Doing it for Money and Fun

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Big Tits

I was living one of my many gay fantasies. Here I was, 22 years old, living in Northern California. Single, good job and not any major worries. And at this moment, in the mountains on this nice sunny April morning. Completely naked and riding this old guy’s fat cock like I was some teenage girl nympho slut. I switched from bouncing my tight hole up and down his juicy 8 inches to sitting down on it and grinding my hips back and forth, feeling his hot meat shaft fill me up.

This guy, around 50, approached me at the mall. He said he would make it worth my time if I heard him out. He said I could make a lot of cash on the side by doing gay videos with him. That they could just be videos of me jerking off by myself.

Of course, before we agreed on details and payment amounts, he would have to see the product. You know, me naked. When we got up in this remote area in the Hills west of town, it started off as me stripping naked. Then playing with myself to me sucking his bursa anal yapan escort dick a little. It honestly didn’t take much for him to get me that far. And it didn’t take much more before I complied to straddling him and riding his hard cock.

Little did I know or even consider at the time that this had set into motion a chain of events that would lead me down a very tiring and depraved path. A path I didn’t so much as walk down as I took while on my back, my knees, or in a very similar sitting type of position as I was using on this guy in the Sunny California hills.

As I bounced and grinded away on his cock and feeling my own dick leak from pleasure, I allowed all thoughts to wash away. I worked my tight ass properly on that stiff rod. Making sure to clench my hole as much as I could to increase his pleasure. After quite awhile of my hole being stretched more and more his muscles throughout his body began bursa eskort to spasm and flex.

He grabbed ahold of my small hips and lower back very firmly and announced that he was cumming almost exactly at the same moment I felt like a fire hose was unleashing a torrent of boiling man love juice deep up inside my guts.

I also let out a moan as I threw my head back with mouth agape. My back arched and I ceased my motions as I completely enveloped his mature cock inside my ass as I sat solidly upon it. My smooth little ass cheeks were squished on his hips and I felt his balls tightened upward and greet the back of my butt crack.

“Ahhhh you are one amazing little fuck. Let’s get you back to my place and get some cameras on you and cocks inside you.” He said as his breaths began to steady.

This put a smile on my face and a twing in my cock. He met my smile with one of his own and continued.

‘But first let’s get bursa escort kızlar my cock cleaned up. Make sure to clean it good you little cock slut faggot.”

Hearing him order me and talk to me that way made my stiff dick drip uncontrollably.

“Yes sir” I replied in a boyishly cock slutty voice. Then I slowly raised my well worked smooth ass up, feeling his thick meat slide inch by inch until it flopped out and my abused little butthole pinched with a sting.

I then moved down to a prone position between his muscular hairy thighs and began to lick and suck his manly meat pole thoroughly. Cleaning and enjoying the taste of all the thick juicy cum and asshole sweat. Each time I swallowed I locked eyes with my new daddy and savored the flavors his mighty cock gifted my tight little hungry ass and now my greedy with sissy mouth.

I took my time providing clean-up of his cock and his sweaty hairy big balls even though the entire time I was impatiently looking forward to getting to his place to experience being his bitch more. Especially if it meant letting him film me being a little fuck toy for any and all the guys he would have come to rail me holes.

I know that I will glady and excitedly take it all because my prize will be able to cuddle up to him afterwards and let him reclaim me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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