Doctor’s Orders Ch. 03

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Rachel awoke the next morning with her son’s dick already burning a hole in her mind. She couldn’t seem to think about anything else, like she was a woman possessed. Her hand was already in her pussy, madly frigging herself. She thought that her hand was probably there all night while she slept. Rachel could still taste her son’s cum in her mouth and she new that it was wrong but she just had to get more cum in her mouth as soon as she could.

She got up and made her way to her son’s room, wondering if he was awake yet. She didn’t even notice that she was still naked, her tits hanging out freely and her pussy leaking her cum all down her leg as she walked, all she knew was that she had to play with Bobby’s huge cock some more. She made her way into the room without even knocking first and was a little disappointed to find that her son was still asleep in his bed. Oh well, she though, I’ll just give him a kiss and madly finger myself while I wait for him to wake up. She made her way over to his bed and leaned over to give him a kiss on his forehead. As she did so, however, she noticed that there was already a huge tent in his blankets made by his already erect cock.

She stood back up and her hand had already resumed playing with her pussy. She used her other hand to remove the blanket that was blocking her view of his penis, and his cock came into sight. She looked up at his face but he was still asleep. Oh God, she thought, so fucking big, I just want to straddle him right now and fuck his brains out. Oh, if only I could do that without waking him, then he wouldn’t know that his own mother had come in here and fucked him silly.

As she came out of her thoughts she noticed that her other hand was already stroking her son’s cock. Pre-cum was leaking out of his cockhead and all over her hand. She stopped frigging herself with her other hand and used it to poke her son in his head. He didn’t stir and she smiled. Throwing all caution to the wind she leaned into his cock and enveloped it with her mouth. She couldn’t take all of it in due to it’s shear size, but she took in as much as she could and jerked the bottom half of his cock with both her hands.

Bobby started to stir and she pulled back, taking both her mouth and her hands off of his beautiful cock. He hadn’t yet opened his eyes. He was thinking, Wow what a wonderful dream, my incredibly hot mom jerked me off in the bathroom and let me cum all over her face chest and pussy. Too bad it was just a dream though. He opened his eyes then and looked up. His mom was still sitting there, and she was naked as the day she was born, he looked from her magnificent boobs to her sopping wet pussy. Damn, he thought, my mom must be one horny woman to be in here already.

“Hi sweetie,” Rachel said to Bobby. “Have a good sleep?” She really wanted to start sucking his dick again, but she felt too weird about it because this was her son and all. Sure she had just been sucking him off, but with him being awake it seemed different somehow.

“It was alright mom,” Bobby replied, “but what are you doing in here so early? And why are you naked, you know it’s not right to show your, um, stuff to me like this.”

“Oh,” she looked down at herself as if noticing for the first time her nudity, “Well, the doctor had said that I should take care of your pressure in the morning, and I didn’t want to get any of your delicious semen on any of my clothes.”

Bobby nearly passed out when she called his cum “delicious.” Oh my God, he thought, she must really like the taste of cum! I never knew that my mom could be such a slut.

“So honey,” Rachel said, “I see that you could use my help. Ready for your mommy’s hand?”

Bobby, a little too dumbfounded to speak, could Rize Escort just nod. His mom then put her hands back on his cock and started feeling it up and down. She could feel her warm saliva on him and pre-cum started to mingle with it, which made her even hornier. Her pussy was now so hot and bothered that she was leaving a stain on her sons bed. In a daze she took her other hand and started fondling her right tit, paying extra attention to her nipple. She always liked it when people played with her tits, sometimes she could cum just from that.

Bobby watched as she played with her big boob. He could feel the cum rising in his balls and knew that any second he was going to cum. However right before he shot the phone rang. The noise really surprised them both and Rachel took her hands away from her tit and her son’s cock, she then reached over to Bobby’s bed side table and picked up his phone.

“Hello,” Rachel said into the receiver. She listened intently for a minute while Bobby looked her up and down. He could see that her shaved pussy was now wet with her juices making him even harder than before if that were possible. He really just wanted to reach over and start finger fucking her, and he almost did the only thing holding him back was the thought that this was his mom, not his own personal fuck toy.

