Donny N’ Marie

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Marie Ormond was glad to be leaving for college. She was tired of all the gossip, and not having any friends. It was a small town populated by smaller minds.

Marie loved to write fiction, especially erotic fiction. She had hundreds of erotic stories on her tablet, which had been stolen five months ago. Whoever stole it had edited some of the racier stories so they appeared to be diary entries. One day she was a popular cheerleader, who all the boys wanted to date and all the girls envied. Then the faux diaries got posted all over social media sites. Now she was an outcast. No parent would let their daughter be friends with her, never mind dating; although that didn’t stop some of the boys from trying to get in her pants, it encouraged them to sexually harass her. The only support she got was from her brothers; Jimmy a Marine Lance Corporal on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan, and Wayne who was leaving for Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island in a few days.

Marie finished packing and got into her car, to start the long drive to school. She was glad now that she had chosen a college on the other side of the country, and that she planned to drive there over the summer. Life at home was barely tolerable since her stories had been released. She might as well have been Hester Prynne the way the rest of the town treated her.

The summer flew by and Marie finally arrived at school. She did all the usual stuff to get settled in. When she walked into freshman orientation, she started to hear pointed whispers and laughter and felt people staring at her. She dismissed these feelings as paranoia from the way she had been treated at home. She sat down by herself and took out her phone to text her parents that she was safe and sound at school.

Without any warning, someone was grabbing her tits from behind. Marie jumped up and spun around to face her attacker. Her heart jumped up into her throat. It was Frank Kruchten, the guy she suspected of being the life-ruining thief. She fought back the tears knowing her time at college would be just as bad as it was back home. She knew Frank was a football star and this was a big football school. Marie fought back tears as she ran out of the meeting hall.

Marie ran into the bathroom and saw her roommate fixing her hair. “Marie, what’s the matter,” Dawn asked. Between sobs, Marie told Dawn the whole story and how her love of erotic fiction destroyed her life at home and now would destroy her college years. Dawn hugged the sobbing girl and rubbed her head letting her cry it out. “I know what assholes boys can be,” Dawn told her new friend as Marie’s sobs died out. “I slept with one guy after prom, and within a week the story had changed to me being gangbanged by the entire Basketball team.”

“Fucking assholes,” they said in unison.

“Jinx, you owe me a beer,” Dawn said as both girls dissolved into laughter.

They walked hand in hand back into the meeting hall just as Orientation began.

