Dominant Wife Entertains Her Lover

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“Who does this belong to? Who owns this, little girl?”

He rubs her pussy in his hand. She’s soaking wet, dripping. Her breathing is deep, a slight sigh with each breath. She moans softly with her eyes closed. She opens them and sees him inches from her pretty face.

“You. You do, baby, you…uhhhh, don’t stop, baby…uhhhhh…”

She is cut off as his lips go to hers, his tongue pushed into her mouth. She is writhing, whimpering.

He has the lips of her pussy between his middle finger and thumb. He pushes them together, kneads them slightly, rubs them softy together as his index finger runs gently back and forth over her soaking wet clit. She swoons, is hypnotized by the way he touches and ‘works’ her like this. He did this to her the first day they met at his company BBQ at his house, just before she dropped to her knees and sucked his cock, while I, her husband, was told to say upstairs, not bother them. This has been an instant turn-on every time he does it to her. She melts into his body as his tongue probes her mouth. She literally drips onto his hand. She is addicted to it and the way he uses it on her.

His fingers move slightly to the back of her, up and across her pussy lips to the slight round of her cheeks behind her. His tongue deep in her mouth he feels her wetness and eases his middle finger up and into the crack between her cheeks at the bottom. She arches her right hip, lifts her leg slightly. She moves up onto the ball of one foot to help him access her. She knows what he wants. His middle finger pushes up and into her tight little hole, her cheeks part around it and grip his closed fist as his finger slips into her ass. She goes slightly weak in his arms as his finger begins to probe. His other arm up around her waist in the back just above her rear end catches her and holds her firmly. He pulls her up close to him as he slightly lifts her like a doll and starts to finger fuck her rear end. She cries out, moans deeply as she pulls her mouth off of him and pushes her face to his shoulder. She pushes up against him and purrs like a cat.

“Oooooo, uhhh, baby…oooo…”

His hand soaking wet pulled from her pussy, he runs his middle finger in and out of her tight little hole, feels it open and close, grip him tightly as he works her. He feels her cheeks move and close around his hand as he finger fucks her butt. The tight little hole is slippery with the k-y she has me apply before dates with him. He insists on it. He insists that her rear be easily accessible but not messy, slippery enough for instant access when she is with him. It’s his favorite thing to do with my wife, fuck her ass.

“This is still my favorite hole, little girl. And who owns it?”

She closes her eyes, looks down toward her breasts.

“Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh…you do, you do, you do…oooooo, uhhh…”

His hand is up under her skirt. She is lost to his finger. He skirt falls across his forearm as he pushes his hand up deeper between her legs. She is not wearing any panties. She is just like he instructed her when he called her last night and told her how to dress for tonight. The short ‘little-girl’ pleated navy blue skirt barely covers her rear end in the back. She is wearing just below the knee opaque white school-girl stockings and black 4″ heel pumps. Her white blouse is crisp and starched, long sleeved and buttoned to the collar It accents the tight push up bra that makes her breasts point up and strain at the buttons in front of her blouse.

She is dressed just like a little girl, a school girl at his request. She had me dress her for him and apply her k-y lubricant two hours ago. She is the perfect piece of school girl candy. That is what he requested. My wife always dresses to please her lover.

He moves his hand from her back. She is raised onto her toes by his other hand. His free hand goes up under her skirt in the back, cradles her naked left cheek in it.

“Undo my belt, unzip me. Take out my cock, girl. I’m going to fuck your mouth before they get here.”

She almost scurries with her hands to undo his belt. She hurries to undo his pants and push them and his underwear toward his knees as far as she can in the position she is in. His finger still deeply up her butt, he keeps her from dropping down lower to take his pants to his knees. His semi erect cock bounces out of his underwear as they are lowered passed it. He pulls his hand out of her crotch, out of her rear end. He hears her whimper as he does. She swoons. He runs the tip of his wet finger across her lips, traces the outline of her lips with his middle finger.

She is visibly shuddering, turned on and dripping wet. She whimpers slightly as she looks up into his eyes. She quickly takes his finger into her mouth, sucks it gently. He stares at her.

“Only a dirty girl, a whore would do something like that. Who do you belong to, you dirty little girl? Who owns you?”

He asks again, drives it home. He stares into her eyes. She is whimpering softly.

