Don’t Freak Out Pt. 01

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Editor’s Note: Story contains Gay Male sex.


For several months, I’d been promising my twenty-one-year-old son that I’d show him how two men can make love very intensely and passionately together using only their two cocks.

Jake is bisexual but when it comes to other boys, he has made it very clear that his interests are exclusively anal. He likes fucking his buddies up their bums and he likes switching places so they can do the same thing to him. He enjoys licking his mates’ arseholes and wanks off sniffing their hot, hairy cracks. I’ve seen him face-sitting many a friend he’s brought home from university and watched just about as many lowering their big hairy buttocks down to smother him. I’ve heard him dabbling in fart-fun, had him try to explain the attraction of felching and once, when he had a mild-mannered young man from Hull staying over with us, I walked in on the two of them in the middle of an extremely aggressive shit-fuck.

So he likes all things ‘bum’ – at least as far as other guys are concerned – and I decided I would prove to him that gay sex can instead focus on the pleasures of the penis.

“That night we’re staying over at Anfield,” I began telling him one morning over breakfast, “I wondered about booking the three of us into a family room.”

“Yeah, cool,” he grunted, swiping through whichever app he now uses to keep up socially.

“Guy and I will have the double, you one of the singles.”


I casually added, “Guy and I will probably make love together on our bed before sleeping.”

I’d long since stopped feeling any sense of embarrassment about sexual stuff with Jake. Over the last few years, he’d become aware that I was hooking up with other men for sex and it was since he’d been at university that he’d had started playing around with other boys himself.

He didn’t look up so I added, “I thought you might rather like to see the two of us ‘in flagrante’, as it were.”

He stayed glued to whatever was on his phone and muttered, “If I wanna see old guys fucking, I reckon I can figure out how to type ‘mature’ into Pornhub, thanks all the same.”

“I dare say you can,” I smiled. “But we won’t be fucking, we’ll be frotting. I told you about it… we have sex these days kneeling together face-to-face.”

Now he did look up and his eyebrows betrayed that his old dad could still rouse his curiosity. “Oh yeah… that’s right… you did mention that. How does it work, then… d’you have a special toy you both screw each end of…?”

“Of course not,” I chuckled. “The whole point is that we focus our efforts entirely on each other’s penises.”

“So what do you… you know… penetrate?”

“There is no penetration. We hold onto each other by the hips and thrust our erections together… very strenuously and vigorously once we’re both fully aroused.”

“And that’s it?” he asked, with amused incredulity. “You just grab onto each other and rub your dicks together?”

“It’s an incredibly sensual form of lovemaking, I’ll have you know! All the better for being entirely masculine!”

“But surely one of you reaches back and pushes a finger up the other’s ass…?”

“That isn’t how it works,” I smiled. “We’re having sex as two men… why pretend that one of us is a woman with a vagina when we can make homosexual love together by stimulating both of our manhoods?”

“Come on, dad… bum sex isn’t just some second-rate substitute for pussy sex!” he laughed. “It’s good in its own way… I mean, it tastes totally different… smells like the complete opposite…”

“I’m not saying I don’t enjoy anal sex… you know I’m a very ardent fan… it’s just that Guy and I are now developing a more affectionate relationship and frotting together as two male lovers is something that feels right to us both.”

“So how do you do it?” he asked. “You get in front of each other and… well, what…?”

“We kneel or squat together,” I explained, pleased by his interest. “I prefer to squat to avoid cramping my testicles.”

“Makes sense,” he chortled. “Those massive knackers of yours need some space to breathe…”

“Then we vigorously work our two erections upwards. We hold and caress… kiss and nuzzle together… tenderly whisper our feelings…”

“While your two big dicks are thrusting against each other?”

“They’re not against each other,” I smiled, emphasizing the word ‘against’. “They’re very much together… we match each other’s strength and pace…”

“And you keep your hands well away from each other’s butts?”

“Yes… this is strictly penile sex, not anal.”

“And then you both shoot your two big white fountains up between each other’s chests?” he grinned.

“That’s the intended outcome, yes,” I chuckled back.

“Well, I’ve got to admit… it does sound kinda hot,” he acknowledged as he downed the last of his coffee. “So, yeah… the family room’ll be cool. You guys can put on a little show for me before we all turn in for the night!”

I grabbed his cup and plate and gorukle escort put them next to the sink.

Then I asked him, “Do you think you’ll masturbate while you watch us?”

He cackled at that. “Of course I fucking will! I’ve grown a semi just thinking about it!”

