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“You do know that one day I will destroy you.” That wasn’t a question. It was a statement of fact.

“I know.” Anastasia snuggled closer to Miranda, her head resting in the crook of Miranda’s arm. “You always say that.” Anastasia looked up into Miranda’s blue eyes, but Miranda wouldn’t return her gaze. She was staring fixedly at the ceiling fan, like she was intently reading some great and complicated text.

“Because it’s true. And I don’t want you to forget.”

“Well. You have not destroyed me yet.” She brushed her nose against Miranda’s cheek as she stroked her abdomen. “You are so… musculared, Mira.”

Miranda gave her a strange look.


“Yes, that is the word.” Anastasia giggled and began to poke Miranda’s stomach. “You are like wall!”

“I’m not a wall!” Miranda made an angry face and flipped Anastasia over and began to tickle her as Anastasia shrieked for mercy. Eventually Miranda stopped and let Anastasia settle back into the bed. Miranda braced herself on her elbow and looked at Anastasia’s body.

“What are you thinking?”

“Hm? Nothing.” But she kept staring.

“You are thinking I should go to gym? I know, I am not as… muscular as you are, but I can-“

“Nastya. I love you the way you are.” Miranda kissed her hard on the mouth, kneading her bursa evi olan escort cold fingers into Anastasia’s breast, the cold and pressure making her nipple stand on end. Anastasia returned the passion, pushing herself against Miranda as she squeezed her hip.

“This won’t work for long you know,” Anastasia said as Miranda began to neck her.

“What won’t work?” Miranda’s hand began to travel down towards Anastasia’s pelvis, her touch delicate and light, utterly the opposite of how insistent her lips were as she devoured Anastasia’s throat.

“Distracting me.”

Miranda abruptly stopped and sat up on Anastasia’s lap.

“Distracting you from what?”

“I forget.” Anastasia sat up and grabbing Miranda’s hips again, pulled her toward herself, her tongue wrapping itself around Miranda’s nipple.


Anastasia gave her nipple a little bite as Miranda pretended to be indignant.

“I hate it when you do that!”

“No you don’t.”

Miranda laughed and got off the bed entirely.

“Where are you going?”

Miranda tugged Anastasia’s arm and pulled her up off the bed.

“Are you up for round two?”

“Da.” Anastasia wrapped her arms around Miranda’s body, sliding her hands up and down her back.

“English please.” altıparmak escort Miranda’s finger stroked the inside of Anastasia’s legs, just enough to tantalize her.


“Beg.” Miranda smiled mischievously. She did like to play her games. The back of her hand brushed against Anastasia’s clit, just enough to send a shudder down Anastasia’s spine.

“Mira, you are the only one for me. Please, I need you inside me.” She tried to grind herself against Miranda’s hand, but Miranda withdrew it.


“I want you to fuck my cunt. I want you to tear my pussy to shreds. I want you to destroy me.”

Miranda kissed her full on the mouth, her tongue flitting here and there as her hands squeezed Anastasia’s supple waist.

“Turn around.”

Anastasia placed both arms against the wall as Miranda’s slapped her right ass cheek, hard enough to leave a red spot.

“Bend over.”

Anastasia did as she was told.

“Good girl,” Miranda purred, stroking the spot she just slapped with one hand and just barely touching Anastasia’s slit with the other. It was soaking wet and Miranda could feel Anastasia tremble at her touch. Miranda crouched down and inspected Anastasia’s vulva, her right hand caressing her smooth lips as the other continued its slow gemlik escort journey up and down her slit. Anastasia was leaning into Miranda’s hand, her hips gyrating from side to side as she tried to maneuver the fingers inside her.

Miranda gently kissed Anastasia’s ass and thrust two fingers full force inside Miranda’s cunt, her other hand reaching around to vibrate Anastasia’s clit. She slowly began to pump into Anastasia’s moist vagina, pushing forward with her fingers into her g-spot. Anastasia made a little gasp every time Miranda thrust into her, her vaginal muscles tensing and relaxing, tensing and relaxing. It hurt, but it felt too good to stop. She could feel Miranda’s breath on her vulva and she knew that Miranda was staring at her cunt hole in utter fascination, causing Anastasia’s vagina to give ever more powerful contractions, leading up to the climax.

And then Miranda stopped.

“Uuuuuuh, please Miranda, I need you, Jesus Christ do I fucking need you, oh God please-” and with a gasp, Miranda’s tongue was inside her, lapping up Anastasia’s plentiful juices. Anastasia moaned with pleasure as Miranda’s hands harshly squeezed into her ass cheeks, pulling Anastasia down onto her undulating tongue and lips. With a little shriek of passion, Anastasia felt wave after wave of contractions inside her, pulsing upward through her body, each one more powerful than the last but farther and farther apart.

As Anastasia was finally able to open her eyes, she looked down to Miranda casually munching in her clit, meeting her eyes innocently.

“Your turn.”

Anastasia shoved Miranda to the ground.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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