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Big Tits

Dinner was fine, but I could feel you undressing me with your eyes, making me shift uncomfortably in my chair. Suddenly my dress feels like it’s in the way of your plans but I know how much you love seeing me in this tight, mid-thigh length dress. The neckline is low enough for my ample cleavage to show, but not too much.

I see that naughty smile creep over your face as you realize that you are making me squirm.

After dinner, I stand up to put the dishes in the kitchen and when I reach the counter, you are right behind me, pinning me between you and the counter.

“Stand still for Daddy.” you growl in my ear and I feel a shiver run down my spine.

I nod quietly and close my eyes in order to focus all my senses on your touch.

You plant soft kisses in my neck and shoulder and run the tips of your fingers along my arms and you firmly place my hands flat on the counter. This wordless instruction means “Stay”.

Then your hands run back up my arms, over my shoulders and down my back to the small of my back, eventually reaching my ass. You very gently run your hands flat over my ass and down my thighs. I shiver in anticipation and I can feel every nerve ending you touch get set on fire.

You start to kiss my neck and shoulders again and I feel your hands work their way under my dress and up my thighs eventually exposing my bare ass.

You black snow izle smile and whisper: “Such a good girl. No panties to get in the way.”

Your fingertips find their way to my pussy lips and I let out a soft moan.

Your fingers gently run over my delicate lips and you can feel the fire radiating from me.

Your one hand grabs the back of my neck very firmly and you push me forward, making me bend over for you. With the other hand you gently and softly start pressing harder instinctively finding my clit.

I gasp as your fingers start circling it and you use your feet to spread my legs further apart, granting you access to my pussy.

You keep your excruciatingly slow pace and teasing pace as you watch me try my best to keep still. I can feel myself get more and more desperate with each passing moment. I look back at you and find a mischievous smile on your face.

You withdraw your fingers and I let out a soft moan in disappointment.

You place your hand on my neck, pull me up, turn me towards you and without warning you kiss me deeply, your tongue invading my mouth, searching for mine. With your free hand you reach up, pull my flimsy dress down and start rolling my sensitive nipples between your thumb and your index finger. I start moaning softly and squirming after a few moments, which is your bling empire new york izle sign to move on to the next one.

Your desire for me tonight is palpable and your need for your baby girl is just too much. You quickly turn me around again, press me flat against the counter, take your dick out and roughly rub it against my opening.

I gasp and moan, lifting my one leg as high as I can, you hook your arm under my knee and you pause for a bit, just long enough to ask me: “Are you ready, my slut baby girl?”

I just begin to nod when I feel your dick slip past my opening and deep into me. I moan loudly and you keep your position balls deep in my pussy, feeling it pulse around your dick. You growl, grab my hair, pull me upright and start kissing my, neck back and shoulders as you roughly start fucking me… Your dick hitting against my g-spot at the perfect angle.

I moan deeply and angle my hips to give you maximum depth, my one hand drops down and starts rubbing my clit, teasing it at first and then flicking it faster and faster.

This causes my pussy to contract even more and you moan into my body.

You pick up your pace, ” Cum for Daddy Baby girl… Show Daddy how much you love being his. Cum baby. Now.” and you start grazing your teeth against my skin, while your other hand reaches around bollywed izle to roughly pull at my nipples.

My body becomes overwhelmed by all the sensations and I feel the first orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks, I reach back with my free hand and dig my nails into your body, wherever they can reach. You do not slow down and keep fucking me hard and fast.

I start convulsing, climbing even higher and higher up the mountain. My moisture starts to leak out of my pussy.

I start coming back to earth after a few minutes in heaven, and you slow your pace slightly.

You drop my leg and press my body down against the counter again, my legs are unsteady and I’m purring constantly, mumbling thank you over and over again.

My mumbles are quickly replaced by moans as you pick up your pace again, using your hands to spread my ass open for you.

You watch your beautiful baby as I approach the edge of bliss again, and you pick up your pace, this time fucking me furiously – determined to join me in going over the edge.

“Dadddddyyyyyyy… Cunmmiinnngggg” I moan loudly and the feeling of my pussy violently gripping your dick is enough to send you over the edge.

You explode in my pussy, while reaching around to rub my clit, making me tremble and scream as I climb another step higher.

You keep pumping in and out of me, allowing both of us to ride out our orgasms.

When we are both spent, you kiss my back and gently pull your dick out of my pussy. You help me up and guide me to the bathroom.

“Bath time my gorgeous girl. Dishes can wait.” you pull me close against you and kiss my face and neck as the bath fills up with warm water.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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