Discovering Our Present

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Samuel Garrett — a young twenty-two year-old trade mechanic and the surviving child of his father’s second marriage — learned a year ago that his step-mother Yasmine — now a thirty-eight year-old widower, who is yet still a lovely figure of womanhood — resembled a younger actress who was featured in several films that were part of an old series of erotic works called “Pure Porno”.

Acting on his curiosity, Samuel asked for Yasmine to tell him that the young woman was indeed herself; to which his sole remaining parent confirmed that she is/was the dark-haired beauty in the three erotic scenes he’d watched.

What followed was a further surprise to Samuel, as Yasmine later came to him that night, and seduced him completely; making love with him in his bed, and then later she sucked his cock to orgasm as she knelt under the spray in the bathroom shower.

Now, Samuel and Yasmine share a closer, loving and sexual relationship with each other. Together, they watch the “Pure Porno” films that feature her. In doing so, the scenes have inspired the two lovers to re-enact what they see in their own lovemaking; mostly hot, steamy man-on-woman sex.

But, what of the films that show other possibilities? Such as Samuel’s personal favorite?

Read on, Dear Reader. Read on!

*** *** ***

My mother encourages me to watch erotic films… mainly because she’s the star in all of the ones I love to watch.

That sounds weird, you might say… but, let me explain (for those that might not be up to speed just yet);

Back when my mother, Yasmine, a newly-arrived immigrant from Europe, was seeking education and a new life in America, she was recruited to perform in a series of adult films called “Pure Porno”. She only did this to support herself and only worked as an adult film star for one year — during which, she made a number of erotic, very-sexy scenes, featuring my Mom performing with men, women and even couples.

After this period, she found stable, more acceptable work, which led to her meeting and then marrying my then-divorced father. She and Dad had seven years of happily-married bliss, until he was killed in a robbery-gone-wrong. In all their time together, she never told him of her past work in adult films, mainly because he never asked. She admitted to me she often prayed he’d never find out… but in hindsight, she should’ve added my name to her prayers, because I found them when I bought some compilation DVDs off the internet.

Watching them, I couldn’t believe I was watching my mother at first, but the proof was there on the video disc; Yasmine — going by the name Talia — put on a series of performances that make even such classic actresses like Honey Wilder, Ginger Lynn and others pale by comparison. At yeast that’s what I believe.

Well, you know the story of what happened when I let Yasmine know what I’d discovered.

Now, those films fuel our own sexual interactions, to the point that sex between us has risen into new levels of bliss and love-play together.

Together, we’ve done our best to re-enact as many of Mom’s scenes as we could; namely the ones where it was just her and a lone male actor. Being we had only nineteen of the total thirty-five films in the “Pure Porno” collection to work from, we had a good laundry-list to pick and chose from.

Still, there were many scenes that we watched that… well, are sort of impractical for us to reproduce in their entirety. Chiefly because most demanded the addition of a third partner in the works. Granted, Yasmine and I aren’t related by blood, but we both still consider each other as mother and son, and that sort of makes inviting an outside stranger into our love-play rather… risky, at best.

I never thought I’d curse the societal mores against incest, in any of its forms… but, I’d never trade what we share together for any sort of change in our filial status. I love what we do together; in bed, the shower, the kitchen and so forth, and she never fails to tell me how well I satisfy her in turn.

Still, Yasmine and I still find watching the films with extra partners just as arousing as her single-pair performances. There isn’t a single instance where the sight of seeing my mother — young, fresh-faced and horny — fucking with either two men, two women or a man and a woman together, doesn’t get me so worked up that I never fail to toss her to whichever bed we’re using at the time and screw her up one side and down the other!

However, I must admit there is one scene out of the entire collection that is my hands-down favorite.

It’s one called “Red & Talia’s Rendezvous”. In it, my mother — as her alter ego, Talia — and a lovely crimson-haired woman named Red, both begin to make love to each other, while seemingly oblivious to the fact a young and strapping young man is covertly watching from the doorway of a side room. At one point, the women see that he is watching, and without tipping him off to their knowing of his presence they crank the proceedings up a few notches. The display of lesbian love play bahçeşehir escort is so hot, that when they come to a pause, they both turn and pull the surprised young man into the mix.

