Devouring In The Rain

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It’s a warm summer night with a good chance of rain. It’s my most favorite time and I am hoping it will rain because there is something that gets me going when it rains. And tonight, in my mind, is going to be special…because I get to spend it with you. The thought of you is exciting me as I get ready to meet up with you. While I was in the shower, I thought about your touch, and imagined you there with me, under that steamy water. As I washed my body, feeling every inch of myself, I imagined your hands, free to roam my body. While I was getting dressed, I began thinking about how the evening would progress, and how eventually you would be removing these clothes. I finish up and call you to make sure things are still all set. You answer the phone and the sound of your voice, so calming and soothing brings a fresh wave of lust over me. I can hardly wait to be in your arms, and to feel you pressed close to me. After I get off the phone, I do a few final things to get ready. Then you knock at my door. I open the door to find you standing there in a black button up shirt and black slacks. Oh, yes, I think to myself, how I do love him in black. You stand there a moment, as if in awe. I am dressed in a tight black dress, about mid thigh.

As I invite you in, I turn and you see that it’s quite low cut in back, allowing full view of my tattoo, the one that makes you want to take me from behind. You come up behind me after closing the door and kiss my neck as you grab my hips. I tell you that we have to wait because we have reservations and that there will be time to play later. At this, you turn me to face you and plant a firm, but sweet kiss on my lips. You have that slightly hurt look at me telling you we had to wait, but I know that’s more play than anything else. You know that I want you as much as you want me. With that I kiss you once more and we head out to your car and start towards the restaurant.

In the car, we are listening to some of our favorite music. Music that we like to fuck to. As I am listening, singing the words, I look over to you. You are trying to do well to watch the road, but I do notice you take peeks at my legs from time to time. I can almost read your thoughts. That you are wondering if these are nylons, or if they are your most favorite of leggings, the thigh high stockings. I lean over to you and whisper into your ear, telling you that I’m not wearing any panties and that yes indeed they are thigh high stockings. I take your hand and run it up my thigh, under my dress, so as to finalize this fact for you. As your hand gets close to the warmth you know is there where my legs meet, I feel you start to push, to reach for it. I pull your hand out and tell you that you must wait. That this is your appetizer before our dinner.

I place my hand on your thigh and run my fingers up. I am getting close to that spot you want me to touch. I can tell by the look on your face that you want me to touch you. That you yearn for it. Even more than for my hand to grab and stroke, it’s the thought of my mouth wrapped around you that gets you thinking. I can see it in how you look at me. I play around for a bit longer, and then we arrive at our destination. We kiss a moment in the car and I tell you about how I want to enjoy this evening in every way. I tell you how I want all of the pleasures you can give to me. You kiss me again, with so much passion that I almost decide not to go into the restaurant. But we can’t have that because I have special plans for our meal. It is all part of the decadence that awaits us. After a moment, we go inside.

It’s dimly lit, and there are candles at each table. We are seated in a booth towards the back of the restaurant. You seat yourself, and I slide myself in next to you. We order some drinks and then as the waiter leaves, you tell me how incredible I look and that you can think of nothing more than getting me out of my clothes. I tell you that will come in due time, but for now, we have other things ahead of us. You kiss my neck and then give it a quick bite. This shoots the most amazing sensation through my body, but most significantly into my lower regions. You know all the right places to touch, it would seem. All the places that make me most crazy. I rest my hand on your thigh again and as I move up, I can feel that you are hard. I let a small smile come to my lips to show you that I approve. I begin to stroke the length a bit, lightly with my fingertips. Enough that you know I am touching you and to make you a little crazy as well. I undo the button on your pants and start to pull at the zipper when you look at me and ask what it is I am doing. I tell you that I just want to take a closer inspection. That Escort Sincan I have this need to just feel your flesh for a moment. I look at you with pleading eyes and ask if that is ok. You nod agreement, but I can tell that you are nervous we will get caught.

I then move to the rim of your boxers and pull them away from your stomach as I inch my hand down the front. I can feel the warmth coming off your hot cock and excitement fills me. I feel almost giddy with it. I run my fingers along the shaft, then move to the tip and run my nails slightly over it. We are very close and I can feel a change in your breathing. I whisper to you, asking if you are enjoying it. You tell me that you are and how you can’t wait to feel the wetness of my tongue against your cock. With those words, I grab a hold of you and begin to move slowly up and down, not all the way from base to tip. Just as I begin this, the waiter returns to ask what we would like to order. We respond, albeit you have a harder time than I. You fumble to find the words, trying not to make the waiter aware that I have my hand wrapped around your rock hard cock. He leaves and you tell me that you were worried he would notice. I tell you that you are silly and that I knew you would manage.