8========D< Donny Osborne sat up like a shot. “Oh fuck, I’m late!” He jumped up and grabbed the first items of clothing that didn’t smell like weed or booze and threw them on. He ran from the apartment cursing both his luck and his roommate. “That bastard should have woke me up,” he growled under his breath as he ran for the orientation. “First fucking day and I’m late.” As he ran, Donny started to regret the fact that all he had done since junior high was write, skate, party and work on his car. Yeah, his Firebird would outrun almost any car he came against, but he had to stop running after only a block to catch his breath. He made it into the meeting hall just in time to see some asshole jock playing grab ass, well more like grab tit with one of the hottest girls he had ever seen. She jumped up and fled the hall. As she ran past Donny heard someone say that she was Marie Ormond. Marie Ormond, Donny thought. Super-slut in the flesh. He’d heard stories already about how many guys Marie had been with. “Dude her diary is all over the net. Go check it out,” his roommate Craig Zander had told him. So that evening after seeing Marie in the flesh Donny logged on and found all of her diary entries. She’s done shit I have only dreamed of, he thought as he perused her most intimate thoughts. Donny had never actually been with a girl. He told a few guys he had been with several women, just to keep from being razzed about being a virgin. He had read many stories online and had written a few of his own, using the experience gained through others’ tales. His characters were all pump and dump type guys; even though he despised guys who did that in real life. But it seemed to be cool to do that, so his characters did. “I don’t know whether to be turned on or repulsed,” he said. “What do you mean,” asked Craig. “Shit dude. This chick has done shit porn stars haven’t done and makes it sound so hot, but I fear that any guy who braves her chasm would catch something incurable.” Donny went to sleep that night thinking of Marie’s diary. 8========D< Marie woke up to sunlight streaming onto her face and looked at her clock. She stretched and yawned. After getting ready for the day, she went to her first class, creative writing. After telling the students about his policies and expectations for the course, he cleared his throat, “Now the final project is a big one so I always assign it on the first day of class. I will randomly assign each of you a partner and you are to collaborate on writing a piece of erotic fiction. I will grade this project on how well the story is integrated and how well you learned the material taught in this course. Now for the pairings…” As the professor read off the names people looked around to find their partner. Marie noticed all the teams were boy-girl and that many of them were part of different cliques, the goth chick was teamed with a preppy, the pothead was with a young republican, and there was the jock being teamed with a band geek. What a bunch of odd couplings Marie thought to herself. “…and finally Marie Ormond and Donny Osborne.” the professor said. What did I do to deserve this? Donny thought to himself. Twenty-five girls in the class and he had to get paired with her. She’ll know right away I am not nearly as experienced as she is, he thought. He looked around the room. For a moment he couldn’t find her. Maybe she isn’t here, he thought. It would be nice to avoid her for a day or two so I can figure out how to approach this. Marie groaned inwardly. She had heard about Donny her first night on campus. One of the girls in Marie’s dorm told the new girls about the renowned Lothario, Donny Osborne. True to his rep he was sitting at his desk not even trying to meet up with her. Marie let out a frustrated sigh, got up walked over to the prick and simply said: “Student Union tomorrow, 9 am, and be prepared to work.” She spun on her heel and left the classroom. “Bitch,” Donny said under his breath. He thought no one had heard him until the girl behind him stifled a giggle. 8========D< He was sitting in the student union drinking a coffee waiting for Marie to show up so they could discuss the outline. His mind went back to the night before. He had complained to Craig that he’d been stuck writing an erotic story with Marie. “Well at least she’ll bring a wealth of experience to the deal,” Craig had quipped. “Just watch out that she doesn’t get all hot and bothered and jumps you before you can put on a couple of jimmy hats.” “Jimmy hats? Nobody calls them Jimmy hats dude.” “I do. Oh and if you need inspiration, looks at these,” Craig said producing several pictures of naked girls on his phone. “These are the cheerleader’s dude. You can use them to help you get de***********ive.” “More likely I’ll get my ass beat for having nude pics of some jock’s girl. How’d you get them anyway?” “They’re going around. The guy who sent them to me works at the cell phone store. He pulled them off one of their phones when they got a new one. Relax, no one knows they exist.” He thought of Craig’s pictures each time a cute coed passed by his table. He looked at his watch and thought, The tramp isn’t showing up. He was about to get up and leave when he spotted her coming towards him. Gorgeous girl, he thought as he stood to introduce himself. Too bad she has to be a slut. Donny stood and extended his hand. “Hi, I’m…” “Donny Osborne, yes I know,” she said reaching for his offered hand. “Shall we get to it?” “Well, Professor Knob-gobbler said we have to give him a minimum of ten thousand words. All publishers’ grade and all realistic n shit. I think he’s nuts.” “Professor what?” she asked. “Professor Knoffler; rhymes with Knob-gobbler. You know a dick sucker. I think he’s a real asshole for doing things this way.” “What, making us write together? Making us write ten thousand words?” “D. All the above. I think he just wants free fap material. Look, Marie, I may as well be honest with you. I am going to have to lean heavily on your experience here. I don’t have much of my own.” “My writing experience? Didn’t you take writing in high school?” “No, not writing experience. S…” he mumbled. “I didn’t catch what you said Donny. “Sex experience OK? I don’t have much and he expects reality. I…I..” Marie flushed bright red all over. Her fight or flight response was all over the map; she wanted to run and hide, slap the asshole and cry all at the same time. She became a complete spazz and in trying to slap Donny she knocked his stuff to the floor. Marie took a deep breath and regained her composure. “Look asshole, I will only tell you once. The rumors about me are not true. Those supposed diary entries of mine were stories I had written. Someone stole my tablet where I had saved them and edited the juicy bits to look like diary entries. As for my love life that is none of your fuckin’ business. Now can we do this and be mature, or do I need to castrate you so you can focus?” As Marie finished speaking her anger was used up. She reached down to pick up Donny’s stuff. As she picked up his phone, she saw a naked picture of a girl she recognized from the pep squad. Her anger returned with a vengeance. “No experience huh?” she flared as she scrolled through picture after picture of naked girls. “I heard about Ditch ’em Donny but was going to focus on the project, not the person. Maybe you should just write about your love ’em and leave ’em escapades. Probably be enough for a novel.” Marie saw that Donny looked small and shrunken under her verbal barrage. She couldn’t help but notice how cute he looked, almost like he was embarrassed. Marie threw Donny’s phone at him and stood up to walk away. Donny reached out and took hold of her arm. “Marie, wait, I think we got off on the wrong foot here.” Marie stopped in her tracks. “You got to explain how your reputation is undeserved, now it’s my turn.” Marie sank sullenly back into her chair. “Well?” “Do you know Kristy Demming?” Marie nodded. Kristy was one of the richest and most beautiful girls at school. As a freshman, she was also one of the most well-known. Her father was a CEO of a biochem company. “Well, Kristy and I dated briefly at the beginning of school.” Marie looked at him incredulously. “Seriously. She asked me out and everything. Well, the night before we were supposed to go out I snuck over to the Delta Pi Delta sorority. I figured I’d quiz a few of the girls as to how to impress Kristy. Well, I ran into a girl from my high school. She told me that I was part of a hazing ritual for Kristy.” Marie had heard some of the horror stories about pledging sororities and had vowed to stay clear of them. “Anyway; to get into the sorority she had to date a guy chosen by one of the seniors. She had to get take him on a series of dates, getting him more worked up with each one. Her goal was to send me home with blue balls for a week. Then at the big rush party, I was supposed to catch her fucking some football player. So after the first date, I told her I wanted to sow my wild oats and not just date one girl. She got all kinds of pissed off and stormed out. The next day I was trash to the few girls who had been talking to me.” “Well if my reputation is based on lies, I guess yours can be too.” Marie conceded. “Now that we know each other’s story, I guess we can start to work on characters and plot.” “Well well well. If it isn’t the school skank and her new boy toy.” Marie groaned as she heard Frank’s voice. “She is a nasty little slut. If you plan on hitting that diseased pussy of hers you better double bag it, otherwise God knows what incurable crotch rot you’ll catch.” Frank winks at Marie, “I will admit, she is a great lay, almost worth the risk” Frank says laughing at her. “Frank the only time you even got close to being with me was when we were 5 and you gave me a dollar to play doctor with you,” Marie said unsuccessfully fighting back her tears. She finally broke down and began to sob out loud. Donny stood up seeing how upset Marie was. “Dude, I think you owe Marie an apology.” Frank looked at him in disbelief. “Damn! This slut got you wrapped around her finger, doesn’t she? Piece of advice friend, Marie here is a complete skank. It’s easier to get in her pants then it is to get…” Frank’s sentence went unfinished as Donny’s fist connected with Frank’s jaw. As Frank fell, Donny heard someone yell “security”. Not wanting to add disciplinary problems to their reps, Donny grabbed his stuff, took Marie’s hand and ran out of the student union. Donny led Marie down a path and across the quad. Marie just followed; crying uncontrollably. Donny finally found a secluded bench and had her sit down. He sat next to her as she cried holding her hand. Marie put her head on his shoulder and Donny wrapped a protective arm around her. They just sat there holding each other while Marie’s tears flowed. Eventually, Marie was able to regain her composure. “D-D-Don-Donny” Marie stuttered “I want to thank you for staying with me while…” Marie trailed off unsure of what to say. Donny feeling somewhat uncomfortable with the situation replied: “Who in the fuck was that crass piece of shit?” Marie took a deep breath and swallowed her sobs determined not to let Frank make her cry again. “His name is Frank Kruchten. We went to school together and lived in a town of like fifteen people. He was the star of the football team. He asked me out one time and I agreed. I had to knee him in the balls so he wouldn’t rape me. With his dad being the police chief his uncle the county sheriff, guess who got away with date rape more than once. I also suspect that he’s the one who stole my tablet and posted my stories.” “What a fucking scumbag,” Donny said. “I am so sorry you had to deal with him.” Marie impulsively kissed Donny. As their lips met Marie couldn’t explain why she kissed him. Once the kiss ended, Marie and Donny stared into each other eyes. Marie waited for Donny to speak. “That was worth it.” He said. Puzzled; Marie asked, “What was worth what?” “That kiss was worth every beating I’ll take from the football team for hitting their golden boy.” Marie stared at him for a moment and realized he wasn’t kidding. She’d never had anyone stand up for her. “I’m glad you liked it.” Two stoners walked past their bench. As they did Donny leaned in and kissed Marie again. The stoners looked but said nothing. When they were past Donny broke the kiss. “Aren’t you worried about what people are going to say when they hear about you kissing me,” she asked. “Nope. I liked it.” Donny sat there with a funny look on his face. Marie couldn’t decipher the look. “What’s wrong Donny?” “I’m having a problem that I don’t know how to deal with. I don’t have a lot of expertise and I can’t figure out how to go about doing it.” “Doing what?” “Well, there’s this girl I think I like and I wanted to ask her out. I don’t know how to without looking like an idiot.” Marie felt disappointment wash over her, but she was determined not to let Donny see. “Maybe he is the pump and dump type, after all, she thought. “I would suggest that you just ask her out. Maybe to a pizza place or something.” He paused for a moment like a switch had been thrown in his head. “Marie, would you like to go have pizza with me this evening?” Marie felt like a deer caught in headlights. She was shocked when Donny asked her out. It was the first time in over 3 years that a boy had asked Marie out well at least out in public. There had been plenty of invites to the local lover’s lane. “Umm well, I guess… I mean, after all, you did knock Frank on his ass for me. So yes, yes we can eat pizza together tonight. It’s a date.” Donny and Marie parted ways, after agreeing to meet at Marie’s dorm at 7 pm. 8========D< Donny was sitting at his desk when Craig walked into the room. “What up dude?” Craig looked at him, “Are you fucking retarded?” “What?” Donny asked. “Why the fuck are you asking me that?” “Because on a total fucking retard would punch out the future quarterback for the biggest slut on six continents.” “Dude, she ain’t a slut.” “The fuck she ain’t.” “Do you know the difference between a whore and a slut?” “No.” “It’s simple. A whore will fuck everybody. A slut will fuck everybody but you. Have you fucked her?” “No. Why the fuck would I?” “I haven’t fucked her either, so see? She cannot be a slut because she hasn’t fucked everybody but you.” “Motherfucker, don’t use semantics on me. If it walks like a slut, talks like a slut and smells like a slut…well enough said.” “Let me ask you this. Didn’t you go to school with her?” Craig scratched his head trying to figure out where Donny was going with his line of questioning. “Yeah, I went to school with her.” “How many guys do you know personally that fucked her?” “I know one who claimed to, but he also had a girlfriend in New York that he never went to see or never came to see him.” “So he was a fucking proven liar,” Donny paused. “Just nod your head, we all know guys like that. Do you know anyone here who has fucked her?” “No. I…” “Ex-fuckin-zactly!! You can’t give one name of any guy who has fucked the biggest whore east, west, north and south of the Pecos and you went to school with her?” Craig sat there as Donny recounted Marie’s story about the stolen tablet. He told him of the entire encounter with Frank Kruchten. Finally, Craig said, “I believe Frank would do something like that. He always had a knack for being a complete cock.” “I think he has a Ph.D. in cock.” “So are you gonna start dating this chick? Of course, that is if she’ll date a genetic misfortunate chud.” “What can I say? I attract the hotties.” Craig only scoffed. 8========D< Marie went back to her room and began to look at her clothes to figure out what to wear. “Something casual, but sexy.” She wanted Donny to like her, and she knew she liked him, but she didn’t want everyone to think he was only with her because she was a slut. Marie settled on a short green skirt, and white off the shoulder blouse, and a pair of fancy flip flops. She decided to wear her hair up exposing her long neck. To top the outfit off she added a heavy beaded necklace her grandmother left her that hung down between her breasts. She laid out her clothes and went to take a shower, wearing nothing but a towel. After washing her body thoroughly, she went to wrap her towel around herself, and it was nowhere to be found. “Hello” she called out hoping someone had picked it up by mistake. No one answered her. She peeked into the hall and no one was around. She waited hoping someone would come in who could go get a towel from her unlocked room. After almost an hour, no one came in. She had checked the hall several times and no one was in it. Finally deciding to risk it she left the safety of the shower room and started walking to her room. As soon as the door closed, a bunch of guys filled the hall and were pushing against Marie. She felt hands grabbing her ass and tits, and a finger even slid into her pussy. She tried to run but the crowd was too thick. When she finally made it through the gauntlet and reached her door, her heart dropped. Frank was standing there, holding her towel. “Well well well, lookie here. A naked slut without her boy toy to protect her. Did you think that I would let you get away with having that loser boyfriend of yours sucker punch me? No way chickie. There will be a lot more payback. Just wait until…” “What the fuck is going on here? Everyone clear the hall now or I will take action.” came the voice of the RA. The guys harassing Marie quickly left. The RA walked over to Marie and Frank. “Is this guy bothering you Marie?” asked the RA looking at them. “No, sir!” Frank answered. “Marie here dropped her towel and I was picking it up when one of those assholes yelled naked girl and they all came running. Right, Marie?” Marie just shook her head not believing she was still naked. Frank put the towel on Marie’s head “I’ll get you Marie, and your little boy too” he called out as he walked down the hall. Marie went into her room and lay down on her bed and just started to cry. She wished Dawn was going to come back but she was on an overnight trip with the band. Marie eventually fell asleep, drained from her tears. 8========D< Donny and Marie had begun spending a lot of time together, doing everything that typical college freshman did, well everything but that. And football games; they both hated the school’s football team and secretly rooted for whoever was playing their school. Somehow Frank had started dating Kristy Demming, to no one’s surprise. Donny and Marie used football games to work on their Creative Writing paper, this way they still had time for a social life. They had been asked to star in a video for Dare Dorm, and they declined. Party invitations came from the wildest frats and sororities. One frat even invited them to an orgy, they left when everyone was drunk and started to shove hard things in wet things. Surprisingly, they both still had their reps as the slut and the one night wonder. It seemed they were the only two people on campus that had not fucked. Frank was being his usual detestable self. While Donny and Marie were making friends among their classmates, Frank was alienating everyone on campus. One night when the football team was playing their school’s biggest rival, Donny and Marie were in her dorm room, working on the first sex scene in their paper. Their main characters were both fairly inexperienced lovers, but both were very athletic, and flexible. “No no no. There is no way Roman could do that to Julia,” Donny said in frustration as he read over Marie’s shoulder while she typed. “It’s impossible, even for someone who is a contortionist to do that.” “Look, Donny, I’ve done a lot of research on the human body. This isn’t that hard to do. I bet you could even do it.” “Prove it,” he said smugly, confident that the human body could not bend like that. “If I’m right you take that out, and write something more realistic.” “And when I prove you wrong, what do I get?” Marie asks smiling. Donny looks at her, thinking. “What do you want?” “A favor to be named later.” “Agreed,” Donny said with a smile. “So how are you gonna prove it” Marie stood up from her desk chair and stretched, pulling her shirt up Ankara bayan escort exposing her naval in the process. Donny looked at her flat tight belly and long lithe legs extending out from her short skirt as she worked out the kinks from working hunched over a computer for the last two hours.

