Donor Uncle in Apartment Pt. 05

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They had been there in the Apartment from their childhood, they were the same age, playmates, studying in the same class, in same school through the good times of their teens, and everything in between. They were each other’s half and partner in everything, and they were the best friends and inseparable, and it was difficult to assess how special their bond truly was. Such was the friendship of Tapasee (Daughter of Manasi) and Debashree (Daughter of Rupa).

Both of them also witnessed their puberty stage when the first sign of their physical changes took place when their breasts starting to grow, getting their period (menstruation) and surprised to see more hair in places like under their arms and in their pubic areas. They understood each other of their puberty and physical changes. The developmental changes that occurred were complex, particularly with the onset of puberty. Teenagers usually used to select friends who had similar values and interests.

Tapasee and Debashree had similar aspirations, school results, spending much the same time in their homework together. Teens had an urgent need to belong. Both of them imitated each other, they would do the same things, talk the same way, hold same attitudes, dress in the same style, keep same interests.

Toward late teens, expectations of friendship varied from having somebody reliable and trustworthy, to the notion of sex, romance, filled with mystery and excitement. Puberty would launch intense interest in romantic relationships. As it was the flow in this stage of pre- and early teen years, romance used to come on the scene in the form of crushes, though there might be little contact with the object of infatuation. Young teens would be building confidence by dipping their toes in romantic waters by attracting strongly towards opposite sex.

But Debashree and Tapasee were totally contrast to this. Instead of finding attraction towards opposite sex, they were confined within themselves supported by strong friendships. During this stage, two young teens, Tapasee and Debashree often would find themselves in close relationships in terms of best friends, friendships that often continued through their childhood, and now in teen years and would continue beyond.

Having and sustaining these best-friend relationships in the teen years, hardly they were aware of the fact that they were heading a good predictor of successful adult romantic relationships. Little did these teen couple know that they were hooked up at an early age and stayed isolated, only spending most of their time with each other. By being isolated, it was evident that in future their romantic relationships would create a different dynamic, Intimate close friendships, and would be found across the life span, which first appeared during early teen stage. It was peculiar that they were not interested in boys.

In time, that confidence allowed teens like Tapasee and Debashree to resist peer opinion and choose romantic partners based on compatibility rather than social desirability. Their intense relationships had much to teach during their adolescents’ stage about communication, emotion, empathy, identity, and sex. While these lessons would provide a valuable foundation for long-term relationships in adulthood.

The need for a close friend is especially strong during early adolescence. In adolescence, having a girlfriend could boost one’s confidence. When relationships were characterized by intimacy and good communication, youth would be happier with themselves. Young people would always value the support, trust, and closeness they experienced in their relationships. Relationships could support sexual development, an important part of growing to adulthood.

Both Tapasee and Debashree had already started masturbation at the age of their 18 years. Both of them would discuss about this aspect as the masturbation was relieving them from the stress of studies. But both of them had never felt or needed a penis to enter in their holes, they were quite happy with their masturbations. Since they were very close, they would sometimes discuss about the growth of their private parts of each other, growing of their puffy nipples, and pubic hairs on the mounds, and the hidden clitoris in inner lips of their cunts.

Teens like Debashree and Tapasee who had close and trusting friendships were likely to have close and trusting romantic relationships as they had mutual trust, loyalty, and exclusivity as central to friendship. They would discuss secrets, exchange ideas, and share feelings in a secure and accepting environment, they would know each other’s feelings and preferences, and would support each other emotionally and materially.

———————- ————————————- ——————————- ———————————-

Their romantic relationship started accidentally when they were of 18 years.

The elders like Manasi and Pawan Kumar had stopped visiting park in evening. But Debashree and Tapasee would dear edward izle stroll around the park every evening. They would sit in the bench, watch the fountain in the midst of the park, and would gossip about various things.

It was a beautiful evening and as they entered the park, a gust of wind brought with it the lovely smell of leaves and moist earth as there was raining in afternoon. Debashree undid her bun and let the wind play with her hair; both of them looked unbelievably beautiful, ethereal almost. They went near to water pool, watching the ducks in water until the fountain in the middle caught their eyes. The wind over the water was making the spray from the fountain dance, literally. At one point it began a slow curve beginning at water level before it slowly climbed up, swung left at first, then twisted to the right and then swayed with the wind before coming back to rest on the water again.

