Dena Steps Out

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Dena Steps Out (KOI 15)

Columbia, 1974

Dena played the whore game to more salubrious effect than most. The sharp-looking redhead had become enamored of the Cindy’s Motel place, and one bright December Saturday she called me from her room there. Becca had hitched a ride back to Monroe County that weekend, to participate in some bridal mysteries her family insisted upon, just prior to our wedding.

“Good. Great. I can only use you,” Dena responded over the phone to the news of Becca’s absence.

Cindy’s Model Motel was without charm. Tucked into an asphalt dell mere yards off the Interstate Business Route, it catered to College Town’s working girls and the occasional partyin’ dorm wing who’d worn out their welcome in the posh downtown hotels. Its finest architectural feature was its good, thick concrete walls between each room.

I found Room 30 and knocked. Dena peeked though the dirty plastic curtains of the picture window beside the dented metal door — the door’s peephole was broken — and then she silently opened the place to me. She was dressed in a tight-fitting, sleeveless soft cotton shift with hem well above mid-thigh. The shift was almost a nightshirt, red with black striping along the seams. The mod-bodied redhead was wearing nothing underneath, and going barefoot on the room’s dirty carpet. The room smelled of fresh cigarette smoke. But neither Dena nor Don smoked.

“Does your husband know you’re here?” I asked. It was just an attempt to define the situation.

Dena made a sour face.

“Get it out,” she said flatly.

Dena sucked me as I sat uncomfortably on the edge of the sagging motel room bed. My pants were around my ankles.

I’m not a great fan of the suck-suck, not when I’m stone sober and I’ve only just greeted the chick about two minutes earlier. Sure, I was up. I’d been up since about twenty seconds after Dena phoned. Her rich old second husband probably thought he’d discovered the Fountain of Youth when Dena walked into his life. But Dena was busy right now, in the early stages of walking away from her first husband.

Dena’s extraordinary face began to blush as she gnawed around my bone. Her arms were down my bare thighs, her small hands pressing into my waist and squeezing in rhythm to the slurping of her tongue. To assist myself, I recalled the time Dena had worked this way on Danny, Don and me. She was an adept, teasing and prolonging Danny’s torture, to Don’s delight and perpetual commentary. The exercise that day concluded with…

And the motel room’s one incandescent light flickered as I came into Dena’s mouth.

” ‘ course I’m swallowing it. I’m Don’s sweet-ass wife.” Dena moved up on me, still in her shift, and began to unbutton me down the front. I kicked off my pants, getting good contact with Dena’s silken, goldenwhite legs in the process. Dena curled into my naked lap, letting the shift slide above her smooth pink buttocks, and rocked me back toward the center of the wobbly mattress. She had grown uncharacteristically kittenish on her way up.

“I’m such a slut for you guys. That’s how you think about me, isn’t it,” Dena purred. She was smiling, eyes flirting. But there was confusion underneath.

“No, we don’t,” I demurred. “You’re Don’s… unusual wife.”

“Uh-uh. Uh-uh.” Dena tried to tickle my left nipple. “I want to be a whore.”

Dena still wore her shift, but I was naked, at her mercy. I wriggled away from her fingers, and snaked a hand down between her legs.

“Hey,” I Escort Ankara went. “Where is it?”

“Where is what?” giggled Dena. “You want hair pie, or pussy?”

I pushed her off my lap onto the bed. Dena’s hairless mound was as white as her belly. It arched high, cleft by a deep dimple that echoed the dimple of her chin. Her smooth, pale biglips merged clean to her crotch and to the goldenwhite round of her thighs.

“I had Pete help me shave it last night. A little surprise for Don, when I get back from my aunt’s funeral.

“You’ve never seen a shaved pussy before? Neither have I. I think it helps a lot. Ummm, yeah…”

I was stroking the firm, gleaming bulge. Stuck a thumb into the frictionless hole.

“Come on, Rick. You’re ready again.”

I rolled onto Dena’s perfect little body. Her shift lay loosely over her waist, its hem caught up just above her sexy bellybutton. She was breathing hard, for her, using her belly. My cock felt big, heavier than usual, lolling in the smooth groove of Dena’s elevated mound. I sloowly stuffed dick into the shaven vagina, ground my pubis around and into Dena’s bald mons.