Marie smiled; watching Donny admire her lean taut teen body, and stretched for a bit longer to let him get a good look. Wordlessly she walked over to the bed and lay down on it matching Julia’s position.

Donny watched her and then realized what she was doing so he climbed on the bed into Roman’s position, and they held that position. “No Donny. If you just swing your left leg and move your right arm a bit then…” Donny maneuvered his body around as described in their story. Donny successfully ended up in the position he had maintained was unrealistic.

Neither of them realized that their faces would be inches apart. Their eyes met, they froze for a second. Swiftly their lips found each other, their tongues penetrated mouths, and hands furiously tore at clothes. Donny pushed Marie’s shirt up; exposing her firm young breasts, with small pink aureole and long nipples. His hand found her right nipple and pinched it. Marie gasped in pleasure and kissed him even harder.

Marie had pulled Donny’s shirt off, so it was hanging around his neck and raked her long manicured fingernails over his chest leaving long scratch marks on his chest. Donny’s other hand slid down Marie’s body and up under her skirt. He found her panties and pushed them aside slipping a finger into Marie’s pussy.

Marie gasped in pleasure and broke the kiss, thrusting her hips at Donny’s hand to get him in deeper. Donny took the opportunity to suck her left nipple into his mouth and bit it as he continued to tug and pinch her right one.

Marie’s hands found Donny’s shorts and pushed them down his legs freeing his engorged cock. Donny added a second finger to Marie’s pussy and she cried out “Oh God Donny, fuck me! Fuck me now! Shove that cock in me and fuck me ’til you cum!”

Her hand found his cock and insistently pulled it towards her waiting hole. Donny slid his fingers out of her pussy and sucked them into his mouth. “Oh god baby, you taste better than anything ever. I’ve gotta eat you later.” Marie smiled as she placed the head of his manhood at her entrance.

They both paused looking at each other in the eyes savoring this moment. Marie nodded her head yes to let Donny know she was ready for him. Donny slowly entered her love tunnel until he met resistance. Marie was panting as she waited for Donny to make her a full woman.

Donny leaned down and kissed Marie and pushed his tongue into her mouth. As they were kissing he shifted his hips forward and felt a slight pop, and Marie gasped as Donny finally broke the last barrier to her womanhood.

Donny sank his cock into Marie while kissing her. Once their navels met, Donny tried to pull his back from Marie so he could look at her face. Marie refused to break the kiss and kept her face plastered to his until he went higher than she could get.

Their heads separated, and Marie was breathing heavily looking at Donny, resting on her elbows, passion burning in her eyes. Donny watched her face as he began to slowly slide out of her. Marie sharply inhaled as she felt the movement.

Donny paused when only his head was left inside her, and Marie threw her legs around him and tried to pull him back in. Donny smiled and forcefully rammed his entire length into her.

“Fuck yes! Hard and fast Donny! Fuck me hard and fast!” Marie cried out. Donny nodded and began to jackhammer her no longer virginal pussy as Marie raked his back with her fingernails, drawing a bit of blood. Donny kissed her with animal passion and Maries began thrusting her hips into Donny.

They were no longer humans; they had become rutting animals, driving each other closer and closer to the pinnacle of the experience. Their bodies were covered in sweat, and Donny began alternating between kissing Marie and sucking her engorged nipples into his mouth and biting them. Every time he bit her nipple, Marie cried out in pleasure.

Marie wanted to see how it felt if she was on top, so she tried to roll them over forgetting the size of the dorm bed.

They landed on the floor with a grunt, Marie on top of Donny who was still buried in her pussy. Marie put her feet on the floor and began using Donny as a trampoline. As she bounced on his cock, sweat flew from her body like a garden sprinkler.

Donny reached his hands up and grabbed both nipples with his thumb and forefinger and tried to pull them into his mouth on the floor. He noticed a mole under her right breast, as he tugged on her tits.

Marie stopped riding his cock and screamed “FUCK YES I’M CUMMING” as her body started to trash around uncontrollably. Even the muscles in her pussy went into spasm and Donny who had been close couldn’t hold back anymore, and grunted and began blasting his cum into Marie’s well-fucked pussy.

When her orgasm subsided, she collapsed on top of Donny and laid her head on his chest listening to his racing heartbeat. She loved feeling him continue to ooze cum into her as his penis grew soft inside her.

Donny lay on the floor, caressing Marie’s hair, wondering why they had waited so long to do this. Donny had never been happier in his life. He heard Marie mumble something, and froze. “Wha…wha…what did you say?” He asked hoping his ears deceived him.

She picked up her head and looked him in the eye. “I said, ‘I Love you,'” and kissed him with more passion than he believed possible. Donny put his hand on the back of her head to keep the kiss going while his mind raced to figure out how to reply.

“Sure I care about her, I miss her when we’re not together, and I always look forward to seeing her. I sometimes just call or text her to hear her voice, or just to know she’s still there. But we’ve only just met. This is crazy, do I love you…MAYBE”,

he realized as the kiss broke.

He was about to say something, unsure of exactly what when the door to the room was thrown open and Dawn walked saying “You guys missed a hell of a…”She froze at the sight before her.

Donny was lying on the floor, with Marie on top; both covered in sweat. His cock chose that moment to fall out of Marie’s pussy with an audible plop. Her underwear pushed to the side couldn’t hide the cum that started dripping out of her pussy. Her skirt around her waist and her tee-shirt pushed over her head exposing her red swollen tits covered in bit marks. Donny being on the bottom was somewhat less exposed, but his shorts were hanging off his left ankle, his chest crisscrossed with scratches.

All three froze in horror. This can’t get any worse Marie thought. She was wrong.

“Hey Dawn” a voice called from the hallway “Are the lovebirds cumming or what?” A group of students walked in the open door and froze seeing the couple in such a compromising position.

“I think they already came,” a voice said. Everyone started talking at once, a few people in front pulled out cell phones and started taking pictures and one guy started taking a video. The flashes removed the stupor that froze Donny, Marie, and Dawn.

Dawn jumped in front of the crowd trying to protect her friend’s modesty, Donny reached to the bed and dragged a sheet over them and Marie… Well, she just screamed. Loudly.

The RA who was studying for a test was sitting in her room. When she heard THE SCREAM she came running. Seeing the flashes from the cameras, and looking in the room, she guessed what had happened and started grabbing phones from people. Several people complained and she helped Dawn push the rest of the group out of the room, and dropped the phones on Marie’s bed she stepped into the hall and Dawn slammed the door shut, locking it.

“SHUT UP!” she yelled over the noise from the throng. “Anyone caught with pictures of that…” pointing over her shoulder, “and no release will have a very uncomfortable conversation with campus police. Got it? If I took your phone, once I delete anything from tonight, you’ll get it back. Now get the fuck back to what you were doing before you became perverts.”

She glared at the crowd who began to break up. Once the hall was mostly empty, she turned around and knocked on the door. “It’s Linda, the RA. Please let me in.” She heard the door unlock, and it opened. Dawn was crying, Donny was dressed holding Marie who was still wrapped in a sheet.

Linda closed the door and locked it. She smiled at them. Next time lock the door and put a sock on the knob. People will know, but they won’t have the opportunity to watch or take pictures.” She smiled warmly at the couple. “I warned them that if anyone is caught with pics of you two they would be turned over to campus police. Besides, I think I grabbed most of the phones.”

She picked up the phones and as she was leaving she said, “If anyone gives you grief let me know. I’ve got shit on just about everyone on campus.” Linda left closing the door behind her.

Dawn walked over to Marie. “I’m so sorry, I had no idea and I was so happy for you two, I just froze. I…I…I…” her voice trailed off not knowing what to say.

Donny was being stoic just holding the sobbing girl. Marie looked over at Dawn. “I know it’s not your fault, you couldn’t have known.” She pulled an arm free and offered a hug to Dawn. Donny just stood there holding the two crying girls, hoping that Frank wouldn’t hear about this.

The next night Donny took Marie out to dinner. He had gone out and bought a three-piece suit. Marie was dressed to the nines. Donny was too nervous to pay attention; he only knew she looked good enough to eat. Donny was nervous because he was going to finally respond to Marie.

They ate their appetizers in silence, Marie worried about Donny and how he hadn’t said anything about her declaration of love for him. Donny was not sure if he had the right words for her.

After their appetizers, the manager came over to them. “I sincerely apologize, the kitchen staff made a mistake and your food will be slightly delayed. I can offer you a 20% discount and a complimentary dessert for the inconvenience.”

Donny looked at Marie and said, “Just means I get to stare at that beautiful face that much longer.”

Marie smiled and the manager chimed in “Ahh yes if beauty were food she would be a most satisfying meal.” Donny laughed and Marie blushed as the manager gave a half bow and walked away.

“Speaking of eating…” Donny said with an evil grin lighting up his face. “Since we have time, and I didn’t get a chance last night.”

Marie looked at him in horror. “You can’t be serious,” she said, “We’re in public.”

“The bathrooms aren’t public,” he replied

“The bathrooms?! How romantic…and sexy?” She shook her head.

Donny took her hand. “Marie you told me something last night that meant a lot to me: but we were interrupted before I could reply.” Marie met his eyes and her brow furrowed in worry. “We have been together now, for almost three months, and made love just once. Yet I feel closer to you than anyone I’ve ever known. I sometimes call your phone when you’re in class, just to hear your voice.”

Marie’s eyes filled with tears as Donny continued, “If I go more than twelve hours without seeing you, I start to feel depressed, and can’t sleep. I want…no I NEED you in my life.” He gets on one knee and reaches into his pocket. Marie’s eyes went wide as he fumbled around for a bit and pulled out a jewelry box. He puts it on the table in front of her. “Marie more than anything I want us to be together.” He opens the box and says “Will you wear this promise ring until I can afford the ring you truly deserve?”

Tears rolled from Marie’s eyes as she slipped the ring on, and took Donny’s hand. She held it to her breast and said, “Which way is the bathroom?”

