Discovering My Bi at 18

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I was 18. On an out of town basketball trip. Stayed overnight in a motel. We had to double up in bed to save money. As the team captain and star I sacrificed and doubled with this scrawny kid that even looked gay. I told him to leave me alone.

Later that night I awoke with him slowly masturbating me. It felt so good I didn’t stop him. When I shot it landed on my chest. He scooped it up with his fingers and licked it. Then offered me some. I licked it too. It was erotic as hell. Then he kept on stroking me as I was still hard. After a minute he lowered his head and took me into his mouth. It felt so good I shot again quickly. He raised himself up and kissed me with a load of my cum in his mouth. His tongue found mine and I went crazy. I couldn’t get enough of my cum or his tongue.

After a bit we settled down and just cuddled. Then I noticed his hard little cock which was about eight inches long but skinny as my bursa escort finger. I stroked it but he wanted me to suck so I did. The steel hard smoothness was wonderful as I tasted some precum. Then he began fucking my mouth as he shot a load. I swallowed it which made him angry as he wanted to share it with me in a kiss.

I turned my back to him poutingly. He stroked my shoulder and back then my butt. As he stroked my butt I noticed he was paying lots of attention to my crack. I wiggled and let him have good access. He slowly moved his finger over my hole then tried to stick it in. He then sucked his finger several times as he applied his spit as a lube finally getting his finger in all the way. It felt good as I pressed back on his hand. His finger wiggled and went in and out of my ass.

Then I felt him move around and his cock was laying in my asscrack. He tried to move the head in but it wasn’t görükle escort slick enough. He told me to turn over and put my ass in the air so I did. He grabbed my cheeks and spreading them began to lube my asshole with his tongue. It felt so good I didn’t want him to stop.

After a bit he moved up and gently lay his cock in my crack again moving it back and forth. When it was all wet he slowly slipped it in my hole. There was no pain as it was small and well lubed. As he stroked in and out of me he told me to tell him to fuck me. I did. Over and over and over as it felt better and better and better. Pretty soon it was obvious he shot off. He left his cock in me until it got soft. I wanted to suck it again but not with my crap on it.

He went to the bath and washed himself. When he got back I was very hungry for his cock. He wanted me to lick his asshole but I wasn’t ready for that. I sucked on him bursa escort bayan and he got hard again. I wanted his cum but he wanted to fuck me again. So I rolled over flat on my belly this time and he fucked me…hard and fast. It was different and I liked it too. When he shot he flopped on top of me and let his cock soften in my asshole. As I felt it get softer I squeezed it and it popped out. I asked him if he wanted me to fuck him. He laughed and said my cock was to big but we would try it later. We went to sleep with him on top of me.

We did get together later and I did fuck him….lots. I drank his pee and he loved mine. I eventually licked his asshole. When he was licking mine once he told me to give him a Baby Ruth. I figured “whatever” and did. He took it in his mouth and spit it out. It was pretty cool for me. He said he liked the taste.

Both of us were seniors and graduated and never saw each other again until many years later thanks to the internet. Now we have re-enjoyed our good old days all over again. And I still love to kiss him with cum in my mouth…his or mine. My wife thinks it’s cool that I can be bisexual with him and has watched. What a life!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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