Diana’s Self-Liberation Ch. 04

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In a similar vein…



Over breakfast Thomas tried not to think of his sexy married neighbour, Mrs Barrett, who just days ago had seduced him and to whom he had gladly surrendered his virginity, even though he was twenty years old.

She had booked into a motel after work and they had had sex, twice. He had been very conscious of his ineptitude but she had not seemed to mind. In fact she had positively seemed to enjoy his inexperience as much as he enjoyed her considerable experience. And she clearly got off on the idea of getting back at her cheating husband just as much as Thomas enjoyed doing it on the quiet with a married woman. She had even said that she did not want an affair or any other strings attached, and that it was a sex-only arrangement. He could not believe his luck!

Thomas also wondered when she would arrange their first “quickie” session in the morning in her home before they left for work. She had insisted on arranging the times in advance and at random so as to avoid giving neighbours cause for suspicion. Thomas picked up his empty cereal bowl and half-empty mug of coffee from the table and drifted into the kitchen.

“Everything okay, Thomas?” his dad asked.

“Yes, Yes, fine dad. Why?”

“You just seem very quiet this morning – as if something’s on your mind.”

Thomas blushed. He did have a lot on his mind. A lift into work with the neighbour twice his age with whom he had twice had sex – including a few delicious moments when she had sucked his cock – and with whom there were many more naughty and luscious times in store.

“No, everything’s fine, thanks. Just a bit tired.”

Thomas’ dad left the house for work at about ten to eight, as Thomas was washing the breakfast dishes. His mother left for work just after eight. He had about twenty minutes before he needed to go across the road to her house. More than enough time for a wank. Sometimes he thought of one of the girls who worked in his office. More often than not it was Mrs Barrett that came to his mind. And that was who would fuel his orgasm this morning. She had invited him to call her by her first name, Diana. He had fumblingly replied that he preferred to call her Mrs Barrett (it was an illicit reminder of her married status and of their age difference) and they had settled on “Mrs B” as a less formal name.

He had done it many times previously while trying to guess the appearance of her naked breasts and pussy, the sight, the feel of them, and the sensation of easing himself inside her and thrusting until he came. Now when he closed his eyes he no longer had to guess. He could call to mind the actual sights and sensations.


Diana felt a little light-headed that morning, too. She had planned the seduction of her younger neighbour for some time. Although she felt guilty at the way that she had manipulated him and that she had entered a no-strings and no-affection, fun-only arrangement, she also felt good. She was no longer a victim of her husband’s cheating. She had taken control of her life. And although her husband’s seeking younger women had flattened her self-esteem, it was now recovering. Her husband Keith had his string of floozies. But she too now had someone young who found her sexy and attractive. She had seen his enthrallment and experienced it. At her prompting he had even admitted to masturbating to the thought of her. Instead of offending her, this made her feel very feminine, desired and desirable once again – in fact more than she had in years.

She also felt guilty at having secretly recorded her motel liaison with Thomas on an old pocket-sized cassette recorder. It seemed a betrayal of his trust but she told herself that but for her he would still be a twenty-year old virgin. No, he owed her a debt of gratitude, she reasoned, and being recorded secretly – purely for her own private gratification – was a partial cancellation of that debt.

She had uploaded it onto her computer and run it through some software that she had obtained. She had been able to filter out some of the tape hiss and warble, and whilst the sound quality was still patchy and even at best mediocre, it was a triumph. She had deleted some sections and retained the best. She had messed around with the copy, using it as a master from which to try to improve further. The amateurish quality even after several attempts was a little disappointing but on the other hand it was in keeping with the circumstances in which it had been captured. Most of all, she got off on it as she listened to it and re-lived their time together.

She had had sex with Thomas in a motel. Her plan was to have a brief sexual encounter with him some mornings, but to do so very carefully for discretion. Today was too soon. She must be patient. But she felt excited and horny. Then she had the idea. It was rude and she hoped it would not alienate him. But she was confident that it wouldn’t.


Now in the house alone, Thomas headed Karaköy escort upstairs to his room, where his curtains were still closed. He went first into the bathroom and tore a short length of toilet paper off the roll.

He lay on the bed, pulled down his trousers and boxers and began to stroke himself. He closed his eyes and brought his sexy seductress neighbour to mind.

His mobile rang. He was annoyed at the distraction but despite ignoring it, it continued to ring. He decided to answer it in case it was his mum or dad and something was wrong. He grabbed the phone.