Donny stood up and led Marie to the long corridor leading to both the kitchen and restrooms. They passed their server and Donny told her, “I need to help my girlfriend with something; we aren’t leaving so hold our table.” The server smiled knowingly and nodded. Marie’s face turned as red as the boiled lobsters being served.

Donny took her into the single-occupant restroom and locked the door. He took Marie into his arms and kissed her. As they kissed he picked her up and put her on the counter. He took her foot in his hand and kissed each toe, inhaling her aroma. He continued kissing up her shapely leg, massaging her leg as he slowly, teasingly worked his way up. When he reached her knee he paused and held her leg out straight lightly tickling the back of her knee.

Marie sighed as he began working his way up her thigh. He kept kissing licking and biting her thighs as he slowly slid the hem of her dress up her silky legs. Once her panties came into view, he began to bite and suck harder, marking her firm thighs with his mouth.

He pushed her panties aside and deeply inhaled smelling her arousal. Marie was so turned on she grabbed his head and tried to force it to her wet cunt. Donny looked up and shook his head no. His hands slid along her legs up to her hips and found the waistband of her panties.

Marie lifted her ass from the counter and let him slide her panties off. Not wanting to waste time, he put them into his breast pocket as he leaned in until his nose was fractions of a millimeter from her sex. He extended his tongue and touched her labia.

Marie’s whole body shuddered at this contact. Donny moved his face up and down running his tongue over the outer lips of her pussy. Marie gasped and Donny finally penetrated her lips with his tongue. The scent, the flavor, the danger all combined to make Donny wild with lust.

He drove his tongue deep into Marie and began exploring her intimate folds and savoring her taste. Marie was so turned on by the naughty nature of the situation she was on the verge of orgasm before Donny reached her moist folds.

She was fighting; holding it back trying to prolong the pleasure, as Donny started slurping up her nectar. Marie gasped “I’m about to cum” and Donny’s mouth was flooded with her cream. Donny swallowed every drop he could and licked the remnants off her thighs and lips.

They both wanted more but were afraid of pushing their luck. Donny stood up and kissed Marie sharing her cum with her. Marie licked his face clean and jumped off the counter. They washed up and straightened up their clothes. As nonchalantly as possible, they walked out of the restroom and headed back to their table. Donny was studying the way Marie’s ass shifted as she walked.

He was stopped in his tracks by their server. “You’re just in time. I was about to bring out your food, but we gotta fix this first,” she said pointing at Donny’s breast. Donny looked down and saw Marie’s panties in his pocket. “The color kinda matches your tie,” she told him, “But that yellow flower and leg elastic should be hidden unless you want everyone to know they’re panties.” Donny adjusted the panties to look like a pocket square and joined Marie at the table.

Once they left the restaurant, Donny was driving back to their dorms and Marie put her head in his lap. Donny jumped when she unzipped him and fished out his still erect cock. She impishly smiled at him “Don’t crash” she said and then took him into her mouth. She worked her lips and tongue all over his shaft as he continued to drive.

Marie was an excellent cock sucker. She would bring him almost to the point of no return and back off until the urgency was gone, then begin again. Donny pulled up in front of Marie’s building and stopped the car. Marie felt the car stop and slide her hand into his open fly and grabbed and twisted his balls as she took his entire shaft down her throat. The buildup was too much. He blasted jet after jet of cum down her throat as fellow students walked by oblivious to their fling.

8========D< Christmas break was fast approaching and life had almost returned to normal. Donny and Marie were still going strong, Dawn had started dating a guy Marie found to be crass and uncultured, but Dawn seemed happy, so who was she to judge. Since their first encounter, none of the pics or videos had surfaced, and they were much more careful. Every Saturday they rented a motel room, and from the time they checked in and they fucked until they were sore. One week they just sixty-nined until their jaws hurt, Donny had cum seven times and Marie had swallowed every drop. That was the day Donny had found Marie’s G spot. Marie lost count of how often Donny made her cum. She was sore for a week and a half after that, but she loved every twinge of pain because it reminded her of her lover. Another time after writing a scene where Roman and Julia had anal sex, Donny and Marie decided to recreate that scene. They always got the same room at the no-tell motel in the sleazy part of town. As soon as they opened the door, and saw the familiar beat-up furniture, and green shag carpet matted down from years of God knows what, they smiled. Before the door even closed, they were stripping each other’s clothes off and biting, scratching, pinching and tugging. One thing they had learned is both liked their sex rough. Their sex kit included Band-Aids and antibiotic ointment. Once they were both naked Marie dropped to her knees and took Donny’s cock into her mouth. Donny put some clothespins on her nipples, and Marie moaned around his cock. Donny who had been working out since he decided to join the swim team, next year, was easily able to pick Marie up from the floor. He rotated her body using his cock as the pivot point so she kept sucking him. Once he held her upside down, he placed her legs around his head and began to lick her pussy. Marie loved it when he did this, she felt so safe and secure in his arms and the way he could pick her up and toss her around like a ragdoll was a never-ending source of pride in him, and quite a turn on as well. She continued sucking his cock as Donny sucked her clit into his mouth. He began chewing on the nub as he carried her over to the bed. He sat on the bed and kept Marie in a vertical position. All too soon he was spurting his cum into her throat. I have to find a way to last longer, he thought to himself. She’s way too good a cock sucker. Marie sucked Donny’s balls into her mouth and sucked and bit on them as Donny continued to orally assault her pussy. When his oral actions had finally made Marie cum, Donny laid back on the bed. Marie let his balls pop out of her mouth. Donny was already growing hard so Marie grabbed the duffel bag with the toys and items they enjoyed using during sex. The clothespins on her nipples were sending shockwaves of pleasure all over her body with each step. She put the bag on the nightstand and took out a Bullet vibe and a container of Pjur’s Back Door Lube. Donny smiles as he watches the naked girl root around in the bag. She pulls out an extremely tiny dog collar. “What the hell is that?” Donny asked. Marie handed the small piece of leather to him, and he looked at it. “Last week you complained that you came to fast. Since neither of us like rubbers, this is my solution. It’s a cock ring. Once you’re hard, I put it on the base of your shaft, and tighten it up. It’s supposed to delay your orgasm. It had good user reviews so I got it for you, especially for today.” Donny kisses her and says “You had me at tighten.” She smiles and he grabs and twists one of the clothespins making Marie squeal in delight. Marie Sucked on Donny for a few minutes to make sure he was ready then affixed the cock ring on him. Donny groaned in pleasure as it went past snug and started to encroach on painful. Once it was fastened in place, Marie applied the lube to Donny’s shaft working it all over his shaft. Once he was nice and slick, she got on all fours on the bed and Donny kissed her sweet little butthole. He then applied lube to the exterior of her opening. Donny scooped up some and forced his finger into her ass, coating the insiders with lube as well. Once they were nice and slippery, Donny took the bullet and turned it on putting it in Marie’s pussy. She gasped as the vibrations went right to her core. Donny knelt behind her and aimed his arrow at her bull’s-eye. The head was touching the ring of muscle guarding the last virgin hole Marie had. “Now Donny! Fuck my ass! Fuck it hard!” Donny felt her ass stretch around his cock head as it slid in. He steadily pushed his cock in not wanting to stop. The feeling of her ultra-tight ass and vibrations from the toy in her pussy made Donny’s head spin. Marie couldn’t wait so she lurched back, filling her bowels with Donny’s cock. She began sliding along the shaft. Donny knowing she liked dirty talk started to say “ride my ass you little slut. Fuck my dick, you dirty whore. Take my cum in your ass. I bet you’ll lick me clean once I blast my baby batter into your shit hole” Marie groaned; loving hearing those words from the man she loved. Donny began spanking her ass as she pumped his cock with her hips. Marie reached back and scraped Donny’s balls with her fingers making him groan. They continued fucking for almost an hour. Marie had several orgasms while Donny was beginning to think his balls would explode from the pressure building in his cock. Donny felt Marie was about to cum again and as her orgasm started he reached under her with both hands and removed the clothespins. Marie screamed in pain and delight as blood flooded her bruised nipples, and another orgasm rocked her world. The orgasmic throes beneath him finally pushed him over the edge, and he felt his cock burst like a poorly built dyke after a hurricane. The intensity of his orgasm made him think his dick had split in two. Cum started to squirt out of Marie’s ass as Donny continued to thrust into her. The cum ran down Marie’s body like a river as Donny continued to blast more into her. Donny finally finished cumming, and Marie squeezed her vaginal muscles shooting the vibe out of her pussy and into Donny’s chest. He then put it in his mouth and sucked it clean. They collapsed onto each other, their limbs intertwined, and rested from one of the most intense bouts of fucking they ever shared. All too soon it was time for Christmas Break. 8========D< Donny looked around Marie’s room like he was seeing it for the last time. “Four weeks. Damn, I can’t believe I am going to go four whole weeks without seeing you, babe.” Marie looked at him and realized that he was not lying when he told her that he loved her. She’d had her doubts, but the pain that showed on his face let her know his true feelings for her. “I know,” she said with a tear in her eye. “Look at the bright side. It’s Christmas time and we will have our families. Besides, we can Video Chat and call each other every day.” “I’ll like Video Chat much better when you can hug through it.” He glanced at the clock, feeling the lump in his throat. I can’t let her see me cry. I can’t! She’ll have a miserable time at home if she knows how bad I’m hurting, he thought. Then trying to sound jovial he said, “I guess we can have phone sex.” She forced a smile. “You’re bad. I ‘m beginning to think you have a one-track mind,” she quipped. She forced a smile. Not having his cock for a month would be hard, but not as hard as he’s going to be Marie thought. “Maybe we can have Video Chat sex” She offered, imagining his face as she fucked a dildo, and he used the Fleshlight she bought him as a gag gift for Christmas. “I guess that’ll have to do until I can get you in bed again” He replied wondering how she would react to the double dildo he got her as a Escort bayan Ankara gag gift. I wonder if she’d use that while we Video Chat.