“You do, baby. You do.”

She is eskişehir seks hikayeleri panting, breathing heavily. She shudders slightly. She takes his erection in her hand. She feels him grow fully erect and hard.

“Not your husband?”

She is almost on the edge of cumming, breathless.

“You, baby, you. You own me. Not him, you…uhhhhh”

He takes his hand off of her butt, moves it to her shoulder. She starts to bend to the pressure. She feels her knees bend as he pushes down firmly. He squeezes her shoulder so hard he almost hurts her as he pushes her to her knees. Instantly she is kneeling in front of him. His erection bounces inches from her face. She doesn’t wait to be told. She takes him into her mouth. Her hands go to the backs of his legs and cheeks. She holds him in place as she starts to masturbate him with her mouth, long and full strokes taking him to back of her throat.

“Eager little girl. Always hungry, I like that about you, dirty little girl.”

He puts one hand on the back of her head, feels her soft hair as he takes it in his fingers. He feels her head move back and forth on him, full length. His other hand goes to the side of her head. He closes his eyes as he feels her wet mouth move on him. He grips her tightly, stops her head from moving on him and holds her firmly in place. He starts for fuck. He pumps to cum, wants to finish quickly. He holds her head perfectly still and in place. He throbs as his cock moves in and out of her stationary mouth.

When he cums he quickly pulls her head back, pulls her mouth off of him by her hair. She gasps as his cock is pulled from her mouth. He takes his cock in his hand, guides it to the front of her as he holds her head in place, tilted up and slightly to the side. Her lip stick is all over her chin. She looks up at him, so cute he thinks to himself as the first powerful spurt hits her face just under her right eye and moves down her cheek. And then the second, third, fourth spurt or his cum onto her, he pumps himself all over her face. She stares up at him. ‘A bitch in heat’, he thinks to himself. He pumps the last of it onto her right cheek. He wipes the end of his cock across her forehead and nose, squeezing the last of his cum onto her.

“Stand up. Don’t wipe your face. Get up on the bed, on your hands and knees across the bed sideways, dirty little girl. That would be the best way to greet your guests. Don’t you think, let them see what you are and have access to that mouth and ass from the sides of the bed?”

He watches as she hurries to her feet. She looks like a beautiful teen school girl, one with messed up lipstick and cum all over her face.

“Yes, baby. I want this to be perfect for you. I am so fucking wet for you right now.”

Her voice soft, still excited and sexually lost to him, she moves to the bed.

He pulls his pants up, fastens his belt, walking to the mini-bar as he does. She moves to the bed, straddles it sideways on her hands and knees, looks at him. He pours himself a drink and walks to the chair near the window looking out over the parking lot below. He sits and looks at her.

“You are a very good girl, a pretty one too. And you’re right. I do own you. I own that cute little ass of yours.”

He looks sternly at her. She looks at him.

“You are the perfect whore. My perfect little slut girl.”

She is deeply turned on, wet, ready to do as she is told. She loves how he talks to her. He sometimes does it over the phone while she masturbates listening to him. She is addicted to this man, will do whatever he wants her to do.

“Don’t speak, just stay like that on your hands and knees. Flip that skirt up in the back, flip it up over your butt. Show your ass and that wet pussy. Stay like that and don’t move.”

He sips his drink. Watches as she displays her perfect rear end. Her pussy lips glisten from behind. She is soaking wet.

There is a knock at the door as she spreads her legs slightly for him to see, moving her knees slightly further apart. He puts his drink on the table next to the chair.

“Don’t move an inch. They need to see you just like this. You’re perfect.”

He pats her butt, bends and kisses her right cheek gently as he walks passed her to the door. Two men enter the room. He closes the door behind them. They walk to her. The first one in the room puts his hand on her bare butt. He feels her shiver, goose bumps rise on her bare cheeks and legs. She looks down to the bed, a drop of cum runs down her chin onto the spread. This man has seen her like this before. So has his friend.

“Is my cum on her face too much?”

Her lover laughs, smiles at the men and then looks to her.

“Fuck no. She’s perfect. It’s natural for her to have cum on her face.”

