Desiree Outside – Winter into Spring

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Now that Desiree and I were a couple, we spent the rest of the winter together. Usually, it was at one of our houses, or occasionally at a friend’s. This led to a lot of fun, but a lot of frustration as we almost never found ourselves alone with any kind of privacy. However, like teenagers everywhere, we found ways.

At school, we would climb the ladders behind the auditorium stage. There was a little room there for lights, ventilation, and theater controls, and we made the most of it. I have endless memories of lying on my back on the dusty floor while Desiree hiked her long cotton-print skirt up and rode me languorously. She loved to control the pace, and I was happy to lie back and caress her hips and breasts while she rocked her way to bliss. It was hard to go back to class afterward, but every second we spent up there was worth it!

There were also two cars involved, but Des had a tiny Honda Civic that wasn’t much good for anything except road head and discreet fingering. When we went in my car-a roomier Volvo wagon-we often ended up parked up a logging road, stretching out in the back on an old sleeping bag. For some reason, my lasting memories of those encounters are all in the missionary position, my weight resting on Desiree’s broad hips, my chest cushioned on her ample breasts, and my face against the side of her neck, surrounded by soft brown hair. Her arms and legs would wrap around me almost tenderly, and I can still recall the warm spread of her skin against mine as our bodies came together fully. With gentle thrusts and counter-thrusts, we would rock lazily in the steamed-up little world until we were spent. Then we would roll onto our sides and enjoy what she called “the afterglow”.

Every now and then, we enjoyed the supreme luxury of a house when one set of parents or another went to church, or to a meeting, or out shopping. We tried very hard not to make it obvious that we were hooking up, but I think both sets of parents knew and gave us as much space as they reasonably could. Her parents didn’t mind if we used their hot tub, and they were gracious enough not to look outside while we were there. If they had, they might have seen their daughter perched on the edge while my tongue explored her sweet, spicy depths. A while later, they would have seen their only daughter kneeling on the submerged seat, her ass barely out of the water, while I stood behind her, snowflakes falling on my shoulders as I pumped myself deep inside her. Needless to say, we were as quiet as possible on those occasions.

Finally, the endless snow began to melt. Desiree, with her Earth mother attitude, turned out to have a huge fetish for having sex outdoors, and she had grown up in the town and knew every isolated place. As soon as it was over 40 degrees, she had no problem whipping off her shirt or at the very least hoisting her skirt up to allow me access. Guys have it easy, I realize, and on the colder days I have to admit all Escort Ankara I did was unzip!

Spot Number One: an abandoned shack just below a small dam. Dusty, cracked window panes and a door hanging off its hinges. Inside, an ancient wood stove, a creaky cot with a thin mattress, and the detritus of a hundred teen couples passing through-beer cans and condom wrappers, snack food bags and cigarette butts. It smelled permanently damp in the spring, but it offered unparalleled privacy and shelter from the wind.

The first time Des parked her car at the edge of a twisty back road, I thought we were headed into the woods as usual. She slung her backpack over one shoulder and slipped between two mountain laurel bushes without a word. I followed, and saw to my surprise a real path twisting through the shrubs and trees. After a hundred yards, I could hear the river. Another fifty yards and the structure came into view. Des pulled the door open and propped it carefully as if it were her own summer house. Then her preparations became obvious!

From the backpack, she pulled a rolled up afghan and covered the cot. A bottle of water and a bottle of Wild Turkey (her favorite) were placed on the rickety table. Finally, she extracted a carved wooden stash box and a matching bowl. With a smile, she packed it full and we shared it peacefully while she told me the history of the place.

Sitting cross-legged on one end of the cot to keep it from sagging, she said this had been the foreman’s office when the dam was built during the Depression. Since then, different people used it for different things, but it was always available, and most people tried to keep it somewhat clean. She went on to say that her old boyfriend Chris heard about it from his older cousin and they used to come down when it was warmer to swim and get high.

“It’s a little cold for swimming still,” she said sadly, “but I totally want to put my feet in the water!”

I was toasted enough to play along, and I kicked off my sneakers and socks and rolled my jeans up over my calf muscles. Des led me along the path to the water through a grove of birch saplings just starting to bud. She carried the Wild Turkey and I brought the water bottle. At the bank’s edge, we sat on tree roots and eased our feet into the water. It was bitingly cold-of course-but my feet soon went numb, and we alternated sips of whiskey and water, enjoying the sunlight and the gentle buzz and the quiet chuckling of the river over smooth stones.

As she lay back on her elbows, Desiree’s full breasts were pushed forward. My eyes traced the lush contours with growing hunger. She caught me looking and a smile tugged at the corners of her mouth.

“Wanna see ’em?” she asked indulgently.

“Always!” I assured her.

