Discovering Daddy

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Just a little note before we begin, no one in this story is under 18.


The sun was setting on another beautiful day.

She walked along the beach; the sand under her feet, still felt warm from the hot sun.

Couples holding hands never noticed her pass; the seagulls glanced her way only briefly, she held interest as a source of food but they quickly moved on when they realized she didn’t have any.

Walking on this lonely stretch of beach, the wind gently caressed her hair. Her loose clothing concealed a taut athletic body.

She found a spot and sat, watching the sun settle into the water and she waited.

When the sun had disappeared and darkness engulfed the beach, the light of the stars and the rising moon transformed everything into dark silhouettes and detail become hidden in shades of black.

She slipped off her sweater and eased her shorts off and left them sitting on the sand. Noting her location on the beach, she stood up and walked towards the water.

Her small feet brushed against the small gravely stones at the water’s edge and then the warm water quickly rose up her calves.

Moving deeper, she felt the water rise to mid-thigh, she arched her back and dove into the surf. The clear water moving effortlessly against her naked body.

Continuing under the water, her long brown hair swept behind her and the water caressed her breasts and flowed between her thighs as her strong legs kicked behind her.

Rising to the surface and rotating onto her back, she floated on the surface of the water, the moonlight softly casting shadows on her skin, from the rise of her breasts to the smoothness of her abdomen.

Returning to the shore, refreshed, she noted her location and made her way back to her clothes.

A voice came from the darkness, a friendly reassuring voice, “One of these days, someone is going to see you and then you will be in trouble.”

“Daddy, who is going to complain about a naked woman, swimming in the dark, really?”

Her father stepped towards her and handed her a towel, she dried her long hair and wiped off her face, breasts, and flat tummy. She never made any effort to conceal her nakedness from her him, picking up her clothes, and handing them to him to carry for her, along with the towel.

“Let’s go for a walk Daddy, I feel like talking for a bit before we go in.”

He smiled and took her hand, it felt so soft and warm in his.

They talked about her recent divorce again, like they had for the past couple of nights. The hurt, the pain, the loneliness that she felt after the discovery that her sexy, handsome husband in fact liked other sexy handsome men more than he liked her.

Her father squeezed her hand and said, “He is a fool, you are the most beautiful woman I know, you are kind, considerate, you are a great lawyer, you’re smart, and fun to be with.”

“You just say that because you are my dad, and you love me.”

“I do love you, and just because I am your father doesn’t make it untrue,” he wrapped his arm around her and held her close.

She turned and hugged him, her father had been the one person she could count on, all through her life. He had been her rock, from before and all through the divorce.

Her father was an attractive man in his mid-fifties, divorced himself for many years, he had devoted his life to being a lawyer for the underdog’s in life, he could have been a top lawyer in the city but he turned his back on the big law firms and devoted his practice to helping people who could barely afford to pay him.

He was the reason she had become a lawyer and why she loved working with him.

She had two younger sisters, who lived with her mother that she seldom talked to. They along with their mother did not share the same an opinion of her dad. They wanted the big house, the big cars, and the big money.

Her father wanted none of that, she loved his small waterfront cottage, it was tiny. Two bedrooms, a living room slash kitchen and a bathroom. It was cozy with its big fireplace and old furniture. It was surrounded by trees on three sides and the shore on the other. His car was equally unique to him, a 20-year-old jeep with oversize tires. Everything about him was real and strong; nothing was fancy or pretentious.

She had been staying with him, in the spare room, for about a month. He had said that she could stay as long as she wanted. He liked making her breakfast and they drove to work together, most days. Each night they would take a long walk together, and she felt she could tell him anything.

With each day, she had felt her feelings for him growing stronger.

Her passion for nudity did not bother him and she quite often was naked or nearly so. At work, she was the ultimate professional, but at home, with him, she was a free spirit, she could be herself.

She asked him, “if I wasn’t your daughter, would you find me attractive?”

He smiled, “I meant what I said, you are the most beautiful woman, I know; if I bursa escort was 20 years younger and not your father, I would be making love to your naked little body in the sand, right now.”