“Did you see that?” Debashree asked, her eyes riveted on the fountain.

“Beautiful, wasn’t it?” Tapasee replied, pleased that Debashree had noticed the same thing she had, realizing again that the simple things became even more beautiful when you had someone to share them with.

They stood there quietly for a while. The sky was dark and cloudy though it threatened to no rain, it was a perfect evening in the park. But the crowd had gradually increased in the round road surrounding the water pool and wide grassy field. There were joggers and cyclists and just a little wind, but no chill.

“Let’s get out from here, it has become crowded and disturbing,” said Tapasee.

Debashree grabbed her arm, saying, “True! Let us cross this road, and sit on the bench in our old place.” indicating the dark place a little away from there with big trees surrounded by dense foliage and bush. Luckily, the bench in that shady place was vacant. Debashree began pulling Tapasee forward. Tapasee matched her stride to hers and they began to walk, avoiding joggers as they ran past.

They soon found themselves in their favorite place of emerald-green grass surrounded by a cluster of large trees.

“How lovely! Let’s sit here,” said Debashree and, walking ahead of Tapasee, found the vacant bench amongst nice patch of grass and sat down. Tapasee joined her.

“This is just awesome. Why cannot all places be like this? Everyone goes on and on about how crowded and noisy in all places, and yet, look at this! I can’t think of a more beautiful place like this” said Tapasee.

“I love this place of park,” replied Debashree.

After sitting for a while, Tapasee got up and moved towards backside surrounded on one side by a dense mass of trees and thick brush. There was particularly a large pine tree stood there, with a hole in its trunk.

Suddenly, Tapasee noticed a black trash bag was stashed inside the hole.

She exclaimed, “Ohh my god! What’s this?”

She called, “Debashree, come here. Something is in the hole of the tree. Can you please check up?”

Debashree came nearer her, and observed the trash bag inside the hole. Someone had secretly hidden the bag inside the hole. She went nearer, touched and fondled the out surface of the bag.

“Hey, Tapasee, it seems some books are inside the bag. I am picking it outside to see the books,” said Debashree and picked out the trash bag.

Out of curiosity, both of them opened the bag, and found 5 nos of books in glossy papers which appeared to be costly books.

“Debashree, it is dark here. Let us get outside of the park, and see these books in street lights near the exit gate of the park,” said Tapasee.

They left the park, and near the exit gate with the street light, they opened the trash bag, and picked out all 5 nos of books. They started flipping the pages.

“Ohhhh…my god!” exclaimed Tapasee. Their eyes were widened with surprise, and their hearts beat increased as if they had some contrabands, and they would be caught. They were both scared of getting caught with naked males and females with their private parts, and fucking pictures.

“These are porn books,” said Debashree which they heard in their school, but had never seen before. This was the first occasion in their lives to witness porn books.

“Debashree, you hide these books secretly in your room so that tomorrow afternoon when nobody will be there in Apartment, we can see these,” said Tapasee.

“No…Nooo! You know, I am sharing my bed with Kakoli Didi (Kakoli, her elder sister) I will be caught immediately. It is better, you keep these in your room as you are sleeping in your room alone. As you said, tomorrow my mom and your mom are going outside in afternoon, and my elder sister (Kakoli) will be going to university, only we two will be left alone whole afternoon till evening. During this time, we can explore the books,” said Debashree.

“Ok,” said Tapasee, “Let us move from here.”

Then both of them proceeded towards their Apartment.

————– ———————- death in the dorms izle ———————————– ———————————— ——-

Next day, it was afternoon. Tapasee and Debashree were alone in the first floor of the Apartment. Last night, Tapasee had finished flipping through pages of all the porn books, and fingered her cunt two times till late night. Her mom waked her up at around 11.00AM when she was going outside with Rupa Aunty (Debashree’s mom). Before leaving, her mom gave her a motherly warning to finish her toilet things, apprised her of prepared breakfast/lunch which were kept in kitchen. Her mom informed that they would be returning around 4.00PM. Tapasee immediately finished her toilet, took her bath. She took the breakfast prepared by her mom. Now, Tapasee was lying in the couch with a blue colored loose capri pants and a white shirt on top, waiting for Debashree. Still the images of fucking, big penis were flashing in her mind, but the most intriguing thing was lesbian pictures of teens which were totally strange and new to her.

