Delia Gets Used

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Delia had never considered herself a slave. She was, after all, her own woman. She ran her own business, and had the luxury of a household assistant to cook and clean. At least that’s what she told her friends. To them she was quite the princess. And most of the time her Sir treated her like one. Until the day he didn’t.

Delia was enamored with Sean. She would do anything to make him happy, and see that smile of satisfaction on his face. When he called her his good girl her heart would melt and her panties would dampen. She would gladly be his wanton slut, or his little girl. He could redden her ass, or choke her with his cock. Oh, his cock! She loved what he could do with his cock. She loved having sex. More so with Sir, and he liked to reward her with a good hard fuck.

Tonight Sean was going to fulfill a fantasy. He was going to show Delia that even though she couldn’t see herself as a slave, she would realize that he indeed owned her. He knew she thrived on his praise and wanting to make her Sir happy. He was going to push that knowledge tonight. He was going to push her limits. The thoughts of his plans aroused him.

Delia had been to play parties with her Sir many times. So being naked around friends and strangers was nothing new. But tonight was going to be different. Tonight would be more intimate. She was nervous, and hesitant. And quite aroused.

Sean and Delia had been discussing the evening’s activities for some time. They had negotiated what would be allowed, and what they’d both be comfortable with. They both had the fantasy of Sean sharing Delia, but making it a reality was a big step. In the end, they agreed Sean would have his two best friends from the BDSM club over for drinks and cigars. Sean would send their domestic sub home for the night, and Delia would be the one serving drinks, and ultimately serving up her talents to Sir’s fellow Doms. They agreed that for this first time, the men would be able to touch and fondle her, but she would be limited to oral service only.

As Delia was in her room getting ready, she became more nervous. What if Sir’s friends didn’t find her attractive enough? At fifty, she no longer had the toned body of her youth. She stood naked by the mirror. Her body was softer, and curvier, but she had to admit it looked pretty good. And Sir couldn’t seem to keep his hands off her. That made her smile. He was the only one she really had to please anyway. She went back to readying herself for the evening. She showered, shaved her legs, trimmed her pussy, and put in some light perfume. As Sir requested she donned a flimsy negligee . It barely covered her breasts and lower body. She felt exposed. But she felt sexy. Taking a deep breath, she made her way downstairs to Sir’s study.

Sean watched as Delia walked into the study. He had already removed his jacket and tie, and sat in his chair looking çanakkale seks hikayeleri through the day’s mail.

“You look stunning, my dear girl” he said as he tossed the mail aside. “Come here, sit with me while we wait for our guests.”

Instinctively Delia sat at her Sir’s feet, and removed his shoes and socks. She rubbed his feet and put her head in his lap. He began running his fingers through her hair. Delia sighed. This was one her favorite times of the day.

“How was your day, Sir?” She asked as she looked up at him.

“It was a typical day. I’m glad to be home though.” He smiled as he replied. It was a bit of a devilish smile. “Are you ready for tonight?”

“Yes, Sir,” she answered. “I’m as ready as I can be.”

“That’s my girl,” he said as leaned down and kissed her lips. “They should be here shortly.”

A few minutes later the doorbell rang. Sean and Delia got up and walked to the door. They greeted Sean’s friends Trevor and Ryan. Delia took their jackets and kneeled to assist them in removing their shoes. Once she was done, she followed the three men to the study. They took their seats, and Delia asked what each wanted to drink, and proceeded to pour and serve each one in turn. When she had finished, she picked up Sean’s desktop humidor and presented its offerings to each man. Ryan and Trevor lit their own cigars while Delia prepared her Sir’s. Tonight she prepared it in the special way he liked. The three men watched as she slid the cigar into her pussy, wetting it with her moisture. Pulling it out she slowly toasted it over the soft flame of the lighter. Then she clipped of the cap, and presented it to her Sir to light. Trevor and Ryan remarked that she had been taught well. Sean smiled, thanked them, looked at Delia, and said how lucky he was to have Delia. Delia felt a sense of pride and smiled up at her Sir.

The men began talking as they smoke their cigars. Mostly business and current events. Delia listened, but stayed quiet. She made sure the drinks were fresh and the ashtrays emptied. As she served, occasionally one of the men would grab her ass, or a nipple. She would smile and try not to spill their drink. After a while of this, Sean called her to him and removed her negligee. He then had her stand in front of him as he slowly fingered her pussy. When he felt her getting wet, he stopped, and asked her to get him another drink. He smacked her ass as she turned towards the bar.

As Delia served the next round of drinks, Trevor and Ryan became more bold. They began take more liberties with her body. After Delia served Trevor his next drink, he pulled her down onto his lap and began sucking and fondling her breasts. When he’d had a few minutes of fun, he told her to get up, and smacked her ass as she turned to the bar. Ryan took his turn with her next. He fingered her pussy as she stood holding his drink. When he was done, he took his drink and licked his fingers.

