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It was no surprise that Britney was stuck in detention once again. It was a Thursday afternoon with beautiful weather that she wished she could be enjoying but instead she was sitting at a desk in the empty classroom as the clock slowly ticked away. She was no stranger to this kind of thing. Just last week she got detention for flying a paper airplane in class which ‘accidentally’ hit the back of her history teachers head, and the week before that she got in trouble for handing in an assignment a few days late. She was used to it, and while she hated attending detention, she felt school was just one of those things you can’t take too seriously, and that was never an issue for her.

Britney wasn’t the greatest student but she wasn’t the worse. She never got expelled or anything like that, but numerous teachers and the principal always had to tell her to knock it off, and when she didn’t (which is the usual), it would result in detention. There were definitely much worse students than her who had gotten suspended and expelled over the years, but teachers just got used to Britney’s personality and knew she was otherwise harmless and just a little shit instead. She was rather smart, mostly in math and sciences, but could care less for the other subjects.

Britney was 18 and had a darker persona, both inside and outside. Her makeup was heavy with dark eyeshadows, eyelashes thick with multiple coats of mascara, dark blue lipstick that outlined her pursed lips, a choppy hairstyle that went beyond her shoulders with shades of blue mixed throughout her blonde strands of hair. She was close to 6 feet tall, and had a rather scraggly body shape; one of those girls who could eat whatever they wanted without working out and not gain an ounce. In terms of her school uniform, she always preferred the kilt over the pants, and liked to wear her blouse with a few buttons undone to show off her chest tattoo.

‘Oh fuck, I just hope it’s not Mr. Davis again, or Barnes. Fuck,’ Britney whispered to herself, grabbing a fistful of her long hair, ramming her elbows into the desk. Suddenly someone walked into the room, capturing Britney’s attention as she looked up with curiosity. To her surprise, Miss. Allen walked into the room, taking in Britney’s presence as she started for the front desk. Britney turned in her seat as Miss. Allen quickly gathered her notes and papers.

‘Britney Rogers? Looks like it’s just you today,’ Miss. Allen said, checking off the attendance list. Not to mention, Britney was pansexual and had dated both men and girls in her past. From a young age, she found herself being attracted to a person for who they truly were internally, regardless of their gender. But Miss. Allen was a teacher she definitely thought was attractive. Countless students talked about Miss. Allen and how attractive she was, there was no denying it. She was simply pretty; had nice curly brown hair, always wearing a natural look in terms of makeup, dressed sharply, wore ruby red lipstick all the time and gave her already taller height a few extra inches with high heels. Her chest was relatively larger with a tiny waist and a broad bottom. It wasn’t unheard of for male students to talk about wanting to bang the teacher, with many of them agreeing upon each other that sex with her would be amazing. Of course, Britney knew all about this talk and was surprised she had detention with her. She’s never had detention with her.

‘Yeah- it looks that way,’ Britney said, letting out a deep breath. Miss. Allen went to the door and closed it slightly before she went back to the front desk and took a seat, getting herself comfortable. Immediately, she put herself to work with putting assignments together and marking tests.

‘Feel free to do anything you feel is productive. You do have an hour,’ Miss. Allen suggested, looking back to her papers. Britney clumsily reached for a textbook in her backpack and opened up to a random page, pretending to be at work. She let out a silent sigh, looking at the clock to realize that only four minutes had passed. Both of them got into their own productivity, until about 15 minutes later when the silence between them broke.

‘So what was it this time?’ Miss. Allen asked, looking up. Britney was taken aback, and didn’t think Miss. Allen knew about her past detentions and bad behaviour. But it was clear that the teacher was aware. Britney never had her as a teacher and they didn’t know each other too well, just passing each other in the halls is as close as they had ever gotten.

‘Umm… Let’s see…’ Britney had to go into a deep thinking process as she remembered. ‘No that was last week … oh yeah, I interrupted the class today, more than once,’

Miss. Allen nodded in understanding, looking back to her papers, giving a small grin. Britney noticed the tiny smile, and leaned back in the chair, feeling like it was her turn to ask a question.

‘What are you doing here? You never do detention,’ Britney said, and Miss. Allen looked up once again briefly.

