Diary: Leading Lady

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December 3

Its the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and things have been quiet at work. My caseload is pretty light and I decided to take myself to lunch today. The only thing I had to do this afternoon was meet a new client at the office at 2:00. I went down to Franks and grabbed a small booth and waited for the waitress. The place was half empty and I didn’t think lunch would take too long and I was looking forward to doing a little shopping on my way back to the office if I had time. I looked up and noticed a woman at the bar; she was looking at me and then she looked away. She was quite pretty and I found myself staring back at her long after she’d turned away.

The waitress came over and I ordered my usual; a sesame chicken salad and tall iced tea. She left and I could see the woman at the bar busily stirring her drink as if she were waiting for someone who was very late.. She had long, straight blonde hair down past her shoulder blades and a wonderfully heart-shaped butt. She was wearing a thin, chocolate brown dress that was pulled taught from sitting on the stool and I thought that was an odd choice for winter wear. That was about all I could see from where I was since she mostly had her back to me. She was quite petite, probably not much more than five feet tall, and I remembered her eyes being dark. She must have felt me staring at her because she turned and looked at me again. I was a little embarrassed but managed a smile and then looked at the waitress who was just arriving with my drink.

I thanked her and grabbed the sugar and began pouring it in; one…two…three spoonfuls and then grabbed a spoon and started stirring. I wondered if it was safe to look up yet. I stirred for a moment longer and then glanced up; she was still looking my way. This time she smiled at me but did not turn away. Even from this distance, I could see that she had beautiful brown eyes and her eyebrows were long, thin and very graceful; they framed her eyes very elegantly. I guessed she was in her early thirties. Realizing I was staring, I forced myself to look down at my glass. I could feel the flush rising to my cheeks and I hoped she couldn’t see that I was blushing. I kept stirring my drink and hoped the waitress would come with my salad soon.

After what seemed like an eternity, the waitress returned with my salad and another iced tea. She put the salad on the table and then handed me the glass. I must have given her a funny look because all she said was, “Complements of the lady at the bar.”

I looked up and she was smiling at me. She gave me a brief wave with one hand and then raised her glass in a mock toast with the other. I smiled back and mouthed “Thank you” to her. She turned back toward the bar and continued her silent wait.

I was very self-conscious as I ate and found myself looking up every few bites to watch the mysterious and beautiful blonde. She only stayed for a few more minutes and then reached over and grabbed a heavy overcoat from the stool next to her. As she stood to put it on, I got my first good look at her. She was probably 5’4” in her heels and as she turned in profile to me I could see that she was perfectly proportioned. From the curve of her full breasts I guessed she was a 34C. She turned toward me as she reached back with both hands to pull her hair from beneath her coat and I got an even better look as they rose and fell with the movement of her arms. But it was the serene elegance of her face that held me. She met my gaze and winked at me with a smile. I smiled back and then she brought her lips together in a pouting kiss and waved as she turned and left the restaurant.

I looked up and saw the waitress approaching and I blushed again; she’d seen the whole thing. Since I go to Franks on a regular basis I wasn’t about to make a big deal out of it.

“Got a new member of the Tiana fan club?” the waitress said sarcastically.

I laughed and told her that it was just a big tease and meant nothing. I told her I’d never seen her before and would probably never see her again after today. The waitress snickered and left and I tried to push the image of the mystery woman flipping her hair back from my mind but in all honesty I spent the rest of my lunch thinking about her… her ruby lips, her almond shaped eyes…and her perfect breasts.

I should tell you now that, while I’ve always admired beautiful women, Escort Ankara my admiration for women has always ended there – with admiring them. I’ve never been with a woman and though I’ve fantasized about it on many occasions I’ve never really considered it. So the fact that this woman was occupying such a large part of my thoughts surprised me. Her voice, I imagined, was deeper than one would expect and maybe a bit on the breathy side; her long fingers very deliberate and precise in their movements and her full, ruby lips I imagined were firm but gentle. I imagined the feel of the back of her index finger brushing along my cheek, the touch of her fingertip running gently down my thigh, the warmth of her breath against my neck…

I looked up as the haze of my daydream wafted away and noticed that the restaurant was almost empty. The waitress was approaching again and I looked down at my watch and saw that it was 1:30! I’d spent nearly an hour eating a salad that would normally take ten minutes!

“Do you want to take it with you or just pick at it some more!” the waitress asked with a sarcastic smile and I told her no and asked for the check. When she returned I handed her enough for the meal and the tip and grabbed up my things and headed back to the office.

The brisk walk in the cold December air helped clear my head; I had to find my game face before I met with this new client. This was the hardest part of my job for me; I had no problem preparing a case and I enjoyed the tension and anxiety of being in court but the initial interview with the client made me very uncomfortable because I always felt like I was the one on trial. First impressions being what they are, I had only a few minutes to impress and inspire confidence and secure their business. By the time I’d reached the plaza outside my building though, I was feeling better about things.

