Discovering The Sauna

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As I sat in the sauna at the gym and felt the sweat begin to pour out of me, I tried my best to keep my eyes closed, or at least not stare straight ahead at the man who was sitting across from me, but I wasn’t doing a good job of it.

Maybe if the man kept his towel around himself like I did, it would have been easier not to look, although in my 18th summer of living I was finding myself rather insatiable as far as men went.

The man across the way – I had no idea who he was – although I had seen him in the gym a few times. He was probably out enough to be my father and looked like he might be of Greek or Italian heritage, judging by his olive hued skin and his hairy body, the black fur generously coating his lower legs along with a nice pelt on his chest.

The hirsute body alone was enough reason for me to keep my towel firmly clenched around my waist, because looking at this guy for a couple of minutes had given me a raging hard on, but the way he was casually sitting there with his thighs apart, giving me an unobstructed view of his privates, was making my head spin.

Maybe that was due to the heat of the room, since this was my first time in the sauna, but I didn’t think so. I was sitting on the bench, like I thought I was supposed to, with my feet on the floor, but the man across the way was sitting up on a ledge, using the bench as a footrest, putting me at eye-level with his cock as it hung lazily between his hairy thighs.

That was a cock I would love to have, I recall thinking as I tried not to stare at the flaccid bronze tube. Bigger than mine – as if they all weren’t – but not outrageously big, and surrounded by a wild jungle of jet black hair, with a meaty pair of balls hanging low and loose.

I would love to be able to sit like that, instead of covering up as I always did. Of course, only part of the reason I was modest was because of my little dick. The more pressing reason for hiding my package was because I had an erection, a condition I often found myself in.

No matter whether it was a locker room or a shower, and now a sauna, the sight of naked men did it to me every time, even normal guys like the man a couple of feet across from me, and if he knew what thoughts were going through my mind he would probably kill me.

A married guy, I guessed judging my the gold band that should out on his hairy ring finger, and as I tried not to look at that beautiful bronze uncut cock I couldn’t help being jealous of the lucky lady he would be bringing that manhood home to.

The fact that he was a few pounds overweight, his scalp was thinning and he had a large nose – none of that mattered to me. He was hairy and well hung, and to my oversexed teen-aged thought process that was all that mattered.

“You come here a lot.”

The man’s voice startled me, and when I looked up from what I was staring at it was obvious that the stranger was well aware of what I had being looking at, although he made no effort to conceal himself.

“Uh – never been in a sauna before,” I mumbled.

“No, I şişli bayan escort meant the gym,” he said. “I see you here I lot. I remember a few months ago you were a chubby kid, but now look at you. All muscles. My name’s Tony.”

The man got up and took a step toward me, extending his hand, and I shook it while trying not to look at his cock as it swung around with his movements.

“Tim,” I said as an introduction, and when the guy hopped back up on the ledge I couldn’t help noticing that his cock had gotten longer, with his foreskin sliding down a bit and exposing the tip of his purplish glans.

That’s not helping, I thought to myself as I felt the man’s eyes on me, with him probably amused that I found him so stare-worthy.

“Must be nice to have muscles like that,” Tony said. “I bet the girls fall over you. I know my wife would.”

“Uh, not really,” I mumbled, and that was true as far as the ladies went, although I had stopped trying as far as that gender went.

“You’re easy on the eyes,” Tony said, and I shrugged, but I did a double take when I saw that his cock had gotten even longer, and while it was still pointing downward there was no question what was happening.

“You like?” Tony said, one guy on the door as he spread his legs even further apart, and when I didn’t answer he whispered.

“Take off your towel.”


“The towel. Take it off so I can see you,” Tony said. “Nobody ever comes in here this late.”

“I can’t.”

“Do it,” Tony said coldly. “Unless you want to get thrown out of the gym. People have already noticed you’ve got wandering eyes.”

I moved the towel, exposing my erection which hadn’t gone away despite me being terrified, and when he told me to stand up I did, looking over at the door and praying nobody walked in and saw this.

“Nice,” Tony said, backhanding his cock and starting to pull on it, and that cock was now hard and angry looking. “You want some of this?”

“Here?” I asked.

“No,” Tony said, rising from the perch he was sitting on, his cock standing straight out now, and he now used the towel to cover it. “Out back. Meet me.”

“I – I have to take a shower,” I said, but he shook his head.

“I want you just like you are. Five minutes,” he said, and as he walked past me his hand reached down and grabbed my cock, squeezing it hard and cackling, calling me a horny little fucker.

I came, doubling over a little as my dick spurted, the jets of seed barely missing the man, and this Tony guy found it amusing as he watched me cum.

“Clean up your mess,” he said, flicking his hand to shake loose the rope of semen I had put there, and then he was gone.

“Fuck,” I said while wiping up my load from the floor, the humiliation not great enough to take away the tingling that was still going through my loins, and then I was hurrying into the locker room to get dressed.


“Took you long enough,” Tony said as I went behind the building, which was an empty auxiliary parking lot.