He laughs loudly, runs his hand over her naked butt, pats it. The second man walks to the front of her. He undoes his pants, drops them quickly to his ankles, steps out of them as he kicks off his shoes. He is naked in less than a minute. The man behind her lifts her skirt up more, flips it way up over her back completely, pushes it up toward her shoulders. He slaps her butt hard with the other hand. She winces, jumps slightly. The man in front of her takes her hair in his hand and pushes his semi erect cock into her mouth. It stifles the faint cry she makes from the hard smack on her rear end. She takes him into her mouth.

“Let’s get this party started.”

The man behind her starts to undress.

Her lover sits back down and lifts his drink. He watches as the two men he has given my wife to start to use her. It all starts as soon as they enter the room. She has been given to them before. These are two men from his warehouse crew that know all too well what my wife will do. They have fucked her like this several times before both in our house and in motel rooms. They’ve also been allowed to do things to her at his warehouse facility.

The man behind takes his clothes off slowly as he watches her head move back and forth on his friend. He kneels behind her on the bed. It bounces as he takes her by her hips. He lifts her rear up and moves her onto his cock. He is hard as a rock and 9″ long. He impales her on his erection. He pushes deep into her as she sucks his friend. She cries out, her whimpering muffled by the cock in her mouth as the man behind her enters her pussy. She whimpers as he pushes up into her slowly, all the way. She has had this man in her before and never gets used to it. It always hurts for the first few strokes. He’s huge.

There is another knock at the door. Her lover moves to answer it, walks passed the two men fucking my wife from the front and back. He opens the door and two more men enter.

“Fuck, the party has already started.”

One man laughs as he slaps the hand of her lover, high-fives him. The men enter the room and he closes the hotel door. They waste little time undressing. Her lover sits back down, sips his drink. He watches. That is what he does with these men he has picked to use my wife. He watches.

The man behind her pulls his cock out of her pussy. It glistens with her wetness. He climbs up onto the bed, squats behind her. He is hovering over the top of her back as he guides his erection to her rear. He places the head of it at her tight little hole, moves it against her slight resistance. He pushes the head of it up into her butt. She pulls her mouth of the man in front of her as he opens her ass and pushes the huge head in.


She cries out, closes her eyes tightly. She feels the hands of the man in front of her take her head firmly and pull her back to his cock. He guides himself back into her mouth. She squirms, shivers. Her cries, are muffled by the erection pushed to the back of her throat, fill the room, her cries from the initial pain as the cock in her rear end is pushed in halfway. He’s huge. He starts to work back and forth. He knows she can take it all. He knows he just has to work up to it. She feels him start to fuck slowly. She closes her eyes and runs her tongue over the head of the cock in her mouth. She is rapidly lost to all of it.

The older of the two men that just entered the room is hard, his cock in his hand. He strokes it. He walks to her rear end, to the back of the man fucking her ass from behind. He pushes his finger up into her wet pussy. The balls of the man on top of her slap his hand as he finger fucks her.


He pushes up to the edge of the bed and puts himself into her as the man on top fucks her tight little hole. The two men cover her completely from behind as the use both of her ass and pussy at the same time.

The younger man stands at the front of her. He watches with a huge erection as the man in her mouth cums. Cum spills out of the corners of her mouth as he holds her by her hair pumping into her mouth, she chokes slightly. It is ignored.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…oooooooooooooo…fuck…you little bitch! Ooooo…”

Six strong spurts, several weaker ones, he fucks until he starts to go soft in her mouth. When he finishes he pulls his cock out. He runs it across her lips as she looks down and away from him. He releases her hair. He is through with her for now. The younger man takes his place quickly. He pushes his cock into her wet and messy mouth. He watches as she starts to fuck him, masturbate him with her mouth. The older man walks to the mini bar, pours a drink. He looks at the men fucking her on the bed. He talks to her lover as he stares, sips his drink.

“I’ve got to hand it to you. She gets better every time. She’s a motivated little cocksucker. If only my wife could take a lesson from her.”

Her lover smiles up at him.

“That could be arranged, you know. Does she want to be part of the party?”

“Not a chance. She’d kill me if she knew.”

He laughed as he watched the man on top of her explode into her ass. He was grunting, moaning loudly as he came in her, fucking very hard with long full strokes, slapping into her rear end with such force he almost collapsed her onto the bed.


