Discovering a Friend’s Passion

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Bill shouted out to his wife Ann, “I’ll get it!” when the doorbell rang. He went to the front door and welcomed in David and his wife Susan.

“Come in! Everything’s ready, just need to throw the burgers on the grill. I’m heading out back – grab yourselves a beer in the kitchen and make yourselves at home.”

“Thanks, we’ll do that” said David.

Bill and David were long-time co-workers, and their families had been gathering every few weeks in the summer for barbecues for years. All the kids were long since on their own, but the two couples, all in their late 50’s now, enjoyed continuing the tradition.

Bill headed grabbed the burgers from the fridge on his way out back to start grilling. Ann was in the kitchen, and after giving Susan a hug hello, the two women started arranging dishes and condiments. David trailed Bill out back with a beer in hand.

The evening proceeded casually, as the meal preparations were completed and they sat around the picnic table out back chatting. As dusk began to settle in, David excused himself, nodding towards several empty beer bottles, saying, “What goes in, must come out!”

While David went to use the bathroom, Bill and the women began cleaning up. “I’ve got ice cream for dessert in the freezer in the garage,” Bill said. “Why don’t you gals bring out some dishes while I go grab it.”

As the women headed into the house, Bill went around the side of the house to the freezer inside the garage. Now the guest bathroom, which was also the laundry room, was between the kitchen and the garage, with doors going both ways from the bathroom. As Bill passed the bathroom door in the garage, he noticed the door was ajar. David had entered from the kitchen side, and apparently hadn’t noticed the other door was not shut.

As David reached to close the door, he caught a glimpse in the bathroom mirror, and froze with his hand mid-air. Reflected in the mirror was David, but he wasn’t back to the mirror as he would be to take a whiz. He was sitting down on the toilet, pants at half mast, and was stroking his hard cock furiously. Bill was frozen in his tracks, but not by the sight of his long-time friend beating his meat. With his other hand, David held something purple up to his face, eyes closed. Bill recognized the purple material as a pair of Ann’s panties. David was wanking away with his face buried in a pair of Bill’s wife’s panties.

Bill had stood there for only a few seconds when David shot his load, hot cum rolling down the side of his hand. As his orgasm subsided, Bill watched him lift his hand and lick off his own load. Before David came back to reality, Bill quietly backed out of the garage, not quite sure what to do.

Bill waited out front until he heard the other door to the bathroom open, indicating David had finished his business (hopefully putting everything back), and had left via the kitchen. Bill went back into the garage and grabbed the ice cream, then returned to the back yard around the house.

He was glad to see that David was acting his normal self, apparently unaware that Bill had seen him in the bathroom. Bill had no desire to cause a scene – he needed to think about what he had seen. The evening ended pleasantly, like many barbecues in the past.

Bill couldn’t get the episode of David wanking with his nose buried in Ann’s panties out of his mind over the next few days. He wasn’t angry; in fact, he found himself quite turned on by the images in his mind. He had to go çorum seks hikayeleri to the restroom at work a few extra times each day, to have a quick wank himself, while he replayed the scene of David’s hand bobbing up and down on his hard cock, with his nose buried in purple panties.

Though it had been a number of years, Bill himself had occasionally enjoyed some women’s used panties. There had been a time in college when, after a racquetball match, he’d given the coed he’d played a ride home, and she had left her gym bag in the back seat of his car. He’d taken it into his apartment that night and cum several times with his nose buried in the pungent, sweaty, aroma of a young woman’s pussy.

And a few years after that when a co-worker he though was hot has asked him to bring in her mail and water her plants while she was on vacation, he had found a pair of her soiled panties in a hamper, and had enjoyed them immensely, sniffing, smelling, and eventually licking the dried cunt-spot juices, their taste a sharp and tangy sensation on his tongue.

So, no, he wasn’t angry. In fact, the more he thought about it, Bill thought he might have an opportunity here. By the next barbecue at his house, he had a plan ready.

