Do You Want to Remember?

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“You know it’s been way to fucking long since we got out of the house.” Jack said stretching as he crawled out of the back of the Toyota truck Lance owned. “Why’d I end up in the back again?”

“Cus you were too slow to call shotgun that’s why.” Mike replied twisting slightly to crack his back. “Besides other than being tight around the shoulders that seat is probably more comfortable. Are you ever going to get a real truck not this little toy?”

“That’s funny coming from someone who doesn’t have a car at all because the shit box you bought keeps breaking down.” Lance replied. He was easily the tallest of his friends and the stunningly white pants he was wearing somehow managed to make him seem even taller than his six and a half feet. “I mean if either of you had a car I would gladly have put gas in it just to keep from cramming you into my truck.” He forced a smile to cross his square jaw.

“Okay okay point made. Besides let’s quit our bitching and get inside. I haven’t been to a party in almost two years and I need to get out there and have some fun!” Jack said casually leaping onto a low wall and balancing along it. He had taken several years of martial arts and gymnastics and still had the spindly frame from the lifestyle. He used to wear his hair short but recently had been letting it grow out.

“Two years? Really? No wonder you jumped so fast to come to Molly’s party. I mean it’s not like the two of you are close, or friends, or hell friendly. Even with you standing right next to me I half expected her to not invite you out. She’s starting to mellow in her old age.” Mike said. “Maybe she felt sorry for you. I mean it’s been two years since you got any tail isn’t it?”

“Three.” Lance coughed. “Three.”

Mike spun back to face his friend briefly considering punching him. Then he remembered how badly that had ended last time. Lance didn’t really like being touched and if he decided to punch back it wasn’t going to be a playful tap. “That’s a nasty cough you got there. You wanna wait with the truck? Make sure it doesn’t bursa escort get stolen?”

“Real funny fat boy.” Lance almost snarled at his overweight friend. The fact that his truck had been stolen on six different occasions really wasn’t funny. Just something about his car screamed steal me to thieves and the cops finding his car had almost become an annual thing. “Let’s just go inside and chill the fuck out.”

“Amen to that.” Jack echoed.

“Alrighty then!” Mike cheered leaping over a light at the end of the wall and onto the wooden deck.

Before any of them could knock the door was flung open and a couple spilled out of the house barely keeping upright. “Ya’ll drive safe now.” Jack joked but the two weren’t headed to a car, they were stumbling towards what might have passed for a secluded spot behind the garage and making out the entire way. “Yeah. . .that works to.”

The party inside was just as wild. Most of the people were sitting around a table playing some drinking game that involved a deck of cards and a huge cup in the center. “Hey get on over here guys and pull up a seat. We just started so it’s all good.” One of the guys at the table called scooting out of the way and motioning to a trio of empty chairs. The game was called King’s River and while the rules changed slightly from house to house the basics were the same everywhere and it was an excellent way to get pretty hammered, pretty fast particularly if one played like Lance did with a glass of rum instead of a bottle of beer or if you played like Mike did and forced the chugs to go on until you were positively forced to come up for air. The entire game lasted less than two hours but by the end only the players on the River were still in the living room. Most of them were starting to pair up and wander off to whatever quiet corners could be found eventually leaving just Lance and Mike.

“So are we gonna get on out?” Mike asked slurring his words slightly and trying to keep his eyes off of Lance’s toned chest. He wasn’t gay but Lance was görükle escort handsome, a muscular. That was the one thing he’d never understood about gays, or at least the gays that got attention. They were all slender and almost feminine. What was the point of being with a man who looked like a woman? If he was going to go after a man he was going to go after a man.

“We can’t. Jack is upstairs with that black slut he’s been chasing since like high school. He’ll fucking kill me if I make him pull outta that tail. Sides none of us are in any shape to drive.” Lance’s words were slightly less slurred but the alcohol was getting to him as well. “Not for at least another hour. Stupid us forgot to pick a dee dee so we’re stuck for a bit.” He chuckled and put his feet up on the table reaching for the bottle of rum. He wasn’t sure how much help he’d had with it but what had started as a full bottle was now less than a third. Tilting his head back he took a swig. “You’re looking at me kinda funny. Something you want to say?”

Mike turned his head so quickly that it spun for a moment. “Nope nothin’.” He blurted out. Part of him wished suddenly he was sober enough to have said something clever and the other half just wished he was a little more drunk so he wouldn’t remember any of this in the morning.

“Oh shit, you were checking me out. You want my body.” Lance sang teasingly. “You wanna suck my dick don’tcha.”

“Shut up.” Mike spat. The latter of his two urges won out and he snatched a half empty beer bottle from the table and polished it off with a single chug before grabbing for another bottle. “I just haven’t. . .three years man.”

Lance sat up suddenly serious. “You do know that’s not how it works right? You don’t choose to be gay or learn to be gay or not get laid by women for a few years and wake up gay. You’re gay or in your case curious but being gay isn’t a disease you know.”

“Yeah I know.” Mike mumbled nearly inaudibly into the bottle.

“So I was right wasn’t I? You want my body.” Lance teased bursa escort bayan again but this time he was up on his feet moving behind Mike. “Wasn’t I?” This time he whispered it into his friend’s ear before nipping it playfully. Mike squirmed but made no effort to get away from Lance. “I saw you, checking out my bod. I work hard to look this good.” Lance moved his hands to Mike’s shoulders rubbing them gently. “Didn’t I?” Mike couldn’t speak so he nodded his answer. “Are you sure? If we do this we can’t ever take it back.” Mike finished his beer and spun to face Lance.

It was the very first time he’d kissed a man and it wasn’t what he was expecting. It wasn’t unpleasant but it was unexpected. For one thing it was firmer than the soft lips of a woman. It smelled differently as well. Mike wasn’t certain why the smell was standing out so much; he’d never really noticed how any of the girls he’d kissed had smelled so it didn’t seem right that the odor of Lance’s cologne suddenly seemed important. The kiss had been so overwhelming that he had barely noticed Lance leading them to the back porch and getting his trousers down to his knees. He didn’t notice anything beyond Lance’s tongue moving in his mouth and he wasn’t sure he wanted to.

Then he felt something knew and the entire world seemed to shift to Lance’s hand which was wrapped around Mike’s cock. Like with the kiss the thing that stood out most was the differences. Lance’s large hand had no problem wrapping all the way around Mike’s cock. His hand wasn’t soft either, he was gentle but not soft. Even the technique was different as he focused nearly all at the tip. Mike had to clench his teeth to keep from groaning.

Lance kept up that same pace before slipping to his knees and inhaling Mike’s cock in a single stroke. Only once had any girl been able to deep throat him and Lance seemed almost casual about it. The hand that had been stroking Mike only a second before now slipped to cradle his scrotum massaging them. It didn’t take Lance long to coax an orgasm out of Mike. “Well that was fun.” Mike started to open his mouth but Lance cut him off. “We’re good. I’m gonna grab a shower and some coffee. You go back in there.” Lance walked him back to the table and handed him the bottle of rum. “And decide if this is something you want to remember.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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