“Hi Thomas. It’s Diana. Sorry – I mean Mrs B. You sound a bit… is everything alright?”

“Yes. Sorry if I sounded a bit off-hand…”

He felt his stomach flutter with excitement at hearing her voice. She felt the same, though the thought never occurred to him.

“You’re all alone – I saw your mum and your dad both leave for work,” she continued. It was a statement, not a question.

“Yes. Sorry, is it time to set off already? I… I’m not quite ready. I can… get the bus if you need to set off now,” he replied.

He was annoyed with himself. His excitement and shyness were making him babble. He thought of her well-groomed hair, her firm breasts and how good they had felt in his hands and in his mouth. He let go of his hardness, feeling guilty about pleasuring himself while talking to her.

“No, Thomas. No, it’s not time to set off yet. I just rang because… I’m alone as well – and I was thinking about you.”

She spoke softly into the phone, he guessed this was so that her voice would not be overheard by her neighbours, but it sounded very intimate. Although still excited, his embarrassment made his erection begin to subside.

“I… I was thinking about you, too, Mrs B.”

“I bet you’re just saying that, Thomas!” she teased.

“No. No, I… I was – honest.”

“Okay, Thomas, I believe you. When I say I was thinking about you, Thomas, I meant – in a naughty way…”

He could not believe what he was hearing.

“I… er… wow!”

He felt stupid.

“I haven’t put my skirt or blouse on yet, Thomas. I’m lying on my bed with my pretty white embroidered bra on. And my navy blue underskirt on – you know the one!”

“Yes, yes I do… that one you first teased me with…”

“Yes. And I’m wearing it back-to-front at the moment so that the lace-trimmed split is at the front and not at the back. I wish you could see!”

“I… I wish I could, too, Mrs B!”

“I’m sure you do! Because I’m wearing my black stockings and suspenders. My legs are bent at the knees and the hem of my underskirt is half way up my slender thighs. When I look down I can see the top of my stockings and the naked skin of my thigh above it inside the split in my shiny slip, Thomas…”

“Can I… can I come across? I… I’d really like…” he faltered.

“No, I’m afraid not, Thomas. Some days you can come across early, but not today. I mentioned yesterday that today you have to come across as I’m backing the car out of the drive. Different days, different times. Then nobody guesses our – our secret.”

“Yes. Yes, sorry.” He blushed at the reminder of the cloak-and-dagger, behind her husband’s back nature of the affair – or arrangement, or whatever else best described it. His erection gave an approving twitch, too, at the thought of having regular if brief sex in her house in a way that neither his parents nor the neighbours would suspect.

He thought too of the prospect of arriving at work some days within half an hour or so of fucking this sexy, mature… MARRIED woman, without any of his colleagues suspecting. How surprised they would be! Thomas, the seeming nerd! Thomas, who had no success with females! Thomas who in fact had just had sex with a woman twice his age! Ha!

Diana felt hot. She savoured the feel of her hand stroking and kneading her breasts through her bra, and her mind went back to the feel of his trembling hand doing the same, calling to mind the enthralled expression of his face as he had stared at them yielding to his touch. She even tried to mimic the trembling of his hand as she teased her breasts and sensitive nipples.

“Talking of secrets, Thomas – can I trust you with one?”

“Yes. Yes of course,” he replied. Although he felt bad about it, he resumed stroking his half-hard length slowly as he listened to her voice. He closed his eyes and thought of her naked body under his, cast his mind back to her soft murmurs and grunts of pleasure as he had sucked her breasts.

“Well, alright then, Thomas. As I said I’m having naughty thoughts about you. And I’m enjoying them. In fact, Thomas, my hand is fondling my boobs through my bra… my nipple is already half-hard. Oh Thomas, you remember how it looks, how it feels between your finger and thumb…”

“Yes, Mrs B.”


He heard a soft rustling sound.

“That’s the sound of my hand caressing and squeezing my boob through my lacy bra… and now I’m tweaking my nipple and gently pinching it – just like you Kayaşehir escort bayan did the other day…”

Thomas felt an almost electric charge run through him. He had rung phone-sex lines a couple of dozen times – always a “mature lady” one – with varying degrees of satisfaction. He had liked the anonymity – the woman on the other end of the phone might be hundreds of miles away. On the other hand, for all he knew, she might be in the next town, the next estate – even the next street!

