Deployment Sexting

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She wanted to make the pictures sexy, but wasn’t sure where to start. As she stood in the kitchen, wiping the last of the dishes and starting the dishwasher, sexy was feeling like a bit of a stretch. To help, she grabbed a bottle of wine from the top rack, stretching up on her tiptoes to grab it. It was a cheap red, but she needed a little extra help loosening up. Popping the cork, she contemplated a glass, and then took a swig straight from the bottle. The wine flowed warmly into her mouth, slightly dry but with bold flavor, and leaving a lingering warmth. Drinking straight from the bottom felt primitive, but powerful. She took another swallow. Grabbing something from the fridge, she walked up the stairs and wondered just what she should wear.

Sorting through the clothes, she selected a sheer lace black bra, black thong, and thigh-high stockings. Over that, she put on a red dress. She then stripped the coverlets off the bed, leaving just the soft purple blanket on white sheets. To warm up, she set the camera to delay and practiced a couple poses. First, she stood with her hands clasped behind her back, chin tilted up with a dreamlike innocent expression. Next she faced away from the camera, head tilted back to shyly peek at the camera as it snapped. After another swig at the bottle, she decided to let it catch one of her drinking. With the bottle to her lips and one leg on the bed to let the dress ride up, her other hand pulled down on the bodice of the dress to expose more breast.

After that, she turned on the video camera, and holding it to her face she said a quick hello. “I hope you watch this Charles, and it turns you on. I hope you get a huge hard-on, and stroke it till you blow your load all over yourself. I really wish I could be the one to suck you, and then swallow all your delicious cum in my mouth, or else take it all in my pussy. But you’d better enjoy this video, cause who knows if Escort Akbatı you’ll get another!” With that, she blew it a kiss before setting it down on the drawer and stripping off the dress while the camera recorded.

As the dress hit the floor, she turned a slow circle for the camera’s benefit, running her hands up and down her body. Her husband always adored her tight body and big breasts, clamoring for pictures while he was deployed, and tonight she wouldn’t disappoint. Laying back on the bed, she took another swallow of wine, feeling the buzz ride through her belly and down between her legs.

On the bed, she rubbed her nipples through the lace bra and felt them harden. Similarly, she then ran her hands down her belly and on either side of the thong, feeling her lips swelling and engorging with blood. For a little while she just enjoyed the feel of her fingers on her skin, and imagined Charles’s skillful hands on her body. Reaching over to the bedside, she pulled out the glass dildo and vibe. She rubbed it up and down on her pussy for a little while, spreading her legs towards the camera. She then stripped the panties off, leaving only the bra and stockings.

Hanna then grabbed the vibe and let it play with her body. Licking the glass penis, she spread her legs a bit wider. With two fingers, she spread her pussy lips open for the camera, and then slowly inserted the dildo. It filled her pussy nicely, though not as nicely as a true dick. If only it were a little bigger, she mused. Slowly cooing to herself, she let the vibe run over her clit as she began pumping the dildo in and out of her cunt. For the fun of her audience, she then rolled over, the dildo still inside, and got up on all fours with her ass to the camera.

Holding the dildo at an angle, she braced with her left hand and fucked herself with the glass rod, letting the camera catch all the wetworks. Aksaray escort As she got closer, she imagined Charles’s hard dick thrusting into her, his strong hands grabbing her hips and his thrusts bouncing her body. Burying her face in the mattress and moaning, she rubbed the vibe hard against her clit while her other hand continued the penetration. The alcohol from the wine, vibrations tingling her pussy, firm dick stretching her cunt, and naughty position all helped her achieve her first orgasm despite the camera, and she let herself moan in pleasure. Rather than high-pitched like she’d heard in trashy motels, her genuine orgasm gasps were just that- more breathy and then quiet yelps almost as if she were in pain.

As much as she enjoyed the orgasm, it didn’t quite satisfy her completely. Still craving a little more inside her, she put the glass dildo back on the bedside table and pulled out the cucumber.

Ever since Charles’s wrote her an erotic Santa story, she wondered just how big her pussy could take. Sitting up on the bed, she undid her bra. Then holding the cucumber in her other hand, she had another swallow of wine. It was about halfway empty, she thought bemusedly. She definitely wouldn’t be doing this if she were sober.

Again facing the camera, she got up on her knees on the bed as if she were about to straddle Santa. Pouring some lube on the cucumber, she rubbed it up and down the green shaft. She had cleaned and scrubbed the cucumber downstairs in the kitchen, and now she imagined it was hard man-flesh.

She then braced the cucumber on the bed with one fist, and spread her pussy lips again with the other. It rested firmly between her legs, pressing against the walls of her pussy. With mini-bounces, she slowly flounced herself down, impaling herself deeper upon the produce. As the first inch widened itself on her body, she was able to pin Ankara escort bayan it in place and grab the vibe again. Though she wanted to, she kinda got stuck right there with it not fully into her. But she kept bouncing, feeling it stretch her even further, and she clenched and relaxed with kiegels around the firmness. Soon her pussy was so engorged and stretched she felt the pressure through to her anus, and she felt an even bigger orgasm building. “Oh my god…unhh… oh FUCK CHARLES!!” she gasped as the swollen cucumber filled her pussy and she imagined riding her husband’s huge cock. Arching her body back, her whole body quivered with pleasure as the orgasm took over.

Collapsing on the bed, she slowly pulled the cucumber out. It was soaked with her juices, and her vagina lay gaping open. At least she wasn’t leaking cum from her husband’s favorite orifice. But she lay in a sheen of sweat and needed a shower. Slowly rolling out of bed, she sauntered over to the camera, pausing briefly with the camera at pussy level before lowering down to blow the video camera a kiss and turn it off. Hanna then grabbed the picture camera, the bottle of wine, and walked into the bathroom.

Her very last picture would be the best, she decided. Already giving him an amazing show, she would end it with a picture he could stare at for hours. Setting the camera timer, she pointed it at the tub. Then, while standing in the tub, she poured the rest of the wine into her mouth, letting it overflow down her chin, throat, breasts, and belly. The dark red wine rivulets stood in stark contrast to her pale skin, pouring over the curves of her breasts and running down her thighs. Shining red rubies of liquid caught in her faint cunt-hairs as the camera went “click”.

As the last drop of wine hung on the lip of the bottle, she opened her mouth eagerly for it. Swallowing it down, she then ran the tub, rinsed it with warm water, and then filled it to settle comfortably into the hot water for a bath. Mmmm… so relaxing. Of course it had been hard to set up all those pictures and video angles, she thought. Maybe next time she needed one of her girlfriends to hold the camera for Charles’s deployment sex pictures…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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