Devoted Cuck Ch. 01

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I moaned, squirmed and convulsed as the vibrator tied to my cock suddenly kicked into a higher speed. It stayed at that speed for a few about a minute before it slowed down to a slow pace slowly tormenting me to madness. After a few minutes it stopped completely and I relaxed. Well relax is an overstatement. I don’t think anyone suspended from the ceiling of a tiny closet with an anal hook could truly relax.

But I was grateful for the break from that cruel vibrator. At least I could think clearly now. And all I could think of was of my beautiful goddess Lina fucking some guy she brought home from the club. It was some new guy everyday. She liked it that way. And to be honest I liked it that way as well. It reinforced my belief that all these relations were purely physical for her. But my relation with her was so much more. She was my goddess and I was her faithful slave. And I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

Thankfully the closet was close to soundproof and I couldn’t hear them in the bedroom at all. It must have been at least an hour since they started. I hoped that it would get over soon and Lina would come to release me from this cruel bondage. My toes were barely touching the ground and supporting çankırı seks hikayeleri my whole weight on the toes was getting more painful with every passing minute. My hands were pulled behind by an armbinder and I was gagged by a big ball gag. Everything was hurting now but it was nothing new. For the last 5 months this was almost a daily affair. She kept improving it though finding more ways to add on to my pain and suffering. There would usually be unforgiving nipple clamps on me. But thankfully she took mercy on me today.

The vibrator suddenly started again going at a slow teasing speed and I started moaning again. I looked down and saw that I was dripping precum almost continuously now. A small puddle was forming directly below my cock on the floor. After about 5 minutes that felt like an eternity I heard the handle turning and I turned my head to see my gorgeous goddess standing at the door smiling at me. She was wearing a purple satin night gown that made me squirm with desire. Even after almost a year of being with her, the sight of her still filled me with lust and longing desire. Maybe the fact that I had not had an orgasm in 6 months was also a reason.

I looked at her with pleading eyes and my eyes suddenly welled with tears. I felt useless pathetic and helpless in her presence and crying felt so natural. It was my way of showing her how devoted I am to her as well as how broken I felt

“Oh, poor baby. Don’t cry. Mommy is here to release you from that hook,” she said smiling lovingly at me. She called herself mommy mostly when she was in a pleasant and kind mood. That was good news for me.

She took out her mobile and pressed a few keys and the vibrator stopped.

“Thanks you mommy,” I said through my gag.

She walked over to me and undid the ballgag. My mouth was so very dry and I rolled my tongue around to get some wetness in there.

“Thank you mommy,” I said again and she smiled.

“Look at how much you leaked today,” she chuckled looking down at the floor where my pre-cum puddle had formed.

“I am sorry mommy,” I apologized. “I couldn’t help it. I am so horny.”

“Not your fault baby. Mommy knows that she has been teasing the shit out of you the last few weeks. I think it is time for your milking honey. I know that it has not been a month since the last one but it looks like you have filled up much faster this time,” she said tickling the underside of my cock with her fingernails.

“If you think so mommy,” I replied. Milkings were not a pleasant experience but it did reduce the pain on my balls and allowed me to sleep much more peacefully.

“Mommy is too tired for it tonight. How about we do it tomorrow morning after breakfast?”

“Yes mommy. Thank you mommy,” I replied. Good news that she was tired. Maybe she will let put me to bed now.

She reached behind my back and pulled the hook up making me jump and cry. She then slowly pulled it out of me and I left out a sigh of relief and thanked her. I could place my whole feet on the floor once again and my legs shivered.

“Aren’t you glad that mommy helped you to lose all that weight? Imagine standing on your toes for an hour back when you were a little piggy,” she said.

“Yes mommy. Thanks for helping me to get in shape,” I said trying to suppress those painful memories

“Now get on your knees and lick that disgusting filth from the floor and meet me in the bedroom,” she said sternly and left.

I got down on my knees immediately and slurping it up. It was slightly difficult with my arms still pinned behind but I got as low as I could and made sure that nothing was left on the floor and then got back up and walked outside to the bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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