‘Well, bursa escort bayan I do detention duty every so often, I’ve just never hosted one with you in it before,’ Miss. Allen spoke softly as she answered, and Britney couldn’t help but feel somewhat intrigued by the teacher. Maybe it was all in her head, and since she didn’t know her too well she was unsure if this was what the teacher’s personality was like. ‘Shouldn’t a teacher be scolding me nonstop for getting detention, instead of acting… somewhat approachable about it?’ Britney thought to herself. All of the other teachers she had for detention scolded her, but Miss. Allen wasn’t doing that, or not yet at least.

‘Right,’ Britney said flatly. ‘How did you know I’ve been in detention before?’ Britney asked another question, and started to feel comfortable being in Miss. Allen’s company. Again, the teacher looked up from her papers, offering another grin.

‘I have to know. I’ve heard you’re quite popular with getting detention, so when I was given duty for it today and told it was going to be just you…’ Miss. Allen trailed off in her sentence, realizing that maybe she was being a bit too open. ‘I think you know what I mean,’ she added quietly.

Britney once again was only becoming more intrigued by this conversation. She nodded slowly, looking at Miss. Allen from across the room. ‘I do behave myself in detention, so no need to worry about me doing what I did in order to get detention in the first place. I know, it’s ironic,’ Britney said, knowing that other teachers and the principal likely warned Miss. Allen about her rioting behaviour before she agreed to hosting detention with her. The teacher made full on eye contact with Britney, opening her mouth softly to speak.

‘We do attend the same school every day, so I do know about you. It’s not like you’re a stranger. But you think after so many detentions, that you’d eventually learn. Why haven’t you?’ Miss. Allen asked, and the question suddenly seemed to make Britney swallow hard. She couldn’t look away from the teacher, and it seemed like Miss. Allen was also having a hard time taking her attention away from the student.

‘Well- you know, school has to be fun too. It can’t always be so serious,’ Britney said, sitting up from her chair and pushing herself in more. Miss. Allen checked off some things on her paper, and looked up again.

‘I do agree. But there are fun things you can do without getting in trouble,’ Miss. Allen looked up to Britney with a cocked eyebrow. Britney let out a shallow breath, tapping her foot off the ground. The teacher offered a small smile before she looked back down to her notes.

‘Like what?’ Britney asked, giving a smile back. She was surprised how comfortable she got with Miss. Allen so quickly, and was far from expecting this outcome. She thought it would be a silent, no communication kind of hour like it usually is. But it was anything but that at this point. The teacher placed her pen to her lips, grazing it across her mouth.

‘Things like… offering to do a presentation for a certain class lesson, or creating an activity… or bringing treats into class. Things like that are fun, aren’t they?’ Miss. Allen asked, making eye contact with the student. They both held eye contact for a moment of time, seemingly getting lost in the moment of the staring contest they had created. Britney lifted the corners of her mouth, sitting up in the chair. They both started to get very comfortable talking to each other, and Britney was surprised she could joke around about something like detention with Miss. Allen, and about not taking school so seriously. Again, shouldn’t she be getting silence or scolding from a teacher about detention? It didn’t seem that way with Miss. Allen, not with Britney at least.

‘Maybe the treats idea is, but let’s be honest, what high schooler and teacher is going to want to do an activity with the class?’ Britney asked, and the response caused Miss. Allen to laugh as she continued on with her marking. Seeing the teacher laugh ignited the same response in Britney.

‘You’re right, probably not too many, if any at all. But it’s my job to sway your thinking on things like this. It’s my job to help keep you out of trouble,’ Miss. Allen said. Britney nodded, leaning back in her chair.

‘Okay … maybe I’ll take the activity thing into consideration. As long as it involves needing to jump off the desks,’ Britney joked, and Miss. Allen once again chuckled, looking up.

‘And what would that teach you?’ The teacher asked, still smiling.

‘How gravity really works,’ Britney joked again, causing Miss. Allen to laugh once again. The teacher’s cheeks started to redden as she looked back up to Britney.

‘Nice try. That would only give you another detention,’

‘I tried,’ Britney smiled, and they resumed their staring contest; just looking at each other calmly from across the room.

‘Detention is so boring, wouldn’t you agree on that?’ Britney görükle escort asked.

‘It’s supposed to be. It’s no party, which is why you would think you’d want to avoid it as much as possible,’ Miss. Allen said, looking at the student. They both grinned at each other.

‘School needs to be fun. Not so serious,’ Britney said again, shrugging a shoulder.

