Digital Chains, Chapter 4: An Acquired Taste

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(Note: Sorry about the break. I got a girlfriend, and she’s been keeping me kind of busy. Also, due to popular request [sort of], I’m bringing Casper back. Bestiality haters can go now, but I can guarantee that there won’t be any more dog-fucking in future chapters [sorry, bestiality lovers])

-MercilessHound666 has signed on-

MercilessHound666: Good evening, my pet.
Me: Good evening, Master.
MercilessHound666: And how was your day?

Stacie’s life belonged a man that she’d never truly met. His name was B. Hound, according to the return address on the birthday present that he’d sent her. To her, he was simply Master, or ‘sir’ for simplicity.

Me: It was fun, sir

She liked being his pet. He was a reasonable man, for what it was worth, and never asked her to do anything too uncomfortable. His television ban might have been as upsetting as when he’d had her dog, Casper, take her cherry. Well, not exactly, but that had taken more getting used to.

MercilessHound666: You went to the amusement park, right? What rides did you go on, pet?

But sometimes he was just sadistic. He knew that the amusement park was not what she wanted to talk about, but she had no choice but to go along with his charade. She told him in detail, at his insistence, about each and every ride, until at last he changed the subject to the thing that was most pressing in her mind.

MercilessHound666: How do like your newest gift? Is it a good fit?
Me: It’s a little big for my tastes, sir.
MercilessHound666: Don’t worry, you’ll grow into it. Did anybody notice it?
Me: Melanie asked me if I was feeling alright after the car ride, sir.
MercilessHound666: Oh, dear. Anything you’d like to tell me?

Sometimes, he was really sadistic.

Me: I came without permission, sir.

He didn’t reply. Instead, she got a pair of requests. She quickly accepted them both and sent her own to avoid incurring too much of his anger. In moments, she was looking at his face. To anyone else, he would have looked pleased- almost elated. She knew better, and shrank with fear.

“You look nice. Very cute,” he said pleasantly, still smiling at her.

“Thank you, Master,” Stacie replied. She was wearing a short blue skirt and a white tank top, and her blonde hair was tied up into pig tails. She looked like a perverted mockup of a twelve year old schoolgirl, complete with her slight figure, but one thing was for certain- it was adorable. Of course, he’d known that before he’d told her to wear it.

“How about you take off your panties? When you’re done, show me your ass. I want to make sure you actually wore it.”

“Yes, sir.” She stood up a little ways from the camera so that it could catch her partial strip. Then she got on her hands and knees with her ass towards the camera.

“I guess it really was a tight fit,” he said. Stacie closed her eyes in shame. What he was referring to was a transparent plug that was inside her asshole. Yesterday had been her birthday, and with that had come a plethora of sexual toys from him. There had also been a smaller box that she’d been told to open in the morning, which she, of course, had. She’d had the butt plug inside of her since then, and now she suspected that he could see straight inside of her with it, despite how narrow it was at the point where her sphincter closed down on it.

“Yes, sir,” she replied simply.

“Good to know. Now then, what were you saying before?”

Stacie froze, but only for a second. If she kept him waiting, he’d repeat himself, and that sort of thing never ended well for her. “I came without permission today, sir,” she said, loudly and clearly.

His tone didn’t change. “Really, now? When was this?”

“On the roller coaster, sir.”

“What made you cum?” he asked, his sweet voice taking on a distinctly more sadistic tone. His pet opened her mouth a few times, although he couldn’t see it, and since she was taking too long, he needed to prompt her. “Stacie?”

“Sorry, sir. Having the plug in was just so embarrassing, I couldn’t help from cumming, sir.”

“What a pretty lie,” he said, chuckling. “Now turn around and tell me the truth.”

There was nothing pleasant about his voice now. Stacie slowly turned around to face him. He wasn’t visibly angry. He wasn’t visibly anything. His face was devoid of emotion, which terrified her more than if he was obviously furious. She swallowed hard, trying to get the words out of her mouth. “It… it was the plug, sir. I… I came…”

“You came from your ass?”

