Destination Rio

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We arrived in Rio de Janeiro and headed straight to the hotel, our dream vacation was officially starting now and I was ready to take my love for a night out on the town. Upon arriving at the hotel, the bellboy walked us and our luggage up to our Presidential suite. I watched as Sarai walked ahead of me, her hips swaying back and forth as she walked, it was almost like I was under a hypnotic spell. The material of her dress hugged her body like a second skin, dipping low in the front showing off the honey colored swell of her breasts. Her chestnut brown hair she had swept up on top of her head when we arrived due to the humidity, leaving her neck exposed and looking ever so delicious. Arriving at our room the bellboy unlocked the door; I stood behind Sarai feeling the heat from her body. I could smell her scent which made me smile; she was already intensely turned on. I chuckled behind her and watched as the blush spread across her body, tonight I had so much in store for her. We walked into the suite shocked at the true beauty of the room, the online pictures were nothing compared to the real thing. I tipped the bellboy and watched as he left the suite closing the door behind him. I opened the balcony doors and walked out into the evening sky despite the humidity even late in the evening this country was truly beautiful, a true sight to see. I turned to walk back in and walked into her as she approached me.

“Is everything okay Zarah?” She asked as she wrapped her arms around my waist.

Wrapping my arms around her I kissed her forehead. “Everything is fine princess, why don’t we go ahead and get ready so that we can enjoy this night. I know you’re hungry after the flight.”

She giggled and blushed because right at the moment her stomach growled loud enough for both of us to hear. Letting her go I slapped her on the ass as she turned and giggled into the room heading towards the bathroom to freshen up and change clothes. Thirty minutes later we were refreshed and headed out into the night to explore the sights that we would wake up to for the next seven days. We dined at a quaint little restaurant overlooking a view of the water, I watched her over the candlelight desperately wishing that she were mine. Sarai and I had been friends for a while now; the invite on this trip had come as a shock. She had called me a week ago asking me if I would accompany her on this trip, seeing as though I secretly lusted after her I didn’t even inquire about why she wasn’t taking her girlfriend.

I shook myself from my reverie and lifted my champagne glass, she dabbed at her lips with her napkin and lifter her glass as well. Clinking glasses we both sipped. “What was the toast for Zarah?” She asked as she lifted her fork.

I sipped from my glass, sat it down and smiled at her. “The toast was to the fact that I am one of luckiest studs in the world to be in the company of such a beautiful woman, not only on the outside but on the inside as well. The toast was to you my beautiful princess.”

She blushed and dropped her head. “Gracias, papi.” She whispered, not knowing the turmoil hearing her say those words caused inside of me.

We finished our entrees and even had a little dessert. As we were walking out of the restaurant we began to hear music, so we decided to follow it. A few blocks down we were immediately surrounded by dancers, live music and people dancing in the street. We joined in on the festivities, and I watched as Sarai let the music take her to another place. She let herself go becoming one with the beat, her hips and ass gyrating to the music as she reached up with her hands and let her hair down. She reminded me of a gypsy as she raised her dress just a little making it easier for her to dance. I had never seen her with such wild abandonment in her eyes; she was always forced to be so prim and proper. Seeing this side of her had me ready to take her off into a corner and have my way with her. But our first time together would be special, not just some romp in the bushes.

We followed the crowd as they moved further down the street. Some patrons had started filing into a club, so we decided to check it out. Going to the bar I started a tab and ordered us drinks, Sarai stood next to me, her eyes were huge and glossy, a light coating of perspiration had covered her body. I could see her nipples through her a dress, I didn’t know how much longer I could withstand this silent torture before I broke down and ravished her body. I handed her a shot of tequila watching as she expertly took the shot with lime and salt, she smiled at me.

“I think I’m ready for another.” She giggled.

I turned to order her another drink, but the bartender was already handing her a shot. “The guy down there ordered the shot; it’s on the house senorita.” The bartender said as he quickly moved down the bar to attend to the other patrons.

Sarai turned to look at me. “The bartender made it so it shouldn’t be spiked right?” She asked.

“No babe I wouldn’t think so, I don’t think they would escort bursa want to deal with some Americans getting poisoned in their establishment especially in the tourist area.” I said.

