Dirty Anal with His Sister-in-Law

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Jack never liked the holidays, especially because he never liked being with his wife’s family. For her part as a wife, Heather was kind and gentle, but she was very family-oriented. Jack loved his wife and so, every year of their 5-year marriage, they traveled north to spend four days with the fam.

He didn’t mind the family, really, but it was more the fact that he just wanted to be at his own home to relax and drink and have sex with his pretty young wife. Was that so much to ask?

On the first night, Heather got into her childhood bed and stripped down completely naked and pushed her butt against Jack’s thickening cock. In that position, he slid his cock into his wife’s 26-year-old pussy and fucked her slowly, romantically until he came deep inside her. He was clothed and she remained naked with his cum in her the whole night.

The next morning when Jack awoke, Heather was gone, already downstairs, making breakfast with her parents. He rolled over and looked at his phone for a bit until he heard a new voice. Dina.

Dina, Heather’s older sister, lived in California and rarely made it back to see her parents and sister. She was trying to make it as an actress and looked the part. Tall and skinny, maybe too skinny in some areas. Her butt was perfectly proportioned so it actually looked like she had a good ass. Jack was always a fan. Her hair was dyed nearly platinum blonde and when Jack came downstairs, everyone but Dina greeted him. That was the standard. Dina neither liked or disliked Jack, she just sort of tolerated him. Her hair now was pulled back in a messy ponytail and not nearly as luminous. She had on tight yoga pants that were tighter than he’d ever seen. Way tighter on Dina than what his own wife’s workout pants looked like when she wore them.

Jack went to hug Dina who was not all that interested but her baggy hoodie fanned out and she embraced him with a weak side hug.

“Dina is just now getting in,” Heather said, stirring pancake batter, “She traveled all night.”

“I am so exhausted. I’m going to go lie down.” Dina departed for her makeshift room in the basement and Heather and her parents and I ate a lovely breakfast and talked about the plans for the weekend.

That night is when things got interesting, and when many lines were crossed and never recovered.

Jack and everyone else went shopping then out to a big dinner. The next day was Christmas Eve so when they got home, Heather’s parents went right to bed, and Jack, Heather, and Dina stayed up drinking in the basement, which had a fully stocked bar. A few shots, a few bottles of wine. Everyone was toasted. Soon, Heather pulled Jack close and said in a whisper, “Come on…” implying, of course, that she was drunk and horny.

Instead of dutifully going up to her room and fucking her, Jack had other plans that had been forming all day and all night. He wasn’t proud of it either.

Hours earlier, Jack was behind the wheel of his in-laws’ SUV, driving Heather and Dina to the mall. The in-laws drove separately to conceal the gifts. At the mall, Heather seemed to fixate on shopping and chatting with her mom, and Heather’s dad, Stan, wasn’t much of a talker, so Jack was stuck walking with, and behind, often, Dina. He didn’t mind the view. She had on different workout pants, purple and nearly painted on. She wore a fleece and a ponytail. Everyone else was 10 steps ahead when they got to the elevator. Two steps down, Jack tried to not stare into his sister-in-laws ass, but he made quick glances anyway, his cock feeling thick.

About trabzon seks hikayeleri halfway up, Dina leaned to one side and let out a long silent fart, almost directly in Jack’s face. He didn’t really notice anything till she turned around and made the “shhh” sign with her pointer finger and thin lips. He didn’t know what she meant. It didn’t smell bad, so he was oblivious to anything other than her ass. Sure, maybe the mall was a little funky smelling, that is it. At the top of the escalator, she waited for him and said, “Sorry. You were in a bad spot.”

“What do you mean?” Jack asked.

“Oh.” Dina paused. “Nothing. Ha. Let’s catch up with them.”

That was the nicest thing she’d ever said to him. And from that point on, she was much more warm. She talked as the strolled the mall floors, told Jack stories of L.A., dating, and how hard it is to make it in Hollywood. He nodded and said he wasn’t bold enough to chase his dream of being a novelist, and so on.

After dinner at a chain mall restaurant, it was time to leave. Heather kissed Jack and told him she was going to ride home with her parents. So it was Jack and Dina in the big SUV, alone, and only Dina knew that just a bit ago, he took in her gas and now, for some reason, she was horny. Beyond so.