I move a bit more and as I move my hand over the tip, I feel the moistness there. This begins my own juices flowing, and I whisper in your ear that I am becoming very wet for you. I then ask if you would like to feel. You nod and move your hand up my thigh until you reach my lips. You push your finger in between to find my clit and a lot of wetness. You begin rubbing around my clit, and at times, pushing your finger inside. I moan oh so quietly so as to not bring attention to ourselves and I tell you how I love to feel your hands on me. That I love the feeling of your fingers inside of me, but not as much as that of your tongue running up, flat and slow, over my clit. I continue to stroke you, still going slowly. This is just the warm up after all. Our food is brought out and I remove my hand from your pants. I lick my fingers to taste you because I love the flavor. You are reluctant to remove your hand from under my dress, but I tell you that we have much more to do before the night is over and that we can’t indulge ourselves completely. That we must wait. You do pull your hand away, slowly, and as you do, I grab it and lick the fingers that had probed me. I do this with a little giggle, telling you that I wouldn’t want you to make a mess. You kiss me and our evening continues. We finish up with dinner and opt not to order a dessert. We have our own desserts planned. Well, I do, but you will find them out soon enough. We pay up and go back to your car.

You ask me where it is that we are going to next and I tell you to take me to a nearby park. On the way, I again play with your legs, and again, I do not touch where it is you most want to be touched. You park the car and begin to grab for me. I tell you to wait a moment. You look at me confused, and I remind you that this is a special night. That this is a night for complete satisfaction, and that is just what I intend to deliver, for both of us. I move towards you and give you a long, deep kiss. The stereo is still playing music and I begin unbuttoning your shirt. As I undo each button, I kiss a newly exposed part of your chest. In addition, I take a quick bite. I get to the button just above the waist of your pants and give you a nice long and slow lick. I nibble at your stomach again, as my hand rubs your thigh. I pull your shirt off, and I bite into your neck. The feeling of your flesh moving to my will. I do not leave a mark, and I draw no blood, but it is an intense feeling for both of us. You grab me and begin kissing me. You lean into my ear and you tell me how much you can hardly stand not fucking me right now. That you want to be inside of me, feeling my internal muscles as they contract against your cock. I tell you that the time will come, but this moment is not it. Just then, it begins raining. I ask you if I have ever told you of my fascination with rain. You tell me no. I then tell you that I find rain, being wet, drenched by it, to be extremely arousing. With that, I turn up the stereo and get out of the car. The rain is light, but the feeling of it is so incredible. It’s warm out, and as I am standing there, letting it hit me, I take my jacket off and throw it into the car.

You step out of the car as well, telling me that I must be crazy. I come over to you and pull you to the front of the car. I push you back onto the hood and undo your pants. I don’t pull them down just yet. I move your boxers for better access to you. I lick and Sincan Escort kiss, always keeping away from your cock. Knowing that it will make you insane. Then, as a surprise, I lick you from the base to the tip, so slowly, allowing my piercing to rub along your entire shaft. I feel the heat of your cock on my tongue and I breathe out slightly as I move along. You sit up a bit and put your hands on my back and into my hair. I pull up from you and you grab me at the waist, drawing me near. It begins to rain a bit harder, and we are starting to get wetter. You kiss me with a fury that could be compared to the most intense of lovers.

You turn me so my back is to the car. You lie me back against it, the wetness from the rain on my back. You are still kissing me as your hands begin to explore the curves of my body. You move slowly down my body, to the hem of my dress. Your strong hands feel so amazing on my body, and I can hardly wait for the next touch. You pull up my dress and begin licking at my clit. You do it slowly, the way you know I like it, and I let out a moan, informing you that you are doing well thus far. You move a hand up my thigh and up to my wet pussy. You start moving your finger into me. Just one and very slowly. In and out you push, still licking my clit. As the intensity of all the sensations increases, you insert a second finger. Then a third. You keep licking me and I keep getting wetter. Both from the rain and the extraordinary job that you are doing eating me. I barely even notice that you now have four fingers inside of me until you are pumping them into me harder. You stop lapping at me for a moment and look into my eyes. You ask me if you should try for all of them and I tell you yes. I want you to fist fuck me. You begin working your thumb in along side the rest of your fingers. I get an intense burst of pain, but it is the kind that makes me want more. It is the pleasure pain. You slowly work your hand up inside of me, still licking and sucking at my clit. I can feel you turning your hand inside of me, slowly while you continue to lick my clit slowly. I am overwhelmed by all of the input I am receiving. You, inside of me, licking me. The rain, falling into my face and across my body. The music, still pounding from inside the car, the vibrations flowing through my back.

You continue moving your hand inside of me, feeling the muscles of my cunt squeezing against your hand. You move it in and out of me fast, with ease because of how wet I have become. You continue to lick as I move into your hand as it thrusts into me. I moan because I know my orgasm is close and this feeling is so intense. You thrust into me harder and faster now, licking me with your tongue placed flat across it. I am getting so close. I beg for you to make me come. I plead with you… Won’t you give me that pleasure I so desire? You continue with your efforts, invading my insides to the point I’m not sure if I can stand it anymore. I feel my orgasm begin to take over me. I begin to let out screams of immense pleasure as all my muscles constrict. My legs begin to shake as you continue to push into me. Slower now, but still firmly. As I begin to regain myself, you remove your hand. You begin licking your fingers. I sit up to you and help. Licking my own juices from your fingers, looking into your eyes while I do. I grab your arms and pull you to me. I kiss you and thrust my tongue into your mouth. As our tongues dance, I move my hands back down to your cock. It is so hard and warm. I know the things it wants most.