Stacie bit her lip. She didn’t like using the phrase, but it was the one best suited to her situation. “Yes, sir, I came from my ass,” she said, Ankara escort embarrassed.

“Good girl. See how much better it is to be honest? You may take it out now.”

Stacie bowed to him. “Thank you, sir,” she said promptly, and moved to obey. It was a fairly difficult task compared to getting it in- the graduation was a lot sharper at the base, but with the help of her rectal muscles, she got the two inch wide intruder out of her asshole. Without it inside of her, she felt incredibly empty.

“Now clean it,” she heard. She looked at him in shock.


“There’s no point to you having toys if you won’t keep them in good shape. Clean it. With your mouth.”

Stacie cringed, but started licking the plug anyway. It was horrible. There wasn’t another decent word for it, considering where it had been all day. At least he couldn’t make her do anything more disgusting.

Unfortunately, he was fond of proving her wrong. “Suck it,” he said, and although she was horrified by the idea, she did so, taking the entire plug into her mouth. He smiled at her. “You look good like that,” he commented, referring to the mix of revulsion, pleading, and general whorishness on her face. This brought about a blush, as he knew it would, completing the picture.

“Now go to the bathroom. Clean yourself out again. Oh, and fetch Casper while you’re at it.”

Stacie bowed her head to him. “Yesh, shir,” she muttered around the plug. “Shir, ‘ay I-?”

“No. Go.” He knew her almost too well, anticipating and shooting down her request to rid herself of the plug before she was even able to get the question out. He watched sternly as she leaned over the computer and caused his view of the room to rotate, giving him a clear view of most of the room, and most importantly the door. His expression didn’t change when she pulled out a small box from its hiding place and pull an item out of it. It didn’t change until she had crawled out the door to fulfill his commands. He smiled.

By the time she’d gotten to the bathroom, Stacie had gotten the plug clean, so its sole remaining purpose for being in her mouth was to humiliate her, and it was working. Despite how many times she’d crawled through her home completely naked, doing the same with just her panties missing and a butt plug in her mouth felt like a whole new low. She could feel her pussy getting damp almost immediately- it was like her very first time, when she’d been made to sneak into her parents’ bedroom for a length of yarn. But this time she didn’t have to be quite so obvious, which was a relief. If she’d been told to go in there with the plug in her mouth, she might have balked. She would have taken any punishment, just to keep her parents from seeing her as what very well might appear to be an anal whore. There was one other difference as well- since this morning, her pubic hair was entirely shaved off instead of merely trimmed.

But she didn’t need to, so she closed the door behind her and looked at the item in her hands. She’d used it this morning, too. It was a memory that was going to be difficult to forget, for sure.

She stood up- shakily, since her ass was still recovering from the plug.

Last night, she’d broken one of his core rules- she’d been late to their daily chat. It had only been three minutes, but he’d promised punishment.

She set the item on the counter and turned on the faucet, making sure to get warm water and let it fill the sink.

A note inside of her gift box had instructed her on what that punishment was. The fact that he’d expected her distraction had seemed almost too cruel.

Once the sink was full, she picked the small plunger up again and filled it.

Use it on yourself two times without releasing, and then once more for every minute you kept me waiting, he’d written. She had already been in pain when she was just forcing the fourth shot into her system.

She then set the plunger on the toilet lid and carefully sat down on it, feeling the liquid as it slowly filled her rectum.

The five minutes that he’d ordered her to wait before releasing had been nothing short of hell.

Tonight, however, her enema was not intended strictly as punishment. If it had been, he would have been more specific. Because of this, she was able to just use one shot at a time until the water that came back out was clear. She did it one more time just to be sure and flushed it all down. She emptied the sink out as well before going back to her hands and knees. Now that she’d finished with that unhappy chore, she was off to complete another, far more familiar one. Casper followed her without hesitation, sniffing at her pussy all of the way back to her room.