Dina couldn’t believe it either. Why had that made her want to fuck her brother-in-law? Now she had him alone in the car…

He pulled out of the parking lot and Dina said, “You know, I need to confess. I told you about my dating back at the mall because, believe it or not, I haven’t been with a guy….you know, like that, in a while. I guess I am lonelier than I thought.”

Jack, unsure of what to say, nodded and drove. He, too, was feeling sexually frustrated. But not because he didn’t have sex, he had sex a lot with his wife, but she never let him do anything too far out there. All he said was, “That must be tough. I hope you can sort that out.”

Before he could react, her hand was rubbing his crotch. “I am weird. I know it. I know I am wrong for everyone, but I know I can be open with you, because you won’t ever say anything to anyone about it. Right?”

His cock hardened and he looked at her for a moment. She was biting her lip. She said again, “Right?”

He nodded and pulled off into the park reserve right off the main road. “Right.”

Dina texted her sister that she and Jack were going to stop for one extra special present for her, won’t be long.

“I am weird. No one would ever know.”

Jack unbuckled his pants, in sheer lust, and said, “Weird, how?”

She takes his cock in her little warm hand and grips it. “Well, for one, I have no idea why but I knew I wanted to fuck you just a bit ago. When I knew you were staring at my butt….but guess what?” She stroked a quick stroke. “I let a nasty fart out right into your face…”

Normally, Jack wouldn’t like knowing that, or, maybe he did, he hadn’t considered it, but now, with his hard cock in his sister-in-law’s hand, he said, “I’d do anything to be near your butt.”

It sounded weird, and it is, but he meant it. He had long dreamed of this moment, but normally, the dream would fade because up until an hour ago, she hadn’t given him the time of day. She stroked some more, long, sensual strokes and asked, “Does my sister like this cock?”

Jack nodded, deep in carnal bliss. Already knowing he will never say anything about this.

She picked up the pace. “Did you like smelling my fart? That gas from my perfect…tight..bum.”

He nodded trying to not cum.

“Do you like dirty talk?” she asked.

“Yes. Ugh. I do.”

“Do you like knowing that a hot girl like me farts in public? We all do. My sister does too. I bet she never lets on though.”

He kissed her then, and then his whole life was about to change.

At first he fingered her pussy, tight and hairless, while she was still fully clothed. The heat in the car was on but soon, they knew they needed to be somewhere with the tinted windows. The back seat folds down, he thought. So he got out and awkwardly walked briskly to the back seat door on the passenger side. She met him and they crawled in together as the seat folded down effortlessly.

Tme melted and soon they were naked except for their shoes. He was on top of her, hammering away at her semi-famous pussy, grunting with each thrust.

Her legs curled around him, but not tightly, she grabbed his head and said, “My pussy is tighter than Heather’s?” Her white running shoes clunking together.

Jack grunted and considered her question, even in his rhythm. “You’re so much fucking tighter.”

Then, out of nowhere, she came. Hard, and loud. As her body convulsed, she squealed, “Say something filthy now. Anything. Say it.”

He didn’t know then why, and to this day has no idea why, but he said into her sweaty cold ear, “Show me where you poop from.”

She smiled wickedly as her orgasm subsided and said, “So you want to see my turd factory…. my poop hole?”

He was close to cumming and now embarrassed, worried he’d wrecked it. He was still too hard to care. “Please.”

She pushed him off and rolled onto her knees, her lower back was small. Her ass spread easily as he reared back and let her take position. She arched her back then winked her anus at Jack, inviting him.

“Can you believe someone as hot as me poops?” Her labia parted, wet, dripping.


“I haven’t pooped in three days. Travelling….”

“I can’t believe this. I want it.”

“Want what?”

Jack suctioned his mouth on Dina’s wrinkly anus and sucked lightly, soon feeling her sphincter loosen, letting out a light puff of air.

“I just fucking farted in my brother-in-law’s mouth,” Dina says, loudly, almost jokingly. In amazement. “Holy shit!”

As she said that, Jack couldn’t hold on. He erupted all over her little anus and lower back, painting her with his thick load of hot cum. He was panting and she was starting to gently giggle. “Wow. You had a lot pent up, huh?”