What follows is a hot, hedonistic three-way coupling; where Talia and Red both get the fucking of their lives, before they cuddle with the drained and sated youth on a soft carpet. As the scene fades out, the sight of both of their pussies, dripping thin rivulets of cum as the trio drops off in to sleep is a sure guaranteed way to make me jump my widower mother and give her a whole new experience in carnal fucking.

Yasmine, as said, supports and encourages our viewing of these films. Lately, however, she’s noted that I sometimes will always return to “Red & Talia’s…”.

After one such night’s lovemaking, as we rested in post-coital bliss on her bed, Yasmine brought her notice to my attention. “Samuel, my love… mm, you always give me such wonderful feelings as we fuck,” she said, tracing her fingers over my sweaty chest. With a grin, she popped up onto one elbow, looking down at me from under the cloud of her black hair with her dark eyes still smouldering with lingering passion. “Especially after tonight’s viewing. Why do you suppose that is, my son?”

My arms wrapped loosely around her body, I tried to get my breath and racing heart back under control, while I answered. “Well, it could be because I’m making love to you, my goddess,” I offered.

That earned me a blown-kiss, but Yasmine pursed her lips in mock-thought. “Hmm, flatterer. I have my own suspicions, however.”

Arching my brow, I asked, “Oh, do you now?”

“Yes, sweet boy, I do and, I believe it is because of that, particular, scene we watched.” She lifted her hand, teasingly taping the tip of my nose. “Do not deny it. You find watching your mother and another woman fucking that young man… quite a stimulating sight, hm?”

A moan slipped out of me. “Oh, Mom! Why ask what you’ve already suspected?”

Yasmine grinned wickedly at me. “Because, I wish to hear you say it.”

I sighed. “Okay, fine. I loved watching you have sex with that red-haired woman, before you both turned on that guy and he fucked you both silly.” I reached over and ran my fingers lightly over her ribs; one of Yasmine’s weak spots, as she has some rather ticklish points on her wonderful body.

Laughing, Yasmine tried to block my effort, and we ended up rolling over and back again in the midst of a ‘tickle-war’. When we coasted to a stop, laying on our sides facing each other — cheeks flushed, breathing heavy amid our smiles — Yasmine reached out and cupped my face lovingly. “Mm, my Samuel. So turned on by the sight of your mother, seducing another woman. Something I think you would like to see someday, hm?”

The widening of my eyes, and the hitch in my breath was all the answer I could give her.

“I thought so,” she purred. Slipping closer, she wrapped me up in a warm embrace and kissed the tip of my nose. “Something will have to be done about this… obsession of yours.”

Returning her affection, I stroked her back and asked, “What do you mean?” I tipped my head at the now-blank screen of the television across the room. “That was just a movie. It’s pure fantasy.”

“A fantasy that makes you wild, Samuel,” Yasmine said. She giggled at the renewed blush filling my face. “It makes you an untamable beast. So eager, so willing that you come and fuck your poor, old mother senseless!” When I started to speak, Yasmine shushed me. “No, I am of a mind on this, my love. Since you are so affected by that film, there is only one solution to consider. I shall make that fantasy — your fantasy — come true.”

Blinking, I pulled back a bit, studying Yasmine’s face for any sign of teasing. “You… y-you can’t be serious, Mom! Can you?”

With an enigmatic expression, Yasmine smooched my mouth, before she sighed and slipped out of my arms to sit up on the bed. “If there is a way, but now, come. You and I need a shower… to get clean, this time!” She said, wagging a finger at the lavicious smile that spread over my face. “You have work in the morning, and we both know the rules now, hm? Shower, then off to bed with you, my sweet lover . . . .”

*** *** ***

Granted, I never expected Mom to do much more on the matter. By now I should realize that as much as I have my curious nature, Yasmine has a determined streak a country-mile wide.

Seeing that I was keen on the idea of having a second woman in our love-play, Yasmine decided to do something and act on that desire.

Now, she could have done the easy thing; seek out someone local, feel them out so to see if they were not repulsed by the idea of making love to a mother and son who also made love to each other, then make the offer for this woman to join us in a triple-player tryst.

At least, in hindsight, that’s what I would’ve done.

However, as I soon learned, Yasmine was a woman that never took the easy road, when doing a bit more ‘work’ bakırköy escort could yield even richer and more satisfying results. What did she do, you might ask?

