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When you hit middle age, you begin to think about lots of things you never thought about before, and when you realize you’re leading an essentially sedentary life, you also notice that the body segment between your ass and your chest invariably expands much easier during this time of your life. It was exactly this situation I found myself in. At, or near, middle age, I worked in an office environment for 40-plus hours per week, and my midsection was expanding uncontrollably. I hadn’t really put much thought into it, until I began to notice a couple of other guys in our office who had REALLY let themselves go, and they seemed to not care in the least. These two collectively had gained in excess of 70 pounds during the past couple of years, and both showed it. I decided I would NOT let myself get into that dilemma. After kicking around the idea of fasting, dieting, purging, and exercising, I determined that the last option-exercise-might be best. After all, I was ‘only’ twenty or so pounds overweight, so getting rid of that and back into some semblance of shape shouldn’t be so bad.

After further discussion with my inner self, I felt that brisk walking would be a good way to start a program, and as luck would have it, within a short drive of our office was a city park with good walking paths. So, late that summer I brought tennis shoes, shorts, and an old college T to the office, promptly at 5:00 changed, and then drove to the park. Several cars were parked randomly around the various parking lots, a few souls were already walking or running along the multitude of sidewalks, a few others were lazily swatting tennis balls at each other across the green courts, a handful of kids were on the playground being watched by moms or grandparents, and a gaggle of geese glided across the still water of the pond.

I parked and began what became an evening ritual—stretch, walk across the parking lot, pick up speed as I climbed toward the flagpole, keep the speed as I angled downhill, cross the road, parallel the usually-idle soccer fields, swing around the playground, pick up speed as I approached the pond, jog slightly as I crossed the footbridge at the upper end of the pond through the swampy area, continue to jog to the hill along the main road, walk briskly up the hill, cross the main entrance to the park, then jog downhill beside the amphitheatre, through the tall oaks, beside the creek, across the second footbridge, then slow as I approached the big hill near the softball fields. Initially I huffed and puffed up this hill, sped up a bit around the ball fields, then resumed stride as I neared the tennis courts. Finally, as I rounded the perimeter of the courts, I slowed to cool down before reaching my truck. It was about 2 miles, took (after a few weeks) about 35 minutes, and I felt much better after each session. And, the weight actually started to change—slowly, slowly, but at least noticeably.

So, throughout the late summer and fall, I kept up the regimen. I enjoyed the exercise and usually listened to my MP3 player loaded with oldies to help pass the time. Sometimes I saw couples in cars, quite obviously NOT there for the exercise. At other times I noticed younger ladies walking, sometimes with a dog on a leash, jogging along the paths. I paid lots of attention to these. And often, a bit older ladies, also middle-aged, also trying to stop the inevitable changes, would be at the park, walking or jogging along the paths. These I noticed, too, but without the lust reserved for the younger ones.

One afternoon, in late fall, when it was getting cooler but still warm enough to walk in shorts and T’s, I had parked and headed uphill along the usual route. It was midweek and the park was really quiet. Only a handful of cars dotted the parking lots and most of the swings in the playground were idle. I saw no one on the sidewalks as I strode beside the pond, so I picked up speed a bit as the swampy end of the pond came up. The sun had dipped behind the large stand of bamboo, which cast long, dark shadows toward me across the walking trail and pretty much concealed the footbridge spanning the upper area of the pond. I jogged easily up the hill and made the left turn toward the footbridge. The bridge was curved, maybe a hundred feet long, wooden with sturdy handrails on each side. Because of the curve in the bridge, I couldn’t see from one end to the other, and I always stayed to the extreme right, hugging the handrail, in case others were coming in the opposite direction.

As I stepped onto the bridge and moved to the right, I saw dark shadows further along. In the shadow of the bamboo, I could make out figures blocking the bridge in the middle of the curve. I slowed but moved on toward them, then realized it was two female figures, and as I approached they turned to me.

“Oh, ‘scuse us,” one said as I approached, and they moved to the left side along the rail.

“No problem,” I said. “I’m in no rush.” The female figures were indeed younger ladies, probably in their twenties. Each had on shorts, with tight pullover tops. One had long blonde hair, pulled into a ponytail. The second had shoulder-length auburn hair. The blonde was noticeably pretty, a bit taller, long smooth legs, and a great smile. Her close-fitting pullover showed what looked to be medium business proposal izle sized upturned breasts with the buttons of nipples pushing through the thin material. The redhead got my attention quickly. She had the typical light skin common to redheads, but it was totally unblemished. Her chest too was fuller than the blondes and the pullover barely contained the fullness of what appeared to be unfettered breasts. As I slowed and smiled at the two girls, I noticed one had a camera dangling from her wrist. They giggled a bit as I moved past them, then just as I began to pick up my pace, one called out, “Did you say you were in no hurry?”

