Dirty Hike

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***based on a true story – gets a bit filthy, including sweat, musk, piss, mud, and lots of anal. If that’s not your thing, you’ve been warned!***

Mark and I had been meaning to get together for a while but just hadn’t made it happen. One thing or another had kept popping up, and for a few months he’d been in a pretty serious relationship. Not that that would have automatically disqualified meeting up, but it was definitely a bonus when, a few months post-breakup, we finally had schedules that aligned. See, Mark and I had first met years ago when he had been in a poly relationship and both he and his gf had been very keen to have a threesome. That relationship didn’t last, but he and I became really good friends and discovered we both had a shared love of the outdoors, covering each other in piss, and seeing who could ride the other’s cock harder!

We had a three day weekend, and planned a good, out of the way trail. It would be a mix of woods and more open terrain, but fairly close to rivers and streams for most of it making water less of an issue. We went in early summer, so it would be hot, but not ridiculously so – enough so we didn’t have to bother with tents which is always nice! We met up at the trail’s end early Friday morning and left his car there, then drove a few hours in my car to the trailhead. It was both a good chance to catch up and saved us having to turn around halfway through the hike and backtrack. And of course it gave us both a chance to really fill up on water!

We got to the trailhead, parked, and grabbed our gear from the back. Both of us were dressed pretty conventionally – long sleeved shirts and hats to keep off the worst of the sun, tan quick drying shorts, hiking socks and boots. Normally my preference would be to wear a jock strap, but the length of time we’d be on the trail combined with the fact that I’d want something to wear just in case there were other folks at some of the pools along the route meant that I was wearing some hiking boxer briefs. I locked the car and we got going.

It was a really nice day – it had started in the low 70s in the morning and by now was in the mid 80s without much humidity. The sun was up and so was the trail. In fact, most of today and tomorrow would be gentle to steep rises. Mark had the lead on a section that was pretty steep, giving me a chance to admire the sweat starting to glisten on his hairy legs and the beginning of a sweat line up his ass crack. After getting to the top of the rise we took a moment to catch our breath. Sweat lines were very obvious on both of us – backpack straps the darkest and most in evidence, but a good shading of our pits and pecs too. Both our hats had a good sweat band and I thought I could just about make out the outline of his cock in his delightfully tight shorts. Stopped, we both took the opportunity to swig some water.

“Fuck Josh, I’m gonna need a slash soon!” said Mark after a particularly large gulp.

“Hmmmm, why don’t we make it more interesting – you up for a contest?” I replied with a grin.

“Ooh what did you have in mind?”

“Contest to see how long we can hold it. Loser wets their shorts. Winner takes a leak on the loser.”

“Damn you’re a filthy fuck Josh. You’re on!”

The next 45 minutes passed uneventfully – we hadn’t seen anyone all morning and by now really weren’t expecting to – but as the hour came closer it became obvious we were both starting to struggle. We were more exposed on an open scrubland, so there wasn’t much of a break from the sun and despite the challenge and our full bladders we were still drinking somewhat frequently. If it weren’t for the amount we were both sweating I’m sure one of us would have already burst – as it was, I was sure on a couple of occasions that Mark had wet himself only to realize it was a rivulet of sweat running down his leg. Both our shorts and shirts were pretty wet by now – soaked in some places but just damp in others. Our pace had slowed to a crawl as we attempted to shield our bladders from any sudden motion and we teased each other good naturedly about who would be the first to go.

And then, leaning one hand against a tree and the other desperately clutching at his crotch, Mark absolutely flooded his shorts. I was slightly ahead and turned as I heard him gasp, piss streaming through the sodden fabric and cascading down on the rocks at his feet. The look of ecstasy on his face was quite something – not quite orgasm levels, but the pleasure of release was very obvious. My cock immediately hardened as I watched my friend empty out.

“Fuck that felt good!” Mark said as the stream finally went dry. “Now, what was the other part of the forfeit?”

“Take your pack off and get down on your knees, Pissboy!” I said, liberating my cock from my shorts and trunks.

“Oh fuck…” said Mark, doing as I told, a whiff of his sweat and fresh piss rising to great me as he sank down at my feet.

“Head back, mouth open wide!”

