Don’t Look Back

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“Stop running and face me, boy.”

The words sent chills skittering along Marshall’s spine. He was torn between the desire to obey and the need to provoke punishment. Giving in and turning was his first instinct, but the idea of being stretched out across the other man’s lap, his ass exposed, bared to receive those glorious swipes of his firm hand was too strong to ignore.

On the other hand, he sure as hell wasn’t going to make it easy on him, either.

Marshall stood at the edge of the trees. Lee was maybe a hundred yards or so behind him. He knew without looking that Lee’s eyes held that intense look he got when he was on the hunt. The dark blue became almost purple. God, his eyes were sexy. Marshall’s own eyes were emerald green and slightly tilted, a genetic throwback to some long dead ancestor. As was his long lush auburn hair that fell straight down his back. He could have tied it so it wouldn’t fly into his face as he ran, but he liked the feel of it on his bare back.

Ahead of him lay an open field, and just across that lay more trees. The trick was to get across the empty space. With no cover, he’d be a sitting duck.

Then again, he intended to be caught, didn’t he? Wasn’t that the whole point of this chase? That and keeping fit.

There was no actual decision to be made. Marshall made no response to Lee’s demand. He mecidiyeköy escort grinned to himself, his heart beating faster, his blood pressure rising—that wasn’t the only thing rising. His cock was pressing against the material of his jeans. Oh shit, horniness was rearing its ugly head, demanding satisfaction.

Maybe this would be a short chase, after all. If Lee questioned why the surrender, Marshall would just tell him it was in deference to the twenty some odd years Lee had on him. Didn’t want to hurt the old-timer.

And wouldn’t that just provoke a delicious spanking? Not to mention the fucking that would follow.

Shit, his erection hurt now, just thinking about Lee’s big thick cock inside of him. Decision made.

He darted out from the cover of the trees. Summer was in full bloom, and wildflowers bobbed and weaved their yellow, white, and purple heads, dancing in the heated breeze that blew from the south. Marshall didn’t mind the heat. He welcomed it. It was the cold he wasn’t partial to, and why he felt the need to get the fuck out of Fargo.

Texas. Now there was warmth and sunshine to spare. And wide open spaces. Plenty of room for the two of them. And no one to tell them what they could or couldn’t do.

He could hear Lee’s approach, and he knew that was no accident. Had this been an actual hunt, he would istanbul escort never have heard him coming. Stealth was that man’s middle name. Fucking hot he was too. Marshall had never had another lover. Never wanted one. Lee was all he wanted and all he needed. When you had the best, why look for anything else?

Marshall slowed his own pace. He’d had a good run, but it was time to give in now. Pride only carried you so far, and right now it was losing to desire and need… both of which said fall the fuck down and get ready for punishment… and reward.

A strategically timed tuck and roll brought him to his knees. He automatically assumed the position. Head down, hands behind him, palms up, against the base of his spine, just in the hollow above his ass. He wasn’t even winded and he took pride in the fact. He was in great shape, and he knew Lee loved his body and the pleasure that it gave. At the age of twenty, Marshall wasn’t ripped, not by any means. But he was built, he was strong, without an ounce of fat on his lean frame. And he was limber as hell.

His entire body tingled in anticipation of Lee’s arrival.

“I should take you right here and now.” The familiar drawl came from behind him. He loved the way Lee could elongate any word, giving it a sensual twist that went straight to his cock.

“What’s the matter? Afraid şişli escort of getting dirty?” He almost dared a glance, to see the reaction his words engendered, but thought better of it at the last minute. “Can’t your knees take it, old man?”

That did it. He felt Lee’s boot against the small of his back, and then he was face down in the grass, getting an up close and personal taste of the wildflowers. He didn’t dare take the offending blossoms from his mouth, so he grinned and bore it. The serrated leaves bit into his cheek, drawing blood.

If Lee pressed hard enough, he could easily snap Marshall’s spine. But he wouldn’t. That wasn’t what this was about. Discipline, yes. Setting limits, yes. Killing… no.

“You have a mouth on you, boy.”

Marshall made no reply, due to the greenery in his mouth. And because he’d not received permission to do so.

“Roll over and look at me,” Lee directed. The pressure lessened and Marshall breathed more easily, then did as he was told, spitting out what was in his mouth. The bulge in his jeans was damn painful now, and more than obvious. He could see flames of desire burning in Lee’s eyes that raked him over from head to toe. “I said you have a mouth on you, boy. What do you say to that?”

“Yes, Sir, I do, Sir.”

“Might have to put that to good use.”

Marshall’s pulse quickened. He knew it wouldn’t be as easy as that. First the discipline, then the reward. He relished them both.

Lee unfastened the large silver buckle that gleamed on his leather belt. Marshall was more than passing familiar with the feel of it against his flesh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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