Diary Date June 2008

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Diary date 26th June 2008.

According to my old diary for 2008, the bland comment for the day of the twenty sixth of June said that I was on Portugal’s western coast with my husband James. We had pitched our tent at a campsite near Aljezur the previous evening and had spent most of the following day at the beach. The weather was very hot.

I can remember it like it was yesterday.

That’s why there were two red asterisks by the entry and those asterisks meant (to me) that it was a significant day and my brief note was merely a reminder of that day’s events.

I can still recall the details now but for posterity’s sake I need to set the details down. I know the memory will fade like an old photograph and that day deserves due reverence. Twenty years from now I want to be able to capture every delicious second of that day so that my hand can creep down to my clitoris and make circular motions as I read these words over and over again.

We had four weeks in which we intended to tour France and Spain and then Portugal. Our transport was an elderly but reliable Renault Espace with all of the rear seats removed. The motoring press called it a people carrier but we had bought it specifically for its ability to carry our varied belongings and the fact that we could make our budget stretch further by occasionally sleeping overnight in it.

This morning however, I was woken by the early morning sun streaming in to our chain store tent which was pitched on a small camp site on the outskirts of Aljezur. It was not even 8am yet and I could hear James’s gentle breathing as he lay on his back in a deep sleep.

I glanced sideways at him and, although his naked body was covered by a cotton sheet, his morning hard-on was making a tent of its own. I had a nightshirt on but it would be no obstacle to what I had planned for starters. I slid my hand between my legs and slid my fingers up and down the slit of my opening, my lips parted and I could feel the warm slippiness of my own juices as I rubbed my clit and pushed my middle finger partway into my cunt.

I quietly worked my own magic on myself but once I was thoroughly flowing I pulled back the sheet and in one motion I came astride my husband. I grasped his swollen cock with one hand and parted my fanny lips with my other hand and lowered myself down upon him as he opened one eye into the bright sunshine and gave me a crooked smile.

His hands moved to my hips and he adjusted slightly so that with a minimum of movements his cock slowly sunk to its full length into my slippery hole. I tightened the muscles of my groin around him and reached for the hem of my nightshirt which I peeled off and dropped down across his face. He tossed it to one side and I brought my nipples one at a time to his mouth. “Good morning” was all he could manage before he clamped his arm around the back of my neck and pressed my modest boob into his mouth, rolling his tongue around my nipple and gently biting on it before moving on to the other one.

He began to thrust upwards into me and for a while I let him, matching his movements so that we bumped together at the same time over and over again. Then our rhythm became more ragged as he gathered speed and he arched his back against the air bed to crash into me until I pressed my hands into his chest and restrained him.

So used were we, to each other’s habits that we had our own shortened version of gestures and instructions when we were fucking and rarely spoke in full sentences. He knew it was bad manners to come before me and we knew from experience that, if I didn’t hold him back, he would blow his load within two or three minutes.

So he obediently relaxed and I bent down to kiss him and offer my stiffened nipples to his mouth once more. He put his hands on my pelvis and I leaned back so that my right hand could ferret its way down to my clit. Everything was done at half pace, my slight movements up and down his cock simply served to remind me that his length was buried inside me whilst all the time I massaged my clit round and round and alternately stroked the lips of my cunt to gather the moisture to allow my fingers to comfortably slide back and forth.

Every now and then James could not restrain himself from pressing back into the softness of the airbed and then launching himself into me but a short command was enough to make him still again even though I was just as desperate as he was to break into another frantic fucking motion. The sensations that were coming from inside me told me that that moment was only minutes away.

The palms of my hands pressed heavily into his chest and I gradually increased the pace of my lunges against him. Then I pressed my fingers harder into the opening of my cunt, fiercely squashing my clitoris into my pelvic bone, I pushed three wet fingers into his mouth and he sucked greedily before putting his hands on each side of my face to pull me down to his mouth. He kissed me and I pushed my tongue into Escort bayan his mouth and over his teeth and all the while I slowly ground my groin around his cock so that we were in a slow rotation. His hand moved to my bottom and one of his fingers circled my bum hole without making any attempt to go further.

