Dirty Little Cocksucker

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Toward the beginning of the end of my marriage, I found I couldn’t get enough sex, from her or any other woman interested in fucking or sucking me. Before, after or during work. On the weekend or during the week. I needed to feel the warmth of a wet pussy or a hungry mouth around my cock.

CC was a delicious piece of ass at work. She was my administrative assistant.

A curvy Mexican woman, about 5’8″ and 130 lbs, with long, black hair, beautiful, pouting C cup breasts, large and very dark aureole and pencil eraser nipples, CC loved to fuck and suck. She worshipped cock but she also loved pussy, and for the right man, she was always up for taking it in the ass. CC was a dirty little cocker; in time she would become my dirty little cocksucker.

I had been at my job not very long when HR introduced me to CC. I figured her out pretty quickly after we started working together. CC loved to dress provocatively, but always on the line of what was appropriate for a law office. Tight dresses and short skirts; sheer blouses with black bras; and always high heels. She liked to feel the hem of her dress or skirt hike up legs and she told me she often thought about whether people could see her pussy on days that she wore no panties. I would have her any way I wanted her soon enough. No need to rush or even try hard. I would have her.

CC knew it too. She could tell when she saw me interviewing to join the office. She knew by the way her pussy tingled and became sopping wet. At the time, she couldn’t figure it out but she hoped that I would get the job.

Independently of each other, we realized that we would have to be discreet. Fucking at the office wasn’t unheard of, but working for a high-profile employer had its risks and with her working under me, the risks were mostly mine.

For an exhibitionistic nympho, being discreet while getting off at the office was a difficult, but very exciting challenge; the ultimate act that she would ever exhibit. CC was the kind of person who eats, breathes, & lives for sex. Her life revolved around getting off. She dreamt about it, and her vivid imagination aided her when she finally did get around to having sex with someone, having replayed in mind frequently exactly the how, what and when of having sex with someone. CC never limited herself to just one partner and she liked it that way. She could get fucked like a cheap whore by one man, and have another for sweet attention and slow, tentative love making. She was always looking for a man who could provide it all. She wouldn’t hesitate to call a lover she had been Escort Sincan fantasizing about while at work to have phone sex while at her desk, and then go home at lunch for sex with someone else, and on the way back to work rubbing her cum-soaked clit. And when she would get back to work, she would be thinking about the sex she had and was going to have when she got home that night. In the morning she would wake up early to suck off her permanent partner, an unknowing cuckold. If he was lucky, she would let him fuck her in the shower, and then when she got to work, only wishing she was back at home to fucking some more.

Did I mention what a dirty little cocksucker CC was? Did I mention that she was going to be mine?

Of all her talents, CC most loved to give blow jobs, because she loved cock. It wasn’t about sucking off a man, it was about caressing his maleness with nothing but her wet, slippery mouth. It isn’t about ejaculation, but about getting a man to experience momentary paradise with an explosion of cum in her mouth, on her face and tits, or in her hair. She was a practiced fellatrix, like many Latinas I have known, and she understood that a real blow job has many aspects. From a technical standpoint, she focused on the twist, on deep throating the shaft and head, and softly playing with the balls. From a psychological standpoint, it was about setting the mood, giving a man the real feeling that anything could and would happen and that she wouldn’t object. In fact, she would probably initiate. For her, stopping for even a breath would unacceptable. CC so she hungered for cock that when she gave a man a blow job, she made sure that he would remember for the rest of his life. And he knew that if she ever let him fuck her, it would be the fuck of his life, because she would be willing to please him in any and every way that he wanted to be pleased. She was a dirty little cocksucker.

As I walked in on my first day, she told me later, CC could only think of closing the door to my office and going down on me. I was focused on work, and she would have to wait until the right moment. She wondered if maybe I wasn’t into hot office pleasures (I was). Everyday she would wonder if this would be the day, because I always requested her assistance after hours and when she wasn’t at her desk, I would call around the building looking for her. Some of our co-workers assumed that I had an interest in her, but she assumed that I was just bossy. She liked my bossiness. It turned her on and she got wet whenever I took a stern tone with her or had to Sincan Escort discipline her for not being available.