This I found out after the fact: As one of the stable of actresses brought together to make those aforementioned films, it would stand to reason that Yasmine would have started and made friends with a few of the other women while they worked on them.

This was the case where “Red” was concerned, as Yasmine soon learned her real name was Rita and that while coming from a different country — the United Kingdom — they both had similar upbringing’s and shared common interests. Rita and Yasmine maintained their friendship long after she herself stopped making adult films, and the two kept more or less in touch even after Mom moved to our town and married my father.

What I didn’t know was that Yasmine had stopped soon after Dad’s death, but she still knew Rita’s address and phone number after all these years. With those, she had a means to re-establish lines of communication and hopefully they could rekindle their friendship to the extent that, as Yasmine later told me, she hoped to invite Rita to visit us and seduce her into joining us in our sexual bliss.

However, as you will see, sometimes the plans of former-adult film stars don’t always go as planned . . . .

*** *** ***

It was in the middle of the afternoon, some weeks following that clandestine discussion in Mom’s bed. I’d been let go from a slow day at the shop I work at; only three jobs that needed attention, but as messy as they were my boss decided I could stand to have an early day off. So, I packed it in and headed back home.

It didn’t click that there was an extra car in the driveway when I pulled in beside Yasmine’s own SUV. Getting out, the one thought I had was getting out of my grease-stained coveralls, into a shower and finding Yasmine to relax and spend some time with my mother-lover before supper.

Coming inside, I hung up my jacket and left my work boots by the mat, so has to not make tracks on the carpet. Making my way to the stairs, I got as far as past the open doorway to the kitchen, when Yasmine called out to me; “Ah, Samuel! You are home early.”

“Early day.” Turning, I smiled and stepped around the door jamb… and froze.

Yasmine was seated at the breakfast bar that made up one side of the kitchen space. She was clearly dressed for a day-in; white short-shorts, a sleeveless button-down shirt of blue and soft step-in shoes. I only noticed this in periphery, because it was her company that got my full attention.

To say I was captivated, it’s not worth mentioning it. Save that the object of my attention was a young woman; hardly older than me. She looked to be just a few inches shy of my own height, had lightly tanned skin with a few stipples of freckles here and there, with rich-red hair and warm eyes the color of copper. She also had a sweetheart face that was wreathed in a smile that revealed white, tiny teeth, with lips that looked very kissable. The rest of her was just as lovely to view; she had a compact, plush body that was all curves, but all in proper proportions. She had on a white button-down blouse, a pleated skirt that ended just an inch or so above her knees, which revealed her gorgeous legs wrapped in sheer white hose and open-toed, low-heeled slides that matched her blouse.

“Forgive him for being so rude for not greeting you properly,” Yasmine said, her voice warm and hardly scolding. “This is my son, Samuel. Samuel, this is Carla.”

Carla smiled and stood up from where she was seated next to Mom, before moved towards me and offered her hand. “Hello, Samuel. Your mother was just telling me all about you, and it’s a pleasure to get to meet you in person.”

I was immediately attracted to her voice; it had a smoothness and a lilt that I couldn’t place. Possibly Irish? I nodded briefly, before I got my wits back and took her hand. “Um, hi… ah, I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to be so rude, Carla. It’s nice to meet you as well.”

“Carla is here at her request, Samuel,” Yasmine prompted. Motioning for the two of us to sit, she pulled out one of the other kitchen stools for me.

“Oh?” I asked.

Nodding, Yasmine said, “The dear girl is here, because her mother and I were once friends.” She paused. “Very, good, friends.” Before I could twig what her emphasis on very good friends meant, Carla was speaking, so I switched my attention to her.

“My mother isn’t with me any more. She, well, caught some terrible illness a while back and four years ago, it took a turn for the worst.”

My brow creased as I frowned with sympathy for her. “I’m sorry for your loss, Carla.” I said.

Carla nodded. “Thank you, Sam. D’you mind that I call you Sam?” When I didn’t object, she continued. “Well, it was terrible for Mum. Eventually she just lingered on, then one night she died.” There was a touch of sadness in her voice, but she shook it off as she went on. “I regret that she başakşehir escort and I never did get along together, mostly because I was too busy with my own life but, after she was gone, I promised myself I’d learn all I could about her and her life.”

I felt I was missing a point here, so I asked, “So this brought you to us today?”

Yasmine smiled at my puzzlement. “Samuel, Carla’s mother was Rita; one of my good friends, from before I met your father.”