I stopped and turned back to them. “Yeah, well, I mean, no big rush. I don’t run or…or anything, just a brisk walk.”

“We…we were, uh, just wondering,” the blonde said as she and the redhead moved toward me. “Would you maybe take a picture of us?”

“Oh, yeah, sure. Be glad to.” I smiled broadly as the blonde handed me the camera. I took the proffered instrument, turned it over, and looked at the two girls. “Won’t do much in this shade, I’m afraid. Film cameras don’t do well without a pretty strong flash.”

The redhead cocked her head and frowned. “Darn it, I told you we should’ve come earlier.” The blonde grinned and shrugged. “Well, let’s try it anyway. Can you…let’s see, we’ll just stand here.” She moved back into the rail, pulling the blonde with her. They leaned back, their shoulders touching, then she said, “OK, try one like this.”

I raised the little rangefinder, looked through the eyepiece, and stepped a bit closer. “OK, OK, smile now!” Both girls smiled, and I squinted to see in the near darkness. I pushed the release and a tiny flash barely lighted the girls’ faces.

“Can’t guarantee much.” I lowered the camera and grinned at the girls. “Asking a lot of that camera, I’m afraid. And the flash isn’t really made for this low light.”

“Oh, it’s OK. Could you do…uh, maybe one more?” the redhead asked.
“Yeah, sure, but…well, yeah, we’ll try it.” The redhead turned to the blonde, they both grinned, and each moved back to the same position.

As they leaned back onto the rail, the blonde glanced quickly to her right, then to her left. I raised the camera and began to look into the viewfinder. The redhead then said, “Wait! Wait a second. We’ll…we’ll count down, then snap it when we say ‘Now!’ OK?”

“Sure,” I said, “Just say when.”

“OK, get ready.” I raised the camera, framed the two girls, and moved in just a bit.

“I got it. Ready when you are.” The girls turned to each other, smiled broadly, then said together, “Three! Two! One! NOW!” I focused intently, my finger on the release, and just as they said NOW, each girl reached down and quickly snatched up the bottom of their pullovers, pulling them up over their bare breasts. I was so shocked I pushed the release, and noticed a flash, but the light nearly blinded me. I dropped the camera down and looked at the girls who had replaced the pullovers and were giggling hysterically. I stood goofily, not exactly sure what to do.

I held the camera out and moved toward the girls. “Uh, I don’t know how…how that will turn out. I mean, even if…well, if it did take, you might not get anybody to process it.” The girls had calmed down a bit, and the blonde took the camera.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to upset you. We…well, we just wanted a picture…to…to send to a couple of guys we met this weekend. And we never thought about the developing thing.”

“Yeah, there are some advantages to digital. Like leaving out the processors,” I replied.

The other girl shook her auburn hair. “I knew we needed a digital camera.”

“We don’t have one, so tough,” the blonde replied.

“Uh, I have one. You could use it, I suppose,” I offered.

“Do you have it with you?” the redhead asked.

“No, no, it’s at my office. I keep it there, sometime I use it when I’m up in the mountains or working around the lake. I do some landscape photography, and I sneak a photo session in once in a while.”

“Could you get it?” the blonde asked. “I mean, would you mind? We’d really like to have a few pictures before we head…” She stopped suddenly and I noticed a sour look coming from the redhead.

I mulled over the question. It was getting late, I usually was home by now, but I figured, Why not? Shouldn’t take but a half hour or so, and I could run the photos through my office printer. The camera was something of a prized possession of mine, a 9.5 pixel digital SLR with an assortment of zoom lenses and filters. I’d actually done quite a bit of photography, even having several shots published in various magazines. But I knew the girls wouldn’t care less about that—they only wanted to impress some young bucks they’d spent some quality time with over the weekend. So I figured, sure, let’s get it over with.

“My office is just over that hill,” I gestured. “I can run up there, be back in a few minutes.”

“Uh, why don’t we go with you? Maybe we could get the shots there?” the blonde asked.

“Yeah, yeah, I guess. The only people there would be the cleaning crew.” I glanced at my watch. “Everybody else will be gone. Sure, sure, come on.” I turned cahil periler izle to go, back the way I’d come. The girls followed me as I moved off the footbridge.

“Our car is over there,” the redhead pointed to the nearest parking area.

