Domme by Day, Sub by Sunset

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This story is pure fantasy. There are a few true details, but it’s mainly fantasy. Thanks to my friend for planting the seeds of this idea in my mind! Domme by day, Sub by sunset. That’s me!

My house is on the small side. It’s a ranch/rambler. It’s pink with white trim. Why pink? When it was time to repaint, I had picked a nice yellow/gold shade but my painter took his sweet time getting to the job. In the meantime, my next door neighbor used the exact same shade on his house. I didn’t want to be a copycat. But that left me stumped for a color. I wanted something different. And pink is such a happy color! So I just went with it.

The house had a new roof, new paint and other things outside. I decided to work on the inside. My gardener said he could install new carpeting for me. But he wanted to get a good look at it first to see if there might be any work that needed to be done beyond the usual.

A few minutes after looking in my bedroom, he called out to me.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this trap door in your closet?”

I had no clue what he was talking about. But sure enough, he had peeled back a portion of the carpeting and there was a trap door. We both looked at each other then ran to get a flashlight. He got to it first. As it turned out, we didn’t need it. As soon as he opened the trap door, a light came on, softly illuminating everything below. There was a well made stair case complete with railing, leading down to a room that was about the size of the master bedroom where I slept. The room had cement walls and metal racks everywhere attached to the walls. Chains hung from the ceiling. Sturdy looking chains with bars suspended from them. There were various light fixtures here and there that could be turned on.

“Sheesh! This looks like a dungeon!”

I had to snicker to myself. That was exactly what it looked like. He told me that he could easily spruce it up to make it look like a happier place. I gave him free rein with that.

He installed some special lights for plants, put in some planter boxes that he made and filled them with beautiful flowers in shades of pink, yellow and peach. Put a pink, faux fur throw rug in the middle of the floor to help make the cement feel a little better on the feet.

There was a closet at the back but the doors were plain, light colored wood. He covered those with a coat of white paint and then painted a scene that he knew I would like. There was a nice blue sky and sun, a field of flowers and some cute little kittens. He also helped me build some furniture, suitable for my purposes. I’m sure he had no idea what my purposes were. I just told him it was going to be my place to unwind. He’s very sweet but also very vanilla. And a very good worker!

We also discovered that the outside hatch that we assumed was the opening to the crawlspace, also had a passageway to the dungeon. So there was another way in and out. I found it amazing that I’d been living here for over 14 years and nobody had known it was there.

My mind began ticking away a mile a minute! çapa escort I already had some suitable sex toys but those were used on me. I set about procuring more for my happy little dungeon, I also got myself a new wardrobe worthy of the Domme I intended to be. Much of what I bought was pink. Some things in Spandex, some sheer, some lace and of course some leather.

My intentions were to cause some pain along with the pleasure but I wanted to look really feminine while doing so and what better color than pink? Oh yes indeed. My visitors would be special. I would provide them with a rather unique experience. But where would I find them? My friend pointed me in the direction of a few websites that were greatly helpful. Soon, the messages came pouring in like crazy.

My first visitor was Gary. He was a few years older than me. He had a slight, weak looking build, an almost bald head and a timid demeanor. We had messaged back and forth a few times so I could get an idea of what he might like. I also did some studying to make sure that I didn’t cause any real harm.

He entered through the outside trap door. I was waiting in the dungeon for him. He was sweating and shaking. His voice crackled as he spoke, and he tugged at his shirt collar.

“Come Gary. Sit down with me.” I sat as daintily as I could on the medium pink velvet chaise and patted the spot beside me.

Gary sat down but kept his distance from me.

“Take your tie off Gary. You won’t need that here!”

He looked down, avoiding my eyes and fumbled with the tie. He managed to make it flop up and down, helplessly. I had to reach over to help him with it.

“What’s wrong? You seem uncomfortable. What can I do to make you comfortable?”

I ran my hand through my hair, then down my bare arm, then above my breasts, slowly. I had on a pale pink, short satin chemise. I let my hand stray to my breasts, making sure to run it over my now stiffening nipples. I knew they were standing out proudly against the shiny fabric. I then ran my hand down my black, vegan leather combat boots. Not the most feminine footwear, I know but he had a special request for those.

“I… I’m just a little scared I guess.”

“Scared? Scared of me? But I’m such a nice person! There’s no need to be scared. Here… Give me your scared!” I reached for the area where his heart was and grabbed at something invisible, “There!” I used my hand to place the invisible “scared” in a big vase of pink roses. “You may have that back when you leave if you really think you need it. But I don’t think you’ll need it!”

Gary looked even more uncomfortable. I told him to undress while I prepared the chaise for him. I covered it with plenty of pink towels and told him to lie down and spread his legs.

I’m going to give you a nice, relaxing sponge bath!”

I got a bowl of warm water with rose petals in it, and a small, soft, pink washcloth. Running that sweetly scented water over his body did seem to have a calming effect. I heard him sigh as he spread his legs more for istanbul escort bayan me, so I could bathe his genitals. I then dried him off, slowly and carefully. He let out a soft moan and his cock was twitching and beginning to stiffen.