He stood up and his developing wood was making an obvious rod through the front of his far-too-tight jeans.

“Well, I think I’ll rather enjoy that,” I told him. “The lights in the room turned low… me and Guy on the double making passionate love with our cocks… you lying alongside us stroking your own while you watch us.”

“Yeah, sounds hot!” he grinned. “I mean, I’ll be wishing I could rim Guy’s butt while the of you are at it, but I guess a boy can’t have everything!”

I turned to fill the sink with water to quickly wash our dishes before I went to work.

Then Jake surprised me by asking, “I don’t suppose you’re up for a quickie before you head out, are you?”

I should perhaps explain at this point that my son and I have recently taken our already unusual relationship to a new level of unconventionality. He drunkenly seduced me on the night of his twenty-first birthday and since then we’ve been indulging together in occasional but surprisingly exciting sex. We masturbate together, often pleasure each other orally, and sometimes enjoy full anal relations, taking it in turns to use each other’s rears from behind. Our sex, while far from regular, is frequent enough to have become an unremarkable part of our lives and has so far – despite my initial worries to the contrary – served only to strengthen our father-son bond.

“I’m late as it is, Jake,” I told him, already tempted to be even later if it meant I got to fellate his wonderful erection.

“Literally two minutes,” he insisted. “Just pull the back of your trousers down and I’ll do you bending over the sink.”

“Gosh, you want the full works!” I laughed, now even more tempted by the idea of going into my nine-thirty meeting with my son’s shit-stained semen trickling out of my arsehole and giving the small conference room we were in the distinct odour of bum sex.

“Yeah, I didn’t jazz off last night. I was going to this morning but then I overslept and I’m meeting Darren at ten.”

“Can’t you just do him up his bum?” I chuckled, already unbuckling my belt to hitch my trousers down around my thighs.

“What makes you think I’m not?” Jake laughed back, unzipping his fly so he could extract his stiffening erection from his boxers. “A lad’s got to warm up, hasn’t he?! Just to stop the bollocks aching…”

I pulled my briefs down and then hitched my shirt up to fully present to my son the two hefty buttocks of his father’s large arse that he’d now grown accustomed to relieving himself into. I leaned forwards, splaying the dense thicket from my crack and then reached back with both hands to prize my cheeks further apart to invite him to use the pink pucker lurking within.

He sniffed the air a few times, wanking his cock off to get it fully hard, and then asked, “Did you shower after you took a dump?”

“No, I showered first… needed to wake up a bit.”

“Yeah, that figures,” he nodded. “I can really smell your cunt… all moist and sticky!”

I smiled towards the kitchen window, still holding my buttocks to apart to offer him the puffy hoop of my anus. For Jake, such talk was intended to be taken as a compliment. As a huge fan of anal, the pungent stink of an unwashed arsehole is sure to get him horny. He sniffed it eagerly, wanking himself more quickly, and I could see his hefty cock quickly stiffening up to full size as he levelled its blunt head up with my odorous sphincter.

“Jesus, it smells hot!” he gasped, as the broad dome of his helmet jabbed roughly into my ring. “You’re just like me… your dooky’s got a really heinous stink!”

“Heinous in a good way?” I chuckled, feeling him break through the squeeze of my hole and the long rod of his cock slowly enter me.

“Aw yeah… nice and ripe… really adds to the fuck!”

“If you let me know when you’re likely to be horny, I’ll try and time my toilet habits to coincide!”

“No need,” he grunted, his thick shaft now almost fully inserted up dad’s deep bum. “Even when you’re clean, your arse gives one of the smelliest fucks I know!”

He grabbed me tightly and started humping me roughly against the kitchen worktop. I bent further forwards, pushing my big solid backside out to take him. He panted as he furiously ploughed my arsehole, standing tall behind me and with his enormous cock straining through the gape of his fly.

“Less than a minute,” he gasped. “I said it’d be a quickie…”

I let go of my buttocks and reached underneath to wank myself. The feel of Jake’s cock pounding my innards had roused it to full size in seconds and I jerked it eagerly, hoping I could incite myself to cum when he did.

I loved the thought of sitting in my meeting feeling my cock slit dribbling the dregs of my semen as copiously as my bum was leaking altıparmak eskort bayan Jake’s spunk from its over-stretched hole. My underpants and the seat of my trousers would reek of our butt-fuck: my workmates would whisper afterwards about how shocking it was that Rob stunk of anal, not knowing that it was my son’s cock that had yielded such a sodomitic stink from their otherwise unremarkable colleague.