When I reached my office, I asked my secretary for the profile on this client so that I could get ready. She handed it to me and I walked in and closed my office door. I hung up my coat and tossed my purse under my desk as I scanned through the information in the folder. It seemed to be a simple case of trademark violation and should be pretty straightforward. I began to read through the folder more thoroughly to familiarize myself with the details but was interrupted by the familiar double ring of the intercom. I heard my secretary’s voice telling me my 2:00 was here and I told her to show them in. I heard the door open and, still reading the file, I rose to introduce myself. When I looked up, my heart stopped – it was the beautiful blonde in the chocolate brown dress!

My secretary introduced her as Laura Michaels. She walked toward me and I forced myself into motion around my desk and offered my hand. I was a little shaken and more than a little embarrassed as I introduced myself to her but she took my hand and smiled; her grasp was firm but gentle and her smile was immediately warming. I offered her a chair in front of my desk but she chose to sit on the couch next to the window instead. We began to discuss her case and I could feel her staring intently at me as I looked between her and the file. I found myself walking around and leaning casually against the desk as I spoke. I clutched the folder nervously in my hand and found having it a convenient way to avoid her gaze as I spoke.

“Alright, Miss Michaels,” Tiana began but was quickly interrupted.

“Please, call me Ellie… ‘Miss Michaels’ makes me sound like a teacher, or a librarian and I really don’t have the patience for either.”

“Ok, Ellie,” she continued, “I’ve looked through all the material your firm provided us with…” Tiana stopped short; she could feel the intense stare and she wavered. She looked up at her prospective client and smiled nervously and continued. “…and I’m not sure why you’re here.”

“I watched you at lunch.” Ellie said very matter-of-factly. “You seem like a strong, intelligent woman though I think your self-confidence may be lagging a step behind.”

Tiana was caught offguard by this and she was also a little annoyed. She turned and set the folder she’d been nervously clutching down on the desk. With both hands, she scooted herself up onto the desktop and crossed her ankles letting her legs swing slightly as she rested on the heels of her hands.

“How do you figure?” Ankara Escort she replied with a slightly challenging tone.

“That’s better,” Ellie said with a playful smile as she rose and looked out the window at the skyline. “Well, for starters, the tone of your voice and your posture are a dead giveaway.” She turned and leaned on the mahogany window sill facing Tiana and continued. “I make you nervous OR I intimidate you – either way you are uncomfortable and that has shaken your confidence.”

“Ok, and what has that to do with why you’re here?” Tiana fired back quickly.

“It doesn’t. I’m merely making an observation – your confidence is not quite in step with the rest of you. And as someone who is looking for legal representation, confidence is important to me.”

Tiana knew she was being challenged but she wasn’t sure if she was reading too much into things. As the woman said, confidence is important when choosing counsel. But she couldn’t help feeling that there was a dual meaning here and so she decided to pick a careful path through this encounter.

“I apologize, Ellie, I don’t mean to come across as confrontational. To be honest with you, I am always a bit uncomfortable during the interview; I always feel like I’m on the hot seat.”

“Now there’s a picture!” Ellie chuckled. “But what about lunch? There was no interview, there was no client and still you were nervous… Or were you just unsure?” Ellie’s voice was calm and measured, almost soothing, and Tiana found it very disarming. She had imagined that voice would be deeper but it did have that breathy quality and Tiana was finding it very reassuring..

“Well, unsure? Yes, I guess you could say that.” Tiana answered tentatively.

“And now? Are you unsure now?”

Tiana felt a shiver run down her spine. Was this woman hitting on her? She still couldn’t tell for sure. “Yes, I suppose I am.” she answered honestly.

“Why is that?” Ellie asked almost seductively ending her question with a smile.

“Look, Ellie,” Tiana said uncomfortably, “I’m having a hard enough time with this as it is…”

Ellie pushed off the window sill and walked slowly toward the desk. Her calculated movements emphasized the curve of her hips and the line of her legs.

“With what? That you find me attractive?” Tiana looked up at her as she approached.

“Or that you find another woman attractive?”

Ellie stopped just in front of her and held her gaze firmly. Tiana looked down and Ellie gently raised her chin up with her index finger until Tiana could look nowhere else. Tiana swallowed and took a breath.

“Well, both actually…” but before she could finish her thought Ellie leaned in close and delicately kissed her lips.

It was electric; she could feel the current start at her lips and course throughout her entire body as Ellie’s lips grazed her own. Once…twice…and a third time. Tiana closed her eyes and sighed. She was surprised. Not so much by the encounter but that she wasn’t shocked or startled by it. Softly, Tiana returned the kisses until they grew more passionate. She could feel Ellie’s tongue on her lips and she opened her mouth to receive it, her own tongue eager to respond. Delicately they tasted one another, softly touching and exploring the other with their tongues. Ellie teased her with her tongue and her lips and then pulled back.

“Are you still unsure?” she asked with a whisper.

