Dennis the Menace

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Dennis had always been mysterious. I have known him for about three years. We are currently seniors in high school, both 18 years old. He is in my gym class this year. This is when I started to notice his body.

It was swimming. Once everyone was in the pool, I stopped to notice everyone’s bodies. There were a few people I really noticed. Some had insane, built abs. Dennis was one of them, yet he was skinny otherwise. He had hair you just want to finger through. His face is sculpted by the Gods, and his legs are perfectly built. He was about 5’7″ and one of the hottest in our Gym class.

After swimming, we showered up and dressed. I finished early and walked toward the locker room door. On my way, I spotted Dennis dressing. He was only in his boxers, and still had beads of water glistening on his muscular body.

Dennis played every sport, yet not all on a team. The only team he was on was the hockey team. Still, he mastered at basketball, football, tennis, anything. All of these chiseled his body into what it was.

I walked toward bursa escort him casually and glided by. He glanced at me, and must have noticed me look. Underneath his boxers, a bulge started to form. I walked by again, once again looking. I didn’t realize that I had stopped walking and was awkwardly staring at his bulge. By now, nobody else was left in the locker room. Dennis started stroking his cock through his boxers. I looked around and noticed nobody else was here. I figured Dennis was toying with me, so I started to walk off.

“Don’t you want some?” he started, “I saw you looking.”

His voice was heavenly. I looked again. I didn’t know what to think. Nobody else knew I was gay. Nobody else knew how much I strived for the male body. I didn’t know if he was testing me or actually meant it.

Until he walked over. He came right up to me and looked me in the eyes.

“It was a serious offer. Do you want some of me? Ya know, do you want to suck my cock? It needs it, so don’t be scared. It’s easy, too, just grab it and suck away.”

I görükle escort couldn’t speak, I choked. He came in for a kiss. We locked lips. His tongue swirled around in my mouth, caressing mine. He let out.

“Now do you know how serious I am? I won’t tell anyone. I don’t want anyone to know that I liked it. So no worries.”

I took my shirt off, showing my six-pack. All I had on now were jeans and boxers underneath. I locked lips with him again. The taste in his mouth was perfect in every way.

I led myself down his chest, kissing and licking his pecks, nipples, and stomach. His chest and stomach were so tight and soft. They were amazing. There was a huge bulge in his boxers, with a wet dab of precum on them. I took his cock, still under his boxers, into my mouth. I chomped on it lightly, just enough so that it didn’t hurt. I wanted his dick so bad, yet I can’t rush him.

“Come on man, I don’t have all day.”

Dennis pushed my head away from his boxers and kicked them off. His dick was huge! About 8″ bursa escort bayan long and 3″ thick. It looked so juicy. I grabbed his cock and licked it up the shaft. He moaned something dirty, and just the moan itself turned me on. His cock tasted and smelled like what I imagined: like a pure man. I tried to take it all, yet had trouble. He kept easing me on, trying to put it in deeper.

Soon he grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my face. The glory of it made me cum in my jeans. He kept going, fucking the shit out my mouth.

“I’m deep throating it,” he demanded.

I didn’t have time to object, he came in my throat, cock pulsing in my mouth. My nose was in his pubes. They smelled perfect, like Dennis. I looked up, cock still pumping cum down my throat. He looked satisfied, a huge grin on his face and his eyes still closed. He pulled out his now limp cock and put back on his boxers. He went back to his locker to get changed.

Dennis, after dumping his cum, left me sitting there. I still had his manmilk around my lips and on my chin. There was a stain in my jeans, since I came about three times. I heard the locker room door close, and I sat their alone for another ten minutes, thinking about one of the sexiest, most experienced men I have ever met, and the amazing blowjob I gave him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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