But it was all just fantasy. The woman talking dirty was probably washing up or peeling veg for the evening meal, or polishing and dusting. The opening zip sounds that were allegedly her dress or skirt coming open probably came in fact from some coat that she kept close by especially for the sound effect. Whoever he got, her voice invariably had a slightly forced, unnatural intonation. But what was happening now with his naughty neighbour did not seem to be fake at all, but real.

“Where are YOU, Thomas?”

“In my bedroom.”

“Getting ready for work?”

“Er.. kind of.”

You don’t sound very sure! Are YOU having naughty thoughts, too?”


“Who about?”

“Y-you, Mrs B. I… I’m thinking of you.”

“In a naughty way?”


Diana felt a thrill of delight. How good it felt to be desired, to have a young lad so taken with her, so aroused by her! And despite the faltering nature of his response, its quickness left her in no doubt that he was telling the truth.

“Are you dressed, Thomas.”


“Which part?

“J-just my top part.”

“Ooh, Thomas. Are you doing the same as me?

Her heart was beating. There was a pause. Could it mean “yes”, and he was trying to pluck up the courage? The thought that he might be, that he might be doing it as she spoke to him, was very sordid – yet so appealing! The likelihood that if he was, he was thinking of her as he did it and whilst speaking to her was unbelievably arousing.

“ARE you, Thomas? I’ve told you what I’m doing… I’m touching my boobs. My hand is down inside my bra now. My skin feels so soft, my titty itself is sort of firm yet sort of soft – but you know that, don’t you, because you’ve fondled them and suckled on them, haven’t you? Well, Thomas, are you doing the same sort of thing as me? Hmm?”

She knew that her voice was strained with excitement. Thomas sensed it. Her excitement fed his. But shame still prevented his erection from complete hardness.

“I… sort of, Mrs Barr – I mean. Mrs B. But… but it’s not my chest that I’m touching!”

He was feeling less embarrassed and more aroused now. He was thrilled by the whole scenario. It was the opposite of a commercial phone-sex call. There was no anonymity in this. It was the familiar voice of his sexy, mature and married neighbour. Not so much imagination was needed, either. He had seen her – and had fucked her. She had sucked his cock for a short time, too. Better still, right now the sounds he heard were probably genuine and not fake.

“Ohhh, Thomas. Are you touching – your willy?”


He liked the way she used quaint, old-fashioned terms. It emphasised to him their age difference – and with it, her degree of sexual experience

“Is it hard, Thomas? Is your willy hard?”

“Yes. Well… not completely.”

“Oh my! Why don’t you… why don’t you hold it near the base –resting your hand against your soft silky young pubes – and slap your willy against your thigh?”


“And Thomas?”

He felt a twinge of arousal at the barely-concealed excitement in her voice.


He was conscious of the excited tremor in his voice, too.

“Put the phone near it. Let me hear your swelling willy slapping against your firm thigh, love.”

He followed her instructions, enjoying the feel of his tautening member beating against his thigh, enjoying the sight and pretending that it was her thigh it was encountering, enjoying the rude, suggestive sound, and the increasing pulsing as he hardened.

“Oooh, Thomas, that sounds so naughty! And so lovely!”

The quietness of her voice sounded sexy and naughty, as if afraid of being overheard.

“Is it hard now, Thomas. Is the tip exposed? Is your purple knob-end bare?”


“And you’re playing with it to make it harder?”

“Yes, Mrs B.”

Let me hear…”

A little embarrassed again, he held the phone near his other hand as he shafted himself. Diana felt a shudder of delight as she heard the faint but crude sound.

“What.. who are you thinking about as you’re doing it, Thomas? The truth. Is it one of your favourite TV celebrities?”

“You.. you know the answer to that, Mrs B. You – I’m thinking of you. Thoughts of you made me hard this morning before… before I touched myself.”

The speed and directness of his reply made its truthfulness beyond doubt. A wave of delight and desire swept over her, and made her pussy tingle and moisten.

“Oh, Thomas, that’s nice! And…”

“I… I’m Escort Küçükçekmece thinking about your lovely… tits,” he interrupted. “I’m… I’m thinking of how fabulous they look and feel. I’m… I’m thinking about… about the way your nipples went hard in my mouth when… when I sucked your gorgeous, mature tits.”

He flushed as he spoke. He had spoken like this on phone-sex lines, but never for real before.

