Donna’s New Move

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he muddy Jeep pulled out of Jamison Apartment Complex’s parking lot, and left a tearful young woman standing on the sidewalk, waving goodbye. The woman, Donna Bravely, was wearing green and blue plaid pajama pants and a white tank top which easily revealed her bright pink bra underneath. The parking lot was soon quiet, and Donna slowly walked back into her apartment.

Donna had just moved out on her own, and was experiencing the hardships of long distance relationships for the first time, with her year long boyfriend, Wyatt. Donna moved two hours south from Wyatt for graduate school, where she was hoping to get her masters in journalism. The distance was hard on her, and when Wyatt left, Donna felt like her heart left with him.

Not only did Donna feel lonely in her new town without Wyatt, she also felt horny and sexually frustrated. It wasn’t that Donna couldn’t go out and find another boyfriend. Donna was a pretty 24 year old, with long straight black hair, blue eyes, and a petite figure. She had smaller boobs, about a size 32B, but they were perky, and had equally perky and pointy nipples. But Donna had promised to Wyatt and herself to remain faithful to him, and that she wouldn’t date or have sex with any other guys.

Donna looked around outside of her apartment complex. It was 3:00 in the morning, but she saw a light on the deck outside her neighbor’s apartment. Donna had just moved in about three weeks ago, and still had yet to really meet her neighbors. But she was naturally a quiet person, and she really hated introducing herself to new people, and she wasn’t about to go and do it now so dark and early in the morning!

But something made her curious. She heard a voice from the deck. She didn’t think anyone had noticed her, but the woman’s voice was louder,

“Hey! Come up here!”

Donna walked up suspiciously to bursa eve gelen escort the neighbor’s deck. Why on earth was this woman wanting her to come up to visit at 3:00 in the morning? What was she doing up?

Donna walked up the steps to the deck, and found a young blonde woman sitting in a hot tub by herself. Donna had never met her before, and was curious as to why this girl was all alone in her hot tub.

“I’m s-sorry, I thought- you called me up here?” Donna stammered embarrassingly.

“Yeah, I did. You looked like you could use some company. I’m Erica,” The woman said.

“I’m Donna.”

“Alright. So come and join me,” Erica invited, pointing to the hot tub.

“Uh. That’s okay. Thanks. I mean I don’t even have a swimsuit – Oh!” Donna gasped, as she took steps closer to Erica, and noticed that Erica was in the tub naked.

“Yeah, it doesn’t matter, I’m not shy,” Erica laughed. The bubbles of the Jacuzzi were hiding most of Erica’s body, but Donna could make out Erica’s large ebony breasts appearing just above the bubbles.

Donna nodded embarrassingly, not sure what to do. She tried to hide her eyes from starring at Erica’s naked body. Yet for some reason, Donna kept wanting to see more.

“I understand if its not your thing, but honestly, the water isn’t bad. And besides, what were you going to do anyway?” Erica asked.

“Um, I don’t know. Sleep? You realize its – 3:30 in the morning?” Donna asked her, glancing at her phone’s time.

“Yeah, I have insomnia. The doctor prescribed me some Ambien, but I find a dip in the hot tub to be much more relaxing. Anyway, I doubt you were going to get much sleep crying about how much you miss Jeep-man.”

“What?! How dare you! You don’t know him!” Donna exclaimed, getting defensive.

“Relax, girlfriend! bursa escort I know what its like! I’ve got a lover in the navy, and I know its hard when you don’t get to see him that often. Makes the times you do get to see him special.”

“Yeah. I just miss him.” Donna agreed.

Erica nodded. “So, you gonna jump in or make me feel like the awkward one staying in the tub by myself?”

Donna laughed. “Okay, but I’m conservative. You can’t watch me strip!”

“Okay, that’s fine,” Erica laughed.

Donna quickly stripped before she had the chance to think about what she was doing. She stepped into the water and sighed. It did feel really good.

“Better?” Donna asked.

“Yeah, I thought I was gonna have to throw you in! You still cold though?” Erica asked, and for a moment Donna was confused. She looked down at her nipples and then realized, embarrassingly what Erica was talking about.


“Oh. You attracted to my body? Haha relax, I’m kidding.” Erica teased. “Pretty nips though.”

“What? thanks, wait…”

“Haha. you lez?” Erica laughed.

“No way, you know I have a boyfriend! Are you?!”

“Oh yeah, Jeep-man. Nah, I do what I want.” Erica said, as if that was an answer.

“What do you mean you do what you want? You go for girls?”

“Only attractive ones. But no, not usually. I do like to play though.”

“Oh. Play?” Donna was curious, and somehow all her shyness disappeared.

“Yeah. you know. You ever play? With yourself? With Jeep-man?”

“Yeah, sure, I guess.”

“Yeah. I play with who I want.”

“Oh. I promised I wouldn’t play with any other guys.” Donna said, reserved.

“Yeah, that don’t limit you that much. You still got others you can play with.”

“I’m not lez…” Donna said hesitantly, but her body began to wonder.

“You görükle escort don’t have to be. Just horny.” Erica stated, as she started touching her own body.

It was something to watch. Erica laid her head back and relaxed her body as her hands touched her breasts and down farther on her body. Donna watched, and Erica smiled, but continued.

“You like the view?” Erica asked her after awhile.

Donna shook her head outta her trance. She felt blush rising to her cheeks.

“I’m s-sorry…” she stammered.

“Why?” Erica asked and continued. “Though you gonna give me something to watch?”

Donna looked embarrassingly at her body. It wasn’t that she never masturbated, but she had never had an audience. She closed her eyes and sighed. And then she let her hands fall over her perky little breasts. She massaged them, making small circles around her nipples. She opened her eyes and turned to see Erica smiling, watching. Donna felt a lurch of sexual excitement rush through her body when she saw the pleased look on Erica’s face.

Erica reached over to Donna and kissed her. Donna kissed back, wanting more, and soon the two women started making out, as Donna caressed Erica’s back and breasts.

Erica stopped making out for a minute. “Donna, I want to tell you something.”

“What is it?” Donna asked.

“I want you to know I’ve got something a little special. I want to show it to you.” Erica explained, and took Donna’s hand. She reached down and Donna felt something hard under the bubbles.

“I was born with it, and I’m all girl, except my cock.” Erica explained.

“Ohh.” Donna exclaimed as a surge of sexual excitement surrounded her body when she massaged Erica’s cock.

The women then began to play with each other’s bodies, masturbating each other. Donna rubbed Erica’s cock as Erica moaned. Erica played with Donna’s nipples, pinching and massaging them. Donna moaned. They both kept at it, faster and harder, and they both filled the air outside with moans as they both climaxed.

From then on, Donna and Erica agreed that if they ever felt lonely, they would cum to each other first for help!

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