Do you like the darkness?

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All she wanted was companionship and a man who she could trust. What she received was something completely different, foreign, exciting and unexpected.

She met a man on one of those free dating sites. It started out like any other conversation she’s had a thousand times over.

“Hi, how are you?”

“What are your interests?”

“What do you like or dislike?”

Blah blah blah.

So this didn’t seem any different to start with, except for one question.

“Do you like the darkness?”

That caught her off guard. She was intrigued, to say the least. The darkness?

“What could that mean?” she asked herself.

She thought about all the various connotations it implied.

Like any typical female at the time, she had read “The book” all women were talking and fantisizing about.

The thought that he could be meaning that lifestyle, made her tingle in-between her thighs. “That hadn’t happened in a long time,” she thought to herself.

She blushed at the thought and bit her lip. A sexy little smile spread across her face and her mind began to race.

Should I reply with “What do you mean?” or “Yes, I like the darkness.”

So she decided to throw caution to the wind and replied “Yes, I like the darkness” and she hit send.

While waiting for an answer, she perused his pictures again. Not too bad. Not the romance novel cover type mainstream media’s idea of the perfect man is but he wasn’t gross. Middle aged, slightly graying hair, a belly but not overly huge. His eyes caught her attention. They were so intense. It’s like they were burning with a hidden fire. Smoldering one would say. That made her a little wetter.

She continued to look more closely at his photos trying to find any flaws or anything that rang fake. Everything seemed on the up and up. She had heard of the term, “Catfished.” She didn’t like that very much. So she was cautious. At least there weren’t any shirtless photos. Those jut made her laugh.

The phone buzzed and took her out of the daydream she was having with a jolt. She looked down at the screen and there it was, a reply back.

Her pulse quickened just a little as she opened up the text.

It read, “I’m glad you like the darkness.”

“That’s it, nothing else?” she said to herself.

In her haste, she replied, “What the fuck dude?”

Her head swimming. “Am I getting toyed with yet again?” she thought.

As she was shaking her head and about to hit delete, he texted back. “Now that I have your attention, shall we begin? he asked.

They messaged each other for what seemed like hours. Compliments being thrown back and forth. She felt like a high school girl again. Smiling at his poor jokes, and giggling at the sexual innuendo he let slip in. She knew what was going on but he made her smile and that was a nice feeling, after all of the mishaps of online dating in the 21st century.

They continued to chat online for about a week. Always cautious. Then the big question came up, “Would you like to actually talk?” She caught her breath and read it again.

She smiled and replied, “Yes I would.”

They exchanged numbers. “Do I call first or should I wait for him to call me?” She decided to wait.

It seemed to take ages. No call yet. “Fuck it,” she said out loud and dialed his number. He answered after a few rings. His voice sounded nothing like she had imagined. It was deeper. He talked slowly with a confidence she wasn’t used to. All the guys she talked with before seemed to be nervous and unsure of themselves. He was the complete opposite. Her pulse quickened and she could feel herself getting moist just listening to him talk. They exchanged pleasantries. He was courteous and had manners. He didn’t just ask the stupid things like, “Hey baby, do you want the big one?” or “Wanna fuck?”

Typical guys were so annoying and disgusting. Didn’t they realize, just being themselves with some manners would get them laid way more often? Then he asked, “So you like the darkness?”

She sheepishly answered, “Yes Sir, I do.”

They continued to talk when they could for a couple of weeks.

She asked if he would like to meet but he said let’s give it some time and get a feel for each other first. She appreciated that.

Finally they decided on a date and time cosmic love france izle for their first meet up. She had been getting more excited as each day passed. They exchanged texts throughout the days and called each other a few times. The conversations not to heavy but little things dropped here and there kept the juices flowing.

The big day had finally arrived. She couldn’t decide what to wear. She didn’t want to come across as too slutty, yet she didn’t want to seem to prudish.

They were meeting for lunch, so she decided on a nice skirt. Not too short but short enough to show off her legs. A nice blouse cut just low enough at the front to show off her cleavage. She put on her sexiest matching undies and a matching garter belt for her sheer stockings. He had let it slip that’s what he liked. Long legs with stockings and heels. “Boobs and ass were just a bonus,” he said. He implied legs led to the magic spot. That thought made her tingle.

As the appointed time approached, she was getting nervous. She had never felt like this before when meeting someone.

There was something about him that she couldn’t quite put her finger on. He made her feel desirable and not just a piece of meat.

“Was that it?” she asked herself.

She arrived at the restaurant early, so she could watch as he arrived, just to be safe. This could all still be a huge mistake.

To her surprise he was already there. Sitting at a very nice table. He stood up as she approached and pulled out her chair so she could sit.

He looked amazing. He wasn’t tall but not too short.

“Thank goodness he looked like his profile pictures,” she thought. She liked what she saw.