“Good job Dan next door isn’t out in his back garden,” Jake chortled. “I wonder if he’d figure out what we’re doing…”

I smiled at the idea of my neighbour seeing me, the boring bloke whose hedge-trimmer he occasionally borrows, bending over the kitchen sink to get furiously fudge-packed by my twenty-one-year-old son.

“From the position we’re in,” I chuckled, “I don’t think it would take a great deal of guesswork…”

He’d see the dad offering his big bared behind with his trousers yanked down and his shirt hitched up. He’d see the son holding him by the hips and slamming the front of his jeans in fast urgent strokes against the quivering buttocks. He’d see his two neighbour’s faces eager and breathless; both staring forwards, both clearly enjoying the moment. All would tell him that the father and son he lived next door to were now indulging in impatient buggery after their cornflakes.

“Would you mind if someone knew what we get up to?” Jake asked from behind me, his pace and force growing faster and harder.

“As long as it was someone we can trust,” I replied, suddenly rather liking the idea of seeing another man’s reaction on watching my bent-over backside receive a heavy load of semen from Jake’s enthusiastic cock.

“You ready to let rip?” Jake gasped, his thrusting now becoming violent as his climax neared. “I said I wouldn’t be long…”

“Give me twenty… maybe about thirty seconds!” I urged him. “But keep drilling me… it feels extremely pleasant!”

“I’ll hold it off as long as I can,” he chuckled, his cock still pistoning back and forth through my hole. “But it isn’t gonna be long!”

I wanked myself furiously, annoyed that I’d cum barely an hour ago, having briskly attended to my morning wood while sitting on the toilet.

“Jesus, it reeks!” Jake panted. “Good thing we already had breakfast!”

“Oh God, yes it’s ripe!” I laughed. “It’s a real Furlong fuck-stink!”

“She’s gonna blow!” Jake roared, now pummelling my arse with all the sensuality of a pneumatic drill. His jeans were thumping savagely against my round buttocks, making them crack loudly like he was slapping my bum.

I felt the heat of his boy-spunk squirting up into my bowels and, as I dimly wondered how genetically similar his sperms would be to mine, my own cock started firing off in thick squirts across the cupboard doors.

“Beautifully timed again, Robert,” my son laughed even while his goopy discharge was still being powerfully ejected through his slit. “I love how your big muff munches on my cock when you start jizzing off!”

“Why do you always refer to my bum as if it’s a vagina?” I asked him, once he’d pulled his cock out of me and we were using kitchen roll to wipe the gelatinous brown sludge from where our bodies had been connected.

“I dunno,” he shrugged. “Maybe it makes it feel less weird.”

“Does our arrangement feel weird to you?” I asked him, suddenly concerned. “I thought we’d agreed to view it as merely functional… a sort of biological necessity we’re helping each other with?”

“Yeah, I know,” he nodded, smiling over to reassure me as he wrestled his softening length back through his fly and zipped himself up. “‘Weird’ is probably the wrong word. If I call it your pussy or your minge or whatever, it’s like I’m just using it as a cum dump… it kind of obscures that I’m basically doing my own dad up the bum!”

“But you are doing your own dad up the bum, Jake,” I smiled back. “And I’m doing my own son up his… not to mention fellating him, rimming him and – on one very memorable occasion – frigging his backside off while he sucked himself off!”

Jake laughed, squirting some soap onto his fingers before turning on the tap.

“Yeah, you liked that, didn’t you?” he chortled, washing his hands. “You’ll never believe how many times when I was a kid you nearly caught me under my duvet noshing my own dick off!”

“I think I would,” I chuckled back. “Just because I never said anything, that didn’t mean I wasn’t aware of what all the activity was when I came in to wake you up.”

“You knew I was crouched under there giving my morning wood a good sucking?”

“Of course I did!” I smiled. “I’m able to fellate my own – as you know – so I’m well aware of what it means when a young lad emerges scarlet-faced from under a tenting duvet desperately licking the goo from around his lips!”

“So you finally got to see me hunched over bollock naked doing it for real…”

“I did indeed,” I nodded. “And I have to say, it was absolutely stunning.”

I threw the foul-smelling tissue nilüfer eskort bayan in the bin and then walked over to wash my hands once he’d finished his. I’d left enough of our shitty-spunky gunge in my arse crack for my colleagues to get a whiff of, even through my briefs and trousers. It amused me to imagine them whispering that I’d been late in for work because I’d taking a thick load up me from some other bloke’s cock.