Everything was ready before David and Susan showed up that evening. The grill was hot, the side dishes prepared, condiments ready to be taken out to the picnic table, and… the vanity lock on the bathroom door to the garage was “adjusted” just enough that the door would latch, but not lock. Bill also left the door ajar, in hopes that he’d be able to see any action, which would make the timing of his plan easier to execute.

As an extra preparation, Bill had himself gone through the laundry basket in the bathroom and made sure a couple pairs of Ann’s soiled panties were easily accessible. In fact, doing something he hadn’t done in years, he had a good wank himself while his nose was buried in his wife’s panties, though he was sure to not get cum on them.

The evening proceeded as usual – beers, burgers, chat around the table. Bill waited anxiously for David to announce the need to drain the beer he’d been drinking, but it seemed David just wasn’t going to hit the bathroom this evening. As dusk was falling, Bill couldn’t wait any longer to announce dessert, so, fearing his plans had come to naught, he headed into the garage to grab ice cream from the freezer.

When Bill returned to the table, the gals had brought out dessert dishes and had lit a number of oil lamps around the porch. David was nowhere to be seen. “Where’s David?’, Bill asked Susan.

“Well, with all that beer he drank, you can guess” she replied.

Bill thought furiously – he needed a quick reason to return to the garage. Realizing he had a couple flavors of ice cream stashed in the freezer, he said, nonchalantly as he could manage, “I think I’ll go grab the mint chocolate chip as well, then we can all have a choice.”

Trying not to seem rushed, he walked back around the house and into the garage. He could see the light on in the bathroom, and the door was thankfully still slightly ajar. Bill walked up quietly and listened, and as he had hoped, he could hear David pulling his pud and moaning quietly. Bill reached out and carefully opened the door an inch, just enough to see David in the mirror, going to town with his hand moving up and down on his cock, and this time his face buried in a pair of yellow panties.

Bill could feel his own cock getting hard, and started rubbing himself through his pants, as he watched David in the mirror carefully. In a few moments, David pulled the panties away from his face, and after examining the cunt spot, used his tongue to taste it. That sent him over the edge and he grunted and came, cum dribbling out of his cock and down his hand, as before.

After his orgasm subsided, he lifted his hand and once again began lick it clean of his own cum. Bill chose that moment to open the door and walk in. He took a step in, eyes towards the floor, then looked straight at the mirror towards David, and their eyes locked. Bill’s eyes flicked at the panties, at David’s tongue in his own cum, then down to David’s cock, still quite hard. After just a second or so, Bill said, “Oh, I’m sorry” and backed out and shut the door.

Bill grabbed the second container of ice cream and headed out back. After several minutes, David had still not appeared, so Bill decided he needed to give David an indication that it was ok. He walked into the kitchen and yelled toward the bathroom door, still closed, “Hey David, ice cream’s melting, we’re waiting on you!”

After another moment or two, David came out but avoided Bill’s eyes. David was very quiet the remainder of the evening, while Bill did his best to act like nothing had happened.

So, the stage was set, and the first act executed – David had been caught in the act, and knew he’d been caught. Bill now wondered if David would approach him about it, or if he’d have to confront David, either which would work for act 2.

It became clear after a couple of days that David was avoiding him at work, so Bill decided he would need to approach David. He waited until lunch a few days later. David was at his desk when Bill walked into his office. David looked up and blushed bright red. Bill closed the door, sat down and looked at David.

David blurted out, “Bill, I’m sorry, I just don’t…”

Bill held up his hand to stop him. “You know, I’ve been thinking about the other night, and there is only one thing about what I saw that really bothers me.”

David, looking like a beat dog, said again, “I’m sorry, I just…”

Again, Bill cut him off. “Hear me out!” he said with just a touch of firmness in his voice. “You come over to my house for dinner. I find you beating off in the bathroom, with your face buried in my wife’s panties! Do you have any idea how that makes me feel?”

