Deviant Behavior Ch. 02

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This is part two of “Deviant Behavior.” I suggest you read the original story to understand the plot line that develops in this sequel.


Maggie and I both knew the implications of our night of lust. Even as she made it clear that her body ached because of me, it was much more clear that she ached for me. The worst part is that I ache for her. What have we gotten ourselves into I wondered.

It wasn’t so much that I wondered as that I knew what we had gotten ourselves into. A college professor and a 19-year-old student are just about the worst form of deviant behavior I could imagine. That the lovely Maggie wanted me as much as I wanted her did not make matters better. The ultimate form of deviant behavior between us, that we are both guilty of, goes beyond student and professor. Maggie is my daughter.

She left after finishing her coffee. As she walked away toward her car, I felt loss. I wanted to scream for her to come back. I wanted to start all over again, and again. I had never been as sexually satisfied as I was from last night. I wondered if she would go back to her boyfriend and try to teach him what she discovered last night. My conscious self wanted that to happen, yet my unconscious self was jealous of the thought of someone else getting what I wanted.

I returned to school after the semester break and began reviewing my teaching schedule and class rosters. My upper level persuasion course usually fills quickly and it was full. I reviewed the student roster; one name jumped off the list, Maggie.

We hadn’t talked since the night of our sexual romp and seeing her name on my roster meant she had not really changed schools. I was elated on one level and distraught on another. I picked up my office phone.

“Maggie, its Paul. I think we need to have a talk.” We set a date at a public place where we would not be suspected of anything unusual.

We met in the parking lot of the Roasted Bean. It was obvious that Maggie still ran and was in excellent physical condition. “Hi Paul,” she chirped as she approached. “I’ve been waiting for your call, I just didn’t know how long the wait would be.”

“Let’s go inside and get a cup of coffee, Maggie.” What I really wanted to do was scoop her up, deposit her in my car, and drive away. The look on her face told me she had similar feelings.

We sat, ordered coffee and cookies, and waited briefly.

“Paul, I wish you would talk to me more. I’m afraid that we are drifting too far apart and I may loss you as my favorite professor. Worse, I don’t want to loss my dad.” There was emotional pain in her voice and it registered on her face.

A little backstory is necessary at this point.

Maggie is my daughter though I was not aware of it until recently. Her mother was an old girlfriend from my college days. Our affair was hot but we broke up over another guy she found more likely to earn big dollars. She was pregnant with Maggie although she never told me. I simply presumed Maggie was the other guy’s kid. There were no clues to Maggie’s real identity.

Now, almost 20 years after the fact, Maggie became a student and threads of the past began stitching themselves together. The proof she presented was undeniable, I am her father.

Just three short weeks ago when the academic quarter ended, Maggie and I had a night of blissful and completely satisfying sex. In hindsight, the sex was very much like what I had with her mother.

Her mother took off with her new lover and convinced him Maggie was his kid. The whole thing blew up about a year ago when he learned that Maggie was not his child. He kicked them both out and got a divorce. Maggie did some thorough investigative work and found me.

“For almost 20 years I’ve had a daughter I didn’t know existed, Maggie. I am confused and perplexed. I had sex with a student, the ultimate deviant behavior for Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan a professor. And, worse, I committed incest with my daughter.” Even as I made these admissions, I reached my hand for hers and squeezed. “If I was the runner that you are, I think I’d be running away as fast as I could. But…” There is always a but in these situations.

“But what, dad?” Maggie’s first use of a fatherly term toward me.

“But, sweetheart,” my first term of endearment to her, “I don’t want to run. You have me hooked and I don’t have any fight against what I know is wrong. Drop my course and take it with another professor.”

“I don’t need the course. I’m taking it simply to be near you. I’ll drop the course but I will not drop you. You said it first, now I’ll say it. I’m hooked on you and ready to take the risk. Dad and lover, I want you both.”

We reached several milestones in those few minutes and the next several days were a flurry of activity until Maggie was moved in with me. On the evening that her move was complete, we celebrated.

Strangely, we had not consummated our new life and now Maggie explained why. “I had my period and now I can begin active birth control with you.”

Maggie began removing her clothing and I followed her lead until we stood naked before each other. I was hard and ready, Maggie stepped toward me, leapt into my arms, wrapped her legs around my waist, and plunged herself onto my cock. Immediately, she began squeezing me and bouncing against me.