“Yeah,” she cooed. “Scratch me itchee…”

And then it was punch punch punch, Dena and me all over the bed. The amateur whorelet grabbed her perfect legs around me to hold us to while she wrestled the shift off and threw it over the edge of the bed. Dena’s red hair was flying over the bedpillows, over the satiny pillows of her breasts, and she took me up in a shootfighting mode for some minutes, both of us swiveling to stay engaged as bodies and limbs separated and recombined, kicked and rubbed, shared breath and spit. Finally, I got Dena pinned, fucked her mesomorphic cunt slowly while I regained my charge of dickheaviness, passing penis through Dena’s vaginal folds flickering waving riplets around my dong. I put it to her harder. Dena had been purring; now she began to grunt.

“Okay, whorelet?”

“Anytime, big boy.”

And it took some more time. I collected Dena’s thighs between mine, while I lay hard on top, and I humped firmly over the bud below her bare mound. Dena liked it so much she just stopped moving.

“Yeah.” Her face was as sweetly innocent as I’d ever seen it.

“Wiggle ’round a little,” I urged.

Dena’s hips began a little dance beneath my weight. Squib, squib, our bodies rubbed together. My balls were dancing in the cup of her lap, ‘twixt perfect goldenwhite thighs. Dena’s wild red hair was blinding in the light of the room’s single bulb. My bulb was deep inside the girl, and something was happening at its tip.


“Fuckin’ back ain’t got no bone…” sang Dena.

” ‘Nough! ‘Nough!” I called out to our bodies.

Dena spread her thighs wide, and I got all the way outside her, and moved off her chest and then back onto her more comfortably, and Dena clung to me and me to her while I put it back inside her, no hands, and then I pumped, pumped, pumped a bigger run of cum than either of us had felt running in a month.

“Whooshee!” grinned Dena when I was mostly through. She had the hiccoughs for a while afterwards.

I made the first trip to the bathroom. Dena was next. Then she lay down beside me in bed. There was still an occasional hiccough, but Dena had come back into her own. If indeed she had ever left.

“You’ve got to be out of here by six. Pete’s got my other key to this room.”

Pete Soldano was Amy’s husband. He was a pretty tough Ankara Escort student-cop from North Texas who, I knew, liked his privacy.

“You’re down here with Pete?”

“Pete’s working for me this week. Only he thinks I’m working for him.”

“All week?” Curioser and curioser.

“I’m looking at a busy week ahead. But this is your slot, honey.”

Oooh. She’s back.

More than ever.

“I’ve got something new for you, Rich.”

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

“You won’t believe it.”

“I understand. But I think I’ll stick with knotted cord.”

“I left my knitting back home with Don.

“But this,” Dena insisted, “this will make you feel like a man!”

The battery-powered vibrator in the girl’s white hands was rather small and devoid of all but the most abstract structural relationship to the Verboten male member. Still, it made me shiver.

“Time’s running out for me,” said Dena. What was that supposed to mean?

“I want to give all of Don’s boyfriends this — pleasure — before I move on.”

“Where you going?”

Dena chose to ignore my question.

“I’m afraid I only have Vaseline,” she said, staring at her overnight bag. “But maybe that would be better than that stuff that evaporates.”

“I’ve noticed that you’ve never had much, uh, taste for this sort of thing,” I challenged.

Dena shot a flirting glance back at me.

“I had some unpleasant early experiences,” she explained. “They’ve made me very inhibited.

“Actually, I do like boofooing, when the mood is right. In fack, I love boofooing. That’s why I want to boofoo yeww!” Dena squealed, suddenly attacking me with tickles and bringing me cringing back into the mattress.

“Okay, okay,” I conceded. But Dena was already reaching for the jar in her bag beside the bed.

“I’ve had lots of stuff up my ass before,” I bragged, now turned idiot.

Dena was taking kind care to stay close to me while she played a bit with her toy. The whisping brushes of skin and hair were enticing, even though my tackle was still loose from earlier. Dena still smelled of some perfume, something that seemed to be nothing more or less than the distillation of her natural bodyscent. The girl was intent on her project, nipples perking pink on her “ample” tits.

“Just lay back, now. There. Lift your legs over your head, like… Um hmm.”

My stretch opened me up a little. Dena applied a dollop of jelly directly to my hole, and giggled at the sphincter’s automatic reaction to the chill.

“Ooh, look at him pucker up! I could just kiss it!”