Ashamed but still horny, Jack weighed that question. “I actually came in your sister last night.” He said it to try to make it seem like he had control over what had happened.

“But it didn’t feel as good as it did right now, looking at the hole I poop from, huh?” She was almost egging him on.

Jack buckled up his pants and searched the center console up front for napkins. Once he had them he wiped his wife’s sister clean of his semen. “Come on. Let’s go.”

“Why so grumpy? You just fucked me. You just said nasty shit. You just covered me with your cum. You should be happy!”

“Not a word of this. Ever.” Jack finished dressing quickly and got out. He climbed into the driver’s seat as Dina got dressed.

“I won’t say a word. Why would I mess up my career for this? But, by the way, I like your style.”

They pulled into the driveway and as they walked up toward the door, Dina said, maybe a bit too loudly, “If you want, I will for sure need to poop later.”

Jack stayed silent, and though he couldn’t explain why, his cock was getting thicker in his pants.

So, parents were asleep. Heather was horny for her husband’s cock but he knew he still smelled like sex. On top of that, he remembered what Dina said, and he couldn’t help but be intrigued.

“OK lame-o,” Heather teased. As she walked away she slapped her ass, jokingly, but Jack knew she’d never let him fuck her asshole. The most she ever let him do was look at it as he fucked her from behind. She never farted near him or mentioned pooping. He convinced himself then that the only ass he would fuck that night would be Dina’s. But would she want his cock up there with a full gut of shit?

Dina, now alone with her brother-in-law, drank out of the wine bottle and danced slowly, sexy.

“I still am in awe.” Jack took a beer and opened it. “We are crazy.”

“See? You didn’t want to fuck my sister because you know what I have for you.”

“Not true,” Jack said, “Well….”

Dina danced up to him and started lightly grinding her ass against his crotch.

“You know what?” she asked, wiggling her hips.

“That this is going to wreck my life?” he responded.

“No. We are adults. No one will get hurt. But, I do think you’d like knowing that I have to poop soon…”

“It’s weird to admit that I do like knowing that.” He pulled her close. She smelled of sweat and expensive perfume.

“You ever fuck the shit out of a girl?” Dina turned and asked in a hushed voice. Two floors separated the two of them and the rest of the family. Still. No need to cause suspicion.

“No,” he said honestly. The closest he ever got to this situation was in college when his on-again, off-again girlfriend made him stop fucking her so she could poop. Even that didn’t then him on then, so why now? Why is he hard and desperate for her to poop for him?

“Let’s go.”

She led him down the short hall to the bathroom. Dina pulled off her pants and bent over the bathroom sink, looking at Jack in the mirror as he shut and locked the door. Neither of them even considered how bad it would look if someone even came down to say good night.

“I’m not getting totally naked. Come on,” Dina said. “Slide in and hold it there…”

“Have you, like, done this before…” Jack pulled his cock out and rubbed it against her stinky knot.

“You, to say the very least, are not the first… Hollywood… it pays to be open-minded with certain casting agents. “Come on.”

He slid in, though both of them winced in delightful pain as her sphincter opened up to accept his veiny shaft. He got all the way in, balls deep.

“Holy… fuck,” he moaned, “wow.”

“MMM OK, fuck yeah… OK…” she said, like she was making a deal with her colon.

“OK. GO. Fuck me. Fuck me till I poop all over my parents’ guest bathroom,” Dina said into the mirror.

And he obliged without comment. He slid out and in, slowly, methodically.

“Fuck you are too tight.”

She hiked her knee to rest on the bathroom counter, loosening up her hole, but not by much. “You like being up in your wife’s sister’s gorgeous guts?”

“UGH!” Jack grunted, worried he was being loud. He was fucking her now, raw and as he looked down, his cock was becoming a different shade, darker…

He was railing his sister-in-law’s tiny pooper and soon, he exploded deep up in her, coating her waiting turds. He slid out and Dina immediately climbed onto the toilet and squatted, and looking Jack in the eyes as three massive, rock solid turds slid out, just like his cock did. Her farts spewed out his cumload and he rubbed his now poo-covered cock hard, cumming again on her face…

Then, a knock on the door… “Guys??”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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