My next step was to tie him spread eagle on that chaise. I used some nice soft scarves in a floral print.

“I’m not going to blindfold you. I want you to be able to see.”

“Look! A beautiful rose!” I plucked a pink rose from the vase, being mindful of the thorns. Florists usually remove the thorns, but my friend has a flower shop near me and I requested them with the thorns. She did give me an odd look but let me buy them that way.

I put the rose under his nose so he could smell it. I ran it over his lips, then down his neck and chest, seeking out all the places that seemed to give him pleasure. I bypassed his cock at first, concentrating on his tummy, inner thighs, legs and feet.

His cock began to twitch more and he began bucking upwards. I hadn’t tied him down tightly. This was his first such experience so I wanted to start slow.

I worked the flower petals over his cock and balls, and back to his ass, over and over again, slowly and gently until he was fully hard and starting to leak. And then with no warning, I grabbed the head of the flower, brandishing the stem and allowing a few of the thorns to make slight contact with his cock and balls. He yelped in pain.

“Oh! Poor baby! Roses are so sweet and soft but then there are the thorns!”

Gary began to look frightened again unsure of what I might do next.

I ran my hands over his chest and tummy in a soothing fashion while his cock twitched some more and began to dribble.

“You are being so naughty! You made such a mess after I just cleaned you up!”

I ran two fingers over the head of his cock, scooping up pre-cum and spreading it across his lips. I could tell when some of it entered his mouth as more pre-cum dribbled out.

I decided that he looked like he could use a little relief. So I dribbled some coconut oil over his cock and began jacking him off, gently and slowly. I was going to prolong his agony for as long as possible. He was not going to cum yet!

“Please! I need to cum!”

I told him he was being way too eager. Perhaps a change of position would help. I untied him and walked him over to the pink faux fur rug. I chained his hands overhead, then had him spread his legs and secured them spread wide apart. Then I showed him a pink leather belt.

“I think you need to learn your place! I didn’t have you come over here to beg for things. I will decide when you cum and if you cum. Now I want you to hold perfectly still while I warm your ass up a bit. Be totally silent and take 20 lashes of this. If you so much as cry out or move, you will get 20 more. Understood?”

He looked frightened but said nothing. He managed to hold still while taking his punishment. He didn’t cry out at all. And his cheeks were nicely pink.

I turned my attention back to güngören escort his cock. It seemed even harder now. And it was dripping more. I grabbed it firmly and began jacking it off. He seemed to be enjoying that a little too much.

I yanked my hand away and stood back to observe the situation. Then I looked directly into his eyes, drew my right foot back and gave him a soft kick to his balls. He strained against his bonds got a pained look on his face, cried out, and looked sick.

“Oh come on! That was just my boot!” I made a movement like I was going to kick him again. He tried to recoil then looked relieved when I didn’t kick him. “It’s just a boot!” I ran the toe of the boot over his lower leg.

He began panting. I put my hand on his balls, massaging them gently. His face showed pain. I dropped to my knees and began kissing them. He seemed a bit relieved. I put my hand back on his balls again and began massaging them gently. He let out a sigh and looked more relieved. It was time to strike again. I kicked him in the balls again as gently as I could. He screamed and began begging me to stop.

“What did I tell you about begging? You specifically told me to wear these boots and you told me what you wanted me to do with them. And now you’re squealing like some little namby pamby. You will learn!”

I grabbed the belt again and with no warning, let it rain down over his butt cheeks and occasionally his back. He began screaming now, probably more from fright than anything else. I was making a deliberate attempt to cause some pain (like he wanted) but not hurt him.

I walked around to his front and gave his cock a quick, unexpected slap with the belt, being careful not to do it hard. He yelped and looked terrified.

“Okay. Okay. I’ll give you some relief now.” I had really hoped that this session would have lasted longer. I began jacking him off again. He came very quickly. I guess it was all too much for him. He came in less than a minute. I left him restrained for a few minutes, while I kissed his neck and chest. Then I helped clean him up and gave him a hug before he headed back up through the outside hatch.

I left the mess to clean up later. The sun would be going down soon and Constantine would be coming over. He’s my Greek guy from New Jersey. I hadn’t seen him in years. The Village salad was already made and chilling in the fridge. The Pastitsio was assembled and ready to be heated through in the oven. I got the dinner ready, cleaned myself up a bit and swapped my boots for my pink ballet shoes.

I had timed it perfectly. The sun was setting, the dinner was ready. The doorbell rang. I saw that familiar tall lanky drink of water walk through my door and embrace me in a hug.

We ate dinner quickly while he filled me in on the details of the latest production he was in. Then we headed to the bedroom.

“So what were you doing all day?” he asked me.

“Being a Domme,” I said in a matter of fact fashion.

His face lit up and he chuckled.

“Yeah right, pussycat. You have a really wild imagination!”

He handed me a couple of pink hair clips with sharp little teeth on them, instructed me to put them on my tits, then lie down so he could tie me to the bed. He had some surprises in store for me! And I was ready to submit fully to him.

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