Do You Have To Go Right Now?

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Do you have to go right now?

She asked me this question with her hand on my cock and a slightly drunken look in her eyes. The answer was no, but we were past words once her fingers wrapped around my tool and her mouth opened just a little in shock.

This girl had been known in school as the Tit Fairy. She was a freshman. She had long hair that was curly and a bit frizzy and she dressed down in jeans and a sweat shirt. That’s how she looked the first time I met her.

‘This is the Tit Fairy,’ My friend said, smiling at me. We were in a small group in a lobby in the dorms entrance, I was surprised that she would let herself be called that. ‘Show him,’ My friend said and she lifted her shirt.

Her breasts were amazing. Young and firm full and large, lifted slightly. Her nipples were perfect as well. They were a soft pink and the crinkled just slightly in the coolness of the air. She smiled. She knew how amazing here tits were and I could now see why she didn’t mind the name.

Several weeks later I saw her walking around campus. I asked her what she was doing later. She had plans to watch a movie with a guy I don’t happen to like so much – only Escort bayan because he has some booze. ‘Fuck, I’ve got booze. Come to my room.’ She did.

We watched a movie and we drank. Best not to expect too much when its not a date. I kept my hands to myself – for the most part. The movie ended and we drank some more.

I looked at the clock and realized a party I’d been planning to attend had already started. I had just told her It was about time for me to get going, when she made her move.

Her hand slid over my cock which had been hard as stone with those perfect tits so close to me. I’d adjusted myself into a position that was reasonably comfortable – but once her hand started twisting across the thick head of my cock I could feel the seams of my jeans pressing in the most uncomfortable places.

I stopped her for a moment. ‘I’ve just got to let him out,’ I popped the button and pulled down the zipper and my cock sprang out. I closed my eyes awaiting the touch of her fingers wrapping around me. She had other plans and her lips wrapped around my meat. I gasped and my hips bucked into her wet and hungry mouth.

She moaned and began Bayan escort to suck gently and rhythmically – her mouth pulsing around my cock as she slid just an inch of my cock in and out of her mouth moving with the sucking action she was creating in her mouth. I grabbed my sheets and clenched tight.

Her eyes were closed and her lips moved. She was worshiping my cock. Her mouth moved slowly up and down as she twisted her tongue around my cock. She opened her eyed and pulled her mouth off me. Her tongue flicked out and slid across the head. ‘Big cock,’ She said as she slide herself between my legs as I lay on the bed and got onto her knees.

She wrapped one hand around the base of my cock and slid it slowly up my thick meat. As one hand slipped up her other would grab the base of my cock again and slide slowly up. Her eyes were glued to my cock, glistening with her spit and throbbing hard. ‘Big cock,’ She said again before she dove onto my cock again swallowing me deeply several times before placing her tongue at the spot where the head meets the base and lapped across it like a kitten.

Her eyes opened and rolled up to look at me. There was Escort fire in her eyes. She closed her eyes again and started sucking with a vengeance. She took me deeply into her mouth. She wanted desperately to take it all – but I was too large. Watching her struggle was bliss. She came close – so close she just couldn’t stop trying.

When she finally relented she pulled her mouth off my cock and panted breathlessly. Her hand was suddenly around my cock and jacking me off at the same pace her mouth had just taken. Her lips opened and her tongue started sliding across my smooth balls. They were hot and heave with cum.

Her hands worked magic over me. She poised her face directly over my cock and started talking in the filthiest words that I’ve ever heard come out of a girls mouth. She had me cumming like a fire hose. I splashes across the bridge of her nose and above her eye brow – again just over her lip and right across her eye and again right onto her full lips.

Her tongue was out in a moment licking up the delicious treat. I looked down at her ad smiled. ‘I do have to go now – but I will be knocking on your door at exactly 2am. You had best be naked or dressed to tease and ready.’ I pulled up my pants and walked out the door. As I turned to close it I could see her lifting the sticky ropes of cum with her finger and taking them into hr mouth like the most precious candy. I smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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