Then she heard the creaking of door, Debashree walked in to the room. She was wearing a laburnum-yellow dress in skirts, which made her look incredibly sexy, and she thought about how astonishing beauty could force open a door and let in a ray of sunshine, golden and ethereal. She greeted her. Debashree leaned in and gave her a peck on the cheek. “HI,” she began, “And before you say anything about how I look, I want to say I haven’t been on this dress although it was purchased quite a longtime before, today only I wore this dress, so don’t embarrass me.”

“You smell sexy.” replied Tapasee.

“I knew you’d say the right thing,” smiled Debashree.

“What will you have to drink?” asked Tapasee.

“I would prefer cold drinks,” said Debashree.

Tapasee took out two bottles of cold drinks from the Refrigerator, put those on the small table near bed.

Debashree sat on the couch opposite. Her dress rode up revealing a lot of leg. Tapasee was staring at her white slender and smooth legs.

“Stop staring!” said Debashree in a mock angry voice.

Tapasee looked at her and grinned, “You cannot look like this and expect me not to ogle.”

Tapasee leaned back, as did she, Tapasee noticed her body again; her breasts straining against her dress, her long legs and the languid pose all of which seemed to finally reveal the sexy Debashree that she had kept hidden away from her, all this while. Her sexual urge rang again, and she was not ashamed at all when their eyes met. Debashree knew what she had been thinking and the glint in her eye seemed to suggest that she was enjoying the attention.

Debashree laughed and said, “You’re completely mad!”

“Hey, Tapasee, can I have a glance to those books? Don’t tell me lie, you must have gone through all those books, there are a lot of colored illustrations with stories. Ohh…my god! I had a glimpse of those pictures for a fraction of seconds when you were checking and flipping the pages in the dim lit of Street’s lamp. You know, last night I couldn’t sleep properly, I was tossing in my bed. Now I want to see those otherwise I cannot get piece of my mind. I have been dying to since we got back from the park last evening…”

Tapasee looked at Debashree sideways as she tied her hair in a high ponytail. She was so open and frank; so unselfconscious in the way she conducted herself. Tapasee could see that.

Tapasee nodded absent-mindedly, her attention riveted on her style skirt. The way it had ridden up as she sat in bed, exposing her plump, fair thighs. Beads of dampness collecting near the entrance of her thighs when she clamped them together.

Tapasee felt a hot ache that refused to go away. Reminiscent of the last evening at park when both of them found the stash of books, both of them getting nervous after turning the pages of the books. In the late night, when her mother slept, she carefully went through each of the books, and had a wetness automatically between her legs.

“What’s the matter, you look very nervous?” Debashree lowered her voice, stroking her hand, before resting their locked hands in the warmth of her lap.

Tapasee swallowed uncomfortably, glancing at the bedside bookshelf where all her study books were stuffed in three shelves.

“Debashree, you see! I got nervous last night fearing if my mom or my elder brother Tapan discovers these books by chance. I have hidden those secretly amongst my study books here. These books are like dynamites, let us destroy or throw a way these,” saying this she picked out those books from the bookshelf amongst her study books.

“Hey, what’s the matter? Are you afraid or nervous? Let us go through these books, then we can burn these on stove in absence of your mom. Don’t worry Baby,” Debashree gently lifted up her chin, forcing Tapasee to look at her.

There were a lot of fucking pictures diary of a gigolo izle in the books. The color pictures were shot from close range and printed in glossy papers resembling live some, some were from very close exposing the veins of long erected penis and the purple colors of knobs were very prominent. The inner lips of cunts along with protruded clitoris amongst bush of hairs were very much photogenic. Apart from different fucking postures, there were also a lot of lesbian actions between several teens of the ages of Debashree and Tapasee.