I leaned back once more and he squeezed his hand in between our two pubic areas. His hand was the wrong way round for me and I impatiently pulled it out and replaced it with my own hand and went to work on my clit again. I moved my fingers rapidly in the wetness between us, alternating between my clit and the swollen lips of my hole. I could feel my orgasm just waiting in the background and knew I was seconds away from releasing it from the pit of my stomach. “Go on” I said to James, freeing him from his torment and his body came alive. Like an athlete doing sit-ups, he powered his way into me, his buttocks leaving the bed each time he slammed his cock inside me as deep as he possibly could.

My orgasm suddenly rose to the surface like a monster released from the deep. I hurled my groin towards his and we fucked violently as I rode the storm, I could not stop myself from quietly gasping “fuck me” over and over again. There is something very powerful and erotic about coming that I can rarely hold the words back. He shushed me because there were other tents nearby and slowly the beautiful sensations inside me subsided and my thrashing motions slowed to a halt.

We came apart and I collapsed on my back, one hand pinching my nipples and massaging my boobs, the other hand circling the opening to my vagina. James knelt over me slowly tugging at his own cock so that it regained its full length once more. “Ready?” was the only word he needed to say and I nodded. Once I have come, there always remains a tingling, wanting sensation inside me that can only be satisfied by some seriously hard fucking so he gripped my ankles, dragged me down the bed, placed my legs over his shoulders and, after bending me double, slid his knob into my fully exposed cunt. He slipped inside me and began to move in and out of me with powerful strokes. His abdomen was making slapping sounds against my legs and my bottom was making the same noises against his legs. Now it was my turn to say “shush” but I could hardly get the words out as he ploughed into me over and over again and I groaned repeatedly in a genuine mix of ecstasy and pain as the slap slap slapping sounds all but merged into one.

I could see sweat beads on his forehead and I could feel the warmth building up in the tent as he relentlessly gathered speed and drove into me in what felt like a desperate effort to split me in two. His weight was beginning to crush me and I signalled that I had to bring my legs back down. He changed his position so that he was further up the bed than I was and took his full weight on his arms. I helped him to insert the head of his dick in my hole and he slowly pushed it fully in before withdrawing back ensuring that the length of his cock travelled over my clitoris. We rocked back and forward and I dug my fingers into the cheeks of his bottom to dictate the pace at which he slowly entered me over and over again.

I knew he was trying to make me come again but I knew that wasn’t going to happen and we moved into a more measured spate of delicious, delightful fucking. I found a fistful of his hair and pulled his head down to me to kiss him hard on his lips. I pushed his head down to my breasts and he slurped greedily on my nipples but the combination completely disrupted our rhythm. He broke free and moved down to kiss my fanny lips but I needed something more violent and I pulled him back to resume his earlier position. He slipped back inside me and I took up the same pace as him so that our sweating bodies crashed together at the same time.

I held firmly onto his backside once more, pulling him towards me every time he reached the furthest extent of his backstroke. Occasionally he dipped his head to kiss me before pulling back and charging forward again and again. He began to slam harder into me and I was on the verge of crying out when he let out a low roaring sound and I felt the pulsing of his cock and then the warmth of his spunk as it leaked into me. He continued at a slower pace, trying to extract the maximum pleasure from his ejaculation which was now dribbling slowly down the cheeks of my bottom and then he finally collapsed on top of me, his chest heaving with the effort.

“Has anyone ever told you” he began saying breathlessly, “Don’t” I said prudely but I knew there was no stopping him. “Has anyone ever told you that you’re a great fuck…. a fucking great fuck….. I love fucking you, you’re so fucking beautiful… don’t you just love it when I fuck you?”

I shushed him and his torrent of praise eventually subsided and we lay quietly together. I kissed his ears and then his nipples and then I wriggled down the bed to gaze at his shrunken cock. Bayan escort It lay on his groin like an abandoned toy and I bent my head towards it and peeled his sticky foreskin back to expose the plum coloured head beneath.