“Would you really?”

“In less than a second, I am more comfortable with you than I ever was with your mother, and I have looked forward to every day that you have been here with me.”

“Thanks Daddy,” and she reached up and kissed him on the lips.

On that darkened, deserted beach, their kiss lasted a little longer than maybe it should have, but she never felt uncomfortable with him ever, and being held naked in his arms was exactly where she knew she should be. She shivered with this realization, and he mistook this for being cold and offered her sweater to her.

She allowed him to help put the sweater on and only smiled when his strong hands brushed up against her hard nipples. And he held her shorts for her and steadied her as she stepped into her shorts. Subtly brushing up against her smooth pussy and her curved ass.

With a swift pat on her butt, that was no accident, he said, “Okay, sexy, lets go home and watch a movie.”

They held hands again, and walked the short distance to the cottage. Entering the house, he built a fire in the stone fireplace, and she found an adventure movie they both liked.

Curling up together on the couch, he sat with his arm around her. She fell asleep in his strong arms and did not wake up until he was reaching to turn off the TV.

“Did I fall asleep Daddy?”

“Just a little, lets get you to bed.”

She stood up and kissed him again, “thanks for another great night daddy”. This kiss was longer than the others, and for the first time, she probed his mouth with her tongue. Their kiss had more passion than before and she felt his hand squeeze her ass and it left her feeling excited and more than a little wet.

She went to bed naked and slept dreaming about her walks on the beach with her father, he went to sleep dreaming about the same thing.

The next morning, she awoke to the scent of fresh coffee and pancakes. The window in her room was open and breakfast was sitting on a tray at the end of her bed. She pulled the tray up to her and propped herself up with the pillows to enjoy her breakfast.

“Good morning beautiful,” came her father’s voice from the hallway and he came into her bedroom with his coffee and sat on the end of the bed.

She was sitting up, with the blankets covering her naked bottom half; but her top half, was fully exposed to her father. Her lovely 34B’s and their erect nipples were standing proud. He was already dressed for work because he had court this morning.

Standing up, he said, “Got to go sweetie, I’ll see you at the office later,” He stood up and leaned over and kissed her full on the lips. She kissed him hard back, with her tongue deep in his mouth. He cupped one of her breasts and then the other, massaging her sensitive nipples between his thumb and index finger.

Her breathing became labored and then he slipped one hand between her legs and for the first time ever, massaged her sweet pussy.

“Daddy, that feels so nice, I wish you could stay here with me, longer.”

She reached her hand out and felt the bulge in his pants, running her fingers along the length of his cock and said, “Good luck in court, I’ll be thinking about you daddy.”

“You are so beautiful and sexy, I want you to stay forever,” he said as he left the room.

When she heard the car engine start, she laid back in the bed and rubbed her boobs, he had a nice sexy touch, but she knew from practice what she liked best. She continued to caress herself but also ran her fingers through her pussy. Lightly tracing her folds until finding her clit, she thought about her daddy and his touch this morning.

How he said he loved her and how he didn’t want her to leave.

“I don’t want to leave either daddy, I want to be your lover, I want to be yours,” she said out loud to the empty room.

Her back arched and her body tensed as she fantasized about being taken by her daddy, her orgasm was driven by her thoughts about being his lover. She could do that, the age difference didn’t matter to her, at 30, she was her own woman and to hell with what people thought.

She had dated many men before getting married and the more she thought about it, there had only ever been one man that she truly loved in the full sense of the word.

She lay with her fingers still in her pussy long after she had come, daydreaming about her daddy and the way he made her feel.

A text, shook her out of her dreamy thoughts, and she got up and got ready for work.

Shaving her body, including her pussy; showering, and dressing. She transformed into the professional lawyer and hopped into her car and sped to work. She arrived barely 5 minutes late, and their receptionist commented about how pretty she looked today. She returned the complement and went immediately to work.