“Ooh Thomas, yesss! It felt so good for me, too to have them sucked. So tenderly and yet so eagerly. And the feel of that hard throbbing young willy rubbing my leg… and the feel of it slipping up inside my juicy married snatch! Oh, Thomas, you’ve no idea how much I enjoyed being shagged by you!”

Again he loved her quaint, out-of-date terms, and he called to mind the feel of her hands on his back, the feel of her pelvis grinding up against his, the feel of her whole body coming suddenly to life beneath him, racked by her orgasm…

“My hand’s moving over my belly now, Thomas. My nylon underskirt feels so warm, so soft and silky and slippery! Thomas! I love the feel of it under my fingers. And I love the feel of my fingers touching myself through it. Listen…”

She held the phone close to her fingers as they glided over the navy-blue nylon. She pressed her thighs together, bringing delicious pressure on her tingling pussy.

“Now my fingers are sliding inside the open slit of my underskirt… I’m stroking my stockingtops and the bare, sensitive skin above them…”

He heard enticing sounds, the sounds of fingertips and fingernails on scratchy lace and on bare soft skin. He heard her sighing quietly. He screwed his eyes tighter closed as he recollected the sight of her stockings, her suspenders – and of her cropped but hairy bush.


“Yes Mrs B?”

“Are you going to wank yourself till you come – while I’m on the phone?”

“I… I dunno… I’m a bit shy…”

Whenever he had made phone sex calls before he had masked his orgasm and hung up immediately afterwards, too embarrassed to continue or end the conversation.

“Not really. You’re not REALLY shy, Thomas. You weren’t shy when you were thrusting that long hard willy up me, were you?”


“Well, Thomas. I want to hear you come. When you do I want you to put the phone close against your mouth. I want to hear you puff and pant and gasp like you did when you came inside my mature twat the other day. Will you do that for me? I’ll do the same as I come while talking to you, love!”

Her heart was beating as she awaited his answer, every nerve straining. She could hardly believe what she was doing and saying. She felt cheap and nasty. She felt like a silly girl half her age egging on an oversexed boyfriend. She felt ashamed of herself. She should know better at her age. But at the same time she felt liberated. Her husband had been having dirty no-strings sex for some time – why shouldn’t she, she asked herself


“Yes, Mrs B,” he answered after a few moments’ hesitation. “Yes I’ll let you hear me c-come, Mrs B.”

“Ohhh thank you Thomas, thank you! Are you completely hard now?


“Is your willy dribbling with pre-cum?”


“Me too – I mean my clitty’s hard. And my fanny’s wet – in fact my knickers are damp with my sex-juices. My fingers are inside my knickers now, Thomas… and now I’m stroking my fanny lips and my hard slimy clit… and now I’m slipping two fingers inside my slippery snatch… can you hear?”

She held the phone close to her probing fingers, hoping that it would capture the rude squishy sound of her thrusting fingers. The sordidness of what she was doing and saying thrilled her. So did the knowledge that he was pleasuring himself, right then, just a couple of dozen yards away from her behind his bedroom curtains. And it was thoughts of her that were driving his pumping hand and bringing his orgasm ever-closer!

“Yes. I can hear.”

“I’m going to do it, Thomas. Right now. With you listening. It’s for real, I’m not faking it. You make me feel so horny, so sexy, I’ve got to do it. Partly for your benefit. I want you to hear me. But mainly for my benefit. Knowing you’re listening to me as I finger-fuck myself is feeding my lust, Thomas. I have to do it. Right now. Fanny’s dribbling, she’s so hungry! She needs another finger, two aren’t enough…”

“Oh Mrs B. Do it! Do it, you rude, naughty lady!”

Her coarseness thrilled him. He rubbed his balls, then began to shaft his throbbing length again.

“I AM. I’m finger-fucking my snatch and I’m going to make myself come like I did when your hard long willy was inside me….”

He held the phone close to his ear. He heard her sigh several times, then he heard her breathing become more uneven. He knew she must have moved the phone again because he could no hear lewd sloppy noises, accompanied by her sighs and soft, unexaggerated groans.

“You do it, too, Thomas – wank that willy as you think of me…”

As he began to shaft himself hard and fast, he heard her breath coming in irregular gasps. Mrs Barrett, his neighbour, was coming while on the phone to him and while he was on the brink of doing the same. He closed his eyes and tried to picture her, her face contorted as she rocked her fingers in and out of her hairy pussy, her body rocking and jerking, her breasts surging rudely in synch, her nipples sticking up proudly…

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