“Mine’s down farther,” I replied. “If you’ll just wait right here, I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

“Why don’t we just drive?” the blonde asked. “We can bring you back.” I thought for a second. I had my keycard and my office key and needed nothing in my truck.

“OK, no problem.” The redhead unlocked the small car, I climbed into the back, and the girls slid into the front.

The blonde turned around in her seat. “I’m Bonnie,” she smiled. “And this is Tonie.” The redhead grinned into the mirror.

“I’m Dave,” I stuck out a hand, which Bonnie grasped. “Just go on out the main gate, cross over onto Cedar. We’re the next drive, about half-mile.” The girls chatted as Tonie drove, explaining that they were visiting some guys at the local university whom they’d met at a ski resort last winter and decided to drive around a bit before they left to return home. I told them a little about our area but then realized we were at the office.

“Turn here,” I said. Tonie turned the little car into the drive and up to the chain-link gate. She lowered her window and I flipped the keycard at the sensor. The gate moved back and the little car slipped through the opening. I pointed again and we parked at the back of the building. The three of us piled out and I again summoned the keycard, opening the back entrance door. I looked around the parking lot and saw no vehicles. Not even the cleaning crew was on site tonight. I held the door as the two girls walked in. I motioned to the elevator on the left and we rode up to the 5th floor. The girls chatted all the way up, giggling occasionally, and we exited onto the top floor. The offices were dark, with only the flicker of computer monitors and exit signs offering any light. I reached for and flicked on the too-familiar switch, and a soft glow bathed the hallway and cubicles to our left as a single row of fluorescents came to life.

“Just follow me,” I instructed and moved toward my office. The girls followed as I expertly negotiated the maze of cubicles, easily reaching my office door. I produced a key, turned the knob, and escorted the girls in as I flipped another switch. A tall brass lamp in the front corner illuminated the dark office.

“Oh, my, you have a really neat office,” Tonie said. “It’s sort of homey.” She dropped onto the loveseat I had across from my desk, and Bonnie sat on the arm of the matching wingback chair. “You must be a boss.”

“Yeah, well, something like that,” I answered as I unlocked my desk. “I do lots of interviews, with reporters, journalists, that sort of thing, so they let me have a little bit nicer, and bigger, office.” I grinned across at the girls as I found my SLR. “Ah, here it is. Just like I left it.” I released the 50mm lens, replaced it with a 30-70, and attached the external flash. I removed the memory card, stored it, and placed another one in the camera. “OK, that should do it. Oh, and I can print from this, too, on our office photo printer. It’s used for pix of our construction sites, buildings, shopping malls, that sort of thing. It’s an excellent color printer. Should do fine for…uh, for portraits, I guess.” I stood up and moved to the front of the desk. “Here, let me show you how to work the camera.”

Both girls got to their feet, but as I held out the camera Bonnie said, “Dave, we….we….well, we want you to take the pictures. We want some of both of us.” I stood very still. “Please? You don’t mind, do you?”

“I…I guess not. Not if you two don’t mind, I mean.”

“No, no, not at all. We’re just really glad you offered,” said Tonie. “We’d like some single shots, too, I mean, if you have time, but we’d like several of us together.”

“Sure, no problem. Where…uh, is here good? My office isn’t exactly a studio, but with the seating and softer lights and the background…”

“Yeah, this’ll do fine,” Bonnie answered. “I sort of like the cozy feel, the love seat, ya know.” She moved over beside Tonie. “How ’bout like this?” She sat on the loveseat beside Tonie and I moved beside my desk, beginning to frame the shot. I turned the lampshade out a bit, increasing the lighting on the two girls. The curtains behind the loveseat were multicolored but with pastels and didn’t detract from the girls at all.

“OK, here goes. Smile!” The girls smiled up at me, tilting their heads. I snapped a couple of shots. “What else?” I asked.

Tonie lay back on the arm of the loveseat and reached around Bonnie’s waist, pulling her closer. They both giggled and I quickly snapped a shot, catching them off guard, but with huge grins. They laughed even harder as I snapped the shutter release so I continued to pop off shots. They settled down a bit as I quit.

“Can we see them?” Bonnie asked. I reset the camera and turned the screen to the girls. They stood up, squinting at the screen, then laughed loudly as the pictures appeared.

“Wow, cool! That’s what we wanted, something…uh, something natural-like.” Tonie sounded pleased. “Can we do some others?”

I had cars on the road izle begun to warm to the girls, enjoying their infectious laughter, so I said, “Yeah, let’s do it. Just…just any pose you like.” Bonnie looked at Tonie and grinned.