Hands behind Escort Anadolu yakası his neck he eagerly complied and my hardon subsided just enough for a jet of piss to stream out, hitting him squarely in the chest. The piss mixed with his sweat, drenching the fabric and running down to commingle with his piss already soaking his shorts. I gained a little more control of my stream and guided it upwards to his waiting mouth quickly filling it. He took a big gulp but mostly let it run out the sides of his mouth and down his cheeks, as he kneeled up higher following the stream up to its source. I was nowhere near empty, though by now no longer desperate, when his lips met my cock and his expert oral skills cut my pee short as blood came rushing in.

“Oh you whore!”, I jokingly scolded. There’d be plenty of time for this later.

“A regular pisswhore”, he replied, at which I pulled my cock from his mouth and jokingly slapped it across his cheek. I grabbed the front of his shirt pulling him to his feet and holding his wet body to mine in a bear hug.

“Let me taste that piss” I said, my tongue replacing my cock in his mouth, the slightly salty taste of pee on his lips.

“How about a rule for the weekend”, Mark said after we broke off our kiss. “No piss is allowed on the ground – it can be in shorts or on the other guy, but none of it gets wasted. And we’ll keep this particular contest up throughout the day.”

“Deal!” I said, very excited by this idea, and in the heat of the moment not remembering that while Mark had completely emptied his bladder I was still partially full due to my friend’s excellent oral intervention.

I zipped up my shorts and we got going again, making good progress despite the sun and the fact that we were exposed in the open for most of the next few hours. Both of us had hydration packs so it was hard to gauge exactly how much the other was drinking, but I know I was forced to suck down a bunch of water with the heat. Mark’s shirt was absolutely clinging to his well muscled shoulders and there I was sure it was just sweat and not my piss from earlier. I knew I was in a pretty similar state.

Predictably, I was the next to piss myself. I struggled for a good while, but taking a big step from a rock to the bank crossing a brook I let loose, creating a wet spot obviously darker than the sweat stains. Mark immediately caught it, pointing and practically cackling that it was his turn to administer the punishment. Knowing what was coming I just gave into the urgent need to empty out and let the flood come – such a mix of relief and pleasure! I always love the feeling of piss running down my legs and this time was no exception, I shifted to make sure it ran down both legs and even caught some piss in my cupped hands as it ran out of my shorts so I could slurp it up. Damn! Despite all I’d been drinking it was strong – not a huge surprise given how much I’d been sweating, but a definite indication of what was about to come.

Of course, the moment I finish Mark has his cock out, shorts at his knees.

“Josh, assume the position you piss slut!”

Pack thrown to one side I got down on my knees in front of my friend, hands on his thighs, mouth open and head thrown back. He didn’t waste any time and his aim was somehow perfect – right on my tongue.

“Damn that’s strong!” I sputtered, piss continuing to cascade on my face and down my shirt. “What’ve you been drinking?”

“Coffee, and not nearly enough water!” Mark said with a bit of a smirk.

His piss was strong, but after a moment I got accustomed to it and, after he’d thoroughly soaked my waistband and shirt and directed his stream back into my mouth, I followed the stream up to the source. As his urine filled my mouth to the brim my lips closed around his half-hard cock, piss flowing down my chin as I took more and more of his length in my mouth. As my nose started pressing into his sweat-matted pubes I felt his dick stiffen and the stream cut off. Leaving behind a coating of piss and saliva I licked from the base of his cock to the tip, paying extra attention to his gorgeous mushroom stamp of a head. I swallowed his full shaft a handful of times in quick succession, each time getting a glorious face-full of pube musk, I gave him the impression that I would suck him off, but as Mark’s hands started to touch the back of my head I quickly stood up.

“Naughy boy!” I said, giving him a playful slap across the cheek. “You know how that ends!”. And then pulled his mouth towards mine, first drooling a mix of saliva, sweat, and piss into his waiting mouth, then our tongues met, teasing and twisting as we shared trail piss-breaths. I gave his cock and balls a friendly fondle as we kissed, then broke off. “Enough of that! We’ve still got to make it to the rest point!”