I closed my lips around it and his hands cupped around my ears as he lay there breathing hard whilst I rolled my tongue around the salty head. I could taste my own musky cunt juices mingled in there and I shivered with the excitement of it all knowing that James was now propped up on his elbows watching me suck and lick his floppy dick. Finally, with some resistance from me, he pushed my head from his groin and tugged me back to lie by his side, to kiss and be kissed.

Minutes ticked by in complete silence and finally James announced that he was getting up. A further five minutes passed before he rose from the bed to drag on his much loved Eddie Bauer cargo shorts and a scuffed old pair of deck shoes. He went outside to put the kettle on the Cadac and sat down in the sun with a faded copy of Inspector Morse.

I fell into a deep sleep but eventually the heat within the tent and the bright sun outside persuaded me otherwise and I pulled on a pair of shorts and a black bikini top and went outside to see if James might make me a cup of coffee and a bagel to start the day. We sat in the warm morning sun exchanging the odd greeting with our neighbours and planning our day before we decided it was shower time. James located his towel and shaving bag and I gathered my bags together and we moved off towards the shower block.

The attraction of this particular site was that they also had family bathrooms, where for a euro, you could use a tiny bathroom suite for 20 minutes (whereupon the water ceased to flow). Ideal for a parent wanting to keep track of young offspring but just as ideal for those of us who wanted a little more fun time.

It had to be a quick affair and James shaved whilst I washed my hair and then he joined me in the shower and we soaped and kissed and soaped and stroked and washed each other’s parts far more than was necessary. He examined my shaved pussy closely and said that he would shortly have to give it another trim. Even though I regularly go to a salon for waxing he regards the upkeep of my pubic hair as his personal responsibility and I have to admit that he does a great job of getting in far closer than the beautician likes to go. And naturally he always celebrates a successful fanny trim by slipping his tongue inside me prior to impaling me on his cock.

By now his cock was like a rounders bat so I reached for a towel to use as a mat and went down on my knees and closed my mouth around his swollen tip. I wrapped my hand around its base so that I could slide his foreskin back and forward, a method which also served to prevent him from trying to bury his entire length in my mouth. Minutes passed as I sucked and licked and stroked his rock hard pole and he buried his fingers in my hair and swayed to and fro in delight. His body tensed and for a second I thought he was going to come in my mouth but he released his grip and helped me to my feet. We moved to the sink where I took up a firm grip on the edge of the worktop, opened my legs and stuck out my pert little arse and, through the mirror, I watched him move into position behind me.

He placed one hand on my waist and brought the other hand round to my slit to peel my lips apart and insert the tips of his fingers in a slow lingering stroke. Once he was satisfied that the way was clear he pushed his knob inside me and we each squirmed from side to side until it was firmly home.

Slowly he moved back and forward into me, withdrawing until only the bulbous head of his cock was concealed within and then driving his full length inside me. He didn’t rush as we both knew it would be a while before he came again so we silently travelled back and forwards in deference to some children and their mother who were chattering in the next bathroom.

It was a delightful sensation, as sex generally is, and I smiled at him through the mirror as he gripped my waist and kissed my neck and ears. Every now and then he would vaguely change his line of approach and I would lower my head to the sink or raise my gaze to the mirror to ease his passage. Back and forward we rocked and each time he entered me I pushed my bottom back to receive him.

He began to pick up speed and we grimaced as the slapping sounds built up. Now was not the time to moan “fuck me” and I gritted my teeth as he buried himself inside me time and time again. I watched his face contort in the mirror as his eyes closed and his lips drew back to expose his teeth and gums and he let out a rather pathetic sighing noise as he let loose a deposit of hot spunk deep inside me. He hesitated for a few seconds whilst the sensation rippled through him and then he resumed his powerful lunges and with each assault I could feel his seed being displaced in and around the minute airspaces Escort between my vagina and his penis.