Three and a half hours later the last man is shown out at the door. He turns and looks back at my wife on the bed. She is covered in cum. She wears only her shoes and school girl stockings, clothing long since taken off and tossed in a bunch on the floor. She looks away from him as he leers at her, cum covers her face, her hair, her breasts.

“Do you want to do her again, one more time? You can if you like. Want that mouth one more time?”

Her lover looks back at her as the man next to him at the door stares at her.

“Next time. I have to get home. Besides, I’m fucked out, three times. I must be getting old.”

He laughs, turns to her lover. He is one of the new men having her for the first time. He’s a well-muscled a twenty-something man. He could fuck her two more times at least. He knows this. So does her lover.

“She really is everything you said she’d be. And just as pretty as the pictures you showed me. That mouth is incredible. She’s better than my wife. That, and my wife won’t let me fuck her ass like that one does. I’ll be back, count on that. May have another friend that wants to be part of the party, would that be okay? I told him what I was going to do and he asked how he can get an invite to the action.”

“I’ll need to meet with him first, but yes, the more the merrier with this little whore. Have him contact me directly. I have to tell you. At some point I’d like to see eight, maybe ten men in this room.”

“He’ll pass the test. And he’ll love this chick.”

They both laugh. As the man leaves the room he closes the door behind him.

“Was I a good girl, did I make you happy, baby?”

“Fuck yes, you’ve never been better.”

He takes the cash off of the table, four one hundred dollar bills. He walks to the back of her, pushes two of them into the crack of her butt. They stick to the cum all over her rear end.

“You know, I should make you give all of that to me. I’m the one doing all the work for those men.”

She gets up off the bed, pours herself a drink from the mini bar. The money sticking out from the crack of her butt, a two hundred dollar tail wiggles as she walks

“But that wouldn’t be any fun, baby.”

She pulls the sticky money out from between her wet cheeks and hands him the two one hundred dollar bills.

“You keep it all. It’s dirtier that way. I like that. I’m your fucking whore. I know that. That’s what this is all about for me.”

She downs her drink in one gulp.

“You’ll buy me a drink downstairs with some of that, pay for our room. That’s what pimps do. Your dirty little whore girlfriend is having the time of her life paying for her lover’s cheap thrills with the money she makes being pimped by him. You know I love this. I really do.”

She smiles at him. She pours another drink, winks at him over the top of it as she sips. She looks at herself in the mirror. She is a mess. She has cum in her hair, on her breasts, on her face, it is dripping from her pussy and ass. Her makeup is smeared. She has been fucked too many times to count in every position in almost every part of the hotel room for over three hours straight. Her favorite or the two of his employees fucked her three times.

“I’m going to go home like this and make him lick me clean. I know you like to hear that, baby. I know it turns you on, the way I treat him. Or should I say the way we treat him.”

Her lover says nothing. She reaches into her large bag, pulls out a black panty girdle. She slips into it, trapping all the cum in her pussy and rear inside of it. She sits on the edge of the dresser, feels her spanked and sore red butt at the edge of it. Her cheeks pulled tight by the girdle, it slightly stings where they spanked her rear end hard.

“You know I like doing that for you. I like that you see my husband in your office and know that he licks my ass after you’ve had me. Gets me so hot I masturbate thinking about it sometimes. And only you get this pussy, baby. Not him.”

She sips her drink.

“I wear a panty girdle home for you, lover. For you. It’s all for you. Now you are going to take me downstairs to the bar for a proper drink. You are going to take your girlfriend to the bar and treat her like a lady. Give me a few minutes in the bathroom alone to make myself presentable. I’ll meet you there. Go. Run along, baby. Maybe you can find someone in the bar to pimp me too. And don’t you dare find or flirt with another girl like me. I’ll scratch her eyes out. You’re all mine.”

She smiles at him as she shoos him off and out of the room, squeezes his rear end as he leaves. He looks at her, smiles. She has cum all over herself. He goes down the hall to the elevator, takes it down toward the bar downstairs.

As soon as he’s gone she calls me on her phone.

“Do you miss me, baby?”

“Yes, Mistress, yes…”

“Good boy, that’s the right answer. I’m going to join my lover for a drink. I’ll be home in a little while. I want you on your knees at the front door waiting for me. Naked and on your knees, are we clear, baby? That’s the way, Mama loves her little man.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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