Deviations Ch. 02

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The following is a complete work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18 and fictional. This is my first story in which I received editorial help from a close friend of mine known as TheCourier. If you haven’t already, please begin with Chapter 1 before reading. Thank you and enjoy!


As the next few minutes came to a stand still, Andrew came back down to earth as he absorbed everything that has happened. He started piecing it together one by one but couldn’t think of a reason as to why Kelsey acted that way. Andrew then gathered his thoughts as he turned off the TV and made his way quietly up the stairs.

He reached the top of the stairs and headed for Kelsey’s room to talk about what had just happened. When he got to her door, he raised his hand to knock on it. Right before he did, he could hear a faint whimper. Assuming that she probably wanted to be left alone, he went with his better judgement and left quietly for his room.

Since he was in no mood to finish what had been started downstairs, he stripped away his shirt and pants then climbed into bed. Laying under the blanket he couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. About an hour had passed before he finally fell asleep, but he wasn’t asleep for long.

Andrew felt a presence in the room. He rubbed his eyes adjusting to the dim light as he sat up. Kelsey went and sat on the edge of the bed, and before Andrew could get another word out she put her finger on his lips. He lied back down as Kelsey began to speak.

“About what happened.. I don’t know what had come over me. My friends were telling me how lucky I am to have such a great brother like you. Which got me thinking about it a little and eventually even more.”

Andrew was again speechless. Kelsey brought her finger down from his lips and rested them in her lap.

“You’ve always been there for me, especially when I needed you the most. Always helping me with school stuff escort bayan bursa and social things. Up until I became more popular than you.” They both let out a quiet laugh.

Kelsey continued “But from then on out, we spread apart while you were working and I was hanging out with my friends. I just want to renew our bond before I end up going to college. My friends even started talking about how attractive you’ve become, which I’ve noticed too.”

Andrew didn’t think much of that last comment since he didn’t find himself as attractive. He stood a modest 6’1″, with a average frame, and short brown hair with matching eyes.

Andrew nodded at Kelsey still focusing on her eyes.

“But when I think about getting close to you again, I can’t help but think of us as more than just a brother and sister. I feel there should be more to it, which was why I kissed you earlier…” Kelsey looked down at her hands which were still in her lap.

Andrew rested a hand on hers and smiled at Kelsey as she looked back up at him. She smiled in return as Andrew began to speak.

“I’m also upset about how much we’ve spread apart over the last few years, so I’m glad you want to get close again.” Andrew smiled again before redness spread to his cheeks.

“I love you, Kelsey. And I want to get close as well, but I don’t know what to expect. Just earlier Mark was asking what I would do if you weren’t my sister. I couldn’t tell him though, since I would’ve felt embarrassed.”

Kelsey then too turned a little red as she asked “Well what if I wasn’t your sister, Andy?” She traced her fingers along his hand and up his arm.

“I’d ask you out on a date, treat you to a wonderful night. And I’d love you like no other man has loved a woman before. I’d want to love you and take care of you for many years to come.” Andrew’s throat became dry again with his cheeks becoming even more red.

“Is there anything else?” Kelsey asked bursa sinirsiz eskort as she laid down next to him, running her hand across her brother’s chest in an almost hypnotizing way. Andrew was getting turned on and fast. But with his sister wanting to know more, he couldn’t exactly shrug her off this time.

“I’d have my way with you.” he managed to blurt out. “That’s all I want to say about that.” he said as his heart raced through his chest.

Kelsey let out a quiet laugh. “Well have you ever thought of me in that kind of way? Like when you err.. masturbate or something?”

Andrew held his breath for a second, before finally saying “No, but that’s because you’re my sister. I didn’t want anyone thinking I’m a creep or something.”

Kelsey leaned up and kissed him on the lips, letting a quiet smack sound echo through the room as she pulled away. “And who cares what they think? It only matters what I think, right?”

Andrew could only nod. Kelsey then leaned up and began to whisper in his ear. “Besides, I think it’d be kind of hot for you to think about me while you pleasure yourself.”

Andrew’s eyes shot wide open while he went from chub to fully erect under the blankets. Kelsey’s hand then traced little circles down his stomach, slowly making it’s way towards his waist line. She then whispered something else in his ear.

“What would be even hotter is if I helped you, right here, right now.” Andrew could only groan as his erection began to throb.

Kelsey then nibbled softly along his jaw line, making her way towards his lips. She then softly bit Andrew’s lower lip, pulling on it ever so slightly before passionately kissing him. This time Andrew was the one to slowly reach his tongue into her mouth. He traced along her lips at first, then finally Kelsey felt him roll against her tongue.

She slid her hand down still over the blanket and grabbed escort bayan his shaft, giving it a light squeeze. She then pulled away from Andrew’s kisses, and took her free hand to slowly lift her shirt. Again she wasn’t wearing a bra. Andrew saw her pierced belly button first, and as she raised the shirt higher he could see the lower curve of her breasts. Then her areolas, and finally as Kelsey took off her shirt completely, Andrew saw her breasts in full.

He wanted to reach up and caress them gently with his hands, but Kelsey was too far back. As he leaned up to reach for them, Kelsey stopped him and forced him to lay back down. Kelsey then pulled the blanket slowly taking it completely off Andrew as she threw it to the other side of his bed. She then slid both her hands up the sides of his leg, inching closer and closer to his now pulsating member.

Kelsey stopped before she got to it, causing Andrew to groan begging for it to be touched. Kelsey instead slowly dragged her body over him. Letting her breasts rub against Andrew’s rock hard member through his boxers. She gave little kisses all the way up to his chest, and finally kissed him again, holding his hands down beside him. Kelsey was then straddling him, but no contact was being made with his aching member which was at the brink of release.

Kelsey gave Andrew another quick kiss before leaning up to his ear again. Andrew listened carefully, as the next words she speak could throw him over board.

She whispered “Just a little something to help you think about me.”

She then got off of Andrew, giving him a wink before grabbing her shirt and making her way towards the door. Before she left the room, she looked back at Andrew. “You know I love to tease.” she said with a smirk on her face. Then left the room.

Andrew threw his head back against his pillow and let an “Ugh.” He quickly pulled down his boxers and thought of his sister’s sexy body with her beautiful breasts. He lasted all of two minutes before reaching orgasm, shooting most of his load onto his chest. As the last few spurts came out, he laid there waiting for his pulse to return to normal. But he had dozed off before getting a chance to clean up the mess he had just made.

End Chapter 2

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