Don’t Look Back Ch. 08

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Marshall found himself transfixed by the sight before him—Lee’s perfect pucker. Generally it was Lee who feasted on Marshall’s hole, but when Lee was in the mood, he allowed Marshall the privilege of tasting him there.

“Come on, buttercup, I don’t have all night.”

Marshall knew Lee was only teasing. He glanced up to see that slow, lazy smile that went straight to his heart, and he had to grin himself. “Don’t think you can last that long, old-timer?” he taunted him.

Lee snorted. “I’m no punk kid, like certain people I could name. I last as long as I choose to last, and not a moment longer. You’d do well to remember that.”

“Yes, Sir,” Marshall murmured softly. He dipped his head and buried his nose in Lee’s dark pubic hair for just a moment, inhaling his familiar scent. He could get off on that enticing smell alone. They’d made a bet once having to do with push-ups. Seeing who could do the most. The loser had to shave off all his pubic hair.

Marshall never realized how much his crotch could itch until his hair began to grow back. Damn, that man had stamina for days.

He dragged his tongue softly across Lee’s taint until he reached his goal. Then he circled the hole lightly, teasingly. He felt Lee’s body relax into his touch, knew he enjoyed Marshall’s ministrations.

“Fingers too?” Marshall questioned.

“Mmmhmmm,” Lee murmured his assent.

Marshall was free to use tongue and fingers, bursa escort with Lee’s permission, but he dreamed of more. One day he hoped to slide between Lee’s thighs, bury himself to the hilt inside of Lee, and pleasure him in the same way Lee pleasured him. Completely, thoroughly, without reservation. So far, that had never come to pass. But whenever he asked Lee about it, Lee never said no, either. So Marshall held out hope he’d be able to fuck him some day.

Marshall took advantage of nature’s lube, wetting his fingers in Lee’s pre-cum. He slid two slicked digits inside Lee’s tight channel, twisting them slightly, the way he knew Lee liked. Lee’s answering moan was confirmation he’d made the right move.

“Oh yeah, just like that.”

Marshall twisted his fingers again. He reached for Lee’s prostate and pegged it with practiced ease. Lee’s answering moan was confirmation he’d hit the nail square on the head.

Lee’s muscles gripped Marshall’s fingers tightly. They had an assortment of toys they liked to play with, but most of the toys were used on Marshall, although Lee was known to indulge at times. While ordering online was both easy and discreet, there was something to be said for seeing what you were buying up close and personal. In a city the size of San Antonio, they could do just that, while retaining their anonymity. Added an element of fun into going to the big city.

Marshall kept escort bayan stroking that small bundle of nerves, rewarded for his efforts by the increasing seepage of Lee’s cock. He ran his tongue over the head, lapping up the salty fluid, drawing it into his mouth and swallowing it. There’d be more of that later; he had a different goal for now.

He eased his fingers from Lee’s warmth and replaced them with his tongue, flicking it in and out of Lee’s hole rapidly. Now Lee fairly vibrated with pleasure. He wound his fingers in Marshall’s hair, secure but not too tight, allowing him the freedom of his head.

When Marshall figured Lee’d had about all of that he could take, he pulled his tongue out from Lee and blew a teasing breath across his opening, eliciting a shudder. He raised his eyes to meet Lee’s, an unspoken question hanging between them. Marshall knew how to play the game, and he relished the rules they lived by, part of the tight bond that bound them to one another.

“Suck me, boy,” Lee commanded, and Marshall happily obeyed.

Marshall wrapped one hand around Lee’s balls, while the other drew Lee’s cock into his waiting mouth. He took it all in one fell swoop, savoring the familiar taste. He didn’t suck immediately, but simply held it there. Then he pulled back, as his tongue danced about the thick shaft, exploring the slit, while he continued to roll Lee’s balls.

Lee arched his hips, bursa escort thrusting his cock farther into Marshall’s mouth. Marshall felt the head touch the back of his throat, a move that would have gagged him at one time. But he was no longer the novice he’d once been, and he’d been working hard on honing his deep-throating skills.

Lee seemed pleased with the results. Of course, Lee was pretty damn impressive, himself, and he was a wonderful teacher. Of many things.

Marshall pulled off Lee’s cock with a wet pop and took a deep breath.

“Bet I can make you come in less than five minutes,” Marshall challenged.

“Boy, you’re on. Loser does dishes for a week. Without using the dishwasher.”

“I’ll buy you some nice gloves,” Marshall taunted gleefully.

He ringed his fingers about the base of Lee’s shaft and began to pump it in short hard strokes before taking the end back into his mouth, grazing his teeth across the sensitive head. He was familiar with most of Lee’s triggers, but he also knew the old man could be stubborn when he chose to be. A trait they both shared.

He took Lee’s cock a little farther, continuing to vigorously pump the base. As added incentive to orgasm, he began to hum, knowing the vibrations would only add to the need to release.

Lee tightened his grip in Marshall’s hair, but he never complained. All’s fair in love and war… particularly love.

Marshall felt victory coming his way—he knew the signs all too well to mistake them for anything else. Lee’s body tightened, his breathing raspier, his pre-cum flowing freely…

When suddenly Marshall heard, “Wanna fuck you, boy…”

Damn, Lee didn’t play fair.

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