I slide down until I am eye level with your cock. I pull your pants and boxers down. I let the rain fall onto you, letting you feel the sensation on your throbbing cock. I begin licking you, so slowly. Just letting you get a taste. I run my piercing over the tip, encircling it. Around and around I run my tongue. I then slowly move forward along the shaft, feeling the warmth and hardness as it passes over my lips and into my mouth. I pull away, running my tongue back and forth with my lips still pressed firmly against you. I grab your ass as I push my mouth back down onto you. I continue to thrust forward and back on your cock, loving every moment of it. You put your hands into my hair and grab hold. I moan at this because I love to feel your hands in my hair, but love it even more when you take hold of it, right at the base of my neck. You do not forcefully push me further onto your cock, but do have a good grip on my scalp. You allow me to be in control of this situation, and I like it. I continue faster, moving along your shaft. I pull back to the tip again, lick a bit, then lower myself to begin licking your balls.

You feel my piercing Sincan Escort Bayan there as well and you begin to moan. I can tell you approve of this new approach, as it is something I have not done to you before and you are grabbing my hair even harder. As I move upward again, trailing my tongue up the underside of your cock again, I move down onto you, fast and hard. I am digging my nails into your ass and I thrust your cock into my mouth harder and faster. I look up at you from my position, looking at you with my hungering eyes. I can see you, looking down at me with approval…and desire. You ask me if I want to make you come and I look at you in such a way that you know I do. I moan as well, as if to give additional confirmation. I move faster still and harder, feeling the tip as it probes inside. I am moaning nearly as much as you now, as I feel you get harder still, knowing that your orgasm will follow soon. I want it so much because tasting you is the best part. As you being to unleash your come into my mouth, I can feel the slightest tingling in my own nether regions. I drink of you as I would a fine wine. I slow down my movements and slowly move my hands around from your ass to your sides.

I begin to move upwards to you and as I do, you pull my dress up over my head. I am now only in a black bra and my thigh high stockings and heels. You grab at my breasts, feeling the wetness from the rain on them. You bend to kiss them, and you bite at them as well. I tell you how I love the feeling of your teeth sinking into me. You stop and bring your mouth up to my ear. You whisper, so quietly I can barely hear you…I want you from behind. I want to fuck you from behind, baby. With that, I tremble. You have said those words that pierce my insides and allow all my lust and desire to be set free. I wiling allow you to turn me and I plant my hands on the hood of your car. You move your hand between my legs and tell me how you love my wetness. That it pleases you greatly to know I am so wet for you. I turn my head to look at you, and I see that you are smiling at me. Your other hand has come around and is still playing with my breasts. You move yourself against me, so that I can feel your hardness against my ass. You begin to slide in between my thighs, and I can feel the tip at my lips. You massage me with the tip of your cock, making me wetter, although that hardly seems possible. You then begin to penetrate me. Slowly at first, so that I can feel as every bit of you slides into me. You move your hands to grab my hips to pull me onto you even more. You begin to pull away, to begin a new stroke and then thrust into me hard. So hard that I slip a little on the wet hood. You begin to move in fairly swift strokes and lean over me so that you can kiss my back and bite at my shoulders.

You kiss and lick my tattoo, all the while, thrusting in and out of me, slowly getting faster. You ask me if I like you fucking me and I tell you that I do. Then I ask you to fuck me harder. You willingly oblige. You pump your cock into me over and over, hard and fast. I am having a hard time keeping myself up on the car between the wetness of the hood and the power and strength that you are bearing on me. You move even faster and I can again feel my orgasm welling. You continue your motion, pulling my hips to bring our connection together as much as is possible. I tell you that I am going to come soon. That I am getting very close. You tell me that this pleases you and you bend down to bite me. With that, I explode. I start shaking as I begin to come. I let out a cry, saying your name over and over. You tell me that you love to hear me call out to you when you fuck me. That it makes you want to come. I tell you how I want you to come, as best I can through my gasps of pleasure. You thrust into me harder and faster still. You are pulling me and pushing yourself so fast and hard, I am amazed that we are even able to still stand. I had finished with my orgasm, but I can feel another coming on. I know that you are getting close as well. You continue to take of my flesh and I give it to you willingly. I can feel you as you begin to orgasm inside of me. Your cock twitching as it does. At that moment, I release as well. I moan and scream from all of the intensity.

I lean forward to press myself against the hood of the car, my exposed stomach and part of my breasts feeling the hard metal. You lean against my back, moaning into it. You are then kissing my back as you being to go soft. You pull away from me and I turn to face you. You pull me into your arms and kiss me for what seems an eternity. We are standing there, soaked to the bone, mostly naked in a state that can only be explained as pure ecstasy. I tell you that I hope you are pleased and you assure me that you are indeed. The music is still playing. Devour. The song that makes me think of you most often. The song that makes me desire you. We collect our things and return to the sanctuary of your car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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