Her tiny breasts were taught with her excitement, her nipples were tiny swollen points boring into my chest. She slid on my cock faster as her natural fluids lubricated us both. I eased us to the couch and carefully knelt to place her on the cushions. We didn’t break our union.

The pace was already set and I made sure Maggie got the stroking she wanted. I wanted my libido to kick in so we could fuck all night and at the same time, I wanted our mutual orgasm to set the tone for later.

Maggie surprised me with an orgasm that rocked her body. The force of the orgasm was so strong; she pushed me away and sprayed a jet of cum all over her and me. Before she could recover and while she still quivered in her moment of sexual bliss, I drove my cock back into her pulsating pussy. Maggie screamed and gushed more of her wetness onto us.

I slowed our pace to a gentle rhythm that allowed us both to catch our breath. We leaned in until our lips touched for a sweet and passionate kiss. Our hands caressed and explored, even the tips of her blond hair were sexually exciting.

“Maggie, I don’t even know your birthday.” There was a lot I didn’t know and a lot I wanted to find out.

The smile on her face told me how content she was. “Today is my birthday. Thank you for the nice gifts.”

“Really! Today is really your birthday? Oh, dear Maggie you should have a party. Turning 20 is important.”

“I’m having a party, dad. You are my invited guest and we are playing the only party game I want to play with you.”

I wrapped my arms tightly around her and lifted her off the couch so I could lie on the floor and let Maggie have control riding on top of me. I would cum with her this time.

Maggie rode me hard; she was possessed by some kind of sexual energy that I could not remember experiencing. When she hit her high point, she sat firmly on me taking every bit of my cock in her tight pussy grip. The strength of her squeezing on my cock was almost painful until she let out a scream and detonated in orgasm. I flooded her little pussy with my cum.

Our mutual orgasm did nothing to reduce the sexual tension between us. Even as we recovered from our orgasms, we did not break our union. My cock remained hard and held deep in Maggie’s pussy.

We didn’t move but stared into the other’s eyes. Maggie’s eyes burned Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan with heat and lust for more activity. I do not know what she saw in my eyes but I knew I felt the need to make long and passionate love.

“I feel your body, dad. I feel you in me. I can’t get enough of you.” Maggie panted, her voice still shaking with emotion. She sat up making my cock plow into her deeply. I thought I felt her cervix.

I reached my hands for her tiny breasts, took her stiff nipples between my fingertips and gave them a little pinch. Maggie reacted by pressing harder against my cock then she squeezed against me.

I didn’t have much of an angle to push back into her but I did get a slow pace going. “I’m going to make love with you, your body feels wonderful and I see your desire in your eyes. I want this as much as you Maggie.”

For many long minutes our bodies made slow deliberate moves, our breath was steady, and we sighed with each slight movement. We were not trying to cum, we were enjoying the sensual pleasures we could give and take from one another.

We whispered encouragement and used our hands to heighten the sensations. My hands cupped her tiny butt and a finger found her tiny anal opening. Just three short weeks ago, I took her anal virginity and now I was caressing that open little bud again.

Maggie drew in a deep breath feeling my finger stroked her butt hole. As she exhaled, she moaned,?Oh daddy!? Then her whole body shook more as she experienced another orgasm, not as strong as before but still making her cry as she rode it out.

Maggie broke our union to kneel; she presented her pussy and cute butt to me. She took doggy position and I followed her cue. My cock found her pussy wet and warm and slipped in with ease.

I gave each butt cheek a hard slap that left marks of my fingers. Maggie whimpered in surprise and a little pain as I held her hips and pulled her tight to me. Maggie begged, “Fuck me.”

I began by pulling my cock almost out then slammed home hard and deep. “I this how you want it, little Maggie?”

Maggie did not hesitate with her positive reply and I gave her hard strokes until one drove her out of position and we collapsed on the floor. I was on top of her and pounding.

Cruelly, I withdrew my cock just as Maggie was close to another orgasm. But I was not finished. Her tight little butt hole begged for a fucking too. In our well-lubricated state, I penetrated her little red bud without much difficulty and drove in hard. Maggie quickly returned to her near orgasm and came hard spilling her cum over the floor and us. I had a wet cum in her bowels and we were wasted.