Delia looked at her Sir and found him smiling at her. She fetched him a new drink and knelt at his feet. Sean took her chin in his hand as he looked her in the eyes.

“Good girl,” he whispered to her.

Delia smiled. She loved to hear those words.

As she made her next round she was again fondled, fingered pinched, and smacked. She began to get a little bold herself and started teasing the men by rubbing their cocks through their pants as they played with her. She couldn’t help but compare the three cocks. Trevor’s was quite long, but not as thick as her Sir’s. Ryan had a rather average member. She thought to herself how her Sir’s cock was perfect for her, just long enough to hit her cervix, but not so long she couldn’t fit him all in. And he was thick. She loved how it filled and stretched her. Delia realized she was getting quite aroused by the attention, and her thoughts. When she stood to go to the bar, she felt a trickle of her juices run down her inner thigh.

Sean told Delia it was time to give their guests some satisfaction. So, as the next round of drinks was presented, Delia kneeled in front of each man.

Trevor was first. Delia carefully unzipped his pants, and reached in to fish out his long member. It had to be close to ten inches. She thought she’d never get it all in her mouth. She began licking his length, teasing it with her tongue, as she stroked it. She needed both hands to do that. When she took him in her mouth, she managed to take about eight inches before her gag reflex made her stop. The fact he wasn’t very thick enabled her to get more in her throat than she’d thought she could. She worked it slowly at first, using one hand to stroke the shaft and one to fondle his ball. Trevor seemed to like the slow pace. She slid her lips up and down the entire length, following each with a hand stroke. When she got to the top, she swirled her tongue around the head. Trevor began to moan. She began to increase her speed and suction, and Trevor started thrusting his hips. She knew he was close. Trevor pushed her head off his cock and began stroking himself. Delia opened her mouth, ready to catch his ejaculate when he came. Trevor grunted, and shot the first stream of cum into her mouth. The next spurt wasn’t aimed as well and hit her cheek. The third fell short and hit her breasts.she then took over stroking his cock, putting the head in her mouth as she milked the remaining cum from his shaft. When she was done, she used some bar towels to clean herself off. Trevor put himself back in and zipped up, and lit another cigar.

Next Delia went to Ryan. When she knelt in front of him, he already had his cock out. She noticed right away that he was uncircumcised. She got a little excitement, as she’d never had an uncut cock before. She knew from reading that the head would be very sensitive, so she began by licking his cock without pulling back the foreskin. Ryan was about six inches long, and a little thicker than Trevor. Delia licked and sucked on it, taking all of it down her throat easily. As he got more aroused, she notice the foreskin pulling back. So when she reached the end she pulled his cock out and just teased the sensitive head with her lips and tongue. Ryan responded by telling her to keep that up. So Delia paid special attention to the head, flicking her tongue rapidly on the underside of his crown. It wasn’t long before pre-cum started flowing out of Ryan’s cock. Delia eagerly licked it up. She knew he was close so she started sucking on the head and pumping his cock. Suddenly Ryan lurched and shot the first I’d several streams of cum into Delia’s mouth. She pushed her head down, taking all of him in her mouth, and felt the last few spurts coat the back of her throat. She then swallowed the rest, and squeezed it the last few drops of his cum onto her lips. Then, licking her lips she looked over to her Sir.

He had proud smile on his face, and had taken his cock out to stroke it as he watched her perform. Delia was very horny by know. She walked over to Sean.

“Sir,” she said seductively, “please fuck me now.” As she did, she climbed on to his lap. Sean pushed his pants down to his ankles and guided his cock into her as he lowered herself onto him. Sean grabbed her hips as she began to rock back and forth on his cock. God, she thought, he feels so good. After a few minutes like this, Sean told her to get off and go lean over a bar stool. Delia did as he asked.

Sean entered her from behind. He began fucking her hard and deep. Then he pushed a finger into her ass. Delia was in heaven. She didn’t notice her Sir motion for their two guests to join them. Suddenly there were two cocks in her face, one on either side. Delia didn’t need to be told what to do. Instinctively she started stroking them, and taking turns sucking each one as her Sir assaulted her pussy and ass. She started cumming, her orgasm hitting in waves. She felt Sir pulsing as he neared his climax. Her knees weakened as she came hard, squirting on her Sir’s cock. Just as her orgasm began to subside, Sean pulled out and pushed his cock into her ass. Delia moaned, and came once more. Sean growled and shot his load into her ass, as Trevor and Ryan began to ejaculate in her hands. Sean pulled out to let the last spurt of his cum land on her back. They then all collapsed back into their chairs, spent.

Delia slowly stood up, and went to the bar for more towels. She used a one to clean herself off, and offered towels to Trevor and Ryan. She then took one to her Sir and lovingly cleaned him off. When she was done, she sat at his feet.

Sean looked down at her, petted her head, and said, “Thank you, Princess. You’re a very Good Girl.”

Delia smiled, knowing Sir was pleased. “Maybe I’m more of a slave than I thought,” she mused.

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