“And promise me that you won’t open your gift until we can Video Chat on Christmas,” Marie said smiling picturing his reaction.

“Same goes for you young lady, or I’ll have to put you over my knee and spank your naked ass.”

“That better be a promise, not a threat,” Marie said smiling at her lover.

He gave Marie a kiss that made her melt. She had hoped against hope that he’d be able to travel home with her, but with both of them being freshman it just wasn’t meant to be. Donny’s mother had threatened to filet him alive if he made her spend Christmas alone.

As soon as Donny closed the front door, Marie let the tears flow. She knew they’d be together again when the break was over, but it seemed so far away. Donny managed to hold his tears until he was back in his room.

Craig had flown home that morning so Donny had the place to himself. He wouldn’t fly out until the next morning. He planned to spend the evening working on his portion of the story. He had to write a breakup scene for their couple. The only reason for breaking them up was to make them have awesome make up sex.

He tried writing, but every time he started, he caught himself thinking of Marie. She’s 1000 miles away by now, he thought. He got three paragraphs written before a couple of guys he knew came by to tell him about a big last night of school bash being held at one of the fraternities. Donny barely made it to the airport on time to catch his flight home.

8========D< Marie arrived home two days after she’d left school. She went straight to the front door, figuring she could grab her luggage later. She wanted to get the confrontation with her parents out of the way. Their contact since she had left for school had been limited to a few text messages and an occasional email. She walked up to the door and tried to open it, she was surprised when her face slammed into it. Her parents were home, both cars were in the driveway, but the door was locked which was unheard of. She noticed the front door was a different color, and the window was different. She was surprised, her parents never changed things. She tried to put her house key in the lock, but it wouldn’t even go in. Marie took a few steps back and looked around. The address was right. There was the tree she had planted as a girl scout, and the flower garden her mother loved. Marie’s eyes filled with tears. Was this a message? They knew she would be here now. She sent a text when she got off the interstate. She ran up to the door and pounded on it with her open hand. “Let me in please,” she cried out, the tears starting to flow. She had no idea what to do if her parents had disowned her. Donny was down in Texas and… She stumbled into the house when the door was thrown open. Marie would have fallen if it wasn’t for the quick reflexes of her brother Jimmy. He was resplendent in his Marine Dress Uniform. “J-J-Jimmy? Oh my God, you’re home!!” She jumped into a huge hug. Jimmy wrapped his arms around his little sister who he loved more than anyone in the world. “Home in one piece and with a few extra doodads,” he said. Marie stepped backed and looked over his uniforms to see if she could figure out what was different. “Wait you’re a Sergeant now?” she said caressing his bicep with the three chevrons. She looked at his fruit salad on his chest, “And you earned a second Distinguished Service Cross, a Navy Achievement Medal, and a Bronze Star.” Her tone turned serious. “You were in combat?! You’re supposed to be a clerk, typing letters and shit for some general. What the fuck are you doin’ gettin’ shot at? Don’t you know you can be killed?” She glared at him. Marie was grabbed from behind and thrown up in the air. Wayne easily caught her on her way down. “Looks like you got skinner, sis,” he said. As Wayne set Marie back on her feet, Wayne said, “don’t you know that all Marines are fighting men?” She turned on him, “What would you know about it, Mr. I just got out of boot camp last week.” Wayne was about to reply when they heard someone clear their throat. “Now that we’re all home, I think it’s time to have a family talk,” their father said. “I was so scared for you Jimmy,” she cried into his shoulder as they walked into the living room. “I’m so glad you made it back! Please tell me you’re staying stateside now. Two tours in that hell hole are more than enough. You’ve done your duty, and earned your little colored pieces of plastic. Let someone else go over there.” The kids sat on the couch and dad sat in his old Lay-Z-Boy. Soon mom joined them and sat on the arm of the recliner, next to her husband. “First, welcome home to our decorated warrior. Despite some comments made by members of this family.” He glared at Marie. “We are all proud of you. We’re just concerned about your safety.” The others in the family chimed in and echoed their father’s sentiments. The way her dad had glared at her, Marie was afraid of what he would say when it was her turn. “Next, we want to welcome home the newest Marine in the family. Don’t be a dumbass like your brother and risk your life for… colored pieces of plastic…” he said smiling stealing Marie’s term for the Ribbons. Richard took his wife Olive’s hand and looked hard at his daughter. Marie had a sinking feeling in her stomach waiting and worrying about what she would do when her dad disowned her. “Lastly, there is a member of this family who has been absent, not only physically, but emotionally too. Olive and I wronged this person. When we were needed most, we turned our backs. Instead of standing up for the family, we let others opinions and town gossip affect how we treated our relative. For that we are sorry.” George’s eyes filled with tears as he looked at his baby girl and says, “We love you, Marie, that will never change. Forgive us.” Marie looked at her dad and mom both had tears on their cheeks. “Daddy!” Marie squealed as she ran to her father. “Oh, Daddy, I missed you and mom so much.” She jumped in her dad’s lap and wrapped her arms around him. One by one the rest of the family joined in the hug. After several minutes George cleared his throat. “Alright, enough of this touchy-feely crap let’s go get some steaks.” Marie was finally home. It wasn’t until halfway through dinner that Marie realized that she had forgotten to grab her cell phone from her car. She had a brief moment to wonder if Donny had called her before her attention turned back to her family. It was midnight before she finally got a chance to call Donny. Just as she dialed, she realized that it was past two in the morning where he was and aborted the call. Silly girl, she thought. He’s probably up and about. Most likely he’s out partying with his friends. She had no more than completed the thought when her phone rang. “Hey baby,” came Donny’s voice “Damn I have missed you.” He misses me, she thought with a smile. “Sorry I didn’t call you earlier, but my folks whisked my brothers and me away to dinner as soon as I got home. My cell was in my car.” They told each other about their uneventful trips home and family reunions. Marie mentioned how happy she was her brother was home without any extra holes, and Donny told her about how he missed her at the party, and the new paragraphs he wrote. Donny realized how late it was and said, “Shit…I better get to bed. Mom and I are driving to Corpus Christi in the morning to see my aunt. Lucky me, I get to drive while she sleeps.” Donny’s mother worked graveyard shift and would be in no shape to drive in the morning. Marie missed Donny so much it hurt. Donny was in even worse shape. Neither wanted to hang up, so Marie asked Donny to talk to her until she fell asleep. Once Donny heard Marie’s cute little snorelets, he hung up and wondered why Marie sounded distracted and disinterested. Maybe it’s just fatigue from traveling, he thought. He then fell asleep himself, knowing it would be a short night, followed by a long day. 8========D< The next day Marie was helping her mother decorate the Christmas tree. It seemed like old times to her. With the two women decorating the interior while her father and brothers decorated the outside. Shortly afternoon, there was a knock at the door. Olive was on a step-ladder hanging tinseled sconces so Marie answered the door. She was surprised to find Mindy Hanrahan and Brian Stutler at the door. They had graduated a year ahead of Marie. “Hi, guys,” said a surprised Marie. “Hi, Marie,” they said in unison. “We heard you were home and decided to ask for your help decorating the gym for the annual Alumni Dance.” Marie went on high alert. While these two weren’t part of her senior year torture, they had relatives who were. “Why me? I mean we were never friends, and I wasn’t exactly popular when graduation rolled around.” “You see,” explained Brian, “We could use all the help we can get, decorating the gym and organizing the big New Year’s Eve party.” “Most of your class is out of town for the holidays, or just didn’t come home,” added Mindy. “Sure I’d love to help,” Marie said warily, not sure if she should trust them, but wanting to fit back in with her town and friends. Mindy handed her a paper listing the meeting places and times. “Just show up tomorrow evening and we’ll put you to work.” “Thanks, guys, I’ll be there,” Marie said and they left Maybe people are forgetting my reputation, she thought optimistically. The following evening she was at the meeting. She knew almost everyone there. She was happily engrossed in painting a piece of poster board when she heard one of the guys yell, “The man is here.” Looking up, her heart fell as Frank walked into the room, high-fiving his former teammates. He saw her frozen like a rabbit being hunted by a snake, and Frank let a sick grin grow on his face. Luckily, her brothers walked into the room behind him. Marie knew Frank would be less likely to start shit with her when Jimmy and Wayne were around. She was right, Frank ignored her, and Marie had a lot of fun with her friends. 8========D< While Marie was spending her time before Christmas decorating and party planning, Donny was sunning on the beach. He was lying on a towel looking at a picture of Marie on his phone when he heard a familiar voice behind him. “Looking at porn you fucking pervert?” Donny looked up into the smiling faces of his cousins Tracy and Dennis. “Don’t be rude Dennis,” Tracy chided. “Just because he looks at porn doesn’t make him a pervert.” Tracy was twenty-five and married, Dennis was thirty and divorced. Donny had looked up to his cousins for as long as he’d been alive. “Not looking at porn, just missing my girl.” “Your girl? Let me see,” said Tracy reaching for his phone. “Oh my God, she’s gorgeous. Damn, Donny, you are the man!” “Shit. Who is she really?” asked Dennis. “This chick is much too hot for a chud like you.” “Don’t listen to him, Donny. I’m happy for you.” Tracy tossed her towel down and ran for the water. Dennis sat next to Donny. “Man I’m not looking to rain on your parade, but with hotties like that, there’s always some swinging dick trying to put the make on her. Girls like her always break your heart. I don’t want to see that happen to you.” “She’s not like that,” Donny said. “I’m the only guy she’s dated at school. I know she loves me.” “I’m happy for you. Although I wish you’d transfer to U T, I’d love to have you closer.” “I know. I’d never met her if I’d stayed in state.” “Just be careful. I was married to a hot one, remember? I hope I’m wrong about her You deserve a good one. Remember that dating a hot girl can be a lot like playing with fire. If she comes back from break as hot for you as she was when she left… you have a good thing. But you might want to keep plan B in mind.” That night after a very short phone conversation with Marie, Dennis’ words rang through Donny’s head. He was missing Marie terribly, but he was getting the feeling from her phone calls, or lack thereof that the feeling wasn’t exactly mutual. The next day Donny decided to surprise Marie for New Year’s Eve, so he bought a plane ticket to her hometown. He refused to let their first New Year’s Eve pass without kissing the girl he was planning on marrying. His flight was scheduled to land later than nine in the evening. 