She shrugged and threw the shot back and began to dance as the song changed in the club. She sat her glass down and wrapped her arms around my neck, her fingers pulling my dreads as she pressed her body up against mine and began to seductively grind her pussy on me. I could do nothing but grab her waist and bite my lip. She moved one hand from behind my neck and moved to unbutton the top buttons of my dress shirt. I held my breath, watching as she slid down my body, I looked down and closed my eyes quickly. Her head was in front of my crotch, all I could picture was her sucking my dick while I massaged the back of her neck. I opened my eyes as she slid back up my body, sliding her hand down my slacks as I visibly shivered.

“Fuck! Sarai what are you doing?” I whispered hoarsely.

She giggled as she turned her ass to me pulling her hand out of my pants; gripping my hips she began to grind her ass back into me. “What does it feel like I’m doing, papi?”

I heard a glass sit down behind me, Sarai and I turned to see the bartender sit down two shots of tequila. “It’s from the same guy.” The bartender said as he began to walk away.

“Excuse me. Who is this guy that’s been buying the drinks?” I asked.

“He’s a regular; he’s in here every day. He’s harmless, besides I’m making the drinks, there will be no accidents in my bar.” He said gruffly then walked away.

I turned to see Sarai taking the shot. She looked at me shocked. “Why are you looking at me like that, you heard him he’s making the drinks. The guy even sent you one.” She said as she sat the glass down.

I handed my glass to her. “Go ahead, take mine too.” She smiled and gladly threw back the shot; I didn’t have a good feeling about this. One of us would have to remain sober. I flagged the bartender down and asked for bottled water. I wouldn’t be drinking anymore tonight, not until we were back in our room. The night continued on, we danced, she drank, and we danced some more. It became ridiculously humid inside of the club and we decided it was time to leave.

“Princess I need to pay the tab so that we can go ahead and get out of here. Are you ready?” I asked

She nodded and hiccupped. “Yes I’m ready, I’ll go outside and get a cab, it is so hot in here.” She said as she walked off before I could say anything else. I paid my tab as quickly as possible, when I walked outside of the front of the club Sarai was nowhere to be found. I turned and looked at the bouncer and asked him did he see which way she went.

“The senorita went to smoke with Pablo.” He said.

“Who the hell is Pablo?” I asked as my stomach began to turn in knots.

“The senor that was buying her drinks all night, she came out and they went to smoke.” He said as he took another swig of whatever he was drinking.

I started looking around trying to figure out which way they may have went when a shrill scream rang out into the night. I ran to the direction where it had come from. My heart was in my stomach as I skidded to a halt at the corner, there in the alley was Pablo trying to force Sarai into a car. I ran down the alley and punched him in the jaw knocking him into the wall. Sarai jumped out of the car and out of the way as he came back swinging at me catching me in my lip and a hard blow to the ribs. I bent over grabbing my ribs from the pain that shot thru my side, as he walked up on me I came up with an uppercut and knocked him in the air watching as he landed on his back. As soon as he hit the ground I was on top of him pummeling his face. I never heard Sarai screaming for me to stop, nor did I feel her trying to pull me off of him. What snapped me out of my ass beating trance was the feel of her lips on mine, I stopped swinging as she broke the kiss and looked down. His face was a bloody mess, but I felt as if he deserved far worse for what had happened and what could have possibly happened if I hadn’t been there to rescue her. I stood up and grabbed Sarai, as we ran to the end of the alley I flagged down a cab and we were off to the hotel.

Once we got into our room Sarai wasted no time running to the bathroom, I heard the shower come on a few seconds later. She popped out of the bathroom and walked up to me and started unbuttoning my shirt.

“Sarai what are you doing?” I asked

“I am undressing you so that I can make sure you’re okay, and then you’re going to hop into the shower and relax so that I can tend to your bruises and cuts.” She said. Her hands shook as she unbuttoned my shirt.

I grabbed her hands to stop her. “Babe you just went through something very traumatic, I can take of me, I’m okay. That’s not the first fight I’ve been in and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I’m just glad I was there to save you princess.” I said as I lifted her dress up over her head. As soon as it was bursa merkez escort off of her head, she leaned into my chest and broke down crying.