They made small talk while waiting for their food. Small caresses on the hands, a little foot sliding up his leg. She turned red and looked down when she did it. He squeezed her hand a little firmer to let her know he liked it and it was ok to do so. They ate and laughed at each others jokes. They didn’t talk about anything too exciting. After all, this was a public restaurant full of people.

Her mind was swimming. Full of thoughts and ideas of what could happen in private with this man.

He sensed she was somewhere else for a moment. He watched as she gazed into space, wondering what she was thinking.

He couldn’t believe his luck. He had been dating online for so long, he had given up hope. Then he came across her profile. She seemed real enough. Not fixated on unreal desires. Like those stupid romance novels. All he heard was, “I want a real man, an honest man” but when they would meet up, he didnt satisfy their expectations of the six pack and romance novel looks. Back to square one, every time. This is why he didnt want to meet up with her, when she asked. Let her get to know him first. Like who he is as a person and not as a piece of meat.

He was thinking as he gazed into her piercing eyes, how much he would like to have her in his bed, tied down and under his crop.

Lunch was finished. They held each others hand as they left the restaurant. The wind had picked up and a small gust of wind blew her skirt up. He caught his breath as he saw her beautiful thighs encased in the sheerest stockings.

She noticed his gaze and reaction and smiled. They reached their vehicles and didn’t want to let go.

They looked into each others eyes for what seemed an eternity.

Her palms were sweaty with excitement wondering if he would kiss her.

She sensed he had finally decided to go for it. She licked her lips seductively and met him halfway.

They kissed for the first time. He reached up to caress her face with his free hand.

She was on her tip toes reaching around his neck.

They kissed and kissed and kept kissing. Neither wanting to stop.

His breath coming faster.

Her breath coming faster.

They let themselves go. Touching each other. Caressing each other. Both not wanting this moment to end. They came up for breath. Both panting. He smiled, she smiled back. Biting her lip in the process. That drove him crazy. She reached in to whisper into his ear, “Can we go to your place Daddy?”

Enough innuendo had been implied as to what was going to happen when they finally got together, so she decided as she followed dahmer monster the jeffrey dahmer story izle him home, she was going to let herself go. “You only live once,” she thought.

He kept looking back in his mirror to see if she still followed him. They arrived at his house. He jumped out of his car to open her door and tripped in the process. She sees this and giggles to herself. She likes that he has manners and respect for a woman.

They go inside and she notices the house is immaculate. Not your typical bachelor pad. Big chair in front of the tv. Nowhere for anyone else to sit.

He had plants everywhere, nice art work hanging from the walls. A real nice couch and he did have a big easy chair…lol. Everything was neat and tidy. Not what she was expecting.

As he takes her coat, he leans in and whispers into her ear, “Are you ready for the darkness?”

She catches her breath, gazes up at him while biting her lip and replies, “Yes Daddy.”

He smiles and takes her hand. He leads her to one of the rooms. It has tapestries all over the walls and ceiling and soft lights everywhere. It resembles a harem scene from a 1930’s technicolor movie. She notices handcuffs hanging from hooks in the wall. She can feel herself getting wet at the thought of what is about to happen.

He has her stand next to the bed, hands by her side. He says to her, “Kneel.” She does as he commands.

“Take my pants off,” he says.

She complies. Her breathing is a little faster now.

As she pulls down his pants, she sees staring her in the face, his cock, ready for what was to come.

She leans in to take it into her mouth but he jerks it away. He takes her face in his hands and says to her, “Not until I say you can have it.”

“Oh my god this really is happening,” she mutters to herself.

She looks up at him with those puppy eyes and says, “Yes Daddy.”

“Good girl,” he replies.

The whole time he’s instructing her to undress, she is getting more and more excited. She can see his excitement standing at attention. All she wants to do is grab his ass with both hands and swallow his cock but she must obey Daddy and wait for further instructions. He tells her to strip. “Slowly,” he says.

As she starts to follow Daddy’s instructions, he turns on some music. Slow heavy bass music. Music to grind to. She gets the hint. She takes his hand and leads him to a chair. He sits down and watches his babygirl tease him with her moves.

She unbuttons her blouse slowly, taking it off and casually tosses it to him. It lands on his head, she giggles. He inhales her intoxicating aroma deeply.

She sees his cock is still standing tall. She knows she still has it. She reaches behind her back and unzips her skirt. She’s between his legs now, bending at the waist while rubbing her ass on his crotch. She slides her skirt down, steps out of it and turns around. Slowly gyrating to the music. She knows this has been planned all along. She likes that.

She gazes down at him and says, “What else do you want off, Daddy?”

He smiles up at her. “Take your bra and panties off and leave your stockings and heels on.”

She likes his answer and proceeds to give Daddy a show. She knows he likes it because he keeps rubbing his cock. She pouts. He asks “Whats wrong?” She says, “I should be rubbing your cock Daddy, not you.”

He laughs and says, “You’re right babygirl.”