“OK, Dave, we’ll just pose and you shoot. Or you tell us what looks good…we really don’t care, you seem to know what you’re doing.” I moved back away from the loveseat and dropped to one knee.

“All right, just do whatever’s natural. I got a couple hundred shots on this card,” I peered over the camera. Both girls nodded and sat back on the loveseat. I snapped a shot as the girls looked toward me, blank expressions on their faces, but when the flash went off, they laughed again, turned toward each other, and threw their arms around each other. I popped the flash again and again as they tossed their hair, as they put their faces side by side, as they touched noses and giggled uproariously, as Bonnie pulled her hair braid out and tossed her head seductively, as they pushed their chests together. Finally, my knees were giving out.

“Hold it, hold it a second!” I rose from my kneeling position. “The old man has got to move a bit.” I sat my camera down and moved around my office, loosening my stiff knees.

“I got it!” Tonie said. “You sit here, Bonnie and I’ll sit on your desk. Is….I mean, is that OK?”

“Sure, long as my knees don’t hurt,” I replied, then changed places with the girls. They moved to my desk and sat on its edge, dangling their legs. I moved back onto the loveseat, peering through the viewfinder. I could get both in the shot by rotating to 30mm and dropping the exposure on the flash. “OK, ready again,” I announced.

The girls slid together and I snapped a shot. They hugged again, tousled each other’s hair, stared intently into my camera as I shot a couple of times, then Bonnie whispered something to Tonie. I caught them as Bonnie put her hand to Tonie’s ear and Tonie pursed up her lips and rolled her eyes. I chuckled at the shot, thinking it would be a really cute one. Then, in a quick rolling movement, the girls turned 180 degrees on the desk, pulled their legs up under their chins, and looked back over their shoulders. I shot several frames as they tossed their hair and zoomed in as they turned their faces toward each other in silhouette.

“Wait, wait!” I almost shouted. I dropped the flash exposure further down, and popped off another couple of shots. The girls’ faces were almost dark, but light enough to see their obvious features. Again, I thought the shots would be really good, with Bonnie’s darker skin contrasted by Tonie’s pale reddish complexion. I was really into this, getting creative, enjoying these two young beauties as they easily and naturally posed again and again.

Bonnie whispered to Tonie again and they slid farther away. This time they lay back on the desk, the tops of their heads toward me, then they hung their heads off the desk and grinned at me. I grinned back and snapped several head shots, then rotated the lens and got heads and torsos. Then, without warning, each girl pulled up her top, exposing two sets of gorgeous breasts. I stopped for a second, then Bonnie said, “You can keep shooting.” I refocused and shot a couple of times as I realized blood was rushing pretty quickly to my groin area. I looked in the viewfinder again and snapped away as the girls held their breasts, pushing them up toward my office ceiling. I stopped for a second and the girls pulled their tops back down and sat up, whirling around on my desk and facing me again.

“How were those?” Tonie asked, smiling mischievously.

I turned the camera around. “Oh, uh, well, we can look at….”

“I didn’t necessarily mean the pictures,” Tonie said as she looked down at me. I reddened noticeably and said nothing.

“Ready to change places again?” Bonnie asked. “We want some singles, maybe on the loveseat or the desk or just standing up.”

“Sure…sure,” I mumbled and moved back toward my desk. “I’ll…uh, I’ll just sit in my chair. It’s about the right height, if you want to start on the loveseat, and you can…well, sit, or..whatever.” I pulled out my desk chair and sat down, hoping to hide the boner that had been growing for several minutes.

“I wanta go first.” Bonnie slid off the desk and onto her knees on the loveseat. I moved in closer, framed, and shot. She turned sideways to me and immediately started posing, turning her head this way and that, running her hands in her blonde hair. I snapped away, having shot only 40 or so frames thus far. She turned 90 degrees and repeated the performance, then turned her back to me, looking over her shoulder. I felt the swelling in my crotch yet again and hesitated as I realized just how attractive and photogenic this girl was. I caught myself, readjusted, and continued to shoot as Bonnie turned her head. Just as I thought she was stopping, her hands went to her waist and the pullover came unceremoniously over her head. Her back was still to me but the effect was dramatic as my boner jumped in size. I still managed to shoot a few frames as Bonnie looked back over her shoulder at me. Then she turned, slowly, letting me shoot again and again as the upturned beauties appeared in my viewfinder. She lay back on the loveseat, pushing up the mounds, accenting the now-rigid nipples. She moved to an all-fours position, letting them hang as I shot. She lay lengthwise on the loveseat, her left arm draped lazily across the top, her right hanging to the floor. Each pose became more and more sensuous and I became more and more aroused.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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