Dinner with a Co-Worker

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For Women

Shae looked at the clock on her computer. 6:30 P.M. She sighed and went back to entering grades into the computer. She was concentrating so hard on the task that she jumped when someone knocked on her door.

“Holy fuck, Dylan!” she said, putting her hand to her chest. “You scared the shit out of me!”

“Sorry, Shae,” Dylan said, entering the office. Dylan taught journalism at the university where she taught English lit. “I saw your office door open and the light on. What are you still doing here?”

“I have to get these grades entered by tomorrow,” she said. “What about you?”

“I had a late class to teach,” Dylan said, approaching the desk. “You want to grab a bite to eat when you’re done?”

“Sure,” Shae said. “I’ll just be a minute or so.” She quickly finished entering a few grades and saved the grades to both the hard drive and floppy disk. After removing the disk from the computer, she logged off and turned off the monitor. She placed her disk and papers into her briefcase, grabbed her purse and jacket and stood up.

“Ready?” Dylan asked. Shae nodded. “Do you want to go in my car and I’ll drive you back to yours?”

“Sounds good to me. Let me just stop by my car to put my briefcase in it,” Shae said. She turned the office light off and locked the office door. After depositing her bag in her car, she followed Dylan to his truck. He unlocked the door and helped her inside then went around to the driver’s side.

“Where do you want to go?” he asked, starting the engine.

“Anywhere is fine by me,” she answered. Dylan drove to a Chinese restaurant near the university. They entered the restaurant and soon had several dishes in front of them. They talked about their classes and got into a heated discussion on salary caps in sports. Dylan found himself watching the pretty brunette as she ate some Cantonese chow mein. Watching her slurp some chow mein noodles he imagined her lips wrapped around his cock, sucking him dry. He shifted in his seat as he tried to adjust himself in his çekiç ve gül bir behzat ç hikayesi izle pants.

Shae looked up from her plate and caught Dylan looking at her. He really is a very good looking guy, she thought for the umpteenth time. She could feel the moisture pooling between her legs as she envisioned him fucking her hard and fast.

“Excuse me, I’ll be right back,” she said, standing up. She picked up her purse and headed to the ladies’ room. She went into the first empty stall and locked the door. She needed to get off in the worst way. She lifted her skirt and slipped her hand into the front of her cotton panties. Her pussy was very wet as she stroked herself. She pushed a couple of fingers into her sopping wet hole and thrust them back and forth. Suddenly she had an idea. She removed her hand from her panties and slid them down her long legs. Removing them she stuck them in her purse. After flushing the toilet, she washed her hands and headed back to the table. The waiter had just arrived with their bill as she approached.

“Ready to go?” Dylan asked, standing. Shae came up beside him and slipped her pussy juice coated panties into his jacket pocket.

“Definitely,” she said, patting his pocket and “accidentally” brushing her hand against the front of his pants. She felt him twitch beneath her hand. They exited the restaurant and headed to the car. Once outside, Dylan grabbed her and hauled her against him, capturing her lips with his. They devoured each other’s mouths, tongues tangling the way they both knew they would be later. Dylan broke the kiss and they got into the truck. They pulled away from the restaurant and Shae placed her hand on Dylan’s thigh…walking her fingers up his leg and brushing against his cock. As she stroked him through his pants, Dylan slipped his hand beneath her skirt. As his fingers brushed against her bare pussy, Shae spread her legs a little wider, allowing him better access. He pressed chasing waves izle two fingers into her love hole, causing her to moan loudly. She opened his belt and undid his zipper, freeing his hard cock as he finger fucked her. He stroked her clit with his thumb as she thrust her hips up to meet his fingers. Shae cried out as she came, her pussy muscles clenching tightly around his fingers.

They pulled into the empty university parking lot. Dylan removed his fingers from Shae’s pussy and licked her sweet juices from his fingers.

“Your turn,” Shae said, undoing her seat belt and turning in her seat. She kissed his mouth quickly and then lowering her mouth to his exposed cock. She kissed the very tip of it as she fondled his balls. Then she took the head of it into her hot mouth and sucked it lightly, moving down the shaft until the head touched the back of her throat. Dylan brought his hand to the back of Shae’s head as she bobbed up and down. He could feel his nuts tightening and he knew he was going to blow his load. He knew that he should probably warn her, but he wanted Shae to drink his cum. Shae gagged slightly as the first shot of semen hit her throat. She backed up a bit and took all of his cum, swallowing furiously to catch every last drop of the sticky fluid. When she’d milked him dry, she slipped him out of her mouth.

“Wow,” he said. He pulled her close for a deep kiss. Shae opened her mouth to share some of his cum with him. As they kissed, Dylan’ hands cupped her full breasts through the thin blouse she wore. He undid the buttons and teased her pert nipples through the lace cups of her bra. Shae reached around her and undid the closure on her bra. She quickly slipped out of her blouse and Dylan helped her remove her bra.

“Suck my nipples,” Shae moaned as he lightly but firmly pinched her nipples. She sighed in pleasure as his lips closed around one hard peak. As he sucked one nipple, he kneaded the other breast before moving his mouth to the other breast. christina in the country izle It didn’t take long for Shae to climax again. After a few minutes, Shae put her bra in her purse and put her blouse back on.

“I should go,” Shae said, doing up the first couple of buttons on her blouse and opening the truck door. Dylan walked her to her car. When they reached the front of her car, she turned to him and hugged him. “I had a really great time tonight, thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” he said. He gently turned her around and pushed her forward against the hood of the car. “We’re not quite done yet though.”

“Oh really?” Shae said, huskily. “Just what did you have in mind?” Even as she said the words, she knew what was going to happen next and she could feel her body readying. Her pussy was dripping, her juices practically running down her leg. Dylan quickly undid his pants and released his hard cock. He flipped Shae’s skirt up and entered her in one quick, powerful thrust. Shae had never felt so full in her life. Dylan was huge! Dylan pounded Shae’s pussy, taking her hard and fast just the way she imagined him doing. Dylan reached around her and slid his hands beneath her blouse, squeezing her tits. She slid her hand between her legs to her clit.

“You feel so fucking good!” Dylan said as he continued to thrust deep inside her.

“Harder!” Shae shouted. “Fuck me hard and fast!” Dylan grabbed Shae’s hips and began to slam inside her. “DYLAN!” she cried as she came hard around his cock.

“I’m going to fill your hot channel with my cum,” Dylan said as he felt her pussy tighten around his cock. Suddenly he erupted into her.

Exhausted, Shae collapsed onto the hood of her car. If Dylan hadn’t still been holding her hips, she would’ve crumpled to the ground. They stayed like that as he started to soften inside her. He withdrew from her body and pulled up his pants while Shae fixed her skirt. She stood up and could feel the mixture of cum and pussy juice seeping from her love hole.

“You gonna be all right to drive?” Dylan asked as Shae stumbled slightly trying to walk to the car door.

“Yes,” she said, “I’ll be fine.”

“You sure?” Dylan asked.

“Well, maybe you could follow me home,” Shae suggested with a sexy grin. “Just to make sure I get into the house ok. I have stairs, you know.”

“Sounds like a good idea to me,” Dylan said.

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