We got to our camp site (really just a spot we knew we’d have access to clean water) and Mark started unpacking while I gathered up some firewood. Kurtköy escort I returned to find my friend shirtless and shorts-less, his sexy sweaty body covered only with compression shorts and boots. I lost no time in joining him, but before things got too out of hand we paused to get the fire going, warm some dinner up, and stake down our ground tarp we’d sleep on. Dusk was setting in and we admired what we could see of the sunset through the trees. Then, our meal finished, complete with plenty of water and swapping a bourbon flask back and forth, Mark reached into his pack and pulled out a big tub of Crisco. Mark is old school, but I like that about him!

“Lose those drawers and get on all fours” he half growled at me while pulling off the lid and seal of the can. I stood up and faced away from him, peeling my compression shorts down and bending right over to give him a show. “You show off slut Josh! Get on your hands and knees!”

Now wearing just my socks and boots I got on all fours on our big tarp. Even before I could turn my head around to look, Mark was behind me, one hand on my left buttcheek as he buried his nose in my ass. He took a huge audible breath in as his nose slid down my sweaty, hairy crack til I felt his tongue working at my hole. His panting turned into grunting as I felt his tongue slide in and out, my asshole loosening under his oral onslaught – and my cock rock hard and throbbing!

He must have noticed my moaning: “You always were a total sucker for a rimjob, weren’t you?”

“Fucking hell you know it! Though your tongue is better than most.” was my truthful reply.

“Well you’ll just have to wait a bit for more – I want to see how many fingers that slutty hole can take!” With that, I found out why Mark had only had his left hand on my ass as his right hand slapped what felt like a pound of lard on my ass. Briefly smearing each cheek he then focussed on my ass slit, rubbing a thick amount of lube from the top of my ass down to my balls. The surfaces nicely coated, he took several chunks of the solid crisco and pushed them into my willing rectum. A few more wipes up and down my crack which I could tell were as much to thoroughly coat his fingers as anything else and he plunged three fingers as far as they’d go into my ass and began pumping in and out. A few minutes of that and many moans from me and he asked if I was up for a fourth finger. When we used to hook up four had been about my limit and then only after quite a bit of work. But in the time since then I’d been working on my tolerances and could take even most fists by now. “Mmmmm fuck yeah, bring it on!” I gasped between thrusts. Mark slid his pinky in, my hole greedily accepting it. And then, inevitably, a few minutes later…

“Damn Josh, you’re taking this like a champ. How bout going all the way?”

“Fuck yes… gimme that fist and make me gape for you.” I grunted out my reply, sweat starting to break out all over me.

Another scoop out of the cricso can and Mark added more lube to my hole and then was pressing his well slicked hand into my hole. His four fingertips made it easily past my sphincter, then the tip of his thumb, then he slowly worked his knuckles in as I pushed back against him. Several minutes passed of this more gentle rocking forward and backward, then he was past and my ass practically sucked his hand in up to his wrist.

“Ugghhhnnnnnnhfuckmeohyessss” I part gasped and part moaned, falling forward from my hands to my elbows. “God damn you feel good!”

“You dirty fucker Josh – I had no idea you were into this!” Mark replied, his arm slowly pressing deeper in my ass as he twisted his hand left and right. We settled into a rhythm, him sliding and twisting as I rode back and forth, both of us panting and sweating. Soon my ass loosened to the point where he could slide his fist all the way out and back in again which felt amazing, but his pace was slowing and I could tell he had other things on his mind. He slowly pulled his fist out one last time, slapped my ass, and stood up behind me. I stayed on my knees, elbows and forearms and twisted my neck around to look at him.

Mark’s sweaty, hairy body looked great in the light thrown by the fire. He was peeling his soaked compression shorts off, pulling them all the way to the ground as his cock sprang up, sexy and half-hard. Finished with his shorts, he ran one heavily lubed hand across his abs while the other stroked his cock. “Fuck me…” I muttered, half to myself.

“Oh I will. But I’ve gotta take care of something else first. Get that fancy stretchy asshole gaped for me!”

Staying on my knees but now my head and shoulders taking the rest of my weight, I reached both hands around and hooked two fingers from each to spread my asshole wide to the sky. After a few wayward spurts, Mark’s piss stream came on strong, first hitting my thighs and ass but quickly finding their mark. The feeling of my wide hole being filled from that height Maltepe escort bayan was amazing, and the sound was too! Starting as a fairly low gurgle it rose in pitch as Mark filled me to the brim and then to overflowing. I could feel it running out of my ass and down my legs, the warm liquid adding to the sweat coating them and pooling where my knees pressed into the tarp. Not someone who tolerated half measures, shortly after filling me up Mark shifted his aim up my back til he was plastering the side of my face. I did what I could to lap up some of his tasty nectar, but in that position there wasn’t a whole lot I could do! His stream ended and now I could just make out in my peripheral vision that his cock was fully hard.