For a long time we lay without moving. I kissed her neck and shoulders as she relaxed from our sex. I went limp, my cock escaped her warm anal grasp, and we sighed in mutual loss.

Maggie’s tiny body lying beneath mine felt smooth. My cock remained wedged in her butt crack. We did not have words to speak only feelings to share. My hands eased up her torso to find her breasts mashed to the floor. I eased my pressure laying on her so I could slide my hands up her chest to cup her cute breasts.

In a brief moment of sanity, I saw the mess we created on the floor. “I think we stained the rug, Maggie.”

The laughter of the moment broke the spell and our love making session ended. But it ended in a passionate kiss and the promise of more.

Maggie headed off to shower, not like the soaking bath she had after our first punishing sex of our first meeting. I waited for her to finish before having a shower as well. The evening was an anticlimax of dinner and a walk around the neighborhood.

We talked about her life to this point. I learned her mother lied about many things and that Maggie became the pawn in the fights mother and husband had. When everything came crashing down around them, her mother sent Maggie to my college in hopes of her making a connection with me, her birth father.

The trauma of Maggie’s experiences left her outside her circle of friends and on the search for me. The threads of her search didn’t come together until last year when she began asking questions and tying answers together.

“I wanted to punish her for ruining my life and our family,” Maggie stated with resolve. “I wanted to fuck you and brag about it to her,” she continued. “I didn’t expect to become so deeply affected by you. I hope this doesn’t torture your thinking about me. I wanted to lash out at her and at you for some reason.”

“There are a great many things we have to get out in the open, Maggie. I guess I understand why you felt the way you did. You know, I have not spoken to your mother since she left me all those almost 20 years ago. Does she know you found me?”

Maggie smiled a coy smile, cocked her head toward me, “No she doesn’t know; I’ll tell her in due time. Let’s start heading back, I’m having a problem you have to help me with.”

I had a crystal clear idea of what Maggie’s problem was and wanted more than anything to help her solve it.

Back in my, our, place, Maggie quickly stripped off her clothes and lay in bed. I experienced no hesitation to join her. There were no preliminaries, we fell into the time honored “69” position and sucked and licked each other until Maggie begged me to double her over and fuck her hard.

I pulled her legs up to her chest and locked my arms behind her knees. My cock drove home hard and fast. I pounded into her with fierce strokes knowing her hips would be sore and her pussy would ache.

Maggie surprised me by stretching her hips further placing her legs on my shoulders allowing me to drive deeper and harder. I couldn’t imagine her cumming in this position and with the pain she must have felt; however, cum she did. As she came, I continued my drive into her tiny pussy until she had another orgasm.

“My ass, fuck my ass. Oh daddy, fuck my ass.”

I didn’t want to leave her pussy but she begged and I had no other recourse but to withdraw from her pussy and stab hard into her tight little butt hole. The scream that came from her mouth was of real pain but there was no slowing down for either of us.

With her bent almost double, I could fuck her ass and keep pressure on her clit as we pushed onward to whatever outcome there was. Maggie worked through the initial pain becoming wonton and demanding. When we finally came together, I filled her bowels with cum and she drenched us again with her cum.

As we unfolded from this painful, for her, position, Maggie cried and whimpered as her legs returned to their natural place. I gently rolled her over and began massaging her hips and thighs so the pain would go away. Her pussy dripped her flow of cum and my cum oozed from her butt. It was a very erotic sight.

I collected warm washcloths and cleaned us both as Maggie lay on the bed. “Do you want a warm soak, Maggie,” I asked.

Maggie propped her hips on a couple pillows, her butt high off the mattress. “No, I want your cock in me again.”

For the next year, Maggie and I carried on as lovers by night and father and daughter by day. One afternoon Maggie came home with a very distraught look on her face. I knew what it meant but left it to her to tell me.

“Dad, there’s this guy I met and I really like him. We have never done anything, you know, like that. He wants me to date him tonight for a movie and I said yes.”

“Maggie, it is not easy for me to give you up to another guy, but I knew it had to happen some time. If you don’t come home tonight, I’ll know that you decided to be with him. But do come home to your father. I’ll be waiting for you.”

So it happened, our deviant behavior ended. Maggie invited her new boyfriend to meet me and we told him our whole entire story without and candy coating. He and Maggie married and soon Maggie was pregnant with his child. I accepted the father role and the grandfather role is one I’m gaining more perspective of.

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