“You start to see the pictures, let me go through some of the stories,” said Tapasee, and started flipping some pages to go through the stories as she had finished seeing all the pictures not once but three times in late night.

During their schooling between the classes of 9th and 10th, they had a chapter on ‘Human Reproduction’ in Biology. From there only they came to know about sex and procreation. There were only the graphic pictures of male and female organs in their text books at that time. But these pictures were real. Although, both of them were now quite aware of the meaning of fucking as some of their friends, the girls in college were being fucked by their boyfriends but this was the first occasion in their \ age, they watched a real penis and fucking pictures first time in their lives.

“Ohhhh…my god! the males have such big things which they put in our holes to produce babies. This so-called penis, organ of the male seemed to be very huge, must be the size of 8th inches or 10 th inches. But I wonder, how this big thing enters in cunt, as our holes are very small which could only accommodate our middle finger only,” exclaimed Debashree.

“This is called fucking,” giggled Tapasee.

But what disturbed them was lesbian pictures which they were unaware of previously.

“I know, fucking happens between a female and male, but I wonder, how it happens between two females. I am very much surprised and feeling a strange sensation inside me,” exclaimed Debashree.

“Me too,” replied Tapasee, “Read this story, which has a vivid description of how things happen between two women.”

For one hour, both of them remained silent. Each flipped through the pages of books diligently.

“Tell me Debashree, why we both are not interested in any boyfriends when most of the girls of our class have boyfriends?” asked Tapasee.

“Because, my dear, we love each other more than these boys love to girls of our class. We are so close in our friendship that neither we can allow nor we can love any male to enter in our lives,” replied Debashree.

“Very True,” consented Tapasee.

Debashree drew her hands in her. Tapasee slipped her fingers back inside hers as the fractured sunlight played hide and seek on their back.

“We will marry each other,” said Tapasee smilingly.

Debashree crept up behind Tapasee just then and poked her in the hip, asking, “Tempted to commit a sin?”

Tapasee was so surprised by her obvious flirting that she had to ask, “Who are you, and what have you done to the real Debashree?”

Then they laughed aloud for the first time. Stroking her silken hair, Tapasee asked playfully, “So what have you learnt from the books?”

Tapasee leaned over to look at Debashree’s face closely. Bent at her waist, Debashree looked so desirable, that Tapasee wanted to grab her but checked herself.

Debashree saw Tapasee close to her, looking incredibly sexy and delectable, and wondered if that was an invitation.

Debashree had the most mischievous eyes. They sparkled all of a sudden. “A lot of things, but we cannot feel it unless we do it practically,” she stopped inadvertently, reaching out to caress Tapasee’s collarbones instead, their lips nearly touching.

“And then?” Tapasee shivered, her head falling backwards, and she held her hand out to Debashree; her fingers twined with hers.

“So, what do you suppose we should do then? Do you have a remedy, a cure? Tapasee laughed awkwardly as Debashree leaned forward, cupping her cheeks, both of them trying to make light of the moment

“Do you want me?” asked Debashre.

“I, I don’t understand what you mean, exactly,” Tapasee fumbled to find the right expression, as Debashree impulsively planted a kiss on her forehead, her arms steadying Tapasee’s shoulder at the same time, settling Tapasee’s unruly tresses that flopped haphazardly over her eyelids. Tapasee’s breasts were engorged, her earlobes tingling at her inappropriate touch.

Tapasee pulled back, grinning and looked at her, “Say that again.”

“Do you want me?” repeated Debashree.

“Yes,” replied Tapasee.

Debashree drew Tapasee closer, her lower lip opening and closing like her eye lids. Hers were the thickest dark brown eyelashes, Tapasee noticed, as Debashree planted her lips on her.

Tapasee tried saying something, hoping to get away; a part of her worried about this strange behavior perhaps her own feelings; thoughts that didn’t seem to go away. The wayTapasee almost hopelessly succumbed to Debashree’s accidental touch, responding to her tongue as it insistently parted her, slipping inside insidiously. Debashree’s lips creating a hollow sound as they closed over her, as she squeezed the top of her breasts simultaneously

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