‘You know…’ Miss. Allen started, putting the pen back to her lips, biting down on the tip gently. Britney looked at the pen as it slid against her teeth. ‘It’s not just your hour that is taken up in detention, it’s the teacher’s as well,’ Miss. Allen said, biting down on the pen. Britney swallowed, feeling her cheeks become hot as she watched the teacher’s teeth fight with the pen lid.

‘Mmhmm…’ Britney agreed in a hum, needing to look away from the teacher for a second. She felt her heart start to race the longer she looked at the teacher. Miss. Allen bit down on the pen to the point where it crackled the plastic, taking the pen out of her mouth only to be met with a now bite marked pen glistening with her saliva. She dropped the pen out of her hands, letting it fall to the desk, looking back to Britney.

‘This thing you say, about school needing to be fun… Imagine if detention was the same way,’ Miss. Allen said, peering over at Britney with a soft grin. Britney kept a straight face as she stared at the teacher, swallowing the thick salvia that started to form in her mouth. She was unsure of what to say, but the silence was once again broken when Miss. Allen spoke.

‘If detention was supposed to be fun, what would you do? What if there was a way both the student and teachers hour could be productive?’ The teacher asked before she got up and started for the door, closing it tightly. Britney shifted in her seat, swallowing hard again, suddenly growing nervous. Miss. Allen sat back down at the front desk, crossing her legs and folding her hands.

‘Besides jumping off the desks,’

Britney loosely giggled at Miss. Allen’s remark, but a straight faced expression soon took over once again as she grew more nervous. She glanced over at the now closed door, then back to the front desk, heart pounding in her chest. Britney was feeling shocked. No one usually makes her this nervous, and she could feel the tone in the room quickly and oddly shifting. She started to feel that maybe it wasn’t all in her head, that she was really seeing a different side of Miss. Allen. But she thought as she looked at the teacher who was still looking at her from across the room.

‘Do you really want to know?’

Miss. Allen slowly nodded, offering another smile. Britney stood from the chair, walking over to the front desk. She stood in front of the desk where Miss. Allen was seated. The teacher could feel her heart starting to pound too as Britney fumbled with a paper clip that was on the desk.

‘I don’t consider sitting in a desk for an hour straight to be that productive,’ Britney started, looking up. ‘Maybe something more… physical… would be much more productive, in my opinion,’ Britney said in a calm tone, still standing at the front of the desk. Miss. Allen bit her lip, swallowing hard as her heart started to hammer against her ribcage.

‘Physical?’ The teacher asked in a shaky tone, letting out a jagged breath.

‘Yeah- physical,’ Britney said flatly, looking up into the teacher’s eyes. She leaned down to the desk, their faces now closer and the space between them very limited. ‘Would you agree?’ Britney asked.

‘Well- it- it depends. Physical can be taken so many different ways,’ Miss. Allen stammered through her sentence as she stared into the students eyes. For once in her career, she felt completely speechless towards a student, completely taken over by a young girl. She got lost in Britney’s eyes that only seemed to darken the more they stared.

‘God- you’re really pretty, you know that? Why do you waste such a pretty face in empty detention rooms?’ Miss. Allen blurted, feeling her heart rate quicken once she realized she spoke her thoughts out loud. Britney gave a soft smile, leaning even closer.

‘I could definitely say the same about you, Miss. Allen,’

Their lips were now inches apart. Their bodies were slightly rocking back and forth from their pounding hearts. The room was silent as they looked at each other, and Miss. Allen took a small scoot back in her chair.

‘I’m sorry Britney – I … I think I took things too- too far..? I don’t know what came over me-‘

‘Things are right where they should be,’ Britney said firmly. The teacher only seemed to fall deeper the more she looked at Britney, and she stood up, going against the blackboard.

‘I’m- I’m so sorry… I promise I’m not usually like this- I -‘

Britney walked over in front of her and Miss. Allen pressed her back against the chalkboard. Britney pressed her body softly against Miss. Allen’s, breathing down on her neck softly, looking at her closely in bursa escort bayan the face.

‘It’s okay,’ Britney whispered in her ear, brushing her lips upon the skin. The action caused Miss. Allen to gasp as she curled her neck as a pleasure response. And Britney continued, inching her lips closer to Miss. Allen’s neck and began kissing it gently and cautiously, making the teacher grab a hold of her tightly.