David said nothing, just hung his head down, looking at the floor.

Bill waited a few seconds, then continued. “But you know what really pisses me off about this?” He waited for a few more seconds, then, his voice raising just slightly, said “What really pisses me if is that here you have been sniffing Ann’s pussy for god knows how long…”

David tried to interrupt, “Bill, I said I’m sorry.”

“.. hear me out!” Bill said again. “It pisses me off that you’ve enjoyed sniffing Ann’s dirty panties, and I’ve never had the chance to enjoy Susan’s! That’s what pisses me off.”

David raised his head, a very confused look on his face. “What?” he said, his mind not quite connecting the dots.

“You heard me. You’ve been sniffing Ann’s panties, for years for all I know. I think if you want that opportunity again, then you’re going to have to level the playing field here.”

With that, Bill got up abruptly and left David’s office.

David sat still, his mind churning. Did he just hear what he thought he heard? Bill was upset, not because he’d caught him in the act of wanking to Ann’s panties, but because he’d never had a chance to enjoy a pair of Susan’s? As he worked the conversation over and over in his mind, he slowly relaxed, for the first time in days. He realized that his actions hadn’t destroyed a life-long friendship, but from the sounds of it, may have taken it to a new level.

The next day at work, Bill was busy at his desk in the afternoon, when he looked up to see David in the doorway, a bit of a sly smile on his face. David walked in and dropped a padded envelope on Bill’s desk, and said, “This should help out with leveling that playing field!” He watched a smile appear on Bill’s face, then turned and left.

Bill could guess what was in the envelope. Holding it in his hand, he made his way down to the men’s restroom, and locked himself in the stall. It was a single-stall restroom, so unless someone came into use the urinal, he had some privacy. With pants at half mast, and his cock already at half-mast as well, without even touching it, he opened the envelope. Inside was a plastic bag, and through the bag he saw white fabric.

Taking his time and enjoying the suspense thoroughly, he started stroking his cock as he looked at the white panties in the bag. Before he’d even opened the bag, his cock was rock hard and a drop of pre-cum appeared on the tip. He stopped stroking long enough to pick up the precum with his finger then tasted it – he always enjoyed his own precum, though as he’d gotten older he didn’t seem to produce as much. That didn’t seem to be a problem at the moment!

He then opened the bag and inhaled deeply from the bag. The mixed scent of various body odors hit his senses: sweat, urine, pussy, maybe a hint of ass. He continued stroking his cock, now rock hard, as he enjoyed the aroma.

After a few minutes, he pulled the panties from the bag. They were a pretty standard pair of white cotton panties – how could David had known that plain cotton panties were Bill’s favorite? He held them up with his left hand and used his nose to explore them. Near the leg bands he caught a hint of sweat. At the front of the crotch, he enjoyed a bit of urine scent, in his mind imagining smelling Susan’s pussy. Further back was stained with her cunt juices, dried and crusty. And smelling the back, he could just make out her ass smells – just enough to imagine where the panties had settled across her asshole.

He resisted the temptation to taste the panties – he saved that treat for later. The scent itself was enough for now. His hand moved faster on his cock. One last deep inhale with his nose buried in the crotch of Susan’s panties, and he came harder than he had in a long time, cum shooting up and rolling down his hand.

He had rarely tasted his own cum, but the image in his mind, as he came with Susan’s panties on his face, was seeing David doing the same with Ann’s. Impulsively, he followed David’s example and raised his hand to his mouth and cleaned the cum off it.

“Are we even now?” the voice outside the stall said. Bill sat in shocked silence. He thought he’d been alone in the restroom.

“Is that you, David?” he said.

“Yep – and I figured this might be your first stop. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

Bill, cock still in hand, relaxed, realizing they were both on the same page now. “Well, if you were listening, you know I did! Thanks.”

The shared enjoyment of each other’s wives’ panties became a regular thing for them, swapping for a fresh pair every week or two.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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