Quickly sinking to his knees Mark surprised me by not immediately shoving his cock in my hole. Instead, he stuck his head between my fingers still holding my ass wide open and slurped up some of his piss. The next thing I hear is him gargling, then spitting the ass piss over my body with a loud “ahhhhhhhh”. And then his cock was pressing into the walls of my asshole as he simultaneously removed my fingers, pinning them behind my back with one hand. As my ass closed around his cock and he pressed further in my I could feel piss leaking out my ass around his cock. “Josh you bastard, you’re getting piss on my balls! That deserves punishment!”

The ‘punishment’ took the form of excellent heavy smacks to my backside with his free hand while Mark began to rhythmically pound my well stretched and even more well lubed asshole. The sound of him fucking my sloppy soaking hole was truly filthy – the sort of thing you hear from the plumbing system in a shady, dilapidated dive bar toilet. We both loved it. Soon, Mark released my wrists and placed his right hand on my hip, his left on my shoulder, and I moved onto all fours again. Using this leverage he pounded my ass mercilessly, his pelvis surging forward as I slammed my ass back against him. It’s a good thing we were in the middle of nowhere since not only were we fucking like wild animals, we were making noises like them too! Mark’s grunts and shouts started reaching a crescendo and I knew he must be about to cum. Slowing down our rhythm slightly I bore down, tightening my recently gaped asshole as much as possible. A few more strokes and his cock began pulsing in my ass as he unloaded, draining his balls like he’d drained his bladder earlier. After slowly pulling out he surprised me by again putting his face between my cheeks and gave me a short but excellent post-fuck tonging. And then collapsed next to me, sinking into the puddle of piss and sweat that I’d been kneeling in the entire time.

I immediately wrapped an arm around him and pulled him to me and began kissing him. As we started making out I realized he had been busy while tounging me and had collected a good mouthful of his cum from my ass. I say cum, but it was really a mix of cum, piss, lube, and sweat. But we passed this deliciously filthy fluid back and forth, swapping as our tongues slid and wrestled, our hands running all over each other’s bodies. Both of us were well covered in sweat as well as the piss we were now laying in, but aside from my ass and Mark’s arms we were fairly un-lubed. I decided to fix this situation, and told Mark I thought he deserved a massage for the fucking he’d just doled out.

Scooping a fistfull of crisco from the can I proceeded to rub it into his calves just above his boots and proceed up the back of his legs, adding more of the shortening as I went. Reaching his firm ass I couldn’t help but spread it slightly and bury my face to smell his hairy ripe musk and give his hole a few preparatory licks, but I quickly returned to the job at hand – though almost certainly using more lube than the average masseur! Soon instead of just rubbing my hands over his back I was rubbing my whole body over his – I wasn’t going to let him have all the crisco-covered fun. By now it was fully dark, our soaked shiny bodies lit only by the light of the fire.

After sliding around on his back for a short time (and yes, of course grinding my dick against his ass) I playfully shoved his face into one of the puddles that had formed in the tarp. Sputtering slightly he slid around onto his back so we were face to face, spanked my ass and spat right in my face. He quickly licked his spit off my face and we made out again then I moved into a position kneeling over him and proceeded to rub his chest with crisco. He returned the favor, and soon we were both well coated and started a halfhearted wrestling competition – really more of an excuse to run hands over each other and feel each other up some more! We were making out, each stroking the other’s lube-slicked cock, when Mark noticed that I wasn’t fully hard.

“Oh damn – you haven’t pissed this whole time, have you?”

“I was wondering when you’d notice!” I replied. “And yeah, I’m getting pretty fucking desperate. You want it in your mouth or your ass?”

“Well I’ve already had it in my mouth today so get it up my ass. Oh! And give me a good fill and then I want to see if I can hit the fire with it!” The old distance enema squirt challenge. We’d actually done that in the past as a threesome, but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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