Escort you’d be fighting them off with sticks! You were easily the prettiest girl in my class!”

I flushed red at the compliment and looked at the floor. I’ve never been very good with compliments and felt unable to look at her as I mumbled something about the boys my own age being too young and immature for me. I then felt her put her warm manicured hand on my bare thigh and say “Don’t worry Julianne! I was the same at your age. I was mature for my age and I wanted someone with more experience who would know what they were doing and show me the ropes… Sound familiar?” she asked.

I nodded and looked up at her through my long dark lashes, into her large blue eyes and at that moment I felt a strong connection with this sexy older woman – far stronger than the girlish crush I had had before. I knew that she too had felt exactly the same way as me and I knew that she would understand if I told her about my urges and the lustful thoughts that were confusing me. I felt her fingers gently stroking my soft inner thigh and looked down at her elegant long red nails against my pale sensitive skin. It was giving me a warm tingling feeling, and I felt an desperate need to part my legs for her, but I just swallowed and said, ” I have these urges Mrs Jones and sometimes they are so strong I can’t control them. And the girls at school say that girls like that are nymphos and now I’m confused.”

My words came tumbling out in a rush, and it felt so good to finally tell someone my fears that I wasn’t normal. Gently she took my glass out of my hand and put my drink down on the table and said softly “It’s perfectly normal Julie, for a healthy attractive girl like you to have powerful sexual needs and desires and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Sometimes it can make you feel scared and out of control if you don’t learn how to manage them.”

I felt her hand move higher up my leg gently massaging my inner thigh under my denim skirt. I couldn’t help but open my legs a little so she could reach higher up and I felt her fingers graze my panties as she leaned toward me. I thought (and hoped) that she was going to kiss me on the lips then, but frustratingly she licked my ear and whispered into it “Are these the sort of urges you’re talking about Julie? Are you feeling them now? Don’t be shy, you can confide in me!”

I nodded as I enjoyed the feel of her stroking me quite openly now between my legs and nuzzling at my ear and neck. I could smell her gorgeous female scent and see down her top to her large tanned breasts and those large chestnut coloured nipples I longed to run my tongue across. I probably shouldn’t be let her do this to me but the drink had made me feel tipsy and lightheaded, plus it also felt so good that I really didn’t want her to stop stroking and caressing me.

“And do you have these urges about men and women?” she asked me as she continued to send waves of pleasure into me. She pushed her fingers under the black lace material of my underwear, and as she stroked the downy hairs of my outer lips, I began to feel the slickness on her fingers as my juices started to seep out of me. I felt a throbbing hot sensation between my legs – stronger than I had had before when I rubbed myself. Again I nodded and parted my knees a little wider still.

“I can help you explore these urges further,” she said as a little moan of enjoyment escaped from me. “To teach you how to be a confident sexy young lady, and to enjoy the feelings you are having…if you would like me to that is,” she added.

This gorgeous attractive older woman who was sending electric impulses into me, and making me wet with the lightest of touches had just asked if I wanted her to help me show me how my body worked! It wasn’t what I had expected when I came round for a babysitting interview, and so I hesitated, unsure of what to do. She watched me patiently as she continued to stroke me between my (by now damp) thighs. I had a feeling that if I said no the opportunity wouldn’t repeat itself and I was so curious and horny right then that totally the right answer seemed to be “Yes please, Mrs Jones.”

Smiling, she kissed me gently on the lips, and, taking my hand, she led me back into the house without saying a word. I couldn’t help noticing that her cheeks were flushed with excitement as she led the way up the stairs to the master suite where a massive bed dominated the room. Mrs J motioned for me to sit on the bed and I watched as she pushed the straps off the flimsy white sun dress and allowed it to slide down onto the floor. For a 40 year old woman she was still in great shape – lightly tanned all over, her large plump breasts were still firm, her stomach was slightly rounded and I noticed that the thick dark hair on her mons was neatly trimmed into a small triangle shape leaving the lips between her legs naked and hairless. I admired her body and couldn’t help myself from blurting out like a gauche teenager, “Wow, you’re so hot Mrs Jones!”

“As are you my angel,” she replied simply, and smiling, she knelt on the floor in front of me and eased my skirt down my legs until I was left in just my skimpy black lace panties, white silk shirt, and my black high heeled sandals.

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