She pushed her jacket back behind her, then lay back on it and teasingly raised the hem of her wide-necked T-shirt an inch at a time. As soon as it went above Ankara Escort the waistband of her skirt, I leaned across and kissed the soft skin of her belly. I followed the hem upward until she paused just below her breasts, kissing every exposed inch. She drew it snug against herself, pulling her breasts up for a moment. When she lifted her hands, those pale, lovely globes came proudly into view, nipples already crinkling in the cold air.

I reached across her body and cupped the underside of her breast, savoring its heft while my thumb grazed back and forth across her nipple. The one closer to me got my full attention, though, as I sucked her whole areola into my mouth, then let it go and focused on her nipple, sucking hard, letting it snap back into the air, and then leaning down to bite it gently with my front teeth. She moaned happily and ran her fingers through my hair.

“Do the other side!” she urged, and I quickly moved enough to comply. As I settled into my work, I felt her hands move away from my head. Her right hand went down to my crotch and started stroking my cock as it lay stiffening along my thigh, trapped by thick denim. Her left hand, though, disappeared under the waistband of her skirt. As I sucked hard on her nipple, she tilted her head back, closed her eyes against the bright sunlight, and hummed. I knew that was her happy sound, and I knew it meant that her fingers were doing their best to stimulate her pussy while I worked on her magnificent breasts.

One great thing about Desiree-she was always quick to orgasm. The combined feelings of her fingers on her clit and my tongue and teeth on her nipples was pushing her quickly toward an explosion. She pulled her feet out of the water and braced them just below her ass, then began to thrust her hips upward every few seconds. I kept doing what I was doing, knowing she’d be horny as hell once she got off. The tell-tale motion of her hips was followed quickly by deep, raspoing breaths and trembling in her core. I watched her face as it changed from concentration to approaching bliss-her back arching and a stream of whispered “yess…yess…yess…” escaping her lips.

Her orgasm hit all at once, and her body jerked upward halfway. She grabbed me and held me tightly while she shuddered, and I could feel each wave of pleasure coursing through her body. As it subsided, I kissed her face and whispered endearments. Slowly, her body eased back until she was lying flat on her jacket again, panting contentedly.

“God, that was so good!” she exclaimed.

I kissed her in response, not really able to take credit since she had done most of the work.

“Seems like you really needed that,” I said to her.

“It’s just being outside again…it always makes me so happy and so horny!”

“I know-that’s what I love about you!”

“Love?” she asked, arching an eyebrow.

“You heard me. I love you. And…I love how horny you get!”

I Ankara Escort Bayan leaned over again to kiss after that, and for a long, peaceful moment we lay there in the sun lost in that all-encompassing high school kind of love.

Fortunately for me, Des was also creatively helpful when she knew that I was horny as well. When I broke the kiss to toy with her nipples again, inspiration struck. She pushed her breasts together and smiled at me invitingly.

“Since you were so nice to them, they want to say “thank you”,” she said. “Why don’t you come up here and show me how much you love them, too?”

Now that was an invitation worth stripping down for! I kicked off my jeans and straddled her waist, then moved myself forward until my cock lay in the ample valley of her cleavage. Des reached under my leg and rubbed her pussy, gathering its lubrication and then spreading it all over my shaft as it poked out of my boxers. That was enough to get me started, and I began sliding the sensitive underside along her silky skin.

“Move up a little,” she urged me, matching her words with a tug on my ass.

I did what she asked, and at the top of my next stroke, she sucked the head of my cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue all around it and bathing it with her saliva for a few seconds. Then she directed me back to her cleavage and reached up to push her breasts more tightly together.

“Fuck my tits now…I want you to cum just like this and let me taste it!”

How could I refuse? Turned on by her erotic display a few minutes ago, and equally aroused by the sight and sensation of her firm globes enveloping me, I knew it wouldn’t take long. I braced my hands up beside her head and stroked full length, leaking enough precum now to make the channel I was enjoying even slicker. Every few pumps, Des would bow her head forward and swipe her tongue along my crown as it emerged.

When I felt the cum rising inside me, I buried myself between her luscious tits and fucked them with short, frantic strokes. Des wrapped her breasts even tighter and murmured encouragement as I drove myself toward my reward.

“Yess…yes…do it…fuck my tits…fuck them…cum for me…cum for me!”

Gentleman that I am, I did as she asked. The first spurt leapt from my cock and hit her on the chin. Her hands flew to my ass and pulled me closer, and she wrapped her lips around my cock once again, sucking hard with every pulsation, swallowing every drop as it emerged. When I had no more to give, her suction eased and she swirled her tongue around and around the head, almost purring with satisfaction. She kept it up until my cock began to soften in her mouth.

Conscious of myself towering over her all of a sudden, I rolled back on my side, leaning on one elbow to catch my breath. Des reached to the other side and grabbed the bottle. With a smile, she took a sip of Wild Turkey and held it for a moment, looking right into my eyes. Then she swallowed it down, smiled contentedly, and passed the bottle to me.

“Ahh…best chaser in the world!” she said happily.

“You’re a nut…and I love you!” I said, taking a sip of my own.

“I love you, too” she replied.

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