Discovering Me

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I sat in the Bride’s ready room staring at the mirror into the eyes of a stranger. That face, that narrow nose, big round eyes, and wide mouth seemed to belong to someone else. It was the face of someone who was in the middle of the happiest day of her life. It was the face of someone who would, in a few short minutes, be walking down the aisle toward her future husband. I didn’t feel like that person.

I stood in the lobby of the church, its doors opened wide before me. Scores of people turned to see a bride dressed beautifully in white as I descended down the aisle to my new husband. All eyes were on me, mine tracked only to the ones that mattered – my best friend’s.

I took my first tentative step forward onto the rose colored runner that marked my way to my new husband, my new home, and my new life. As my eyes lingered on Laura’s, I felt a familiar flutter in the pit of my stomach and a tingle between my legs.

Memories rushed back like a flood, and I could feel her as if it was happening all over again…

* * * *

The moment her lips touched mine was electrifying. Her lips were soft, gentle as they brushed nervously against mine. Her bright green eyes stayed trained on mine. She pulled back slowly, and I could feel the slight tremble of her hand as she brushed my hair behind my ear then lay to rest around my neck.

“I’ve never done this before,” I whispered.

“Neither have I,” she confessed.

Hesitantly, I placed my hands on her hips. The room was charged with nerves and sexual tension as she moved toward me, her lips seeking mine. My head swam, dizzy with liquor and lust. Her lips were pressed intently on mine as her tongue flicked into my mouth. Our tongues danced and swirled together. I could orhangazi escort feel Laura’s mouth crushed against mine, the spice of rum beneath the sweet taste of her as I final broke past my reserve.

My fingers dug into her hips, and I pulled her toward me. I wanted to feel her. I wanted to feel every inch of her pressed against me. Need tugged as I became intoxicated with her scent. I pulled away and met her eyes. Panting and yearning, I stared at her. “I want you.”

With that, she lunged at me, our lips meeting as we toppled onto her couch. She propped herself over me as her mouth began to explore my neck. She kissed and nibbled longingly along my jaw bone and over to my earlobes. A moan escaped my lips as my right hand pushed up the hem of her shirt and explored the open territory of her back. “I love the way you taste,” she said hungrily. “I want more.”

She began kissing over my collar bone and down to the curves of my breast, working around my tank top. My hands ached to explore her as I moved around to the front, under her shirt. My fingers found the lace bra that imprisoned her supple breasts, and I gave her left breast a timid squeeze. My thumb found the nub of her nipple and circled over it. She thrust her chest forward, pressing her breast roughly against my hand encouraging me. I massaged her breast and tweaked her nipple as small gasps escaped her lips.

Her mouth found its way between my breasts as she sucked and nuzzled. Her hot lips charged my skin and I could feel my need growing out of control. My fingers raced over her silken skin as I unbuttoned her shirt. The more of her tender flesh I revealed, the more I yearned. She pulled back and locked eyes with me as I slid her shirt over her shoulders. nilüfer escort We both stopped and stared, sensing that we were on the precipice of the point of no return. As she reached back to undo her bra, I deftly pulled my tank top and sports bra over my head. We both sat, topless and staring, taking in the curves the lines, the sheer womanhood in front of the other.

I longed for the supple breast before me, craved to sample more of her, to explore the territory stretched in front of me. I remembered the quickening of my heart and the shallowing of my breath as I demanded and took more. My hands ran over those breasts, leading a hungry mouth over her nipples, over skin so intoxicating in its scent and flavor that I just needed more. I pushed her back, reclined her along the length of the couch as I reveled in my lust for her.

We tumbled, somehow, into an unexplored, unknown, unyielding passion as we continued to undress each other, pulling at hindering clothes and tore away at inhibitions. It was as I lay on her, sweat-slicked and ready that I felt myself fly free. I leaned into her, nipping at her lip, tasting, savoring, as I dipped into her. Laura’s moan filled my ears arousing me to new heights as I pushing into her with a firm and steady rhythm. Her hands found my breasts, teasing my nipples to peaks.

I could feel her hips grinding into my hand, edging unhurriedly toward climax, my excitement mounting steadily with hers. She gave my teat a spirited squeeze as she shifted her weight and threw my balance sending me onto my back and her on top. Her mouth replaced her hand as she send wave after wave of shocks through my body, my hips arching toward her. My mound brushed against hers, desperate yearning rolling türbanlı escort through me as we rocked against each other, arousing each other, spurring each other on. She continued to suckle my breast, her hands caressing my stomach and hips, grasping for some semblance of control.

Laura’s mouth followed her hands, nipping down my chest, her teeth scraping along my ribs, my stomach, and my hip. Her warm breath delivered ripples over my body. I began to tense in anticipation, yearning for that mouth to find me; waiting for it to find me wet, frenzied, and wanting more. She hovered, poised above my mound and looked up into my eyes. With a slow smile, she dipped her head down, keeping her eyes locked onto mine. A shiver rolled up my spine as I felt her hot breath spread over my lips. Tentatively, she brushed her tongue against my clit, and my head snapped back.

I moaned her name, “Laura,” and she continued with renewed energy. She began licking long lapping strokes over my clit. My climax built with each contact. My hips writhed beneath her mouth as she increased her pace and flicked her tongue. I closed my eyes and could feel each wave of pleasure crash over me. As her mouth explored my most intimate parts, her fingers touched my lips and sent shivers up my spine. She lifted her head and looked into my eyes as she pushed a finger into me. “God, yes,” I groaned.

My control was breaking as she continued her assault on me with her fingers and her tongue. My body tensed and my hands grabbed at the couch cushion beneath me as I could feel the warm glow of climax take over. As I pushed my hips up to meet her quickened fingers, I called out, “Laura, Laura, oh God.” With that, she moved up and crushed her mouth to mine in a hot, wet kiss as she plunged her fingers deep inside me, holding them steady with her thumb circling my clit in time to my pulsing climax. Our kiss drowned out my moans as my hips ground against her hand and my orgasm steadily slowed.

* * * *

I blinked, once, twice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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