Finally Rachel hang up the phone and turned back to Bobby. “That was Dr. White, she said that something odd came up in the test of your semen and that she would stop by around noon in order to further examine your cock, um, I mean, your penis.” She smiled, “So then, about time for us to get back to work.” With that she reached over and started stroking him again. Not waiting long before she put her hand back on her tit.

Although Bobby was interrupted and not able to cum before, it didn’t take him long until he felt his balls start to boil with his hot semen and he knew he was about to cum. He breathed heavily in through his nose and noticed for the first time just how heavily the smell of his mother’s cunt hung in the room. That made him lose control, he yelled to his mom that he was cumming and his cock began to unleash his monster load of cum. The first rope rocketed straight into the air and came down all over his chest, Rachel’s hand and arm and the bed. His mom watching this started to twist her nipple so hard she was surprised she didn’t start bleeding. Another torrent of her son’s semen came gushing out of his cock and all over them and the bed. She noticed just how much come was getting on the bed and said, “Now Bobby you don’t want to stain your sheets” and with that justified in her own mind dropping her head back to his cock and shoving her mouth over his cock and swallowing the next blast of her son’s hot cum.

Bobby was in shock, if he wasn’t already cumming so fucking hard he probably would have passed out from the sight before him. His mom had just stuck her mouth on his cock and was swallowing a huge load of his cum. He had never received a blow job before (to his knowledge) and having a big breasted hotty like his mom suddenly sucking all his cum from his dick was nearly too much for him. If he hadn’t already been coming he would surely have blown his load. He watched as his hot mom tried to swallow all the cum bursting from his pecker, however it seemed to be too much for her and her she had to take her mouth off of his cock in order to swallow her mouthful of his semen. When she did that another blast of cum came bursting from his cockhead and hit her dead center on her face. She shut her eyes just in time before it ran all over her eyelids and brows and down her cheeks and mouth. His next few shots hit her in the face and Bobby, regaining some mental control of what Rize Escort Bayan was happening, grabbed his cock and shot the rest of his load all over her tits.

By the end of it Rachel was a complete mess. She took her hands and started to wipe the cum from her face and shove it into her mouth in complete view of Bobby. She no longer cared if he watched or not, in fact she was starting to get even wetter at the thought of her son watching her eating his cum right in front of him. She hadn’t cum yet and had half a mind to start fucking herself with reckless abandon but a little voice in the back of the head was saying that things had already gone a bit too far and that she should try to restrain herself at least a little bit.

Bobby, however, really just wanted to get out of that room. He thought that his mom eating his cum was one of the hottest things he’d ever seen, but it just seemed so wrong that he had to leave. He got up and ran to the bathroom, not even saying something to his mom. He started the shower and got in.

Rachel could hear Bobby getting up and going to take a shower, though she couldn’t see it because there was cum in her eyes. She wiped her face as well as she could, covering her hand in her son’s love juice and then proceeding to eat down his semen in huge gulps. She was more turned on then she’d ever been in her life, her pussy was now on fire. The smell of Bobby’s and her cum was filled the scent of the room. She lay down on Bobby’s bed, spreading out in the cum that she didn’t manage to get into her mouth or on her face, and she spread her legs wide and started to finger fuck herself. And had a massive orgasm all the while thinking how it would feel for Bobby to fuck her brains out.

A half an hour later they were both sitting at the kitchen table, Bobby smelling and feeling fresh from the shower he had moments earlier. Rachel, however still smelled of their respective love juices and even had a bit of her son’s cum still stuck in her hair. They both wore robes, Bobby’s was a light blue while Rachel’s was purple.

Bobby was trying not to notice his mom’s smell or that she was looking at him like a bitch in heat. He just wanted to feel normal, and it wasn’t normal to be thinking about your mom in any sexual way in Bobby’s opinion. Rachel, however, was looking her son up and down, she wanted nothing more at that moment than to straddle him and start fucking his cock. In the back of her brain she seemed to realize that this was wrong for a mother to think this way about her son, but she just didn’t care. Her eyes seemed to be stuck on him and almost subconsciously she reached her hand into her robe and started lightly squeezing her nipple.