There was a dumpster şişli escort and a picnic table, which was where Tony was standing. Not a very romantic setting, but Tony wasn’t a romantic guy. He wasn’t much for beating around the bush either, because the minute I went over to him he was pulling my t-shirt over my head, and after he twisted my nipples I was being brought to my knees as he dropped his trousers.

His cock had gone down to half mast, and that was a situation Tony wanted me to rectify.

“Suck that cock Timmy,” the man said gruffly, waving his cock in my face, even slapping my cheek with it before I took it from his grasp.

His cock was only a little thicker than average, which made it easy for me to handle. As my lips went up and down his sweaty member, Tony had me by the scalp, imploring me to take him deeper, even though I thought I was doing well without his help.

There was no way I could take all 8″ into my mouth but I was getting close, even getting my nose tickled by his pubic hair as I leaned forward, and then he pulled his cock upwards and told me to work on his balls.

His cock had been sweaty, but nothing like his balls, which were pungent from the exercise and the heat of the sauna, but the scent and tart taste seemed to inflame something inside of me, judging by the way I sucked on the hairy orbs, lapping them like an animal in heat.

“That’s the way – now get me really hard,” Tony sneered. “I want to fuck your ass so bad.”

I was going to ask where he planned on doing that, but with a mouth full of cock I wasn’t able to pose the question, so I let him pretty much skull fuck me, with his hands holding my head while he slammed his dick halfway down my throat.

“Get up,” Tony said, yanking me up and telling me to drop my pants, and after I did he snapped, “What the fuck did you put your underwear on for? Take them off. Let’s go.”

“Where do you…”

“Bend over kid,” Tony said as he smeared some kind of lube on his swollen cock.

“Here?” I asked, managing to put my underwear on the wooden table before he bent me over it.

“I’m not gonna take you to the fucking Hilton,” Tony said as he forced an oiled finger roughly into my ass, and after spinning it as deep into me as he could, put another one in and declared, “You’ve got a tight ass on you kid. Not for long though.”

The fingers came out and then he moved up next to me, pressing the head of his dick against my balloon knot, and without further adieu, pushed forward.

“AHHH!” Tony moaned as his cock burrowed deep into me, and after pulling it almost all the way out, rammed it back into my bowels, asking me whether it was big enough for me.

I had taken a bigger one before, but nobody had been as rough as Tony, who was thrusting into me so hard that my feet were coming off the ground. Thankfully my dick and balls were being crushed into my underwear instead of directly into the table, probably saving me some embarrassing splinters to try and explain to a doctor.

Why did I take it? Despite the rough mecidiyeköy escort treatment and his coarse language and insults he used while he savaged me, my dick was hard and before he came I left a load of my own on my fruit-of the-looms.

After I came, I hoped that Tony would cum too, and not because I wasn’t liking it. All I could think of was having a cop drive back here and see what was going on, but that didn’t seem to bother Tony, who seemed ready to go all night.

“Please cum mister,” I sniffled, hoping that he would take pity on me for some reason. “It’s starting to hurt. Your cock is so big it feels like you’re splitting me in two.”

“Take it like a man,” Tony sneered, grabbing my hair and pulling my head backward before going into warp speed, pounding his cock into me like a jackhammer before letting out a bellow as his warm seed filled my bowels.

“You alright, kid?” Tony asked after he pulled his drained dick out of me.

“Yeah,” I said, hurriedly putting on my pants and stuffing my soiled underwear into a pocket.

“Didn’t mean to hurt you,” Tony said, handing me my t-shirt. “I get kind of carried away sometimes, especially with a young chicken like you. You want to go get an ice cream or something? My treat.”

I shook my head while fighting back laughter from the thought of this guy now acting like a little league coach in offering to take me to get an ice cream after pounding his cock into my rectum for about 10 or 15 minutes.

“Well, once you recover, if you want some more of that,” Tony said, patting me on the shoulder and disappearing around the corner of the building.

I waited a few minutes before going back to civilization, and as I got onto my bike I saw a police car cruising through the parking lot and circling the building, causing me to take a deep breath as I pedaled home.


I never took Tony up on his offer to try and disembowel me again, not because it wasn’t good but probably because I went off to college soon after, but I did nod whenever we passed in the gym, with him giving me a knowing wink.

I did notice him looking at me once as I was lifting weights, and I pretended not to notice as he was involved in an conversation with another man. I could tell he was talking about me, but I was more interested in the guy he was talking to.

Now this guy was a bodybuilder, I thought as I glanced at him. He had what was probably a 20″ neck or something, and his biceps were outrageous. I had seen him in the locker room before, and if Tony was talking me up to this G.I. Joe look alike, I didn’t know what I would do.

The guy was an Adonis, but outside of that he wasn’t my type. His body was smooth – even more so than mine although I suspected his was like that because of a razor – and I remembered being disappointed when I saw him take off his jock strap and head into the shower, revealing a dick that wasn’t much bigger than mine.

The irony of me being picky wasn’t lost on me, but I liked being with guys that were the opposite of me. In the end it didn’t matter though, because he never made a move on me, and since I was never the type to make the first move on somebody, preferring to be the submissive one even more back then, it wasn’t to be.


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