“You Ankara escort bayan may take it out now,” she heard. She had to think for a second before she realized what he was talking about. She took the plug that she’d gotten used to out of her mouth.

“Thank you, sir,” she said automatically as it popped out.

Her master nodded his approval. She allowed herself a small smile despite her fear at that moment. He didn’t plan to disappoint. “Strip now,” he ordered. “Don’t bother with a show tonight. Then get the green dildo and get it inside of you. I’d say you’re wet enough, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” Stacie replied, blushing hotly. It wouldn’t have been half as embarrassing, she knew, if he hadn’t been absolutely correct. She was practically dripping already, so even the ten inch beast that was her green dildo wouldn’t have any problem getting inside. She pulled her top and skirt off quickly and scampered to where she kept her toys.

She shoved the green dildo into her pussy quickly enough to make it uncomfortable, but she didn’t want to stall. Her master always asked for a show. The fact that he specifically instructed her otherwise tonight didn’t bode well for her. She straightened up as soon as she was able to and scampered to stand in front of the camera.

He admired his prize. The small blonde girl was a wonderful example of youthful beauty, but that wasn’t what he loved about her. What excited him more than her body was the moment. This moment, where she stood nervously, waiting for her next instructions. He decided to give her a small break.

“Your pussy is full, your ass is clean, and Casper is here. Do you know what’s going to happen?” her master asked his tone seemingly curious. If Stacie didn’t know him so well, she might have actually suffered a hope of being able to escape this night with only as much shame as she’d already gone through.

“Yes, sir,” she replied, fighting not to look away.

“Do you want it?” he asked then.

Stacie almost replied yes, but remembered why she was in this position in the first place. “No, I don’t, sir.”

He smiled at her. She’d passed that test, but it didn’t change much. “Will you take it?”

“Yes, sir.” Her answer was automatic, without any hesitancy.


At this, she faltered. She knew the reason like she knew herself. The words were difficult, though. “B-because… You’re… I’m… I’m yours, Master. I’ll do whatever you want.”

He could hear the honesty in her voice, but he wasn’t going to let her off so easily. “So you’ll obey my rules?” he asked.

“Yes, sir.”

“Only cum when I tell you to?”

Stacie nodded emphatically. “Yes, sir.”

“Not LIE to me?”

Stacie’s knees almost buckled. His tone was so strong that it had physically jarred her. “Yes, sir.”

He stared hard at her for another minute before speaking again. “Since you’re going to take it anyway, you might as well ask for it,” he said.

Stacie relaxed a bit. He didn’t seem angry anymore. “That’s right, sir,” she said, actually glad to be back on this subject. “May I have Casper fuck my ass, sir?”

His smile grew. “Oh, no, my pet. You can do better than that.”

She nodded slowly and got down on her knees. “May I please have Casper fuck my ass, Master?”

The puppy dog eyes were a nice touch, he thought to himself. But… “Patience. You need to get ready first. Lube your ass and make sure he’s wet.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.” She walked back to the box and, sure enough, Casper followed right behind her. He didn’t like it when she made him wait. While she was squirting lube into her hand, he was starting to nip at her thighs- not trying to hurt her, of course, but still making it clear that he was getting impatient.

She pushed him down and dropped down to her knees. ‘Make sure he’s wet’ could only mean one thing. The hand that had the lube on it reached behind her thoroughly slick her asshole. The other reached out for his cock. She then slowly leaned forward until she was propping herself up with her elbow, and took it into her mouth.

It wasn’t the first time she’d done this. Almost immediately after Stacie had lost her virginity, her master had suggested- as if anything that he said was merely a suggestion- that she learn how to give a blowjob. Since then, she’d swallowed quite a lot of cum, so she was led to assume that her technique was pretty good.

Tonight, however, the point was to simply get him wet, so she was fairly sloppy compared to her normal method. Besides that, the only thing that she had to worry about was keeping Casper from getting too excited. If he came or even knotted before he was inside Escort Ankara of her, she’d surely be punished for it. Concentrating was just a little difficult, though. She could almost convince herself that sticking her lubed finger in her ass felt good.