“No,” Tiana responded leaning forward to kiss her again, “Just a little nervous.”

“Take a deep breath and relax.” Ellie told her as she turned and walked toward the door. “Sometimes ‘nervous’ makes it better…” She reached the door and looked back at Tiana as she pushed the lock button in. “I think its best that we are not disturbed for awhile.”

Ellie began the slow walk back toward the desk; Tiana sat with her ankles still crossed but had moved her hands behind her. She leaned back now; a move calculated to emphasize her full breasts. Tiana was wearing a cream colored cashmere sweater with short sleeves and a scoop neck and it clung to her every curve. Ellie noticed the posturing almost immediately and commented.

“I like it. I like them… very nice.” she said coyly.

Tiana just watched her approach; her nerves were starting to get the best of her now.

“Do you like champagne?” Ellie asked her

“Sometimes… Ankara Escort Bayan I’ve never really developed a taste for it I guess.” she answered, not sure where this was going.


“Mmmm… Yes, I love strawberries!”

“Strawberries dipped in warm, rich chocolate?”

“Only if you have someone there to lick the chocolate off your fingers…” Tiana replied playfully, testing the waters a bit.

“Or spread it around…” Ellie added as she neared the desk.

“Mmmm… and lick it off…” Tiana quickly added, thinking this one was now complete.

“And share it… Mmmmm…” Ellie had reached the desk and placed her hands on either side of Tiana’s thighs and leaned in close. Tiana could feel the warmth of her breath against her neck now.

“Do you swallow? Or spit?” Ellie asked in a slow, breathy whisper just below Tiana’s ear.

Tiana was being quickly overcome by the power of this woman’s presence; her scent, the tickle of her breath on her neck, her provacative questions. She could feel the faintest beginnings of the tingling between her thighs. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath; a wave of courage swept over her and she answered with eyes still closed.

“Swallow… Unless I think spitting will turn him on more. Why?”

“Because…” Ellie nuzzled her ear softly, “I’m getting to know you.” and with that she delicately traced a line with just the tip of her tongue from the hollow at the base of Tiana’s throat all the way up to her jaw. The sensation was too much for Tiana and she let out a low, quiet moan.

“Mmmm… You like that?” Ellied asked playfully but all Tiana could do was nod her head slightly. “And what about this?” Ellie asked as she followed the curve of her neck back down with amazingly ethereal kisses. Tiana had tipped her head back and was lost in the enjoyment of the moment. Ellie glanced down as she lay the last of her kisses deep in the hollow of Tiana’s throat.

“Hmmm…what do we have here?” she asked as she saw Tiana’s fully erect nipples clearly through her sweater. “Have I excited you?”

Tiana brought her head forward; her eyes were fixed on the beautiful blonde as she answered, “Yes, you have…very much.”

Ellie reached out with one hand and cupped Tiana’s full breast massaging it casually as she tweaked the nipple between her fingers. Tiana arched her back in reponse and Ellie moved down and took the nipple between her teeth and twisted. Tiana gasped; even through her sweater and bra it felt amazingly satisfying. Ellie let go and moved around in front of her. A little pressure against her legs and Tiana uncrossed her ankles and opened her thighs. Ellie leaned in against her and kissed her passionately. She thrust her tongue deep between Tiana’s open lips and their tongues danced and darted together. Ellie leaned in closer increasing the pressure of her mound against Tiana’s and she felt Tiana’s hips move and sway as she forced herself against Ellie in response. The kiss lasted for some time as they tasted and touched each other intimately as they got to know one another.

At last, Ellie broke the kiss and looked down at her watch. “I have to run, I have another meeting this afternoon.” she said with a hint of disappointment. The look on Tiana’s face was one of dismay; she did not want this to end – at least, not yet.

“Are we through here then? She asked hesitantly as Ellie walked to the couch to get her coat and purse.

“No, far from it. Join me for dinner tonight? LaRue at say, seven o’clock? We can go over the details then.”

“Sure, I’ll be looking forward to it.” Tiana said with a smile as she hopped off the desk a little ruffled.

“Excellent, I’ll see you then.” she said as she walked toward the door. Tiana followed her to the doorway but Ellie motioned her to stay. “That’s alright, I’ll show myself out. You’re still a bit… flushed.” Ellie opened the door as one of the senior partners was preparing to knock.

“Hello, Robert!” She said as she saw him, “Good to see you again.”

“Hi Ellie! I just thought I’d stop in and make sure everything was going all right here.”

“Everything is just fine, Robert.” Ellie turned to Tiana, “Mr. Doernheim here was the first associate I ever hired and now look at him!” Tiana smiled.

“Well Ellie, Ms. Douglas is one of the finest new talents we have here and I’m sure she will be the best attorney you’ve ever had.”

“I do hope so Robert but I’ll have to let you know on that one.” she said with a coy smile as she stepped past him and walked down the hall.

©2002 Ilyrian

All rights reserved

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