“I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t been there Zarah. I don’t even want to think about what may have happened. I just wanted to find a cab and get some fresh air. Then he came along and offered to help me find a cab and the next thing he had his hand over my mouth dragging me into the alley. I’ve been taking advantage of you for so long, I’m so sorry Zarah.” She sobbed into my chest as I held her. I was so confused on why she was apologizing; I had never felt like she was taking advantage of me. I held her in my arms feeling her body rack with sobs and she cried her heart out. I didn’t want to think about what may have happened if I hadn’t made it in time either. Just the thought of losing her or something happening to her made me instantly see red. I coaxed her into the bathroom and finished undressing her.

“Come on get in the shower princess.” I said as I checked the temperature of the water. I turned to her and she wrapped her arms around my midsection.

“I don’t want to be alone, please stay with me.” She whispered into my chest. The hunger I had for her began to build again.

“Okay princess, I’ll sit in here while you shower.” I replied huskily.

“No, please. Just come into the shower with me.” She begged.

I shivered as the thought of seeing her naked body in the shower flashed through my mind, watching as the water streamed down her beautiful body, hardening her nipples. I tried to shake myself from the thoughts I was having, but I couldn’t control the throbbing in my pants.

“Okay princess, come on ill join you.” I said as I backed away from her and pulled my shirt off. I watched as she stepped into the shower. As I finished undressing and stepped into the shower an animalistic hunger kicked in gear. I stood behind her and grabbed her loofah and began caressing her body as I washed her delicate skin. After making my way up and down her body getting her nice and soapy I told her to rinse off. She stood under the running water as I reached out of the shower and grabbed, my body wash and her shampoo. Quickly lathering up and washing myself off, I moved to begin washing her hair. Her body relaxed into me as I massaged her scalp, the great distance in our height aided in making this task a little easier. After she rinsed her hair out and I rinsed off, I pulled her body back against mine and began to caress her skin, dropping kisses onto her neck and collarbone. She leaned her weight into me as I sank my teeth into her neck bringing forth a small moan. Her body shuddered as I began to kiss down her back, and down her ass; parting her legs I bent her over slightly giving me better access to her pussy. I slid my tongue up her slit, and started to tongue fuck her pussy. She started to moan as I licked her from clit to ass. Her fingers found her clit as she started to play with her clit while I massaged her g-spot with my tongue. I fucked her pussy harder as her legs began to shake and wobble. Seconds later she was screaming at the top of her lungs and filling my mouth with the most delicious cream I had ever tasted. I stood up and she turned around to face me still rubbing her clit.

“I’ve never had shower sex before.” She whispered seductively.

I backed her against the shower wall and lifted her up in the air, her legs wrapping around my waist instinctively. I bit and suckled her nipples, sliding two fingers inside of her pussy. She moaned in my ear causing my clit to throb harder. I started fingering her pussy faster, watching as she closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip in pleasure. Her grip tightened on me as I slid another finger inside of her pussy, while rubbing her clit with my thumb and sucking her nipples harder. She grinded her pussy in my hand, digging her nails into my back she whimpered my name.

“Papi, please fuck me harder.” She moaned.

I did as I was commanded fingering her pussy harder and faster. Her legs tightened around my waist and her grip tightened on me as she came squirting in my hand. Her shaking subsided after I removed my fingers from her pussy. Lifting my fingers to my lips, I missed the chance on tasting her cum when she snatched my hand and began to lick and suck each finger slowly and sensually. I was weak in the knees from seeing her taste her own pussy. She kissed me and smirked as she slid down my body, rinsing off she got out of the shower and disappeared into the bedroom.