At that, the missing piece of the puzzle in my head clicked into place. “Oh… Oh! I see,” I said. Glancing at Carla, I couldn’t help the blush that crept into my cheeks. “So, your mom was–.”

Carla said, “Yes, Mum was a friend of your mother, back when they were both, um, working in dirty films.” She wrinkled her nose as she smiled ruefully at my continued blushing. “I take it, you knew that as well?”

I nodded. “I only just found out recently. Um, how did you find out, Carla?”

“I, ah, found out when I found an old journal of Mum’s. She loved to chronicle her experiences.” The redhead ducked her face, but not fast enough to hide her own reddening face. “She, ummm… went on in great detail about the year she knew you, Yasmine.”

At that, Yasmine chuckled warmly. “Oh, indeed. I would not wager it would be otherwise, dear girl.” Winking at me, she added, “The two of us got into some rather interesting fun together, during that time.”

Carla looked at Yasmine with an eager expression, despite her blushing. “That’s why I came here today. After you tried to get in touch with Mum, not knowing what had happened to her, I realized that you knew her for a part of her life. Can you tell me all about that? I really want to know what she did, when you knew her back then?”

As I sat there, Yasmine and Carla talked for nearly an hour; with my Mom going over some of the more tame stories she recalled about Carla’s mother and herself, as they worked for the “Pure Porno” crew. From time to time, I caught Carla looking over at me with a wry smile. Clearly she found it amusing that my Mom could talk about her past as a porn star in front of me, but there was also something more. A bit of a spark, something that seemed to connect the two of us.

In any case, I was a bit surprised when Yasmine stopped and was looking rather pointedly at me.

“Samuel, forgive me,” she said. “Here we are, just chatting away, and you have only just come home from your work!” She walked her eyes over my dirty coveralls. “You should go and get cleaned up, since I feel we should at least invite Carla to stay for dinner.”

Carla was on her feet. “Oh, I don’t mean to impose–?”

“Nonsense, dear girl,” Yasmine said soothingly. “There is much more to tell you about your mother, and I would be a terrible host to not offer to have you join me and Samuel for dinner.” She cocked her head, thinking for a moment before adding, “Besides, while he is cleaning up, I can show you some of the films your mother and I did. That is, if you wish to–?”

“Actually, I would like to see one of them,” Carla said. Blushing a bit, she went on to say, “I always wanted to see what she did in these films, but never could find them.”

Yasmine nodded. “I’ll bring you one of the video disks that Samuel found a while back, and show you where you can go to get your own copies, dear girl,” she said. Rising, she nodded to me; indicating that I should come with her.

Together, we left the kitchen and made our way upstairs, leaving Carla to wait for Yasmine to return. Once up out of earshot, I turned and looked at my mother. “Do you think it’s a good idea? I mean, showing her those films?”

Yasmine gave me an enigmatic look. “You do not believe she would react favorably to seeing her mother in an erotic film, my love?”

For that, I didn’t have an answer. After all, Carla had come asking about her mother’s own experiences with mine in that one year’s time… would seeing the actual act affect her negatively?

With a soft chuckle at my silence, Yasmine patted my cheek. “Let us just see what will be, Samuel.” She nodded towards the bathroom. “Go, wash up and get clean. Then come down and join us.”

“Are you sure about this, Mom?” I asked.

She ducked into my bedroom briefly, before coming back with one of the DVDs in her hand. “No matter what comes, we should still have dinner or something . . . appetizing for us all, soon enough.” With another look that I couldn’t read, she turned and made her way back downstairs.

What was up inside my mother’s head? I wondered. Personally, I hoped showing Carla one of those adult films with her mother in it didn’t make her leave. Granted, I’d just met her, but I got the impression that some connection had passed between us. Maybe it was because both of our mothers worked in the same series of films together? Maybe it could be something more–?

Shaking my head, I decided to leave off dissecting things for the time being. If one thing Yasmine said was true, I did need to clean up before dinner.

Stepping inside the bathroom, I ran a hot shower, stripped and got under the spray. A quick run-through of lather-rinse-repeat, I got out and retreated to my room to get a fresh change of clothes. Considering Yasmine mentioned us having dinner together, I decided to just stick to something casual; some lounge pants, my usual boxer-briefs and a loose T-shirt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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