“Why don’t you?”

“Yuk!” snorted Dena.

She pressed her slim middle finger into the crinkle to smooth the jelly up inside me.

“You are nice and clean, though,” Dena said approvingly. I thought better than to ask with whom she was comparing me.

“It tickles,” I said, calmly. Dena’s finger tickled. And there was a little edge of itch along my rectal tube, maybe where her fingernail had creased it.

“Now, don’t try this at home,” suggested Dena, dunking the vibe into the lube jar and testing the battery. “Becca’s toys aren’t delicate enough for tight little boy-butts.”

“We’ll stick to our knitting,” I said.

“Your dick looks like a grub,” observed Dena, as she crouched leaning into the crooks of my raised knees. “I’ll deal with that later.

“Kissee, kissee, little asshole,” purred Dena.

The round narrow wand pipped chilly into my half-expanded rectal Ankara Escort Bayan sphincter. Said muscle immediately contracted in terror.

“Kiss, kiss,” cooed Dena, rubbing more of her body into me and pressing the vibe harder up, through… My ring relaxed with a shivering thrill, and the probe slipped easily inside. More of the itch. I squeezed around the intruder, and most of the itch turned to a sexual tickle.

“How’s that, big boy?” grinned Dena.

“Now you just bring your legs down now, there, and… Oh, my!”

My cock was beginning to fill, though it really wasn’t all that erect just then. Dena took it between thumb and forefinger, donging it around my groin to shake more blood up it. The vibe was causing me some indifferent discomfort beneath. But somehow — by homeopathic contrast? — the discomfort helped me focus on Dena’s workmanlike efforts toward pleasuring me.

“Now, I just turn it on,” Dena chirped like a radio dispenser of household hints. The ch-ch-ch-chattering of th-th-the d-d-device wa-wa-wasn’t b-b-bad atall.

“Snug? Now I’ll get on.”

Whoah. Sure it was a pleasure to watch Dena’s red, white, and golden modbody clambering carefully over my thighs and crotch, her long hair swaying and her shaved pussy gleaming in the light. But the BIG pop my cock made into her lower belly was more mechanical than aesthetic in origin. The whirring pen, pressed down by Dena’s weight, was twittering along the inside of my prostate like a cool smooth-shelled insect.

“Jesu Dena!” I cried.

“I got you in!” snarfed Dena. And she had clabbered me sloppy into her cunt. That was a rush, but most of the rush was from somewhere else.

“Ohh, just slow down,” Dena tried to deny what was happening inside her.

I tried to slow down, too. The burring wand was well-engaged so long as Dena pressed my butt to the mattress. I let her ride me, and eventually I grew used to the situation.

It turned nice. Dena’s pink vag was almost dry, yet plastic-slick, and it folded nicely around my cock as she eased down, bopping her fine butt around my balls while she tickled herself gently. Her little mechanical tail buzzed into me, below, and a warmth began building throughout my groin, hips. Then Dena’s vag unfolded along my shaft, clinging sex along with it, as she raised herself to begin another descent. Her hands had been on my chest; now she slid them along my belly and began fingering herself, stroking the sensitive new bareness. My hands were half in her hair, half palming her flushing breasts. Flicker of fingers around her nips, and with her encouragement, harder fingering.

“Ohkay. Ohkay.” Dena’s eyes were closed, and she was breathing kind of fast.

She noddled around my engulfed rod. Sat heavy. Her hard plastic tail burned sex inside me. I grabbed her tits harder, pulling her hair.

“HAH!” Dena writhed snakelike above me, flushed white modbody glimmering. Her eyes opened to look hard and playfully into mine, and she shook her hair and boobs from my hands and leaned her pussydamp hands into my pinned shoulders.

“GOTCHA!” crowed Dena.

And, free of my grasp, she shook her hips again, animallike, damp limber vag squeegeeing my ballooncock. And with each shake downward, a severe shot of pleasure spread from inside my ass, where vibe touched gland, and through the well-massaged gland spurted a new stream of viscous cum, up my shaft and into the shimmering white body of… Dena.



Zap. Pow. Cartoonish mechanics. I was still inside Dena when I rolled ourselves to our sides and, with some effort, grunted out the mechanical tail.

“BUZzzz!” protested the vibrator.

But I fucked Dena straight like that for a half hour longer, anyway.

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