I quickly rinsed off and hopped out of the shower to strap up. Once I was strapped up I went in the bedroom to find her in the middle of the bed playing with her pussy. If you’ve never watched a woman pleasure herself, you are truly missing out on something in life. I watched for a few minutes as she fingered her pussy, played with her clit and pinched her nipples. She looked up to see me watching her and crooked her finger at me beckoning bursa escort for me to come to her. Walking over to the bed I sat in front of her and started squeezing and pinching her nipples as she winced from the pain-pleasure feeling she was experiencing. I moved over her kissing her, my lips caressing her skin, the scent of her sex arousing me even more. Sliding down her body my lips found her clit again. Her body began to jerk from the way I was teasingly torturing her pussy. Her nails began to scrape my scalp as her fingers wound themselves in my dreads and my tongue snaked around in her pussy as if it were uncharted territory. She moaned loudly as I sucked her clit harder, licking from her clit down to her ass, I teased her ass with my tongue. She squirmed from the pleasure, licking back up to her clit I slid three fingers into her ass as I parted her pussy lips with my tongue. Sliding in and out of her with the same rhythm I fucked her ass with. She was so sweet, I licked every nook and cranny of her pussy, leaving no stone unturned. I lapped at her pussy determined to make her cum again as I felt her legs shake from the orgasm that was coming. I pumped her ass harder as she came once again squirting in my mouth and I personally made sure that not a drop went to waste. I slid my fingers out of her ass as she reached down to shove three fingers into her pussy, the squishing sound echoing throughout the room. She moved quickly snatching her fingers out of her pussy and grabbing my dick, massaging her cum onto my strap. She sat up and leaned forward grabbing my dick she began to suck, licking every drop of her off. I watched her head move up and down my dick, trying to hold back from just tossing her down and fucking her senseless. She popped my dick out of her mouth the sound echoing loud in the room. She shoved me onto my back and straddled me, sliding down onto my dick inch by inch. I grabbed her ass as she bounced on my dick, watching as her breasts bounced up and down as I met her thrust head on. She started grinding on me and I sat up and started sucking her nipples. She grabbed my neck choking me as she dug her nails into my flesh, it turned me on and I growled as I flipped her ass and got on top of her. I spread her legs as wide as was comfortable for her, which ended up being pretty damn far because she was flexible. Holding her legs down I began to hammer in and out of her pussy; long, hard and deep. She started to scream louder and louder, grabbing a pillow she covered her face. I snatched the pillow away and threw it across the room not missing a stroke. Placing her legs around my waist, she pulled me closer to her sucking my bottom lip into her mouth. She bit down on my lip as I slammed into her, her moan lost in my mouth. I sped up my pace as I rammed in and out of her, she kissed me deeply her arms around my neck clinging to me tightly. She scraped her nails across my back making me fuck her harder.

“I’m cumming, Zarah!” She screamed as I lost myself in her pussy. I looked down to see her creamy nectar coating my dick and gripped her tighter as I fucked her harder. She bit down into my shoulder as her orgasm washed over her body.

I slid out of her and down her body in between her thighs, where I took the pleasure of cleaning her up with my tongue, she moaned as I gently sucked and licked her pussy bringing her to tears as she came again. I collapsed next to her as she lay there panting. I placed my arms behind my head and lay there with my eyes closed listening to her catch her breath.

“Rule number one papi, if you tease me, you must please me and there’s still something you haven’t finished.” She said sounding very much like a sex kitten. I looked over to see her slide two fingers into her ass as she fucked her ass slowly. “You teased my ass papi, now you must fuck me in it.”

My mouth dropped as I looked at her, she had never been quite so forward with me before. Then again I didn’t find any qualms in it and it actually turned me on even more. I moved to situate myself in between her legs and she stopped me.

“Not here, papi.” She smiled. I raised my eyebrow, as she pointed behind me. I looked back right at the balcony door and grinned.

“You want me to fuck you in the ass out on the balcony.” I asked not even trying to hide my grin.

“Si Papi.” She replied as she smiled.

Picking her up off of the bed I carried her to the balcony door and opened it. As I walked out you could hear the town still live and most definitely in full effect. You could see people on the streets below still dancing and singing to the music. “Are you sure about this princess?”

She kissed me as a response to my question. Lifting her up a little higher I began to finger her ass. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head as she moaned. I removed my fingers and slowly started to ease my dick into her ass. Her arms wrapped around my neck tighter, as I slid in deeper. As I started to bounce her up and down on my dick, her moans started to get louder the sound carried away by the breeze. Once she had relaxed she began to lift herself, meeting me thrust for thrust. People below had started to notice the show that was being put on, looking up and pointing to our balcony. I was so into it her I wouldn’t have even wanted to stop and I doubt she would have wanted it to stop either.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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