I don’t know when she stopped, but at some point, CC quit wearing pantyhose. Her long bronze legs were accentuated by the high heels she wore. Again, she told me later that she wanted me so badly that she stopped wearing pantyhose in hopes that I would bend her over and fuck her hard when she came into my office. My cock stirred seeing those legs, and admiring her ass in the silk dresses she wore. More and more frequently, we worked on matters after normal business hours. She knew that she was closer to having my manhood in her mouth. Her gradual change in work clothes had an effect.

From working late, we moved on to having cocktails regularly at one of a number of bars and lounges in the area. Alcohol loosened inhibitions, which loosened tongues. In no time at all, CC was open to sharing with me stories about all the men and women she had slept with. Most importantly, CC confessed that she loved sucking cock. One night after working late and then going for a drink, she asked if I could give her a ride home. I did and on the way to her house, we made small talk, both of us a little tipsy.

Upon arriving at her house, I pulled forward the distance of a couple houses, so that we could talk without being observed. We talked a little more, mostly flirting with entendres traded back and forth. Before I knew it, she had leaned into me and planted a deep, wet kiss on my lips. Her right hand reached over and slowly ran up my inner thigh. When she reached my cock, she began massaging it through the fabric of my suit trousers.

My cock sprang to life and I pulled her to me as I returned the kiss. She expertly manipulated my cock as I ran my hand up her inner thigh. I could feel the heat of her pussy before I felt the silky fabric of her panties. Pushing aside the elastic band, I ran my fingers through her hairy bush, down into her sopping wet cunt. Flicking the clit my thumb, I worked two fingers into her, rubbing the interior wall. She gasped and pushed up against my hand, cumming immediately. After catching her breath, she again kissed me and thanked me for the ride.

On the way home, I thought to myself, “She’s mine.” When I got home, I climbed into bed and entered my wife from behind, banging her hard and quick. She was taken back by the unexpected fucking, but she didn’t complain.

The next day, I was determined to find out how well CC could suck cock. My wife at the time was a world-class cocksucker, and she would Sincan Escort Bayan be hard for any woman to follow.

The day started off just like any other day, with letters and briefs to write and motions to file. Towards late afternoon, I asked her to stay late, to help me finish a project. She stayed late, but indicated that she could stay only until 5:30, because she didn’t want to miss the bus. Around 5:15, I called her into my office. I could tell she wanted her hot red wet lips on my cock and so did I.

It was late and she said that she wanted to get to the bus, because the next bus would be much later and she needed to let her babysitter get home early tonight. I stood up from my desk, unzipped my trousers and pulled my cock out. She was transfixed on it. “I just don’t have time,” she said, but her eyes never left my cock.

I walked closer to her, looking at her, looking at my manhood. “Suck me”, I said.

“I have to go!” she replied.

“Suck me now.” I replied, as I positioned myself in front of her. My hands were on her shoulders, and my knees pressed against her knees, keeping her seated before me. Pre-cum covered the tip of my cock. The hunger in her eyes evident, she grasped the shaft to run the slit of my cockhead across her lips. Of course, her lips parted so that her tongue could catch the clear liquid covering her lips.

Her eyes closed, as she savored the moment when she first sucked my cock. Knowing she was going to need more freedom to blow, she unfastened my trousers so that she could work my cock from tip to shaft to balls without any fabric interfering. She gasped briefly upon viewing my cock for the first time, before stroking me. When she was ready, she took me into her mouth, never breaking eye contact with me. She told me later that I tasted so good that her mouth salivated, allowing her to move my cock all over her mouth. She was into sucking me off now and she closed her eyes as she worked the magic of her lips, tongue and hands, urging forth a loud orgasm that rumbled from deep within my balls, shooting out of the tip of my cock deep into her throat. Like any practiced cocksucker, she milked every drop of cum out of my cock. As I finished cumming, my cock throbbing a few more times before it was spent, I looked down at her face. It was beatific, with a glaze of saliva, cum, and pre-cum covering her lips and cheeks. One pearlescent drop of my cum dropped onto the top of her conservative blue dress. I could tell she was hot and would have put a finger up my ass to keep me hard long enough to fuck her silly, but she had a bus to catch. We cleaned up and she left my office discreetly.

I leaned back in my chair before returning to work. I knew what I had suspected all along. CC was a dirty little cocksucker. More importantly, she was my dirty little cocksucker.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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