Shortly after lunch, bursa escort bayan her father returned from court, victorious, and came into her office and closed the door. She stood up and rushed across the room and kissed him softly on the lips. They French kissed for an eternity, before he spoke.

“How would you like to go out for dinner after work?” he asked, “to celebrate the victory.”

“That would be great daddy, do you want just go in our work clothes?”

He laughed, “Actually in my mind, I would prefer you to be naked.”, he suddenly blushed a little bit.

“I would do that for your daddy, actually I would like lie on the table and let you eat me all up,” she smiled and kissed him again, but for today Nathanial’s will be fine.

“Great, I’ll call and book the reservation,” he said quietly.

They both worked until 6 and slipped out together like they did many nights, taking his jeep and leaving her car in the lot. During the drive, the conversation was about their respective days. They walked hand in hand into the restaurant. The waiter said their table was ready and took them to a quiet booth in the back.

The conversation turned to her and she talked again about how things had gone south.

“We wanted different things, I wanted a man that was like you, someone I could talk to, someone that would make me feel special, someone that would challenge me to be better than I was.”

“What did he want,” her father asked quietly.

“The short answer, was not me. It was lots of things; for example, our sex life began very well, we did everything and anything and I loved that.”

“Then, increasingly he worked more and was spending more time with his business partner, they would work late, weekends, and more and more there were business trips to sunny places.” She said sadly.

“It got to the point daddy, that I was using my vibrator more than I was riding his tongue or cock, and soon if I wanted any sexual gratification, it was just me”.

She started to cry and he got up and sat beside her in the booth and put his arm around her.

“Let’s talk about something different,” he said compassionately.

Just then, their dinner arrived and the waiter slid the food in front of them both on the same side, so her father never made any attempt to change back to his original side of the table.

He turned the conversation to things in the office, things they had done together, movies they both liked; and her mood brightened considerably, at one point he put his hand on her thigh and squeezed, making her feel even better.

She rubbed the top of his hand said, “Thank you Daddy, dinner has been wonderful, you always know how to make me feel special.”

Paying for dinner, they walked out of the restaurant holding hands just as it started raining. He held her closely and she inhaled his scent, a mixture of his nature musk and his cologne and it made her feel excited, just like it always had. He opened the jeep door for her and then ran to the driver’s seat.

“Do you want your car, or can I give you a ride in the morning?”

“I’ll ride you daddy, if that’s okay?”

He smiled at the innuendo and said that would be fine with him.

The cold rain that night made a trip to the beach impossible and they changed to some more comfortable clothes, when they got home. Her father wore some old jeans that made his tight butt look really sexy, with a t-shirt. She just wore one of his old dress shirts. She rolled up the arms and had only 4 of the buttons done up. Taking a chance, she wore nothing underneath.

They sat and watched a scary movie, the effect with the heavy rain and later some thunder and lightening, made it especially scary for her. For all her strengths, she still could get scared during these kinds of movies.

Curled up together, she buried her head in his chest at scary parts and as she hugged him, she felt the strength and power that he never noticed himself.

In one particularly scary part, she turned to him and they kissed. He held her head in his strong hands and just kissed her. Softly at first and then more passionately as they continued. His hands roamed unchecked beneath her shirt. Playing with her sexy body, she felt several small orgasms come and go. At one point, she fell asleep in his arms. When the end of the movie came, he knew that he wanted to scoop her up in his arms and take her into his bed and make love to her.

Not yet, soon though, he didn’t want to push her too fast too soon, so when the movie ended, he gently woke her and helped her to her room. They kissed facing each other at her bedroom door, his hands holding her hips and her pussy tight to his jeans.

“Good night, beautiful,” he said, as she turned and walked into her room.

“Night daddy,” as she let the dress shirt slide off of her shoulders and she climbed into bed naked, in full view of him.

She didn’t want to rush him, soon though. More than anything, she wanted bursa merkez escort him inside her right now.

As soon as he turned his back, she put her fingers between her legs and masturbated until she came, then fell into a deep, satisfied sleep.