“Doesn’t it bother you a bit, though?” he asked. “That little Jakey and his daddy are doing this kinda stuff?”

“You’re hardly little Jakey any more,” I chuckled. “You’re a twenty-one-year-old man and we’ve both chosen to go into this. We’re currently having sex together and while it lasts it’s fun. I’m sure one day it’ll stop and, when it does, I hope we can still look back on it fondly without it becoming an issue between us that we both are too embarrassed to talk about.”

“Okay,” he smiled, “let’s call it what it is. I’ll call you dad when I do it, and I’ll call your opening your arsehole. How does that sound?”

I smiled back and nodded. “We’re father-son fuck-buddies. We should be proud that our relationship is strong enough to accommodate something as… how should I put it… quirky as that!”

He chuckled and grabbed his phone from the table. “Well, in that case, thanks for the fuck, dad. I owe you one… let me know next time you’re horny!”

“So you’re definitely okay with me booking all three of us into the one room?”

He grinned. “If I get to see my elders and betters frotting their dicks off before we turn in, then… yeah… count me in!”


Jake was already slouched on his bed, stripped down to his t-shirt and boxers and absorbed as ever in the goings-on on his phone.

Guy came in from brushing his teeth and was about to get into bed wearing only his dark blue M&S briefs.

I said, “Actually, Guy… I’d very much like us to make love together before we all go to sleep.”

“Okay,” he shrugged. “As long as kiddo over here doesn’t mind seein’ his old man gettin’ shafted up the shitter!”

“Wouldn’t be the first time,” Jake grinned. He always liked spending time with Guy and the two of them weren’t averse to getting it on together themselves.

“You know what a stink he makes, then,” Guy laughed. “For a lah-dee-dah bloke, your old fella’s backdoor is a fuckin’ shocker once it has a cock shoved up it!”

“Know it inside out, mate!” Jake guffawed and then glanced over at me to confirm I was in on the private joke.

“Actually,” I said to Guy, “I was hoping we could make love properly… show my son how we only need our penises to fully arouse one another.”

“Oh that,” Guy replied flatly. “You sure you don’t wanna feel a nice thick sausage slidin’ in and out of your tush?”

He grabbed the crotch of his briefs and gave his bulge what I assume was intended as a seductive tug.

“No, I want us to frot,” I insisted. “And I want us to show Jake how beautiful it is.”

Guy glanced at my son and I saw them roll their eyes together as if to express their shared exasperation.

Guy pulled his briefs off to make his semi bounce around and sighed, “Come on, then, Romeo… let’s do it the gay way!”

“It’s hardly the gay way,” Jake chipped in. “Gay guys love to fuck… I can totally vouch for that.”

“But gay love is about expressing your feelings for each other as two men,” I countered, removing my own underpants. “And what better way to that than to stimulate each other’s male organs.”

We got on the bed together, our two big cocks still drooping but slowly gaining in girth and length, and Jake asked, “And you’re okay with this ‘gay love’ thing, are you Guy?”

Guy shrugged. “Me and your dad both date women and I’ve gotta admit that I still mainly fancy birds. But I can’t deny that there’s something special between me and him… if you wanna call that ‘gay’ and say we’re like boyfriends or whatever… then that’s okay with me… it’s just words after all.”

I leaned forwards to kiss him and, as he smiled against my mouth, he reached down to fondle my stiffening cock and then play with my two big heavy nuts.

I caressed his broad, hairy chest and craned further in to nibble at his lovely delicate ear, and he said, “A few years ago I’d have seriously slapped a bloke who came on to me like this! Birds were for doin’ this kinda stuff with but… well… sometimes a fella’s feelings can change, can’t they?”

“So how are you two gonna make lu-urve, then?” Jake asked with a smirk. “Come on… show me what you reckon gay love looks like!”

“How do you want us to embrace?” I asked Guy. “I’m going to need to squat tonight… my balls are very full and heavy…”

“Yeah, mine are pretty loaded,” he nodded. “I’m gonna need my legs open too… how about I squat over you with our two pairs of knackers hangin’ down between our legs?”

Jake chortled from his bed, “Do you guys need an instruction manual or something? This seems kinda complicated!”

“We’re both men!” I snapped. “The bits don’t automatically fit… especially as we’re both so well-endowed!”

I hunkered into place and Guy squatted over me. Our cocks thumped together, still droopy but becoming more plump and solid, and we let our balls dangle low, swaying gently underneath our two splayed butt-cracks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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