Bobby noticed right away, “Mom! What are you doing?”

Rachel seemed to come out of the trance she was in she took her hand away from her breast. “I’m sorry honey. I don’t know what came over me.” She looked back at him, and realized just how freaked out he looked for the first time. Well, she thought, obviously, he’s always been really shy about these things, and his mother sucking him off must really be confusing to him. ” Bobby, I think we should talk about what just happened.”

Bobby looked at her in absolute shock, the last thing he wanted to do was talk to his mom about her giving him a blow job just a little while earlier, especially while she stilled smelled and looked like someone who had just been fucked. But he knew that talking about it would be best, although he didn’t like to admit it. He looked down at his lap as to avoid her gaze, “A-a-alright mom, whatever y-you think is best.”

She smiled, “I know that you must be at least a little weirded out over what just happened, I mean it’s not everyday Escort Rize that a mother gives her son a blow job. But we have been put in a bit of an abnormal situation.”

Bobby looked back up at her he was starting to feel calmer, “I know mom, I didn’t mean to be so upset, but it just feels so weird that you have to help me in this way. Not to say that I mind, I mean I think that, um, that you’re, um…”

“What is it Bobby?”

“I think that your really hot!” He blerted it out so quickly that at first it sounded like one big word. Rachel was taken aback, she knew that she was pretty attractive for her age, but didn’t think that someone as young as her son would be interested in her body. Bobby continued, “But I don’t think that it’s right to be receiving, um, this kind of simulation from my mother.”

Rachel smiled at him again, “Bobby, do you mind if I’m a little frank.” Bobby shook his head. Rachel sighed deeply before she continued, “I know that it’s strange that I have to give you hand jobs, but the doctor said that it’s necessary, and I’m trying to be professional about it, but you do have the biggest cock, erm, penis that I’ve ever seen. And I know it’s a little wrong but I really enjoy playing with it. I could jerk you off all day.”

“MOM!” Bobby was started to get an erection from his mom’s honesty and had to put his hands in front of his crotch in order to hold it back from escaping from his robe.

She smiled again, “Like I said I know it’s weird, but the way I see it, as long as I have to do it I may as well enjoy it.” She noticed that Bobby was sitting very strangely and she could guess why. “Well, since we’ve gotten that out of the way, maybe we should get this out of the way too.”

She knelt down in front of him and gently removed his hands from his crotch, causing his large hard on to jump into view. She smiled up at him. “Do you want mommy to help you with your problem again this morning.” Bobby didn’t know whether to freak out and run, or give into his lust and rape his mom right there. Instead he did neither and simply nodded. Rachel upon seeing her son’s conformation opened her mouth wide and swallows his cock down. She deep throated like a pro and she knew it. Bobby himself was absolutely dumbstruck with pleasure and his hands reached forward completely of their own free will and he grabbed onto her hair and started to face fuck her with a force he never realized he could generate.

His mom was thoroughly enjoy just how dominant her son had become in a few seconds, but this fucking of her mouth was starting to hurt her jaw quite a bit. She reached her hands up and had him stop he started to apologize, but she just shook her head and started licking up and down his shaft. Finally coming down to his balls, she sucked one into her mouth and with her hand reached up and started stroking him.

It didn’t take long before Bobby started to cum with her like that, even though he had just cum a half hour before, he still had a huge load. When he came his mom took her robe off and allowed him to cum on her like he did yesterday, the first shot hit her right in the face, covering her nose and mouth. She darted her tongue out and licked the juice off of her lips. He grabbed his dick and aimed downward, causing the next shot to hit her left tit then he shot on her right one. Next he aimed even further downward and covered her pussy in his juices. For some reason he really liked giving her cream pies and wanted to do that as much as possible. Then she leaned forward and sucked the rest of his semen into her awaiting mouth and once again she started licking it off her own face like a child trying to lick spilt ice cream off of them. She looked up at him and with a childlike smile on her face, she thanked him.

Then, still naked she got up, and went to take a shower. Bobby was ecstatic, no longer did he care that this buxom beauty was his mother, he was determined to fuck her if it was last thing he ever did.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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