8========D< When Christmas was over, the alumni committee began getting ready for the New Year’s Eve party. The third day after Christmas, Marie realized she hadn’t talked to Donny since Christmas night. She knew that he and his mother were leaving Corpus Christi the day after Christmas, but she’d neglected to call him the night after they got home. I’ll call him tonight, she thought to herself. She had no more than completed that thought when her phone rang. “Speak of the devil,” she said out loud. She looked at the caller ID only to find it was Mindy Hanrahan. “Hi, Mindy,” Marie greeted her new friend. “Oh, I’m so glad I caught you, Marie. Someone broke into the gym and trashed all the decorations.” “Oh no. Why would they do that?” “Everyone seems to think it was some punk kids looking for booze. Dumb asses should know it’s a dry party.” “Well, that just sucks, Mindy. What can I do to help?” “A few of us are going to go redo everything. I can’t get a hold of half the people I was supposed to call. Can you help us?” “I’ll be down there in twenty minutes.” “Thanks, Marie. You’re a lifesaver.” Twenty minutes later Marie started on a task that would keep her occupied right up until the party started. 8========D< “Bye, mom. I’ll see you in the spring.” “Donald Henry Osborne… you better not even think of leaving me here all alone on New Year’s Eve without so much as a goodbye kiss.” He went over to where his mother was sitting and gave her a big hug and a kiss on the forehead. “Are you sure you want to go that far, Donny? This girl hasn’t called you in three days, and I hate that you might be going thousands of miles just to get your heart stomped on.” “I don’t know what I’ll find mom. I know it’s killing me to be away from her though. I tell you what…If I get my heart stomped on, next semester I’ll enroll in Austin.” “Baby, for your sake then I hope you go all four years on the coast.” She kissed him on the cheek, trying to hide the tears that were threatening to flow. He too was fighting off tears when his friend Patrick honked from the driveway. “I love you, mom. Happy New Year!” he called out as he bounded out the door. As the sound of Patrick’s car faded, she said between sniffles, “You too, sweetheart. You too.” Donny and Patrick had been out drinking enough times during the previous two weeks that Patrick knew his friend’s state of mind. They’d talked all about Donny’s plan for a few nights. “Dude. Are you sure you still wanna do this? It sounded great when we were stoned, but now I think you could be headed for some shit.” “Let me guess. She’s too hot to stay faithful to a chud like me?” “Well I wasn’t gonna call you a chud, but you have the right idea. I know you don’t want to hear this, but this chick ain’t called ya in a week and you don’t think she’s out with an old boyfriend. That to me sounds naïve my friend. And to think you could have bagged Samantha Jensen last night instead of crying in your weed about this other chick.” “Motherfucker, you didn’t see a single tear from me. Ain’t nothing to cry over until I know the whole story.” They pulled up to the terminal and Donny got out. He gave Patrick a fist bump and told him not to get too fucked up. “Happy New Year, you pussy-whipped bastard,” Patrick said as Donny closed the door. Four hours later Donny was in Marie’s home town. 8========D< The students busted their asses all night and the gym looked even better than before it was trashed. There was still enough time for everyone to go home and get ready for the party. Luckily they could wait until the second to clean up and they’d have help from the school custodians. Marie was dead tired, but she looked forward to the party. She’d just got out of the shower and was dressing when she realized she hadn’t talked to Donny in quite some time. He’d called her twice but she’d been too busy to answer, always promising herself that when she took a break she’d call him. But the breaks were few and far between. She was wearing only a towel. She picked up her phone to call him and looked at her alarm clock. “Enough time to have some phone sex with my poor neglected guy,” she said out loud to the empty room. Her first call went straight to voice mail. Odd, she thought as she began getting dressed. After each piece of clothing, she’d call with the same result. By the time she was dressed and ready for the party she was sure that Donny was ignoring her on purpose. Finally, just after she got to the party, she tried one last time. This time when it went to voice mail she was upset. “Damn it, Donny,” she said. Just then one of the girls on the committee came over, acting a fool and pinched Marie’s butt. Marie thought it was one of the guys and unloaded. “You immature perverted fucker! Why do you have to be such an asshole?” She turned to see it was Shannon and laughed. “Damn it, girl. If you were a guy I’d have kicked your butt. Only one guy is allowed to grab me there.” Then she realized that she’d been leaving a message for Donny. Oh shit, she thought. When she looked at her screen to push # to make the recording start over, she realized that her phone had dropped the call. I hope that didn’t save, she thought. She called again. This time when it went to voice mail she said “Happy New year, sweetheart. I can’t wait to talk to you. I have been so crazy busy. Please call me. I love you.” Maybe it dropped before it recorded that first message, she thought hopefully. The party was going strong. Dancers filled the gym floor and revelers filled the tables. Even though no alcohol was being served, there was still plenty going around. Marie spent most of the night dancing with her brothers and father. 8========D< Two guests at the party were Stacy Dove and Michelle Foster. They didn’t dance with anyone; they only sat and ridiculed the others. Stacy would make a rude comment about someone or another and Michelle would echo the sentiment. Inevitably, their conversation turned into a weird game. “You know who would make an awesome couple, Michelle?” “Who?” “Steven Goodall and Ramona Simon.” “Goody two shoes and super semen slut? Yeah, I can see that happening,” Michelle answered with an eye roll. “How about Jerry Damien and Luther Grace?” “Oh yeah. Jerry’s a racist homophobe and Luther is black and gay. Why not be more realistic?” “Like?” “Like Marie Ormond and Frank Kruchten.” “Hell they’re practically married already,” Stacy said facetiously. “I know. Don’t they make a sweet couple?” “I know. Don’t they make a sweet couple?” “Marie Ormond and Frank Kruchten.” “Hell, they’re practically married already.” Did I just hear that? Donny asked himself. He had been at the party for only a few minutes. He had planned on finding Marie and then approaching her at midnight. In his jacket pocket, he had a sterling silver chain with a jade Buddha he planned to give Marie. It was an exact match of a necklace Roman gave to Julia to seal their love. Donny saw Marie dancing with a tall handsome well-muscled guy. Her head was resting on his shoulder. Donny’s heart fell several stories watching the couple. When the dancers turned, Donny recognized her brother, from the photos in her dorm room, the one who was over in that fuckin’ war. At 11:50, a pretty brunette got up on the bandstand and took the microphone. “Ladies and gentlemen,” she began. “I am Amanda Stewart and I’d like to introduce you to some people who made this evening possible.” She rattled off a bunch of names that meant nothing to Donny. He had almost worked his way over to where Marie stood when he heard a name he knew. “Frank Kruchten.” I forgot that asshole went to school with Marie, Donny thought. He was about to tap Marie on the shoulder when he heard a second name that he knew. “Marie Ormond.” He watched Marie rush up to the stage as the brunette announced a couple of other names. Then it happened. One moment Donny was all smiles, watching Marie on the stage. She was radiantly beautiful; then in his world turned to shit. Frank grabbed Marie and kissed her deeply. It wasn’t a congratulations kiss; it was a soul kiss in front of a crowd of applauding onlookers. “Marie Ormond and Frank Kruchten. Hell, they’re practically married already. I know. Don’t they make a sweet couple,” ran through his head as he turned and headed out the door and out into the night. He managed to hold his sobs until he was safely back in his rental car. He sat there for a minute until his eyes quit watering. “Fuck her then. She wants him she can have him. He started the car and drove back to the airport. He contemplated going back to Texas and his mother, but he didn’t want to hear how right everyone had been about the girl who was too hot for him. Instead, he bought a ticket back to school. In the gym, all people could talk about as the countdown to the new year began, was how Marie had kneed Frank in the groin, and then with one single punch, knocked Frank out on the stage; everyone except Craig Zander. He had seen the kiss and then a guy moving quickly out of the gym had caught his attention. He made it out to the parking lot in time to see his roommate leaving. “Damn slut,” he swore under his breath as he walked to his car. 8========D< As Donny was buying his one-way ticket back to school, Marie was icing her hand. “Damn, sis, you got yerself a mean right hook,” Wayne teased. She threw him a look and he said, “Pweese don’t punch me out,” as he broke into gales of laughter. Oh shut up and hand me my phone. There’s someone I desperately need to call.” Marie felt better as Donny’s phone rang instead of going to voice mail, but he didn’t answer. “I should have been better about calling him,” she said as she began to cry. “Come on, sis. It’s New Year’s Eve. He’s in Texas which is two hours ahead of us, so he’s probably passed out by now.” Marie agreed outwardly with him, but she felt deep down that something was wrong. The days between New Year’s Day and the day Marie drove back to school were long and frustrating. She tried calling Donny daily and never got an answer. She even contemplated calling his mother, but then she realized that there were too many Osbornes in the Houston area to try to call them all. 8========D< She did see Donny’s roommate Craig one afternoon leaving a convenience store, but he seemed to try to avoid her. Her parents and brothers kept coming up with reasons why she might not be reaching him; his phone might be shut off, his mother might have switched carriers, but then why didn’t he call and tell her the new number? The only excuse any of them came up with that might be plausible was that Donny had done something and gotten his phone privileges taken away. “You’ll see,” her brother Jimmy said after coming up with that one. “He’ll have a lame excuse like his phone was stolen by roving gypsies or marauders, but he got grounded.” Every time she stopped for any reason on her drive back she called. When Bayan escort Ankara she finally reached the college she drove through every parking lot in the dorm area to see if his car was there. Finally, she gave up and went to her room.