‘Britney…’ she breathed, her eyes shut as she savoured the feeling of Britney’s soft lips against her sensitive neck skin. Britney proceeded, making her tongue go in circles and giving firm tongue strokes against her neck. Miss. Allen shifted and turned against the blackboard, taking in every kiss from Britney’s gentle mouth. They were holding each other closely, and Miss. Allen started to moan softly.

‘Britney- I … I…’

‘Shhh…’ Britney placed a finger gently to the teacher’s lips, their lips now inches apart. Miss. Allen closed her eyes, biting her lip softly as the emotions coursed through her. They got even closer and the space between their faces quickly closed as they fell into a deep, passionate kiss. Their bodies were glued together, and Miss. Allen threw her arms around Britney’s neck, whimpering as she felt Britney’s hand rest on her torso.

Britney undid a few buttons on Miss. Allen’s shirt, opening up the fabric and revealing her breasts that were encased in a black bra. The teacher gasped, throwing her head back as Britney started kissing the exposed flesh of her breasts while running her hand down her torso even further, only causing more moans and whimpers to be heard from Miss. Allen.

‘Oh my God- Britney-‘ she breathed as she watched Britney’s hand travel further, making her back arch. She gasped and cried out as Britney undid and unzipped her pants, sliding her hand inside her panties, finding Miss. Allen’s slippery clit and rubbing it gently in small circles. She continued to kiss her neck and breasts as she rubbed her slowly, feeling the fluids starting to drip from Miss. Allen’s swollen pussy.

‘Aghhh…! Oh fuck- that feels so good,’ Miss. Allen breathed, feeling her heart rate start to incline even more by now. She fell into a different and far away world as she felt Britney’s fingers brush her clit repeatedly, going fast and slow, then making a path towards her hole and going back to her clit. She was a crying, whimpering and moaning mess as she felt her legs start to tighten, and her orgasm was quickly nearing. Suddenly she was brought back to earth due to her stomach and legs stiffening so much.

‘Oh God- Britney, sweetie- you’re going to make me co-‘

‘I really want to taste you,’ Britney spoke through her teeth, whispering in the trembling teacher’s ear. She placed Miss. Allen, who was completely out of breath and hardly able to stand, on the desk where Britney pulled down the remainder of her pants and panties, kneeling down in front of her and immediately thrusted her tongue into her clit. The action caused Miss. Allen to moan so loud that she bit down on her knuckles, shoving her hand in her mouth to help silent her. Within seconds of Britney squirming her tongue on her clit, Miss. Allen’s legs started to stiffen once again, and she grabbed a hold of the students hair firmly.

‘Ohhhh- fuckkkkkk!’ Miss. Allen cried out, still biting half of her hand, throwing her head back as Britney licked her clit persistently. Britney was speaking inaudible sentences as she licked, lapping away at her clit constantly, making Miss. Allen’s legs shake tremendously.

‘Mmm…’ Britney moaned gently as she licked. ‘So good …’ she added as she swallowed and continued to lick. Miss. Allen looked down, feeling her original orgasm quickly approaching once again. She gripped the edges of the desk as she felt her orgasm edging even more.

‘Oh God!’ She cried out as the orgasm slammed into her, throwing her head back and leaning her body fully on the desk, whipping her head from side to side. Her stomach flexed and her legs twitched as Britney kissed her inner thighs, and pressed a gentle kiss to her now tingly clit. Doing so caused Miss. Allen to thrust her hips, arching her back, letting out another weak whimper.

Britney hovered over Miss. Allen’s weak body, leaning down and kissing her neck as she recovered from the powerful orgasm. The teacher was still expelling random twitches and spasms throughout her body, still whimpering gently. She opened her eyes to Britney who was smiling gently at her, and she instantly pulled her face down to kiss her deeply.

‘My God- Britney … you’re so good at that,’ she breathed and swallowed hard between the kiss. Britney allowed the teacher to relax for a few seconds more before she brought her fingers back down to her pussy, plunging her fingers in slowly and began thrusting them.

‘Agghh… oh fuck!’ Miss. Allen cried out in Britney’s neck as she got fucked by the students long fingers. Britney was moaning with her, kissing her neck and collarbone area as she banged her fingers in and out. Miss. Allen immediately reached down to Britney’s skirt, tugging on the waistline and squirming her fingers inside, searching for Britney’s clit as she got pounded by the long fingers sliding in and out of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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