Eventually he ground to a halt and I felt his dick slowly shrink inside me and I shook it free. There was a disgusting splat sound as some of his cum simply fell out of me and landed on the tiled floor and we stood there laughing and gulping in air as silently as we could. He turned me round and kissed me whilst he gripped the cheeks of my bum and pulled me hard up against him. He bent down to kiss each breast in turn and I gripped him playfully by his ears to hold him there.

Eventually we broke apart and gazed at the sticky mess of our groins and decided that it would take a second shower to get rid of the sweat and spunk and fanny juice that glinted in the sunlight. He volunteered to go outside and feed the meter, fortunately no was waiting and we bathed again in record time before we returned to the tent for breakfast.

Perhaps I should introduce us. We are two bright young stars in our late twenties who had met in our final year at university, graduated, found jobs, moved in together, married and lived happily ever after. Well that’s not quite correct yet but we were truly happy and in love and James had recently been approached to take up a better paid job with another aerospace company.

Before he took up the post and before we saddled ourselves with greater responsibilities we had decided to seize the opportunity to take the road trip that we had always promised ourselves. I took two weeks leave and two weeks unpaid leave from my very understanding employer and we had simply set off for the channel ports with only a vague idea of where we were going.

The car did everything that was asked of it, the weather had been kind and we were young and beautiful (kind of) and healthy. The sex between us became more and more daring and erotic and varied the further south we travelled. Work seemed a distant memory and we humped each other senseless on a daily basis and it truly felt as if the sun was shining for us personally.

Our mission that day was to drive to a beach we had identified from Google maps as being remote and without facilities and with enough nooks and crannies to hide away for the day whilst we sunbathed in the unseasonably hot weather. We had searched out many such locations, not always successfully, but on the occasions when all of the aces came together I knew that the result would be a day to remember, a day of nakedness and exhibitionism and fucking and fingering and orgasms until we literally wore ourselves out.

By 12am the signs were looking good. We had followed the print-out of the Google map and with some difficulty we had made our way by car to a rough cliff top car park where we were disappointed to find one other car and an expensive campervan which looked as if it had been there for a few days. The western coast of Portugal faces the Atlantic and is generally colder than the popular Algarve resorts. It is also is far less developed and attracts a surfer crowd rather than the tourist crowd.

Hand in hand we carried our rucksacks for over a mile along a deserted narrow white beach where the only sound was the crash of the waves and the only people we met were a hippy dude with a dog and two blonde men sunbathing in skimpy swim trunks. We were spoilt for choice by the number of potential hidey holes but eventually we decided that a tiny enclave of sand at the back of the beach partly hidden by dunes and big tufts of bentgrass was the best choice on our shortlist and we settled in for a lazy, crazy day in the sun.

We threw down a large cotton sheet to keep the sand at bay and arranged our towels on top. James used his hands to dig a deep hole in the sand over which he laid our beach brolly in the hope that it might keep the food and drink in our rucksacks cool but it was a lame hope given that the temperature that day would exceed 70F.

I stripped down to a tiny pair of red bikini bottoms with string sides, a modest triangle of cloth at the front and a slightly larger triangle at the back which exposed large areas of my bottom to the sun. They were strictly for beaches such as this, certainly not for walking around or diving into a hotel pool. As for my bikini top, well I rarely wore one, so paranoid was I about strap marks which I tried to avoid at all costs. I had small cricket ball sized breasts, barely enough to form a cleavage but I was pleased with them and they pointed firmly forward. I had no hang ups about them and most of our friends and neighbours had had an eyeful at some unexpected moment. James told me repeatedly that I had the most perfectly formed nipples and the absolute optimum shape for small tits and he attempted to grope me every time he came close to my near naked body.

He was wearing a pair of white Barcelona shorts and once he lay down he insisted on rolling up the legs and rolling down the waistband to expose the maximum amount of flesh. The effect of this was that it looked as if he was wearing a nappy. He flatly refused to wear briefs and I knew that given the right conditions his shorts would not be on for long, as soon as he judged it was safe he would discard them altogether.

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