He stands up and takes his babygirl to the bed where he has ropes already for use. He gently lays her down on her belly and proceeds to tie her up. She is spread wide open. Arms and legs stretched out, bound tightly. He leans down, kisses her butt, kisses her back, kisses her neck and whispers, “Are you ready for the darkness?” She replies sheepishly, “Oh yes Daddy, your babygirl is ready for the darkness.”

He pulls out a blindfold and ties it around her eyes. She squirms at his touch, breathing heavier in anticipation.

He takes his flogger off the wall. Gentle strokes across her back, up and down her thighs. He lets her smell the aroma of the leather. Small swipes across her ample ass. She raises her ass up to meet his strike. He likes that.

“Do you want more babygirl?” he asks.

“Yes damned saint izle Daddy,” she pants.

He picks up the tempo, getting in the zone. His swipes match the beat of the music.

He never completely loses himself.

Always listening for the words they discussed.

He slows down, gently caressing her skin with his leather. Asking if she is ok. She replies breathlessly “Yes Daddy.”

He puts down the flogger and reaches for a vibrator. He turns it on watching how she reacts. Exactly what he was looking for. Slightly raised ass, trying to spread her legs wider, breathing heavy.

“Shall we begin?” he asks.

“Yes Daddy!” she says with glee.

He places the magic wand gently on her clit. She squirms under his touch. A little firmer now. She begins to moan.

He smiles.

He is rubbing it up and down her pussy, which by now is dripping wet. A little faster. He says to her, “You must ask Daddy for permission to cum, do you understand babygirl?”

She replies breathlessly, “Yes Daddy.”

She is moaning and writhing to every movement he is making. She can’t take much more. She begs Daddy to cum. He says, “No.”

“Oh Daddy, please let me cum.”

“No babygirl, you must wait.”

She starts to lose it. He pulls the vibrator away and denies her the orgasm she so desperately wanted.

She starts to whimper and asks Daddy, “Why?”

He replies “You cum only when Daddy say’s it’s ok to do so.”

“Yes Daddy.” She starts to cry.

He feels her sadness in his chest and gently kisses her and asks if she is ok. “Yes,” she whimpers. “Would you like more babygirl?” he asks her. “Oh yes Daddy, please.” she replies.

He takes a dildo from a drawer and places it bewteen her pussy lips. She tries to push down on it. He takes it away. “Patience, babygirl” he whispers. He slides it in. Just a little at a time. Slides it out. He grabs the vibrator and puts it on her clit. A sharp intake of air is heard eminating from her mouth. In and out goes the dildo. Slowly at first. He turns the music up. Strokes matching. Faster goes the beat. Faster goes the dildo. He doesn’t plan on stopping this time. Faster still. Thump thump thump goes the beat. Thump thump thump goes the dildo.

She can’t take it any longer. “DADDY MAY I CUM?” she shouts over the

music. “Not yet,” his reply.

Faster, deeper, faster, deeper.

“OH MY GOD DADDY PLEASE CAN I CUM?” He knows she can’t take much more. FASTER, DEEPER, FASTER, DEEPER.

“FUCK, DADDY!” she shouts. Her body writhing in pleasure, waiting for the release.


She screams, body convulsing, a gush of juices exploding from her pussy. Still more writhing and shaking. When she finally finishes, he smiles to himself. He lets his babygirl recover and gives her some water.

“Back to the darkness?” he asks. “Yes please Daddy,” she replies breathlessly.

He takes the crop off the wall and slides it over her ass so she knows whats next. This time he isn’t so soft and gentle. He smacks her ass hard.

She yelps. “Ow Daddy, that hurts,” she cries.

He smacks her ass again. “Ow Daddy!” she cries out louder.

He is always listening


“OW DADDY, STOP!” she screams.

He asks his babygirl if that’s the safe word they agreed upon. She replies “No Daddy,” pouting up at him.

SMACK, harder.


Still listening….nothing.

SMACK, harder still.

“RED DADDY RED!” she exclaims.

He pulls the crop away in mid swing. Puts it down and kisses her now bright red ass.

Tears streaming down her face, sobs bubbling out of her mouth.

He is concerned he has gone too far. He kneels down next to her and takes her blindfold off.

Tears still streaming down her face, she looks up at him with a smile and says, “Thank you Daddy.” He leans in and kisses her forehead.

“That was very good babygirl.” He gently says to her as he unties the ropes.

He gently picks her up and takes her to another room that has soft light, a big comfy red couch with lots of pillows and blankies. He lays her down, grabs a bottle of water and puts it to her lips. She gulps it down eagerly. He sits down next to her, puts his arm around her and pulls her in close. She snuggles in tighter, feeling completely content and safe. As he closes his eyes he can hear her mewing softly to herself as she slowly dozes off. They sleep wrapped up in each others arms, happy with the world.

He is taken out of his slumber when he feels his babygirl’s soft hand start to gently stroke his cock. She looks deeply into his eyes and says “My turn.”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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