“That should be enough,” her master said, causing her to look up briefly. Only briefly, though. She didn’t even need prompting for this next part. She got on all fours and offered her ass to her dog. He never needed prompting. He mounted her without hesitating.

For a few agonizing seconds, he thrusted aimlessly at her backside, even hitting her dildo a few times. But when he finally entered her ass, her master was able to tell immediately by the way that her face contorted in discomfort.

“How is it?” he asked, his calm voice a strange kind of counter to the jackhammer thrusts that Casper was using.

“It… hurts, sir,” Stacie choked out.

“Do you feel full?”

“Yes, sir.”

“How full?”

“So, so full… ugh… Master…”

“Personally, I think that the dildo was a nice touch. I’d thought of several other methods that could have kept him from going in the wrong- sorry, the ‘right’ hole, you know. Do you know why I didn’t choose any of them?”

Stacie was barely able to even understand what he was saying at that point. In the middle of his speech, Casper had begun knotting inside of her, so all that she to get out in response was in the form of grunts and moans.

“I can tell you’ve got a lot on your mind at the moment, so I’ll excuse your rudeness in not replying and just tell you. It was so that you could get the experience of being dee-peed- that’s double-penetrated, in case you didn’t know. I’d assume you do, but then, it’s foolhardy to make assumptions.”

Her processing ability was nearly gone at that point. The pain, if she even claim to continue calling it that, had almost completely overtaken her. Her body was treating everything as pure sensation, broken only by the still-present attachment to her master.

“I do hope you appreciate it,” he continued. “I considered using a rabbit- one that stimulates your clitoris too- but you and I both know that I can only be so kind. If I only had you to do things that you enjoyed, I’d be a bad owner, now wouldn’t I? It would just be spoiling you, and it would be no different than if I let you be on your own. And I’m sure by now you can be appreciative of hav-“

“Master,” Stacie gasped. “Cum.” If she had been in more control of herself, she might have felt shame at being driven to orgasm, but for the moment, all that she wanted was release.

He hated making things easy for her. “You’re going to have to be more clear than that. Full sentences might help.”

It was the same demand that he made in any other situation. Her response came as naturally as breathing. “Master, may I please cum?”

Several more seconds passed silently but for the sound of Casper and her own guttural moans. “Are you planning to finish that question?”

“Sorry, Master,” Stacie stammered, buying time for her few active brain cells to figure out what she did wrong. “May I please… cum…” She was getting so close it was unreal. She was going to cum “from my ass?”

“That’s it. Now cum for me.”

Casper came first, pumping his semen into her rectum. Just a moment earlier, and her orgasm would have been almost unavoidable, and she would have been being disobedient. Because of his release now, however, she was glad of it, because it pushed her even further off the edge. Or orgasms overlapped until all that she could feel or think was pleasure, and when they ended, she was just a girl with a dildo in her pussy and a dog knotted in her ass. She felt wonderful.

“It’s not so bad now, is it?” her master asked, and she felt another wash of pleasure. He was pleased. But he obviously wasn’t looking for an answer, since he kept talking. “Get your plug before he can pull out. I don’t want to see a drop come out.”

“Yes… sir.” Casper had already turned around so that they were ass-to-ass, so in order to reach her plug, she actually had to drag him a little bit with his knot pulling at her sphincter. It was made more difficult considering that she was weak from climax and he was a big dog, but she did manage to reach it and place it below his cock before he was able to pull out. The instant that he did, she pushed the plug in, pushing his cum back inside and trapping it there.

“That’s a good girl. I’m so proud. Now you’ll keep that inside you until you wake up in the morning, understood?”

“Yes, Master.”

“You may take the dildo out,” he said, and she immediately complied. “When Casper’s done, take him out of your room, and then get some sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I love you, Master,” Stacie murmured.

He smiled. “I love you, too.”

-MercilessHound666 has signed off-

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