Maybe he’ll be waiting in there to surprise me, she thought to herself. When she opened her door all she found was a padded envelope with her name on it that had been pushed through the mail slot. She got excited when she recognized the writing as Donny’s.

She opened the envelope to find a jade Buddha necklace. Just like the one Roman gave Julia in our story, she thought. She was overjoyed that Donny had bought her something, but horrified that she hadn’t gotten him anything.

Also in the envelope was a thumb drive. She unpacked quickly and plugged the thumb drive into her laptop. When she opened the drive she saw three files. One was titled “Readmefirst.Doc,” the second was their story file, and the third said “readmelast.Doc.”

She opened the first one and read the document. “Marie, Here is all of my work on the completed story for writing. Do with it what you want but I ask you to read it first. You can take full credit even… I no longer care. “

She was tearing up. “Why is he being this way?” About that time her roommate Dawn walked in. She immediately asked Marie why she was crying. Marie told her about getting busy and neglecting to call Donny and how he wasn’t taking her calls.

“If I were you I’d just go tell him to grow the fuck up. So you got busy. Let’s read what he put in the story.”

The story went along just as they had outlined it until Donny forced the couple to part ways for a few weeks. At this point, he had begun to write strictly from the male’s point of view. Roman called Julia every day for the first few days. Julia seemed to want to talk to him less and less until he stopped calling her and she never called him.

Marie realized that it must have been just like that for him. He had called her each time, not once had she called him. As she read on she became apprehensive.

In the story, Roman decided to surprise Julia with a gift; a jade Buddha on a silver chain. She and Donny had come up with that early in their outlining. It was to play a pivotal part in the story.

When Roman got to a party where he thought Julia would be, he heard people talking about her pending nuptials to Perry. He had been just about to tap Julia on the shoulder and surprise her when the party emcee calls the two of them up to the stage.

“Oh God no,” Marie sobbed as she suddenly knew where this was headed. She barely made it through the part where Perry kissed Julia in front of the celebratory crowd. At that point, Roman left the party and went home.

Roman moved back to his home town and tried to put his life back together. Perry and Julia lived happily ever after and often laughed about how they’d played Roman for a chump.

“It didn’t happen that way,” Marie sobbed. “Where’s the part where she punched him out?”

“What? Who’d you kiss?”

Marie went on to explain how Frank had kissed her at the New Year ‘s Eve party. Dawn laughed when Marie talked about punching Frank’s lights out. “But he left before I hit him. He didn’t see. He didn’t see.”

Marie finally opened the last document. “Yes, I was there. I heard them talking about you two being a couple. I’d ask why you two had to drag me into your sick little game but that would mean talking to your lying ass. If you ever had any genuine feelings for me, please leave me alone. I’ll only be here until the end of the year. I wish you and Frank good luck.”