He also slept in the nude and it only took him seconds to come as well, thinking about his beautiful daughter and how he was falling in love with her, not as a father, but as a man.

The next morning, she awoke again to the smell of breakfast. She got up walked into the kitchen without bothering with clothes.

Her father kissed her on the lips and reaching between her legs, slowly massaging her pussy.

“That’s what I call a nice wake up, daddy,” she giggled as she sat down and he put breakfast in front of her.

“Tonight, how would you like some company swimming, I was thinking about your nightly swim and I would like to be with you.”

“Sure daddy, I would love that.”

Their conversation continued about work things, although, several times during breakfast he took the time to kiss her and when she took her dishes to the sink, he stood behind her and kissed her neck while his hands cupped her breasts and he rubbed against her ass.

“I wish we didn’t have to work today daddy; I want to just spend the day in bed with you.”

“Sweetie, there is nothing in the world, I would rather do than to be in here with you too.”

She smiled and felt very sexy. Unfortunately, getting to work took priority and they both rushed and managed to get to work on time.

He left her to her work and she didn’t see him again, until she arrived home around 6:30.

He had supper ready; but she came in and immediately pushed him into a chair and then sat on his lap with her legs wrapped around his chair. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him as hard as she could.

“Daddy, I have been looking forward to being in your arms all day.”

She ground her pussy into his crotch and they both knew that tonight; the waiting was over.

At sunset, they walked together along the empty beach, this time as one of the couples holding hands.

Lost in their own world together, they shared a conversation about how each of their days had gone.

As the last of the sun dipped into the watery horizon, they each slipped out of their clothes and then walked into the surf together. She paused when the water was up to her waist and kissed him.

Her nipples pressed hard into his body and his cock equally hard into her, lifting her up, she wrapped her legs around him.

She adjusted him and placed the tip of his cock at the edge of her pussy and looked deep into his eyes.

“Is this what you want,” he whispered to her.

“More than anything, I have ever wanted,” she said in a strong voice.

He pushed forward and the tip entered her body, pushing deeper, she gasped as he filled her pussy. He was bigger and thicker than her husband, and she had not had sex in a long time.

There in the darkened water, they make love together in the gentle waves.

Later, walking naked together down the deserted beach, they gathered their clothes and made their way to the beach cottage. Her mind was lost in the contentment of their first lovemaking and he held each her closely. They had seen two or three other couples, but only at a long distance, they knew no one could make out their dark shapes while they walked.

Entering the cottage, he lit the fireplace and they sat together on the couch.

“Kiss me again daddy,” he leaned over and kissed her lips and her neck. He knelt on the floor and for the first time, kissed and suckled her breasts. Each nipple was bursting with pleasure as he used his tongue and teeth in concert to make her feel incredible.

She moaned and whispered, “That feels so awesome, daddy, you make me feel electric.”

“I’m just getting started,” he murmured with his mouth filled with her nipple.

He moved down her body and his tongue found her pussy, tentative and slowly, he ran his tongue around her opening. Leaving a trail of little hickies on her smooth skin, his breathe felt like fire to her. He licked and sucked on the outer edges, having his face completely buried in her pussy. From the top to the bottom, there wasn’t a spot that didn’t get his attention.

“OMG daddy, that feels so incredible,” she gasped as her breathing become more rapid.

While his tongue and lips caressing and exploring her pussy, a finger slowly moved from the base of her pussy, along her skin to the start of her ass. Moving with just the finger tip touching her hidden spots, her body started to arch and flex in response.

“Daddy, that feels so awesome, nobody has ever touched me there in such a long time.”

“OMG, I’m coming,” her body shivered and contracted in ecstasy and her thighs flexed around him.

Moving up her body to her mouth he kissed her passionately, for the first time ever, she tasted herself and she kissed all around his mouth, unable to get enough of her taste.

Reaching down, he positioned her cock and slid smoothly into her pussy.

“Oh, daddy, fill me up,” as his cock plunged deep inside her pussy. She could feel him stretching her insides. As he pulled out and pushed back in, the sensation made her feel dizzy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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