Dinner For 3

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I had been watching a young coed that worked at a small tavern near campus. She was always very friendly, always glad to see me when I would stop in during the day while out and about. My last trip in there, I planted the seed. I made a comment how much “FUN” her and I could have with my man.

You and I had been in there before. So she knew what you were like. I decided “no guts, no glory” and stopped in on my way home and asked her if she would be interested in spending the evening with us Friday night. I told her we’d grill, have some drinks, play some cards or SOMETHING. She gladly accepted.

She is quite a bit younger then we are. In her early twenties. Not standing real tall, at 5’5″ she’s fits into her 130 lbs well. I have noticed full round globes under her shirt at work, and can’t wait to see them in your hands. Her hair, I wouldn’t call blonde, or brown, somewhere in the middle. Shoulder length, although she usually wears it up in banana clips.

Friday night arrives. You think that we are just going to be alone. We’re sitting out on the deck, having a drink, enjoying the evening sunshine. You hear a car pull up the drive. I say I will go see who it is. You stay put.

I answer the door and let our guest in. She looks terrific in a tight tank top. her shorts are riding low. I see her firm thighs and am already wondering if she will let me in between them.

I lead her out to the back deck. It is surrounded by privacy fence and very secluded. The yard is gated as well. We grab her a drink on the way out. Your mouth drops as I lead her out to say hello. “Honey, we have a guest for dinner,” I say.

I look to your shorts. I already see life down there.

Still not knowing if things will go as planned, I play it cool. The drinks are flowing, the conversation great. She is a witty refreshing young gal. Somewhere in the conversation she tells us her boyfriend, the ONLY one she has ever had, has just joined the service months ago. Since then, she hasn’t been out with anyone. Escort Eryaman Afraid to be disloyal to him. We assure her, that she is in good hands.

I can tell her wine is getting to her. She is giggly and being very open with us. She tells us he was her first, and how he taught her to enjoy sex. You and I look at each other. Knowing this is our chance.

I move toward her, put my hands on her shoulders, and tell her “We could give you something really to enjoy”. I assure her that everything would be kept between us. “I want you to feel like what its like to make love to a real man”, I tell her. She is a bit hesitant, but nods.

You rise and walk to her. Grab her by the shoulders, and gently reach down and kiss her. Not a 20yr old randy kiss, but a passionate, man in control of himself kiss. I see her resolve melt as she kisses you back. I sit back in my chair, sip my drink and watch. Your hands slide down her back, lower and lower until they are cupping her firm cheeks. Her shorts are short short, and as she lifts one leg to get closer to you, I see the outline of her ass. I also she is wearing a thong. You are rubbing her back and shoulders with one hand and cupping her ass with the other.

I see your fingers edging lower to the outline of the bottom of her shorts. They snake their way inside her shorts from the back. I see her legs spread wider, giving you easier access. Oh God she is getting turned on. So are we. Before long, she has one leg up on the lawn chair, leaning on you. Your fingers probing her pussy from behind. Her hips are pressing against you with each movement. I take this as an opportunity. I come behind her. She is now between us. She startles at first. You tell her to relax that it is ok.

While you are still tormenting her with your fingers. I reach around and undo her shorts. As they slide down, I get the wonderful aroma of fresh young pussy. You now have much easier access to her pussy. I look. Your hand is literally dripping with her wetness. I waste Eryaman Escort no time in undoing your pants, springing your hard hard cock. Your head is shinny from precum. She is wiggling almost out of control now. I take my hand from behind her now, you move your hand to the front. I start plunging her tight pussy hole , while you manipulate her clit. She doesn’t know who to press on harder. She is moving her hips back and forth out of control. He head now tilted back.

“Thats it baby girl” you tell her in your low controlled voice. “Cumm for us. give us a nice big cumm”.

As you are telling her that from the front. I am telling her in the back. “Mm your pussy is so wet, I can’t wait to see my mans cock buried inside you. You want a cock don’t you? You want a hard cock up your cunt?”

With that, I feel her pussy grip around my fingers. Omg she is cumming so hard. Her pussy is literally milking my fingers that are up inside her.

We let her finish spasming before moving. You take of her shirt and dive on her hard hard pink nipples. I can still feel her throbbing as we push her to the edge of the table. I clear things off as we lay her on her tummy. Her ass and pussy exposed to us. She is leaning over the table.

“My boyfriend once slid himself in me this way” she says innocently.

You spread her legs even more. We slide a cushion under her tummy. I spread her ass and thighs, and dive down with my face. I begin to lick her. She is so wet. I am licking her from behind so my whole face is in her ass and pussy. Not wanting to scare her away, I concentrate on her pussy. Licking her clit that is now red swollen, and rock hard, and tongue fucking her hole. You have come behind me. Taken off my shorts, and slid your cock into my wet wet pussy. We are all moving in sync. My fingers are now fingering her pussy again. I spread her ass with my other hand. I lick her tight puckered asshole. She jumps and wants to get up. “Lay down, its all right” I tell her.

My tongue plays Eryaman Escort Bayan around her rim, she is getting used to the idea. I see her asshole start to relax a bit. Feel her give in to the sensations. You pull out of my pussy and disappear a minute. I don’t mind, I am having too much fun.

I am enjoying playing here. I go from her pussy hole, to her clit, to her ass. Licking sucking. You are back. I need to be fucked. I tell you to come and give me that cock back. You oblige me. It doesn’t take many strokes for you from behind me and I am shuddering around your cock. You let me finish throbbing and pull out and hand me the Vaseline with a gleam in your eye. You want to fuck that tight virgin ass.

I dip my fingers into the Vaseline. Spread it all over our toys ass. She is lubed and hot. I slide my little finger up her ass. She moans and adjusts to it. I try another finger. Slide it in her and then out. Fuck her asshole with my fingers. She is fucking against me so hard the table is moving. I see you in the Vaseline. You have it all over your cock. Your standing there watching me finger fuck her tight ass, and your stroking your cock..

She is thrashing her hips. I look at you and nod. I spread her ass wide, bury my thumb and forefinger in her. She takes them with no problem. I grab your cock with the other hand. As I pull my thumb out of her ass, you are there with your cock.

You pause and push. She tightens up. “Relax hon” I tell her. She is scared. I remind her how she loved my fingers. I whisper soft in her ear. I start rubbing her pussy and clit again. You are back at her tight ass hole again. This time she is ok. As you penetrate her she screams out. I speed up rubbing her clit. We both are telling her how proud we are of her, how terrific she is. My hand that isn’t in her pussy is in mine. I am so hot at the site of your cock in this tight ass. I cum hard. I look at you and see your face. I know its a matter of seconds before you loose it… I increase pressure on her clit. She explodes on your cock in her ass. You pull your cock out spewing a stream of thick hot cum all over her asshole and cheeks.

Needless to say as we ate our steaks, we could all still smell ourselves on the table. Dinner had never been more delicious.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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