8========D< A full month after returning from break, Donny still hadn’t gone to many of his classes. He’d avoided creative writing completely figuring his work on the story should count enough to get the credit for that class. He had parked his car at a storage facility within walking distance of his dorm. On Valentine’s Day, he went on a double date with Craig and his girl. Donny’s date, Simone, was everything a guy could want in a girl, but she wasn’t Marie. Late in the evening, when Craig and his girl had gone off to be alone, Simone snuggled up to Donny and felt him stiffen… and not in a good way. “What’s wrong, Donny? Look. I like you and I am not a slut. I won’t push you. Chelsea and Craig told me what that other girl did to you.” “Don’t get me wrong, Simone. You’re great. You’re everything I want in a girlfriend. But I can’t just jump into bed until I’m in love. The worst part is I am afraid to love here. Next fall I’m going to the University of Texas. I don’t want to lead anyone on.” “I understand. Look. If you change your mind feel free to call me. I’d like to kick that bitch’s ass for hurting you.” 8========D< Valentine’s Day found Marie waiting until after class to speak with professor Knoffler. She had only been waiting for a few minutes when he entered his office. “To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit, Miss Ormond?” “It’s about my writing partner or lack thereof, Professor. How am I going to finish this story on my own?” “Ah yes. Mr. Osborne did send me the final draft of the story. It was very dark and upsetting, but in all ways, an acceptable work, wouldn’t you agree?” At that moment Marie let loose all the tears she’d been holding in for weeks. Professor Knoffler gave her the sympathetic ear she so desperately needed. When he’d heard her out, he told her his plan. Marie agreed to do one thing the professor felt would go a long way to fixing things. “It may or may not work, but it will put you two in contact, and you can explain exactly what happened.” “Thank you, Professor. Maybe we can give the story a happy ending after all.” Donny had managed to avoid Marie since returning to school, but not Frank. Frank had heard through the grapevine about the demise of their relationship. Donny was nursing a hangover in the student union when Frank saw him. “Well well, asshole. I bet you feel pretty fucking stupid now risking your ass for a whore who was using you. I’ll bet you never even got to find out just how nasty the little whore could be.” Donny remembered the feel of taking her virginity, the softness of her lips and tongue, the force of their kisses and the first few moments afterward when she confessed her love for him. “Fuck off, asswipe. What more do you want, huh? You’ve got her. I don’t give a shit anymore.” “Oh, I’ve got her, you fucking hick. I had her in every position imaginable while we laughed…” Frank was stunned by the speed of the fist flying at his face. He was even more surprised when a huge black blur stopped the fist inches from his face. “You don’t want to do that, son,” said the soulful voice of Luther Baxter. Luther was the starting tackle on the football team. “All you’ll get out of it is trouble. Now move along.” Donny realized he stood no chance against this mountain of humanity so he turned and walked away. You should have kept your stupid ass in Texas with all the other inbred fags,” Frank yelled from behind him. He was about to shout an answer but Luther’s voice interrupted his thoughts. “Motherfucker, you might want to shut your pie hole. Half the guys who will be protecting your skinny white ass from being sacked are from Texas. Don’t mess with Texas, son.” As Donny got out of earshot, he knew how he was going to deal with Frank. Thank you, big guy. Thank you, he thought as he smiled for the first time since Christmas. 8========D< His smile was short-lived, however. When he booted up his laptop he found an email from Professor Knoffler, not requesting, but demanding his presence in his office the next day at noon sharp to discuss the “story” he had written. “Ignoring this request will carry dire consequences,” the final line of the message read. “Fuck,” he said out loud. “What’s with the foul language dude?” Craig asked. Donny showed him the email. “He probably pissed off because he couldn’t wax the carrot over my story.” “You should have let Superslut finish it.” “That was my intention; I just wanted him to see how much of it I did. She could have finished it any way she wanted.” “Well, you should go see what the guy wants. Maybe he’ll give you an out.” 8========D< At 12:30 the next day Donny sat in Professor Knoffler’s office waiting. Twice he contemplated leaving a note telling the Professor to fuck himself, but in the end, his need to defend his work won out. He could hear the professor talking to someone in the adjacent room, but he couldn’t tell who. Finally, the professor walked into the office and slung his jacket over the back of his chair and sat. For a moment, they sat in silence. Donny was about to say something when Professor Knoffler finally spoke. “So, Mr. Osborne, would you care to tell me what happened to the eroticism of yours and Miss Ormond’s story? I asked for erotic and feeling, you gave me sad and depressing. Well written, but far from what I asked for.” “Sir, I can only write what I know. I don’t know happy endings, I…” “Nonsense! I read the material you wrote to get into this class. You have a wonderful eye in your mind, and you translate it well to the page. What you have given me is a cop-out, Mr. Osborne. Pure and simple. Fine if you don’t want to finish the story to my satisfaction, you and your partner can both take a failing grade in my course.” “That’s a load of shit and you know it, sir.” “A load of shit? I should allow two students who can’t follow a simple syllabus to float through my class just like the ones who put the effort in? You have a warped idea of what should be, young man.” “No, sir, I don’t. It’s a load of shit that you won’t give Marie a chance. I wrote what I felt I had to and I stand by it. Marie had nothing to do with it. Give her a shot to finish and deliver an erotic tale that you’ll like.” “Why don’t you both work together to give me a story that I’ll like?” “Because she’s Julia,” Donny said. Tears readily flowed. “I wrote that whole break-up scene from my memory of her crushing my heart. I can’t work with her. I can’t stand the thought of being around her. I loved her. I thought she loved me but it seems I was played.” “But you don’t want me to fail her? She messed this story up.” “No. It’s not her fault I am naïve. Don’t punish her for following her heart. Do what you want to me.” “I want you to read something,” the professor said. He made a few clicks on his computer and spun the monitor around so Donny could read what was on the screen. Donny recognized right away that it was the story he’d written. “I’ve read this, sir. Hell, I’ve lived it.” “Read the paragraph after Roman fled the party.” He read that Roman had missed the part where Julia had kneed Perry in the crotch and then decked him. “It would have been nice if it had happened that way,” Donny said between sniffles. “That’s exactly how it happened,” came Frank’s voice from behind him. He spun ready to break Frank’s face only to find it wasn’t Frank. Marie’s brother stood in front of him. “She knocked his ass out, dude. I’m Jimmy by the way.” “But they’re getting married. I heard two girls talking about it.” “What two girls?” After Donny described them, Jimmy laughed. “Those two mental midgets wouldn’t know love if it shat on their toast. They are the female equivalent to Beavis and Butthead.” “But what about the fucked up message Marie left me?” “I can explain that,” said a tearful Marie as she walked sheepishly into the office. She told him all about the committee and the girl pinching her. “I left you another message after it. Didn’t you hear it?” “No. I thought it was another nasty gram so I deleted it.” “Well, I wished you a happy New Year. But what is most important is the last thing I said. I said it and I meant it and I still mean it.” “What did you say?” “I love you.” She ran to him and they embraced. Professor Knoffler nodded to Jimmy. “Let’s give them a few minutes to talk.” Donny and Marie talked for a while and decided to try again. Marie held his hand all the time they talked as if she’d drown if she let it go. As they spoke a new sadness came over Donny. “I have something to tell you, Marie. I transferred to the University of Texas. I couldn’t stand to think of coming back here for three more years.” “Donny, I love you. We’ll figure something out.” When they were all about to leave, Donny turned to Jimmy. “Jimmy, can I get you to do me a huge favor?” “What kind of favor?” Donny explained what he wanted and Jimmy roared with laughter. Of course, I’ll do it. 8========D< It was a beautiful sunny Saturday in spring. Craig and Chelsea sat in the stadium waiting for Donny and Marie to show up. “Where are these guys at?” asked Chelsea. “Probably in a sex coma,” Craig joked. “Don’t worry; you know he wouldn’t miss this for the world.” “Who’s worried? We’re here,” Donny said as he and Marie sat down. “How are the warm-ups looking?” “See for yourself,” Craig said handing Donny a pair of binoculars. Donny scanned the players’ faces. Several had a look that he’d hoped they have. “So when are you guys going to tell us what this is all about?” asked Chelsea. “Yeah. I can think of a thousand other things I’d rather be doing than watching the spring football game,” added Marie. “Or well at least one,” she added with a grin; wondering why Donny gave up their weekly tryst, for a football game. “Oh, this spring scrimmage is special. We’ll be seeing the debut of the quarterback of the future,” said Donny as he shot a mischievous grin at Craig. “It should be a good battle of quarterbacks. Frank is on the blue team, and Sean Jefferson, his most bitter rival for the starting job is on the white team.” As the white offense took the field, the announcer told the crowd that the spring scrimmage was the only time the coach allowed the defenses to hit the quarterbacks; on a limited basis anyway. It was soon apparent why the quarterback battle was so close. Jefferson took the white squad right down the field and then connected with the star wide receiver for a thirty five-yard touchdown. The blue squad, however, didn’t fare as well. Frank was sacked twice and had his first pass intercepted. The coach screamed at the blue offense and told them to go again. It was quickly obvious that the blue line was not blocking well for Frank. The white defense seemed to be going a bit harder than the blue had. When Frank did manage to finally get a pass off, it hit his wide receiver in the back, drawing the ire of the coaches. When the white offense took the field again, the coaches were chewing out the blue squad. Five plays later the white team had scored again and the blue team came back out. The only play Frank didn’t get hit was the first play that he handed off to a running back. Every other play ended up with him on his back. Marie realized that Donny and Craig were enjoying Frank’s misery a little too much. On one play, Luther Baxter stepped backward and allowed JC Winkler, the NCAA sack leader to have a free shot at Frank. Donny and Craig howled with laughter as Frank’s helmet went flying. “OK, you two. Why is it that the one practice we come to, Frank is getting killed by his teammates?” Marie asked. Just then Donny howled again and high-fived Craig. Marie turned in time to see Frank’s own running back run over the top of him. “Don’t mess with Texas, motherfucker,” Donny laughed. Marie looked at him confusion written on her face, “OK, buster, start explaining.” For the next few minutes, between gales of laughter, Donny explained how some photos of Frank and a few of his teammates’ girls had gotten emailed to team members. A few were also treated to Frank’s tirade about how “All Texans were good for is making the rest of us look smart.” “Half of the team is from Texas, and they didn’t exactly agree with Frank’s opinions.” “When did you get Frank talking shit about Texans?” “When your brother was here to provide the audio. He sounded enough like Frank, that when I recorded him reading a few things no one could tell the difference.” “I have a question,” said Chelsea. “How did you get pictures of Frank with other players’ women?” “Well,” said Craig. “We’ve had pics of the girls since school began. All it took was a few doctored pictures of Frank to be photoshopped onto them and we had what we needed to burn his ass.” “Yeah, and since the girls stand to get in trouble for taking naked pics of each other, they won’t mind blaming Frank either,” said Donny. “It’ll be Frank’s word against theirs, and I know they’ll do damage control,” added Craig. They looked down in time to see Frank take his last hit of the afternoon. As he limped off of the field Marie said, “I guess it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.” As Frank left the locker room bruised and beaten, Linda the RA was standing in front of his car, with two campus police officers and Kristy Demming. He walked over and asked, “What the fuck’s going on?” The officers grabbed Frank and put him in handcuffs. “Frank Krutchen you are under arrest for suspicion of rape, child porn, and invasion of privacy with lewd intent.” Kristy stepped forward, “That’s right, asshole, I turned your ass in. No fuckin’ means no…” Linda pulled her back as she tried to kick him. “When Kristen told me how you filmed yourself fucking her when she was telling you to stop, we went right to the police. During the game, they got a warrant, to search your phone, and found the video of Donny and Marie, ending with my warning to delete them or be arrested. They brought the phone to me to get Donny and Marie’s names. I recognized some of the other girls you had naked pictures of. With the evidence against you, you better get yourself a good lawyer, fuckwad.” She draped her arm around Kristy and watched as Frank was put in the back seat of the squad car and taken away. As Donny and his friends were leaving the station, they saw a campus police car drive by. “Was that Frank in the back seat?” Marie asked. The rest shrugged their shoulders and went to get some pizza.” 8========D< Epilogue: One late August morning Donny woke with a start. “I’m gonna be late to fucking class!” He’d gotten an apartment near the University of Texas campus. Summer commitments had cut into the time he and Marie had been able to spend together. They’d managed to get away for a week around the Fourth of July and spent several hours one night fucking on the beach in Corpus Christi. During that episode, Donny had picked Marie up while his cock was fully embedded in her hot wet pussy. “Standing now?” Marie asked breathlessly. “Baby your legs will get tired.” With a mischievous grin, Donny carried her out into the surf. “My legs won’t get that tired, I have Neptune to help me.” They stood there in the warm gulf water and fucked until they were sore. When Donny spewed his load of cum into Marie she was exhausted. “I have better-staying power than the boy whose cherry you took so long ago.” “Oh yes you do, but that seawater didn’t help the lubrication any. If you’re going to fuck me silly, take me back to our room and do it properly.” Naked, he carried her back to the room where he did just that. But since then he’d only talked to her on the phone and Video Chat, using their Christmas gifts. A week before school started, he lost contact with her. He knew that there was a good chance that she’d meet another guy. He wasn’t looking for a new girl though. If Marie and I fail, I’m not hooking up until I get out of school, he thought. He made it to his creative writing class just in the nick of time. A brassy blonde woman with a Texas-sized accent took the podium and announced herself. “I am Professor Judy Brock, and I will be turning y’all into the next Stephen Kings or Patricia Cornwells.” For the next thirty minutes, she went over the different things she expected, and what things would earn a “Well bless your little heart,” from her before she brought the wrath of God down on an unfortunate student. Finally, she was wrapping up her speech. “My last advice for you today is pretty simple. Find yourself a writing partner for the year. Make sure it’s someone you can handle being around a lot. If you can’t find one… I’ll assign you one on Wednesday.” “I think I’ll just let her assign me one,” Donny told his neighbor. He got up and headed out of the room. As he was about to leave the building someone tapped him on the shoulder. “Would you like to be my writing partner for the year?” He turned around, intending to turn the person down when his eyes lit up. “Marie?” She jumped up and kissed him full on the lips. “Marie? Wha..what are you doing here?” “Going to school, silly. So are we partners or what?” “Damn right we are,” he said as he hugged her again. Later on, while lying in a sexual afterglow, she explained that after he’d transferred she couldn’t stand the thought of not being with him. “I had someone pull a few strings to help me get in here. I did it quietly so I could surprise this guy I love.” “The only guy you better be surprising is me,” he said as he kissed her. “So who pulled strings?” “Professor Knoffler. He said that he wasn’t about to see his streak die.” “His streak?” “Every year, he pairs his freshman writing class up. Some he just pairs up, but he usually pairs ten couples he thinks will go on to be soul mates. He’s never had fewer than seven couples end up getting married. Only four of the couples he helped get together have gotten a divorce. When we had our issue at Christmas we threatened his streak, and he knew deep down we were meant to be together.” They skipped class the next two days to move Marie from a dorm into Donny’s apartment. Most of their classes were together so they spent a lot of time in the apartment. “I wonder what this is,” Donny said pulling a huge envelope out of their mailbox several weeks later. Marie looked at it and squealed in delight. “It’s from Dawn.” She grabbed it from Donny and ripped it open. “Why did she send the school paper?” Donny asked. Marie started laughing hysterically. She handed him the paper, and he read the headline: “Former QB Frank Krutchen Sentenced to Fifteen Years for Rape.” The next day, another envelope similar to the first one arrives. This time there was no return address on it. Donny and Marie open it and both grow wide-eyed when they read the headline on Marie’s hometown newspaper: “State Police arrest Springfield Police Chief and Washington County Sheriff in Rape Cover-Up” When Marie returned home for Christmas Break, Donny was by her side. Shortly after introducing him to her parents and her brother Wayne, there was a knock at the door. Marie answered the door to find a young state trooper was waiting for her. He tipped his hat and said, “I believe this is yours, young lady,” as he handed her the tablet that was stolen from her in High school. “Where’d you find this?” she asked. “It was found in the former police chief’s house when it was searched. It helped convict him, and we are extraditing Frank Krutchen on about twelve counts of raping a minor, and conspiracy to commit rape.” As he walked away Donny looked at Marie. He touched her necklace and with a laugh said, “Karma’s a bitch.” ({*}) ({*}) ({*}) So ends the adventures of Donny and Marie. If you enjoyed this story, or if you didn’t, please let me know. I don’t get paid to write. Your comments, votes, likes, follows, shares, and reblogs (depending on where you read this) is my reward for writing. Feedback is a gift, and I like gifts.

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